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🤖 | “Meaning of life and human rights” learned from an animated movie depicting the harsh internment camp of North Korea


“Meaning of life and human rights” learned from an animated movie depicting the harsh internment camp of North Korea

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Director / Screenplay / Han Eiji Shimizu Voice appearance / Joel Sutton and others Screening at TOHO Cinemas Chanter and others.

The main characters, Johann and Mihi's brothers and sisters, live happily in Pyongyang with their parents who went to North Korea for the return project of Koreans living in Japan ... → Continue reading


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The web version of "anan" such as "ananweb" is aimed at women in the late 20's to 40's with great curiosity. We deliver "real".

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Han Eiji Shimizu

Han Eiji Shimizu(Shimizu Han Eiji,1970 -) isKorean in JapanProducer and animation film director.


横 浜 市Born to a father of the first generation and a mother of the third generation in Japan[1].Return businessでnorth koreaI grew up listening to the stories of my fellow citizens in Japan who disappeared after traveling to Japan from an early age.[2]..He said his grandparents told him, "If you do something wrong, you will be taken to the camp."[1][3].

According to the comments and profile sent to the press release of "happy-To you looking for happiness" below,The United States of AmericaでMBAI lived a life of "working for a large company and getting a high salary" in Tokyo, but became a director(English edition)Received a request to produce a documentary film from[4]..After spending 6 years on the production, in 2012,(English edition)Was released as a film and won 12 awards at film festivals around the world.[4]..In addition, he published a manga about human rights in 25 countries (12 languages).[4].

Presides over the Southeast Asian animator network "I'm sorry"[2].

North Korean internment camp3DCG animation movie "True North』(Completed in 2020, released in 2021) for the first time as a director[1][2][3]..This work was self-funded over a period of 10 years, triggered by the handing over and reading of a book about the North Korean camp.[3].

He is the author of "HAPPY QUEST".


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