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🎥 | Saki Takaoka, "Magic" image and the past of the dilemma "Let's be amused as a thankful word"

Photo Saki Takaoka Crank-in!Photo: Hiromi Takano

Saki Takaoka, "Magic" image and the past of the dilemma "Let's be amused as a thankful word"

If you write the contents roughly
By making it into a movie, the production team also wanted to "scale up from the drama."

Actress Saki Takaoka gives off ageless beauty and brilliance.A movie adaptation of a popular drama, "Rika-Self-proclaimed 28-year-old pure love mo ... → Continue reading

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Chemical engineeringInScale-upMeans to obtain the design standard to realize the same effect as the state of the small model device on the large actual machine.[1].

In order for the effect of the small machine and the large machine to be the same even if the scale is increased, some similarity is required, and for that purposeDimensionless numberIs used[2]..For example, in the case of:

Make the geometry of the small machine and the large machine the same, and keep all the dimensional ratios constant.
Mechanical similarity
To keep the flow state in the two devices, large and small, the sameReynolds numberandFroude numberMust be the same.Therefore
Must hold.heren TheNumber of rotations,d Is the size of the device, ρ is the liquiddensity, ΜViscosity, Subscripts 1 and 2 represent large and small devices, respectively.Than this
Therefore, as long as the same liquid is used for two large and small devices, mechanical similarity cannot be realized.
Power similarity
Rule of thumbAs a result, the same effect is maintained when the power applied per unit volume of the liquid is the same regardless of the size of the device.


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