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🎭 | Sayuri Yoshinaga, Hidetoshi Nishijima ... 21 selections of "Entertainment Happenings" in the first half of '10

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Sayuri Yoshinaga, Hidetoshi Nishijima ... 21 selections of "Entertainment Happenings" in the first half of '10

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On May 5, Mr. Hiroyasu Minami suddenly broke down at the stage greeting to commemorate the release of the movie "A Morning of Farewell".

These days when stress is MAX ... But it's still a star that gives you energy!The first half of '21 of such stars ... → Continue reading

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Minami Ranbou

Hiroyasu Minami(Real name: Hiroyasu Minami),1944May 12 -) isJapanFolk singer,Singer-songwriter, Actor. The stage name "Ranbo" is a French poetArthur RamboIt was a mess.MiyagiKuriharaShibahime Town(CurrentKurihara)birth.Former WBA World Super Flyweight Champion of Professional BoxingKonoIs a son-in-law[1].


1963,Hosei UniversityFaculty of SociologyEnrolled in1967Graduated to.After that, after working as a copywriter and a radio script writer1971Debuted as a lyricist and composer with "Drunk Woman's Flow Song"1973"Small bottle of whiskey"[Annotation 1]Debuted as a singer.

He has also worked on many works targeting the world of children.1976ToNHK"Everyone's songAnnounced in "Mr. Tsutomu of Mr. Yamaguchi』Is more than 150 millionMillion sellerWas recorded.It has been sung by many people across generations.other1980 era,Gakken Of"Learning / scienceCampaign songAlso worked on.In addition to concert activities, he is active in multiple fields such as TV reporters, radio personalities, and writing activities.

He has a professional level of knowledge about nature, and has a deep knowledge of plants, especially dealing with nature programs and nature.essayAnd so on.In the essay "Grandma and Flowers", it is adopted in the Japanese language textbook for junior high school students.Recently, he has made mountain walking his life work, climbed mountains in Japan and abroad, and published essays on mountain trips in newspapers and magazines.NHK radio first 1andNHK-FMof"Radio midnight flight』・ There was a time when guest appearances were made in odd-numbered months at the corner" Familiar with Nature "on Sundays at midnight.



  • Musashino Poet-The World of Minami Ranbo (1974)
  • Ranbo's sentimental trip (1975)
  • Boy's Day Scene (1975)
  • On the way (1977)
  • May (5)
  • Whiskey Dream (1978)
  • Akebono Town Diary (1979)


  • A small bottle of whiskey (1973)
  • Lively bar (1975)
  • Farewell bus (1976)
  • On the way (1977)
  • Man and Woman Showa (1978) --Setsuko Ide, Hiroyasu Minami[Annotation 2]
  • I saw America in a goldfish bowl (1978)

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  • Horse racing book song

Movie appearance

  • -Kitamura Toukoku-My winter song (1977 Saneisha / ATG) starring Tokoku
  • Life stop(2021,Toei) --Naoya Yanase

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注 釈

  1. ^ This song was originally titled "Farewell Drama"Masatoshi NakamuraIt was produced as the debut song of, but it became a crap because all the sales to each record company ended poorly, and Minami himself sang it with a different title.[2].
  2. ^ The lyrics of this song were originally "Sports NipponOf "Yu Aku's Practical Lyrics Course" serialized inHibari MisoraIt was made as a teaching material for the edition (Aki Yatsushiroof"Boat song"the same as)[3].


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