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🎥 | Godzilla love is full! "Godzilla vs. Kong" shooting site report


Full of Godzilla love! "Godzilla vs. Kong" shooting site report

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The scene of Ren Serizawa, played by Shun Oguri, was filmed in Studio 8.

"Godzilla vs. Kong" to be released on July 7 is "Monster Va ..." produced by Legendary Pictures. → Continue reading

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Shun Oguri

Oguri Shun(Oguri Shun,1982May 12[1] -) isJapan OfAn actor,Film director.TokyoKodairaBackground[1][2].Tristone EntertainmentBelongs.

left handed[3].. My father is a stage directorOguri Tetsuya[4],Mother isClassical balletteacher[2]..My brother is a director (former actor)Ryo Oguri[Note 1], There is another ordinary sister[5].. Wifeモデル,actress OfYu Yamada, Brother-in-law is an actorKotaro Yamada.


When I was 6 years old (11 years old)Yuki UchidaLonging for[2]News (Chinese)Apply for the audition written at the end of[Note 2].. After that, he works as an extra.

1998,Drama"GTO』・Noboru Yoshikawa makes a regular appearance for the first time in a serial drama.

2000,Drama"Summer snow』Will play the role of Jun Shinoda, who has a deaf ear and younger brother of Shino Natsuo who plays Domoto.2003,Yukio NinagawaFirst appearance on the stage of production. After that, he became a regular member of Ninagawa's work.2006,stage"Titus AndronikasIn the role of Aaron,Royal Shakespeare TheaterHowever, the performance was performed and it was evaluated by local critics as "Shun Oguri performed incredibly beautifully." Also,"Detective Conan 10th Anniversary Drama Special “Challenge to Shinichi Kudo ~Introduction to Sayonara (Prologue)”In the role of Shinichi Kudo, he played the first starring single-shot drama.

2007,All Night Nippon"ofPersonalityWas appointed to (2010(Responsible until the end of March)[6].. Drama"Hana Yori Men 2 Returns”Break as Hanazawa,To you who are in full bloom ~ Handsome ♂ Paradise ~In the role of Izumi Sano in ", it became even more popular. In the movieKisaragi], [Close ZERO] Is a hit. 『Passion continent] Was featured for the first time in two consecutive weeks, and was made into a DVD the following year. stage"CaligulaFor the first timeTitle rollChallenged.

2008,Poor Boy Bonbeemen』, played the first starring serial drama in the poor university student role, was also evaluated for success in the previous yearEllandol AwardReceived many awards such as the New Artist Award. movies"Hana Yori Boy F",Drama"An elephant that fulfills a dream] And "Hanazakari no Kimitachi To..." will appear in special editions.

2009,NHK taiga drama"Tenchijin"soMitsunari IshidaRole (The role is1996The taiga drama ofHideyoshiIt's been 13 years since I played as a boy, and the stage "Musashi"soKojiro SasakiRole, "TAJOMARU』, starring Naoko Mitsuru Hatakeyama, and appeared in a series of historical drama works. In addition, the drama "Smile]. Drama"Tokyo DOGS"soFuji Television Mon 9It became the first starring.

2010,movies"Dancing the Great Investigation Line THE MOVIE3 Release those guys!] And drama "Exile]. Drama"Vet dolittle] InTBSIt became the first starring of the drama. In addition to acting,Suary Someday] Made his debut as the youngest movie director in history.

2011,stage"Clockwork orange』Was selected to play the leading role of Alex, and performed from January. It is the first time in about 1 years to appear in a work other than the production by Yukio Ninagawa.Kawahara MasahikoAnd formed the first tag. Also, the leading movie "Mt.-Gaku-Was released.

2012,Drama"Richman, PuaumanWas popular, and won the Best Actor Award in the Daily Sports Drama Grand Prix/2012 Summer Drama Selection and the 74th The Television Drama Academy Award (announced in November 2012). SP "Richman, Pu'uman in New York" was broadcast in the next fiscal year, and it was made into a TV drama in South Korea, and is still very popular.

2013, NHK Taiga DramaYae-no-Sakura"soYoshida ShoinTo play. This is the sixth time the Taiga drama has appeared.

2014Published “Lupin III』I decided to play the live-action version of Lupine III, and I made a role with 10 months of action training and 8 kg weight loss[7].

2015,To you who are in full bloom ~ Handsome ♂ Paradise ~』And have a friendship,Ikuta TomaAnd the drama "Ouroboros-This love is justice.』.

2017,movies"GintamaGintoki SakataAppeared in the role and recorded the number one live-action Japanese movie in 2017.Also, in the summer of 1, the sequel, ``Gintama 2 The law is to breakWas released.

2018,Boys Over Flowers』And the same role of HanazawaHananochi Hare-Hanao Next Season-] Guest appearance. 『Hana Yori Boy F] Was the revival for the first time in 10 years. NHK taiga dramaSaigo don"soRyoma SakamotoPlayed. This is the 7th appearance of the Taiga drama. Drama"From today I am!!Came in as a barber. Since the dialogue and hairstyle in the play and the name of the store are "GENJI"Close ZEROIs reminiscent of the role of Genji Takitani who was played in.

2019, Of a photographer and a film directorMika NinagawaDirector's movie "Diner Diner] And the leading movie “Human disqualification Osamu Dazai and three women』Appeared in two books.In the latter, the weight is reduced by 2 kg or more to make a role.

2019In the summer, I went to Los Angeles for 9 months to study a language.But,New coronavirusDue to the influence of the above, the schedule for returning to Japan in spring was postponed, and he returned to Japan in July 2020.

2020, 2022 Taiga Drama "13 people from Kamakura』It was decided to star.

2021, Hollywood movieGodzilla vs Kong(It was scheduled to be released in 2020, but it was postponed due to the influence of the new coronavirus etc.) and made its Hollywood debut.I received an offer once,Japanese movie"Voice of sinI gave up because the shooting time overlapped.However, after several discussions with the production team of both movies, the appearance in "Godzilla vs. Kong" was realized.[8].


  • 2012September 3, "Poor Boy BonbeemenModel co-starred inactress OfYu YamadaAfter a four-year dating period, he announced his marriage and submitted a marriage registration on March 4.After that, on October 3nd, Yu Yamada's hometown Okinawa held a wedding ceremony only for his relatives, and on January 14th, 10, he held a wedding reception and reception inviting a large number of entertainers in Hawaii.
  • 2014On October 10nd, it was announced that the first child was born.[9](Originally, the gender and birthday were not disclosed, but Oguri's mouth announced that she was a girl regarding gender.[10]). However, prior to this, it was virtually known that the first child was a girl[Note 3].
  • 2017On January 1, announced that the second child was born.
  • With the advent of the Oguri spoofing account,TwitterSuch asSocial MediaHas announced on the official website[11].


TaiziIndicates the main character and the main character

TV drama

Web drama

  • Compensation (October 2016 -,hulu)- starring Keisuke Okuyama Role
  • Gintama -Mitsuba-(December 2017, 7,dTV)- Starring Gintoki Sakata Role[27]
    • Gintama 2-Gintama-chan is strange to the world-(August 2018, 8, dTV)[28]



Performance canceled

Television Animation

Theater animation






  • Umesato Yukiyama Looking for 17 friends (NTV, March 2008, 3)
  • Monopoly! Shigeo Nagashima's Truth(TBS, January 2015, 1)
  • Koriya third generation special name Ichikawa Somegoro Yatsudai 2018 days (TV Asahi, January 1, 7)
  • Men who brought up Nike-"SHOE DOG" and Nippon-(NHK BS1 Special, April 2018, 4)

Radio Drama


Directed work




  • Oguri Shun's All Night Nippon R (Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.・February 2006, 11)
  • Oguri Shun's All Night Nippon(Nippon Broadcasting, January 2007, 1-March 3, 2010)
  • Oguri Shun's All Night Nippon Special for Suaree Samday's release (Nippon Broadcast, July 2010, 7)
  • Shun Oguri and Masami Nagasawa All Night Nippon Movie "Dake" Special (Nippon Broadcasting, May 2011, 5)
  • Oguri Shun's All Night Nippon GOLD-Movie Lupine The 2014rd Special-(Nippon Broadcasting, August 8, 29)
  • Shun Oguri's All Night Nippon Movie "Museum" Eve Festival (Nippon Broadcasting, November 2016, 11)


Photo album




  • Passion Continent x Shun Oguri (July 2008, 7,Geneon Entertainment
  • World Wolrun Stay Vol.1 Shun Oguri (January 2009, 1,Toho




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