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🤖 | Yuichi Nakamura and others excavated! ??Tsukkomi does not stop at Toru Furuya's too free column


Excavated by Yuichi Nakamura and others! ??Tsukkomi does not stop at Toru Furuya's too free column

If you write the contents roughly
From the viewers, "I laugh when I think the Tuxedo Mask is saying ww" "Make one book with just a column!

In "Mafia Kajita and Yuichi Nakamura's" Washagana TV "" released on May 5, we are planning to read past anime magazines ... → Continue reading


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Tuxedo Mask(Chiba Mamoru) isNaoko TakeuchiWorkComicthe work"Sailor Moon] A fictional character who appears in.

DIC EntertainmentThe name of the North American version byDarien Shields(Darian Shields).


Tsukino UsagiTo be the fateful lover ofTuxedo MaskA young man who transforms into.He helps the sailor warriors and keeps an eye on the strangely destined rabbit.A good young man with short black hair and tall eyes, dark ultramarine[Note 1]..With the original"Crystal"Then, there are illustrations that sometimes wear glasses and wear pierced earrings in the original.Television AnimationThere are many styles of dark green jackets and black high neck shirts.

The first person as a local guard is "I", but when wearing a tuxedo mask, it is basically "I".In the first half of the first period of all media, the rabbit was called "Odango head", the rabbit was called "He" and "You", and he just made fun of the rabbit (in TV animation, "Rabbit" when there is no rabbit etc. Is abandoned).Both feelings with the rabbit, after becoming in love, basically from the rabbit, "Mamo-chan"It is called.Also, in TV anime and musical versions, Sailor Moon often calls it "Tuxedo Mask".

In the early days, he has a cool and a little mean personality, and he often makes fun of rabbits, especially in TV animation, where he sarcastic and quarrels every time he meets a rabbit.After knowing each other's identities and becoming bothered, they became gentle and caring personalities (the personality does not change much because the live-action drama is based only on the first period).Future daughterChibiusaAfter the appearance of, he became more tolerant as a father, but he is sometimes swayed by the selfishness of rabbits and Chibiusa.There is a difference in personality in the media, and while the original tries to draw a line from others, it also shows a rugged and childish side.In the TV anime, he is a shy and calm person who makes him feel older, but while he was transformed into a Tuxedo Mask, he often made surrealistic remarks and confused the enemy.

He lost his parents in a car accident when he was a child, and he himself has lost his memory.After a certain period of time, I began to dream of a mysterious girl (Princess Serenity) who said, "Please give me a phantom silver crystal ..."tuxedoWearingsleepwalkingHe began to wander around the city at night looking for a "phantom silver crystal" like a person (in the live-action version, he dreamed of Princess Serenity immediately after losing his memory and transformed into a tuxedo mask. I'm looking for a silver crystal). When the "phantom silver crystal" and Princess Serenity appeared, they regained their memories of the previous life, but it was not clearly revealed in any media whether they even remembered their childhood memories.

Because of his good looks, he is popular with both men and women, and he is often jealous of rabbits.In effect, with Princess Serenity in the Prince Endimion eraDark kingdomQueen Beryl, the original in the King era, "Crystal", the musical versionSailor PlutoAs a local guard, with a rabbitChibiusaAnd the originalDead moonIn addition to Nehalennia, in TV animationRei Hino,SuperSThe guest character Saori who appears in the edition, and even the enemy "RIn the live-action version, there is a fiancé, Hina Kusaka, who has been favored by Anne, also known as Natsumi Galactic, and Fish Eye, an Amazon trio of "Super S." In "Theatrical Version R"Mizuno AmiWas told, "I'm also popular with men."

In all media, he lives alone in a luxury condominium, and in the original story and Crystal, he goes to high school by bus.

Original authorNaoko TakeuchiAccording to, in character modelingNoriyuki HigashiyamaI heard that I imagined.Also,"Magic Kaito"as well as"Detective Conan]Kaito KurobaA character modeled after (Kaito Kid)[1]..In the original, when the Tuxedo Mask first appeared, the rabbit said, "It's likeKaito LupineThere is a scene that mutters.

Previous life / future

Previous life地球と(I.e.(In the original, it turned out to be the name "Golden Kingdom" in the XNUMXth period)prince,Prince EndimionSo, I broke the rule that "human beings on the moon and the earth should not communicate",MonthKingdom of "Silver Millennium"princessFall in forbidden love with Princess Serenity (the previous life of Tsukino Usagi).However, when the people of the earth, who were instigated by Queen Beryl, were manipulated by Queen Metalia and invaded the moon, they lost their lives while sheltering Serenity.After that, he was reincarnated on the Earth of the mother star by the power of the "phantom silver crystal" in exchange for the life of Queen Serenity, and was reborn as the current "Jiba Mamoru".In addition, the four heavenly kings of Dark Kingdom were subordinates who served him in the previous life (although it was omitted in the main part of the TV animation, the story using this setting was developed in the game version). In "Animate Cassette Collection 3", a rabbit's "Phantom Silver Crystal" was given the trial of the devil's hole "Well of Peace" after being denounced for a secret meeting with Princess Serenity several years before the destruction of the Earth. Was called to and time slipped in the 20th century.

In the future, he will be the husband of Neo Queen Serenity (Future figure of Tsukino Usagi), and Crystal Tokyo's王King EndimionWill be.In the original "Crystal", due to the influence of the phantom silver crystal, it became immortal and longevity, and a small lady (Chibiusa) was born with Neo Queen Serenity.

Original "Crystal" version

When he first appeared, he was in the second year of "Private Motoazabu High School", and in the fourth term of the original, he entered the "KO University" medical school, and in the fifth term, he went to "KO University".Harvard UniversityTo study abroad.A partner of Sailor Moon in the final battle, her love with Mamoru is the source of her power.After falling in love with the rabbit, he began to call him "Usako" in the second term and "Usa" in the third and subsequent terms.

By natureperspective,healing,Channeling such asPsychometry(Supernatural power), And because he is versatile in sports and has excellent grades on campus, he is a longing existence of juniors such as Hajime Asanuma.

In the first period, initially disguise yourself as a tuxedo mask and look for a phantom silver crystal.A thiefActed as.

He has a cool and repellent personality, but he has a nasty and childish side to rabbits, and he often kisses and speaks annoying lines.In the third periodTenno HarukaI have been jealous of.

I wore it in the first periodMoon phase OfPocket watchIs given to the rabbit, but the clock becomes an item that the rabbits evoke the memory of the previous life.

When she was awakened to the princess by sheltering Sailor Moon in the latter half of the first period, she was abducted by Dark Kingdom, brainwashed by Queen Beryl, and became a subordinate of Beryl.He killed Motoki's friend Endo (in "Crystal", he only changed his memory by suggestion), and even Motoki was brainwashed to become Endo and approached the rabbit.Furthermore, I tried to stop the brainwashed Motoki and Mamoru.Makoto KinoAlso suggests, he invades the control room in the basement of the game center and tries to steal the "phantom silver crystal".After the battle with Sailor Warrior, finally with Sailor MoonIn my heartIt was about to be killed, but the defeated four heavenly kings survived thanks to the changed jewels.After that, he wakes up with the power of "phantom silver crystal" and the brainwashing is solved, but he loses his eyesight temporarily (they did not lose his eyesight in "Crystal").He teaches Sailor Moon the key points of Queen Metalia, which was passed down to the illusion of the four heavenly kings, and succeeds in defeating Queen Metalia with Sailor Moon.After that, the power of the silver crystal is released and the fallen rabbit is awakened with a kiss, and the feelings of many years are shared.After that, healed the earth damaged by healing ability and fell in love with the rabbit.

In the second period, he suddenly appears and is at the mercy of Chibiusa, but he is fond of Chibiusa and accepts Chibiusa earlier than Rabbit.The junior Hajime Asanuma will notice his supernatural powers and the abilities of the sailor warriors. In the battle with "Ayakashi's Four Sisters", he creates "Moon Rod", a crystal of love with Sailor Moon.With the support of my future King Endimion, I became able to use the special move "Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber" that applied psychometry, and in the future of the 30th century, I met my future King Endimion and Chibiusa was myself Revealed to be the daughter of a rabbit, she fights in place of Sailor Moon, who cannot fight.In search of the missing Chibiusa in the space-time, he himself goes missing and is brainwashed by the awakening Chibiusa as a black lady.When Chibiusa's brainwashing is unraveled and she awakens to Sailor Chibi Moon, she returns to her sanity and defeats Prince Demand, an executive of "Black Moon", with a moon rod born of her love with Rabbit.In the final battle, he succeeds in defeating the mastermind Death Phantom along with Rabbit and Chibiusa.

In the XNUMXth period, it was revealed that he was one with the ritual Elios of the sacred place Elysium, and both of them collapsed under the curse of the black roses of Nehalennia in Dead Moon.In addition, it was revealed that it has a sailor crystal called "Golden Crystal", the guardian stone of the earth country that has power comparable to the rabbit's "phantom silver crystal", and Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon who lost the chalice, and other sailor warriors Power up.At the end of the fourth term, Elios is summoned in the form of Pegasus.

At the beginning of the XNUMXth term, it was decided to study abroad at Harvard University in the United States, and just before leaving Japan, I handed a ring to the rabbit, but immediately after thatShadow GalacticaSailor Galaxia pulls out the golden crystal and disappears.After that, he was revived by Galaxia along with other disappeared Sailor Warriors at "Galactica Palace" and hostile to Sailor Moon, but he was thrown into the sea of ​​Cordron by Galaxia and disappeared completely.After the battle with chaos, he revives from Cordron with other sailor warriors, and a few years later he has a rabbit and a wedding.In the epilogue, there is a depiction that a rabbit seems to have become pregnant with Chibiusa at a wedding ceremony.

TV animation version

From the beginning, he was a university student at "Azabu Institute of Technology" and studied abroad at Harvard University with "Stars".He has a close friendship with Motoki Furuhata of the same university.My carAlfa Romeo SZとBimota Tesi 1DAnd it often appears on the screen[Note 2].

Since the age of the rabbit is farther than the original, it has a gentle personality that makes you feel mature and inclusive after "R", but it is shy and a little dull.

Despite the sergeantPart-time jobThere is a depiction of doing this, and it seems that the part-time job often disappears on a date with a rabbit.By saying that he was the only man, he was treated by rabbits, Chibiusa, Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako for the operation, and in the form of a tuxedo mask, he said, "Don't waste my part-time job." There was also.

In "MUJI", the rabbit was called "Odango head" and had a quarrel every time he met, but except for the face, he called it "Rabbit", and from the rabbit whose memory of the previous life awoke, "R" from the latter half of "MUJI". 』\ Called" Mamoru-san "until the first half.After falling in love with a rabbit, he began to call him "Rabbit".I have a "starry sky music box" that was given to Princess Serenity in my previous life, and I will give it to a rabbit.

When Sailor Moon awakens to the princess in the latter half of "Unbranded", she is abducted and brainwashed by Dark Kingdom and becomes a subordinate of Queen Beryl, but the memory related to rabbits and sailor warriors is erased and it is dark in the form of a prince of the previous life・ Under the name of Kingdom Supreme Commander "Dark Endymion", he becomes hostile to Sailor Warriors and transforms into a Tuxedo Mask during battle.He has a straightforward personality and sometimes helps sailor warriors because he hates the sneaky tactics of the demons, and he is at odds with Kunzite.He regains his memory with Moon Healing Escalation, but soon after he is kidnapped again.In the final battle, he appeared after being brainwashed again, lost his ego due to the dark energy of Queen Metalia, and tried to kill Sailor Moon as he moved to Beryl's command, but Moon offered "Starry Sky". With the power of "Music Box", he regained his memory and was released from brainwashing.Immediately afterwards, Beryl's attack kills the rabbit, but the red rose thrown at Beryl wears the energy of purification by his love for the rabbit, causing great damage to Beryl.On the verge of death, he whispered to the rabbit, "Escape from here quickly and return to a normal girl and find a cool boyfriend," but when he heard the rabbit's words, "Mamoru is the coolest," he died.Then, due to Sailor Moon's wish for "phantom silver crystal" that defeated Super Beryl fused with Metalia, he lost all his memories since he met the rabbit and reincarnated.

In the early part of "R", the Makaiju edition, the power of the phantom silver crystal lost the memory of the battle up to "Dark Kingdom" and reincarnated, so the rabbit who should have been quarreling suddenly showed favor and was confused. ..I can't transform into a tuxedo mask because I don't remember, but instead the desire to "protect the rabbit" in my heart appears in the form of splitting into "Knight of the Moon Shadow", helping the Sailor Warriors.By fusing with the Moon Shadow Knight at the end of the Makaiju edition, he will be able to regain his memory and transform into a Tuxedo Mask again.

In the early part of "R" Black Moon, she had a nightmare that "If Mamoru and Rabbit are tied, unhappiness will fall on them", and in order not to make Rabbit unhappy, she breaks up with Rabbit, but this hunts her down. End up[Note 3]..However, even during the breakup period, when Sailor Moon and others are in a pinch, they transform into a tuxedo mask as usual to help.Later, when the rabbit had the same nightmare, he confided the truth and reunited.In fact, this nightmare was shown by my future self, King Endimion, to confirm the bond between Usagi and Mamoru.In the final battle, defeat the mastermind Death Phantom with Rabbit, Chibiusa and the Four Warriors.

In the movie "R", he made friends with Fiore, an alien boy who was lonely like himself at the hospital after an accident when he was a boy, and handed him a rose when he broke up.Mamoru himself thinks it is a dream, and Fiore, who reunited with him, is not alone because he now has a rabbit, and he is kidnapped by the resentful answer that he is his family.He attacks Fiore, who attacked Sailor Moon, with a rose and supports the rabbit trying to destroy the comet with the power of silver crystals.The rose I gave to Fiore was given to the rabbit just before Shingo was born, and when he knew it, Fiore was given the nectar of a flower made of his energy, and released the power of the silver crystal to the rabbit who died. Give by mouth.

In "S", he was taken care of by Chibiusa at the time of the final battle.

In "SuperS", when he came to buy tropical fish, he liked the fish eyes of the Amazon trio, but refused, "I love rabbits with lots of beautiful dreams," and this led to the collapse of the Amazon trio. Connect with.In addition, he meets Elios in a dream, finds a red rose in the rose that controls the dreams of people dyed black by the curse of Nehalennia, and peels Elios.

In "Stars", he set out to study abroad at Harvard University, was attacked by Galaxia on an airplane, and was overtaken by Starseed and disappeared.Rabbit was unaware of Mamoru's death and thought he was staying in the United States until he was told by Galaxia at the end of the game.After regaining the light of hope, Galaxia revives with the other extinct warriors and reunites with the rabbit.The story ends with a date with a rabbit as usual.

Live-action version

Initially in the third year of high school, the school name is unknown.Like the TV anime, he has a friendship with Motoki Furuhata of the same school.With a cool and responsible personality, he once made fun of telling the rabbit why he was lying in a Tuxedo Mask.Even after starting dating with a rabbit, he has been abandoned as a "rabbit" and is called "Mamoru" by the rabbit.

I live with the help of my childhood friend and fiancé, Hina Kusaka's parents' home, the Kusaka family.bikeIs my favorite car.An original setting different from the original and animation has been added, such as trying to study abroad in London with Hina at the same time as graduating from school on the way.

The four heavenly kings are taken hostage and fall under the control of Queen Beryl himself.He wasn't brainwashed, but every time he thought of a rabbit, he had a stone embedded in his chest that sucked up energy.When most of the energy was absorbed by the stone, Queen Beryl begged, "Instead of seeing the rabbit again, I want you to see me only once at the end, and only during that time I want you to stop the effect of the stone."Have a last date with the rabbit and promise to believe in love with each other.At that time, he tells the rabbit that Queen Metalia is the negative heart of the princess serenity rabbit.

After returning to the bottom of Beryl again, he takes in Metalia, which has begun to run away, into his body, but he cannot control Metalia.Although he tried to commit suicide, he was hijacked by Metalia and turned into "Metalia Endimion" and went out of control.Mio Kuroki disappears and becomes a battle with Sailor Moon, and she is killed by Sailor Moon's hand, encouraged by the illusion of Mamoru to kill herself.After that, after the earth disappears due to Princess Sailor Moon, the rabbit releases the "phantom silver crystal" in exchange for life and the world regenerates.After the rabbit is revived in exchange for the disappearance of Princess Sailor Moon, Mamoru regains the life that had been sucked up by the stone with the help of the four heavenly kings, and says goodbye to the four heavenly kings and revives.

In Special Act., The four heavenly kings who were brainwashed by the resurrected Mio were rescued, and while being watched by the four heavenly kings at the end, they had a rabbit and a wedding ceremony.

Musical version

In the musical version produced by Bandai, it appears in the setting of the anime version, but the setting from the original that uses the special move Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber and the owner of the golden crystal is also used.

Although he died several times during the film, he sometimes revived, but there is only one story that ended in death. In the pre-revised version of "Dream Warrior ~ Love Forever ~", he fell down with Sailor Moon from the attack of Zirconia, promised to reunite with the rabbit "Reborn as King Endimion", and has Neo Queen Serenity. It disappeared in the future of the 30th century.In the revised version, this scene has been deleted because it was revived by the resurrected Sailor Saturn.In this performance, with the support of the children of the audience and the power of the Golden Crystal, Sailor Moon, which collapsed due to the attack of Nehalennia, is powered up to Eternal Sailor Moon.

In "Sailor Stars", I went to the United States safely and sent a letter to the rabbit, but in the form of MC VlaaiShadow GalacticaInfiltrate the rabbits to warn them and rescue the captured rabbits.In both the regular version and the revised version, Mamoru from the Edo period has appeared, and the regular version is the owner of Azabu Castle, which is like a fool, and is a boy fishmonger of love and justice.Isshin UsasukeAnd fall in forbidden love.The revised version isPlayboy KinThen, he hunted down this is a pen, which was blurred even though he shot a gun at the rat boys, showing a rose tattoo.Kim eventually falls in love with the mouse kid Usakichi, but on the way, he says, "Oh, I have a surplus ..." and is a storyteller in charge of narration and a subordinate of Kim (in the Edo period). The role name is unknown).

In "Eternal Legend", Galaxia attacked and faded out at the beginning.In the regular version, King Endymion, who was captured and brainwashed by Queen Beryl, is made into the appearance of Dark Endymion, but disappears because the Tuxedo Mask was killed by Galaxia.The Tuxedo Mask, revived as a galaxy mud doll, is defeated by Sailor Moon by killing Queen Beryl, who was behind Sailor Moon.In the revised version, after being overtaken by Galaxia at the beginning and disappearing as in the anime version, it will be revived as the dark endymion of the mud doll, and will infiltrate Juuban High School as Tony's hometown of the director of Galactic TV and the physical education teacher.At the order of Galaxia, she becomes Queen Beryl's companion, but Sailor Moon discovers it as a fake and reveals her true identity.In the same flow as the regular version, Queen Beryl disappears and wants the power of Sailor Moon who loves himself, but he regains his ego with Sailor Moon's kiss and disappears while encouraging the rabbit.

"New Legend Korin" is the same as "Eternal Legend" in that the star seed is taken on the wing of the airplane and turned into a mud doll at the beginning, but the disappeared future King Endimion also becomes a mud doll and becomes a guard Deceive and confuse the rabbit, the sad, and Queen Beryl, who each have a romantic feeling.King infiltrates Juuban High School with the Amazon trio as a local PE teacher's cloak.

In "Legend of Kaguya Island," he is suspicious that "the story is too good," contrary to the Sailor Warrior who is on a journey to collect jewels on Kaguya Island.Also, since the 30th century, King Endimion has appeared as a helper in the form of "Space Night" and has been favored by Roof Mellow. In the 30th century, King cooked instead of Neo Queen Serenity.


Tuxedo Mask

blacksilk hatとtuxedo(What is actually drawnTailcoat) With black on the front and red on the backCloakThe eyes are covered with a white mask.The mask is designed so that the eyes can be seen clearly in the original, live-action, and "Crystal", but in TV animation, the eyes are basically hidden, and the eyes appear in important scenes.In the live-action version, the indigo color near the temples of the maskjewelryIs inlaid.

In the TV anime version, almost always throw a red rose in front of the enemyタ ン ゴIt appears with a special BGM of the key, and promises to leave somewhere after the battle, leaving some blurry lines.This red rose was used as an image item in the musical version and later in the original.

In the original, live-action, and "Crystal", it was early in its appearance, specializing in jewels for the purpose of searching for "phantom silver crystals."A thiefWas doing.Therefore, at first, he changed into a black tie and was active, but in the TV anime version, when he first sensed the make-up of the Sailor Warrior, he lost consciousness and naturally "transformed" and lost his memory during that time.Later, my consciousness merged and I became able to transform myself.Even in the original, a scene that later transforms by one's own power has appeared.In TV animation, with the light emitted from the red roseフ ラ メ ン コIt transforms with a tic BGM, but in the live-action version extra edition, you change your clothes and become a tuxedo mask.

In combat, it is basically a supportive role for Sailor Warriors.In TV animation and live-action, you attack the opponent with a stretchable stick (In addition to that, in TV animation, in addition to throwing roses to scare the enemy, you can offset the attack or change the rose to a red ray and disappear the object You can also let it).In the second phase of the original and "Crystal", the power of psychometry originally possessed by King Endimion was awakened, and he came to have purification skills like other warriors.Therefore, when Sailor Moon could not use its power in the future in the second period, the Tuxedo Mask was defeating the enemy instead.

Prince Endymion (Master Endymion in live-action version)
The appearance of the previous life of Mamoru Jiba.Having the earth and the sun as guardian stars,地球Prince of the Kingdom of "Golden Kingdom".He wears a red cloak on his dark blue clothes and wears a sword.
In the live-action version, he wears white-based clothes and an emerald green cloak, and in the Special Act at the end of the story, he becomes this style as Master Endymion and fights with his sword.
King Endimion
The future of Mamoru Jiba.King of Crystal Tokyo.Husband of Neo Queen Serenity and father of Chibiusa.
It features a white mask with a lavender-based tuxedo and cloak (in "Crystal", a white tuxedo with a lavender-colored cloak), and is similar to the dress of a tuxedo mask except that there is no top hat.
Dark endymion
Appeared in the latter half of the first period of TV animation.The appearance when Mamoru Jiba was brainwashed by Queen Beryl and became the commander-in-chief of the Dark Kingdom.Normally in the form of Prince Endimion, but during battle it transforms into a Tuxedo Mask and is a black rose.[Note 4]Throw.
He has a straightforward and noble personality, and he hated the demon's cowardly strategy and helped the sailor warrior.At the end of the game, Queen Metalia is infused with dark energy and loses her ego.
Moon Shadow Knight (Tuxedo Mask)
Appeared in "Makaiju Hen" of the second season of TV animation "R".Mamoru's subconscious mind, who lost his memory and couldn't transform into a tuxedo mask, walked alone and sent a rescue boat to the sailor warriors.
Moonlight maskSimilar toArabicWearing a white wind costume and cloak, instead of exposing her eyes, she hides her mouth with a mask and throws white roses.Also, when leaving, after singing a phrase in 5/7/5, he mutters "adieu".At the end, it fused and disappeared with Mamoru in the battle with the runaway Makaiju.
Metalia Endimion
Appeared at the end of the live-action version.On the contrary, he is obsessed with trying to take Queen Metalia into his body to protect the stars.
In contrast to Master Endymion's outfit, it is based on black and is similar to Master Endymion's outfit.
Space Night
Appeared in the Bandai version of the musical "Kaguyajima Densetsu". The appearance of King Endimion in the 30th century when he came to help the modern Sailor Moons.
She wears a dark blue-based outfit and a silver cloak, and is similar to Prince Endimion except for the black goggles.
EndymionGreek mythologyAnd the moon goddessSeleneA young shepherd who was loved by (Σελήνη, Selene) and fell asleep foreverEndymionDerived from (Ἐνδυμίων, Endymion).The technique "La Smoking Bomber" is in the history of clothingtuxedoDerived from the prototype "Smoking jacket (smoking clothes)".In terms of clothing, he wears a tailcoat without a tail, which is called a "Spencer jacket", not a black tie.


Top hat (appeared in all original works, TV animations, live-action dramas and musicals)
A top hat with a tuxedo mask.In many cases, the original work and musicals can be taken immediately, and it has not been covered since the second period.
Walking stick (appeared in all the original second season, TV animation, live-action drama and musical)
A tuxedo masked weapon that can be expanded and contracted in the TV animeWalking stick. mainlyStickmanAttacks usingBatonIt is used to protect the enemy's attack by turning it likeビ リ ヤ ー ド OfqueueIt may also be used as.
In the original and "Crystal", only the second period appears.It is unknown whether it can be expanded or contracted, but when the Moon Tiara Boomerang released by Sailor Moon in Act 15 is repelled by the flames of Cohen, it is often used as a weapon such as to help Sailor Moon.
Pocket watch (original first and second period beginning, live-action drama)
Mamoru was carrying aroundMoon phase OfPocket watch..It is golden and has the shape of a six-pointed star.
When Mamoru picked up the rabbit, he dropped it on the rabbit and broke it.After that, I gave it to the rabbit and gave it to him.Ichi no Hashi ParkSo, I promised to "trade" with Mamoru's handkerchief, but it is unknown whether he actually traded (in "Crystal", he traded after the war with Metalia).When Serenity awakened, the needle rotated in the opposite direction, causing the rabbit and the three guardian warriors to evoke memories of the previous life.It stopped again when it returned from the moon, but started moving again when Mamoru appeared as Endymion in the Dark Kingdom.After that, when Mamoru and the rabbit who tried to keep in mind thrust a sword into his chest, he received the sword instead and wrecked it.It has not appeared clearly since it was repaired at the beginning of the second period.Also, in the second season, King Endimion wore a watch similar to this (it is unknown if it is the same).
In the live-action version, it was given to the rabbit as a thank-you for the muffler, and the color, size, and chain length are different from the original.
Jewels of the Four Tennos (Original, PC Engine, ANOTHER STORY)
Four jewels transformed by the four "Dark Kingdom" heavenly kings (Jedite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite) who were defeated by Sailor Warriors.
After Mamoru became under Beryl in the latter half of the first part, he was placed in Mamoru's breast, and from the second part in Mamoru's room.He usually watches over Mamoru and occasionally appears as a psychometric illusion to advise Mamoru.
In the PC Engine version, after lending power to the internal warrior, it became a stone, and said goodbye to Mamoru and reincarnated with the power of the rabbit's silver crystal. In the SFC game "ANOTHER STORY", he spoke to the rabbits when Mamoru fell.
Tuxedo Mask Doll (Original second season, TV anime "R")
A doll handmade by Mamoru to ease Chibiusa.Chibiusa gave it as a gift when she returned to the future.
Wristwatch type communication device (XNUMXrd period of the original)
It first appeared in the third period, but it was rarely used. The color scheme in "Crystal" is navy.
Golden Crystal (Original XNUMXth period or later, musical)
The guardian stone (Sailor Crystal) of the local guard who controls the earth and the sun.Glow like the sun,"Phantom silver crystal"Has power comparable to.
The owner of the TV anime is Elios, who has no power because he wears it on his head almost without taking it off (it was entrusted to Moon during the game against Nehalennia) (however, the star seed in "Stars" is Golden).It was Elios who made the Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon (power-up of the brooch), and the four internal warriors who lost the Holy Grail in the TV anime super.In the musical version of "SuperS," everyone's power and the golden crystal of Mamoru's chest transformed the rabbit into an Eternal Sailor Moon.
Rose crystal (ANOTHER STORY)
Appeared in the SFC game "ANOTHER STORY".A jewel of Prince Endimion that was in the Golden Kingdom long ago.It has the shape of a red rose flower.

Tuxedo Mask Technique

Psychometry(TV animation after the second period of the original)
Mamoru's ability.You can touch it with your hands to feel everything, use your fingertips to emit aura power to heal wounds, and inflict damage on your opponent.
Although it is mentioned for the first time in the second period in the original, the ability itself can be seen in the middle of the first period, before the awakening of memory.Examples before the awakening of memory include the resurrection of a rabbit that fell under the attack of Zoisite in the first period, and the prediction of Asanuma's entrance exam in the second period.In addition, they talk with their thoughts through the jewels of the four heavenly kings.
Although it is not explicitly stated in TV animation, there is a description that seems to have ability.
Black tie la smoking bomber (after the second period of the original)
A special move that was acquired like any other warrior by awakening the psychometric power that King Endimion originally had.An attack that shoots a powerful bomb from the palm of your hand.It is also used in the musical version.
Links(Original third period)
In order to maintain the body of Chibiusa by extracting the crystals of the Eucharist and the heart, he voluntarily connected himself to the body of Chibiusa using the power of psychometry.
Pink sugar tuxedo attack (from the original "Kaguya Hime no Koibito")
Combined technique with Chibiusa's "Pink Sugar Heart Attack".Chibi Moon and two people hold a pink moon stick and shoot a shock wave.


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注 釈

  1. ^ The original Princess Serenity is described in the color of the earth.
  2. ^ In the play, you can see a scene where two people ride in Bimota Tage 1D, but in reality Tesi 1D is a single seater and does not support two people.
  3. ^ In episode 69, when the droid Akmuda attacks the rabbit, he shows a nightmare based on the declaration of divorce from Mamoru (Sailor Moon in the form of a child keeps chasing Mamoru away forever).
  4. ^ The black roses have the flower words "hate" and "love that never perishes", implying that they have not completely forgotten their love for Serenity.
  5. ^ The first generation of "Dark Kingdom Revival"KunziteHe was selected as the second-generation Tuxedo Mask in the revised version of the performance, and after graduating, he played King Endimion / Space Knight of "New Legend Advent" and "Kaguya Island Legend" and Count Dracul of "Last Dracul".
  6. ^ In Nerke MusicalSailor Pluto / Sailor PlutoPlayed.
  7. ^ In Nerke MusicalCrimson RubeusとTiger's eye, Played Airglow / Sailor Star Maker.


  1. ^ From the 30-character interview of Gosho Aoyama XNUMXth Anniversary Book.


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