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Influenced by Bond movie, the latest work of "Jurassic World"! ??

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British columbia

British columbia
British: British Columbia
Buddha: British Columbia
British Columbia FlagBritish Columbia State Emblem
(State flag)()
motto: Latin: "Splendor Sine Occasu"
(English: Splendor without diminishment)
Location of British Columbia
Basic data
State flowerPacific salmon and trout
State treeWestern red cedar
State birdSteller's jay
State capitalヴ ィ ク ト リ ア
Largest cityVancouver
StateOfficial terminologyEnglish
 - Grand total
 --Water area (ratio)
Highest altitude
(Domestic No.5Rank)
944,735 km²
925,186 km²
19,549 km² (2.1%)
4,663 m
 - Grand total
 - Population density
(Domestic No.3Rank)
464[1] People
5.02 people / km²
 --State total
 -Per person
(Domestic No.4Rank)
2499 billion & 81 million[2]Canadian Dollar
Federal government
 -Date of subscription

1871May 7
Time zone[Most areas]
Pacific Standard Time(PST,UTC-8)
Pacific daylight saving time(PDT,UTC-7)

[Part of the state border with AB]
Mountain Standard Time(MST,UTC-7)
Mountain part summer time(MDT,UTC-6)
 Daylight saving timeNot all districts have adopted.

Postal code
Zip Code
ISO 3166-2: CA
Official Websitehttps://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/home
Deputy GovernorJanet Austin
(Janet Austin)
State Prime MinisterJohn Hogan
(John Horgan: New Democratic Party)
Canadian Parliament
 -Number of House of Representatives
 -Number of Senate seats


British columbia(English: British Columbia [ˌBrɪtɪʃ kəˈlʌmbiə] ( Audio file),French: British Columbia) Isカナダ OfStateOne of the.The Pacific OceanLocated in the westernmost part of Canada facing.For shortBCAlso called.

The state name is1858ToThe United Kingdom OfQueen victoriaNamed by[3], Current CanadaThe United States of AmericaFlowing throughColumbia riverDerived from.It was named British Columbia to distinguish it from the United States territory.

North AmericaTo the west across the straitVancouver IslandState capitalヴ ィ ク ト リ アBut the largest cities are on the mainland continentVancouver.

The tourism industry is thriving in the inland area because of the abundant nature that remains.WhistlerResort areas such as are known.Also, in the southern regionGlacierThere is also a tourist attraction.

Native speaker (British Columbia) 2016[4]
Racial composition (British Columbia) 2011[5][6]
South Asian
First Resident
OtherColored race


Main article:History of British Columbia

Until joining the Union

British Columbia has a large numberイ ン デ ィ ア ンTribes were indigenous and still todayCareerTribe etc.Dene,Tsilhqot'sTribe,Haida, Tribe (St'at'imc, Tribe (Sḵwx̱wú7 mesh,TagishTribe,TlingitIt is home to many Indians who speak more than 30 languages, including tribes.Due to the abundance of natural resources such as food, wood and minerals, society developed on the Pacific coast of British Columbia, especially.HaidaThe fields of art and politics, such as art, have developed.totem pole,PotlatchIs the most well-known culture.Potlatch and their culturewhalingWas banned and cracked down by the Canadian government in the 20th century.Many tribes are still demanding the resumption of whaling culture.

18st centuryFrom the middleEuropeMainly explorers fromSea otterFur tradeCame to visit for.1778,James CookCaptain from EuropeArctic OceanviaAsiaHead toNorthwest routeReached this area to discover (Nootka soundArrival in.After that, it continued to settle the British, but1513Since then, Spain's declaration of control of the Pacific coast has continued, and Britain and Spain engage in battle over the Nuu-chah sound.afterwards1794To (Nootka ConventionIs tied,OregonThe Pacific coast of the current British Columbia settlement will belong to the United Kingdom.

After that, trade and development with Europe progressed.North West CompanyThe first three British and Europeans to cross the North American continent and reach the Pacific OceanAlexander Mackenzie, Built several forts in this area (Simon Fraser, (David ThompsonExplorers pour into the Pacific OceanColumbia riverI explored the estuary of. "Hudson bay companyThen took control of the area and Fort Victoria (now Fort Victoria)Victoria) Also to protect the business of the company1843Was built in.At that time, the American "Manifest destiny--- American territorial expansionism --- was considered the most real threat.1846ToOregon TreatyWas signed, and the border between British and American territories west of the Rocky Mountains was set at 49 degrees north latitude.

Joining the Dominion

Vancouver Island1849, On the mainland side1858Each becomes a British colony.Both are1866, Integrated as British Columbia Colony.1871, Joined the "Dominion of Canada" and became British Columbia.1858A gold mine was discovered on the lower bank of the Fraser Rivergold RushHas begun.VictoriaIt was flooded with people seeking money, and the road network was improved.The colony of Vancouver Island and the mainland side merged to join the Dominion, with the government paying the large debts caused by the subsequent administrative failure.At that time, the dominion governmentMontrealIt promised to lay a transcontinental railroad from.

Subsequent historical events

Canadian Pacific RailwayAfter the completion of the (CPR) transcontinental railroad and its direct connection to the Port of Vancouver, Vancouver became a major city on the Pacific coast and has developed to date as Canada's abundant export base for natural resources and industrial products. ..

19st centuryFrom the end20st centuryBy them as the number of white settlers increased towards the beginninginfluenza,smallpoxWas brought into Indian settlements, and these infectious diseases raged on a "village-by-village-by-village" scale, devastating non-immune Indian societies.Their bodies were roughly thrown into a hole and buried, and even a grave marker could not be erected.In recent years, volunteers from the tribe have been gradually returning the remains to their families.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, many immigrants have come from all over the world.Still at this pointRacismIt was also fierce, and various racial discrimination cases occurred.Reckless, dishonest, and sometimes violent when it was pioneered as British territoryイ ン デ ィ ア ンIn light of the process of negotiations with the Indians, the issue of discrimination against Indians is still controversial.British Columbia has continued to have strong ties with Asia due to its topographical relationships.JapanDue to the large number of immigrants from Asia, including those in Asia, economic development continues, supported by the Asian economy.There are many tourists from countries such as Japan, and the tourism industry is developing.

March 1910, 3 An avalanche struck Rogers Pass, which again struck migrant workers in the process of recovery, killing 4 Japanese immigrants and burying them in Vancouver.


Located in Western Canada, with the Pacific OceanRocky mountainsIt is sandwiched between.EastAlberta, NorthYukon Territory,Northwest TerritoriesIn the south, across the border of the United StatesState of Washington-Idaho-MontanaIn contact with.Also, the northwestern part of the state is the United Statesア ラ ス カ 州In contact with.Few people live in the northern two-thirds and the Rocky Mountains.In the northwestern part of the stateTahltan HighlandSpreads.


Vancouver and the coastal zone in the southwestern part of the stateWarm currentUnder the influence ofTemperateIt is classified as and has a large amount of rainfall, and other areasSubarcticIt is a cool climate classified as.But in the southern mountainsOkanaganThe region is semi-dry ~Desert climateIn some places, the summer temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius,WineIs the production area.OsoiyozuIn July, the average maximum temperature reached 7 degrees Celsius, the highest in Canada.LyttonOn June 2021, 6, the highest temperature in Canada was observed at 30 degrees Celsius.Although the summer heat is severe in the inland area, the humidity is low and it is dry, so it is easy to spend.The state has 49.6 million hectares of forest area (equivalent to two-thirds of the total area).It has a diverse nature and a very rich ecosystem.

WesternThe Pacific OceanThe coast is in summerMid-latitude high pressure, WinterSub-cold cycloneDevelops over the North Pacific Ocean in both summer and winterAlaska warm currentDue to the moist westerlies that pass over it, there is a great deal of rainfall throughout the year despite the high latitudes.

By area

British Columbia is roughly divided into six areas below.

  • Vancouver, Coast & Mountain
  • Vancouver Island, Victoria & Gulf Islands
  • Thompson Okanagan
  • Cootney Rockies
  • Caribou Tsilhqot's Coast
  • Northern British Columbia
reference:British Columbia Local Administrative District

Major cities

2006Currently, the top 5 cities in the state's metropolitan population.





State airports



  • network:Trans canada highwayIn addition, British Columbia's highways have been developed to form a highway network.

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