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📺 | Become a star road and have a great adventure! "Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy" game announcement

Photo A great adventure with the outcasts of the galaxy! – (C) 2021 MARVEL. Developed by Eidos Montreal.EIDOS MONTREAL and the EIDOS MONTREAL logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Square Enix Limited. SQUARE ENIX and the SQUARE ENIX logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

Become a star road and have a great adventure! "Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy" game announcement

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They are familiar with the Marvel movie "Guardians of the Galaxy", but the game is an original work that was greatly influenced by comics.

Square Enix is ​​a new game "Marvel ..." based on the popular characters of Marvel Comics. → Continue reading

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"Guardians』(GUARDIANS) is1995ToBanprestoFor arcades released byBelt scroll action game..DevelopmentWinky softWorked on.


"Denjin Makai』(Super NintendoIn the version, "Ghost Chaser Denjin』) Sequel[1]..However, the main character of the previous work, "Magical", does not appear.

The story is that the actual combat unit "Guardians" confronts to stop the ambition of a man who plans to conquer the world by assimilating with a central body called "Fordham", but instead of the conversation scene during the stage, the voice of the character Does not exist.In addition, there is no union technique that was in the previous work.

In the previous work, the health gauges and names of all enemy characters were displayed, but in this work, only the health of the stage boss is displayed.However, in this work, the remaining machine of the player character is set.

There are 5 stages in total (8 stages including branches).The ending is only a scene where the player characters report to their boss that they have annihilated the enemy's army, and there is no individual ending for each character like the previous work.

Player character

Players choose from the following eight Guardians members to play.

Gillian Zelbust
A man who is the main character of this work instead of "Magical".Guardian's leader.Uses the same technique with the same name as Gillian, the final boss of the previous work, but details are unknown.
Black Knight (Mira Romanoa)
A female fighter who continues to appear from "Denjin Makai".Hairstyle changed from purple straight long hair to blonde ponytail. The age was unknown in "Denjin Makai", but the profile written on the instruction card revealed that he was 23 years old.
Tarkus Dollman
A giant fighter who continues to appear from "Denjin Makai".
Progresso Belva
A combat robot that can be said to be an improved version of "Belva" that appeared in "Denjin Makai".In the game, it is written as "P. Belva".
Zel Deer
In this work, she appears as a winged woman shown in the ending of "Denjin Makai".
Skull Bullet
A giant monster in the position of Zel Deer in the previous work.Combat creatures created to fight.One hand is scissors, turning a part of the body into a weapon.
Blade zero
Ninja who is the last folklore of attacking ninjutsu.He carries the ninja swords "Kagehisa" and "Maki" on his back.
Oboro Tenmei
A mysterious Chinese dressed in a michinoshi costume.In addition to using hermitage, he also manipulates a dark device hidden in his sleeve.

Method of operation

8-way lever
A button
Press briefly to attack, hold down to guard
B button
Jump (8 directions)
C button
Heavy weapons (power consumption)


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  1. ^ The title can be changed to "Denjin Makai II" by setting the board.

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