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🎥 | Ajikan "Hiroaka" movie version theme song charge!Preview video will also be released

Photo Finally, the preview video is also released! – (C) 2021 “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE” Production Committee (C) Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha

In charge of the theme song for the movie version of Ajikan "Hiroaka"!Preview video will also be released

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In the preview video released at the same time, the theme song "Empathy" with a sense of speed is inserted, as well as Rody Soul, the original character of the movie version voiced by guest voice actor Ryo Yoshizawa, and popular voice actor Nakai. The moving figure and character voice of the mysterious enemy (Villan) Flect Turn, in which Kazuya plays the voice, are also shown.

Popular rock band ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION has released the latest movie version of the popular anime "... → Continue reading

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Voice actor

Voice actor(Seiyuu) isImageWorks andvoiceWithout showing yourself in the worksoundTo appear aloneAn actor[1].. In a broad sensenarratorIs also included.OccupationWhen used to indicate, and for video and audio worksrole,FunctionMay represent.


Act only with voicePerformerAnd many Japanese voice actorsJapan Actors Union, But unlike actors, is considered a voice-specific actor[2].. Read the manuscript again in the newscaster,announcerIt is also distinguished from those who are engaged in the business of broadcasting and news fields.

Often in animated worksCharacter voice (character voice), for shortCVTo sayJapanglishIs used. this is1980 eraIn the second halfAnime magazine"AnimatedWas the deputy editor-in-chiefShinichiro InoueIs a term proposed byKadokawa ShotenWhich was first published inMonthly new type] Is also used[3]. Also,ShowaIn the works of the era, it was often written as "voice appearance" in ending credits,HeiseiからReiwaAt present, it is often written as "cast" or "CAST" or "CV" (character voice).

Due to the fix system described belowPersonality actorThere is also an aspect as.

In Japan, there are many cases where voice actors are specialized for historical reasons.Overseas, it is a part of the work of actors, but in the United States, the number of actors who specialize in voice actors is increasing, and some acting schools have voice actor courses.[4].

Since the 2000s, the activities as a singer and the talented activities such as publishing a photo book have been increasing.


The reason why voice actors have become more specialized in Japan is

And so on.

The possibility of audio media is "literatureFrom the proposal of "three-dimensional movement"Cloud meetingPresided overKunishi Kishida[5],In JapanModern critical literatureBecame a pioneer ofHideo Kobayashi[6],in JapanOrthodox drama(Dialogue drama)[7]Advocated the establishment ofFukuda[8]Such asLiteraryIs pointed out by.

Kishida says "The beauty of'spoken words'" (1928), Radio dramas and movie stories from the early days[9]He argues that the narrator's arousal of the listener's imagination is the key to development.[10]..Kobayashi is "age" (1950) And "Speaking and Writing" (1954), "Spoken languageExpressing a linguistic view that emphasizes[11],Noricho Motoi''(1977) Shows how the words create, "It's hard to imitate, and it's easy to imitate."[12]..Fukuda said, "Words act" from the linguistic view.Hamlet''(1955Performance)ShakespeareDrama Of翻 訳とShowAnd1963ToContemporary Theater Association[Note 1]Presided over[13]..Its activities are not limited to theater, but the production of radio dramas and stage performances by drama.Ateleco controversyPre-emption, anime movie "Thousand and One Nights''(1969To public)Troupe cloudParticipation etc.[14], Continuously extends to voice appearances[15].

Commercial broadcasting started1951Kobayashi and Fukuda talked with each other in the planning of the magazine "Theatrical Performance" published by Unkai, and exchanged thought-provoking exchanges.

Kobayashi pureIdeaasMusicThat's why. …… Generally, I don't think the human ear is good.Everyone is bad, what is the ear?

Fukuda and otherssenseCompared to?

Kobayashi Yes.Compared to the eyes.Especially the earsTrainingExcept for a few people who are doing it.That's why I don't think anyone has the ears to listen to radio dramas.The human voice is veryexpressionIt will be rich in.No one can train their ears so much that they can understand humans by voice without looking.With the great development of radio dramas, such training may be possible.Then, even if you don't see it, your voice will be more expressive, and you will find a great actor specializing in radio dramas. ...... We live with our eyes open, so our ears are neglected.playThat guy is with both eyes and ears鑑賞I'm doing it.Oh dear,Storyteller,BailiffHow about becoming?For exampleRakugoAfter all, the life of talking isstoryI'm chasing you, but you can listen to the same story as many times as you like, right?You can listen to it as many times as you like, that is, it's a sound.It's the music of that voice.I'm enjoying listening to it. — "Theatrical questions and answers" Sound, ears, broadcast drama[16]

Regarding the voice appearance contract,Japan Actors UnionBy "Foreign Painting Agreement" (1978), "Video Agreement" (1981) Has been signed, and we are seeing the establishment of rights and economics.[17][18][19][20].

At the same time, "Space Battleship Yamato''(1977) BeginsAnime boomStrengthened the tendency to hire new human resources,Super Dimension Fortress Macross''(1982) Is appearing.A series of voice actor booms specialized in voice actorsEntertainment office,Voice actor training centerHas led to the growth of voice actors and has become the starting point for the diversification of voice actor images to this day.[21][22].

For the person who developed the voice actor theory during this period, the animation directorYuno TominoIs recognized.

TominoOsamu TezukaOriginalComic"Astro boy"ofAnimatedActive since the dawn of TV animation starting in[23], Proposed "Anime New Century Declaration" in 1981[24]..Prior to that, he served as a negotiating committee member in the foreign film video subcommittee of the Japan Actors Union, and refuted the teleco controversy.Ichiro NagaiPlanning a dialogue with[25][26][27].

In addition, "Mobile Suit Gundam''(1979) During the production of animationス タ ッ フFrom the standpoint of, the view of voice actors has been expressed to aspiring voice actors.

 In this section of the anime trend, "voice actor" sounds like an independent profession.However, originally, the function of a voice actor is only a part of the talent of an actor.Only a performer can demonstrate the talent of a voice actor.In fact, with only voice actors as a profession,PopularityThere are few voice actors who are just enjoying their abilities.Acting with just your voice is justVocalizationTraining is not enough.In other words, don't forget that you have the ability as an actor (actor) and can do it for the first time.

 why?Why? ……so.Because even one voice has a physical bodyPersonalityBecause there is, there are a wide variety of voices.The manifestation of personality (as a person) is the voice.It means that there is no human being only by voice.From the moment you take this for granted, you will lose sight of the first step in getting started with voice actors. (Omitted)

 And finally, let's give a concrete guideline.If you really want to be a voice actor, first of allactingLook up the word "〟" in a dictionary. Then look up the unknown word in this article. And it's the real end. Do you have a facial expression in your voice? If not, give it a facial expression. It's the beginning of your actor training. — Yoshiyuki Tomino "Starting to be a voice actor"[28]

Record era

1877(Meiji10 years) in the United States in JulyThomas edisonIs a recording / playback typegramophoneInvent.

in JapanMeiji Restorationrear,Cabinet systemBy the time it was foundedCivilizationThe influence ofGenbun Itchi MovementSymbolized bysoftIt begins to be seen on the surface.1885(Meiji 18) September,TsuyouchiBut"Novel essence』WrittenHistory of Japanese modern literatureAnnounced the full-scale beginning of.1886In August (Meiji 19),kabuki OfModernizationAimed atTheater improvement societyWas formed.Saiharu is a translation of Shakespeare's drama and Kabuki performance "Paulownia』Creation,Mori OgaiWidely used in the literary and theater world during the Meiji era, such as the controversy over the ideal[29]..In response to the growing artistic fever due to these influences,Shimamura HogetsuThe year after he returned from study abroad,1906In August (Meiji 39),Literary AssociationHas established[29]. Also,1909In August (Meiji 42),Kaoru OyamauchiとSaiji Ichikawa Free theaterHas been launched.

At the end of the Meiji eraハ ー ドModernization in terms of progress,1910(Meiji 43) October, the first in JapanRecord companyIs established.1911In August (Meiji 44),Imperial TheaterOpens.In May of the same year, Shakespeare's play "Hamlet" was performed by the Literary Society.[Note 2],In SeptemberIbsenDramaDoll houseWill be performed[30]..It was well receivedNew playActressSumiko MatsuiIs a first-year student at the Theater Research Institute attached to the Literary Society[31], Actress training was an epoch-making achievement.Also, from the second gradeNew national dramaBecome the founder ofShojiro SawadaHas been produced.

1913(Taisho2 years) In July, Hogetsu and SumakoArt theaterFormed[32],1914(Taisho 3) At the 3rd performance in March, in the re-dramatization of HogetsuTolstoyThe novel "ResurrectionWas staged [33]..The song in the play "Sumako sang"Headband songWas also sold as a record and became the first popular song in modern Japan.[34]..Not only the singing but also the passage of the third act, Kashiro, was recorded on the same board.In October of the same year, Shakespeare's play "Antony and CleopatraWas performed by the adaptation of Hogetsu[35][36]After the performance, the performers gathered in the recording studio to record the best of the stage.This is only for the lineAudio dramaIt was released as "Shakespeare'Cleopatra'" in December.[37].

In the Taisho eraSoga Hiroya troupe,Takarazuka Revue,Asakusa OperaEtc. also leave the sound source[38].

Radio drama era

1925In March (Taisho 14), NHK's predecessor, Tokyo Broadcasting Station, started radio broadcasting.[39].

Only one month later, in the program of "Movie Dialogue"Silent movieThe dialogue drama of "The earth smiles" was broadcast.The appearance of the voice at this timeNew schoolActor'sMasao Inoue, Of the actressKurishima SumikoAnd so on. Not as a profession, but in effect they are the "first voice actor in Japan"[40][Note 3]..In July of the same year, "Kiri Ichiyo", which reproduced the stage broadcast in the studio (cast:Nakamura Utaemon (5th generation)Etc.), and Japan's first full-scaleRadio DramaAs "Captain's daughter" (starring: Masao Inoue,Yaeko Mizutani) Will be broadcast. Directed by Kaoru Osanai in August,Wada Sei OfSound effectThere is also a theory that it is "inside the coal mine" that was broadcast on[41]..Was one of the performersYasue YamamotoLater served as the leader of the Tokyo Broadcasting Company.

In August of the same year, a radio drama study group was established at the Tokyo Broadcasting Station.Mikihiko Nagata, Kaoru Osanai,Kubota Mantaro,Kume Masao,Hideo Nagata,Isamu Yoshii6 people as the main members[42]..Furthermore, in order to acquire listeners, a well-known literary writer is commissioned to write a script for XNUMX yen per volume.At that time, XNUMX yen was enough to build a house.[43], The face of the literary writer who wrote the script for the "2 Yen Drama" in two yearsSatomi,Matsui Matsuo, Kaoru Osanai, Hideo Nagata, Isamu Yoshii, Mantaro Kubota, Kunio Kishida,Hiroshi Kikuchi,Yuzo Yamamoto,Kichizo Nakamura,Okamoto KidouWas 11 people[44].

In September of the same year, the Tokyo Broadcasting Station recruited radio drama research students as professional actors who act only by voice. Twelve women were selected from more than 9 applicants and will speak to the radio drama "Fatcho" in November.Many sources on the history of voice actors consider them to be the "first voice actors in Japan."At that time, newspapers called him a "radio actor."[Note 4].. Early radio dramaShiomi Hiroshi,Chieko HigashiyamaOpened the previous yearTsukiji small theaterMany actors were appearing[45].

1926In August (Taisho 15), the three corporations of Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya Broadcasting Stations were dissolved, and the Japan Broadcasting Corporation was established as a successor organization.

1928From (Showa 3), a prize recruitment was held for the purpose of training new employees, andYutaka Manafune,Kaoru Morimoto,Juro Miyoshi,Ryuichiro Yagi,Shuji Hojo,Ima HarubuWritten by[46].

1931(Showa 6) From August1938(Showa 13) Mantaro Kubota will be appointed as the chief of the literary section of the Japan Broadcasting Corporation until August.Kubota has a literary route,Natsume Soseki,Izumi Kyoka,Lunar,HugoAt home and abroadliteraturePromoted the radio drama of.Inoue Masao, taking advantage of Kubota's network of contacts in the theater world,Kitamura Midori,Sachiko Murase,Akiko Tamura,Kyosuke TomodaWe have appointed front-line actors in new schools and new plays such as[47]..Tokujiro Kobayashi, a staff member of the literary division, later said, "This was due to Kubota's skill, as it could only be done by radio broadcasting at the time when the actors in the new drama could not appear in commercial theaters. Speaking of which, Mr. Kubota was a famous producer who not only had an artistic side but also had political power. "[48]..Around this time (mainly1930 era) As a person who was active,Ayako IijimaCan be mentioned[Note 5].. Besides the radio dramaJapanese dancer,singerHe was also active as a (popular song, popular song, nursery rhyme operetta). From 1925 to 1938, the total number of radio dramas broadcasted grew to 750.

1941(Showa 16), NHK is recruiting research students from the Tokyo Central Broadcasting Station's exclusive theater company actor training center, which trains actors specializing in radio dramas.1943The first student of the Tokyo Broadcasting Company, which completed training in (Showa 18), made its debut.[50].. This is considered the second voice actor[51][Note 6]There is also a document that the word "voice actor" has been used since this time.[53]However, it is actually older,Yomiuri Shimbun] In1926Used from[54].Voice actor is called by Tokusaburo Kobayashi, who was a reporter of entertainment in the Yomiuri Shimbun, and NHK's acting program directorproducerThere is a theory that it was named by Tatsuo Ooka[55][Needs verification].. Initially, voice actors refered to members of the Tokyo Broadcasting Company and other broadcasters who specialize in radio dramas, and became established as a term for actors who perform dubbing and animation in the television era.

1951Private radio station Radio Tokyo (currentlyTBS Radio) Started broadcasting and established a dedicated broadcasting company (Radio Tokyo Broadcasting Company, later TBS Broadcasting Company)1957A serial radio drama that was broadcast toAkazodo SuzunosukeHas gained tremendous support from the children of the time. The voice actor in the age of radio drama, where there was no television broadcast and radio was the main place in the mass media, was never in the shade, and played a lot of the second protagonist voice.Nagoya ChapterReceived dozens of fan letters a month[56].. When the radio drama reached its heyday, and the introduction articles of voice actors began to be published in the radio section of the newspaper, at the same time as a fan letter to voice actors, they longed for voice actors, and the number of voice actor applicants also increased rapidly.1953The NHK Tokyo Broadcasting Theater Company's recruitment for the 5th generation was flooded with about 10 applicants to about 6,000 successful applicants. This age of voice actorHisatsu KatsutaIs the first golden age of voice actors[57].

In anime,1933Japan's firstTalkieThe short animated film "World of Power and Woman" has been released. It was the comedy actor who gave the voice to the anime characters.Furukawa RoppaWere the movie actors including.1942ToChugokuAn animated feature film "Saiyuki and Tetsugihime(Iron fan) was released in Japan,Activity beanFromTokugawa dream voice,Ichiro YamanoUttered a voice.Second World WarStarted laterToei videoDue to the constant production of animated films in Japan, movie actors, comedians, and members of the broadcast theater were used. Also, dubbing of Western movies began to take place in earnest after the TV era[Note 7].

First voice actor boom

In the early days of commercial television,1961 OfFive company agreementDue to lack of software due to the decision to suspend the supply of Japanese movies to TV stations in overseasWestern paintingMany Japanese dubbed versions of so-called external pictures such as[59][60][61].. Initially, NHK basically broadcasted works outside Japan in subtitle supermarkets, so the dubbed Japanese version was mainly commercial. After that, works outside Japan1960 eraIt was broadcast with the first half as a peak. Against this background, the popularity of voice actors has increased. The centerpiece of the boomAlan DelonPlayed a roleNachi Nozawaで[62],ChasingSaid that[63].

Since the actors of TV and movies did not dubb due to the issue of the five-company agreement and gala, dubbing on TV was done by many people from the broadcasting troupe from the radio era and stage actors of new plays.[64].. From the broadcasting companyWakayama GenzoAbout the new drama actor who entered the dubbing at that time, "It was only one-handed work for most of the people" "Many people who do not question even unnatural Japanese words and speak only according to the script I was very angry with it."[65].. Also, at this time, as actor theory and acting theoryAteleco controversyHas been deployed. In overseas animation, there are cases where rakugo artists and comedians from Asakusa also spoke to the characters.

There was a movement to unite to improve rights because the working environment and treatment were poor.Yasuo HisamatsuIs Akira ShimizuPacific TelevisionHowever, there is a labor dispute at the company. In response to thisTokyo Actors Co-op(Haikyo) was born, but there were some who were independent and did not belong, like Genzo Wakayama.[66].. Afterwards, many voice actor productions were formed after being separated from Haiko. The word voice actor was not generally recognized in this era[67], As another name, mainly because of dubbingDubbing talent, From applying a voiceAthi[68][69]There was something like that.

The first Japanese dubbed work on TVTBSKRT TV, the predecessor of1955May 10An American anime that started broadcasting from "Superman] Is said to be. In live action1956It was recorded as "Cowboy G Men" broadcasted on KRT TV, the predecessor of TBS. All of these broadcasts on KRT TV are dubbed by live broadcasting, and the first prerecorded work by dubbing is 1 in animation.May 4ToNippon TVHowever, it is an overseas animation "TV Boy Adventure" that was broadcast by requesting Harubei Yasui of Bancho Studio.

1966"Saturday Western Theater" (currently "Sunday Western Theater』) started broadcasting, and this program started a holding system (fix system) that fixes the star's voice to a specific voice actor[70].

First voice actor boom

As the first recognized anime voice actor, while playing a child role at that timeSea TritonPlayed the leading role inTsubasa ShioyaIs known[71]After that, the second voice actor boom was the movie version of the latter half of the 2s.Space Battleship Yamato』のヒットによるアニメブームと並行して起こった。

そのブームに押される形で声優業と並行した音楽活動も盛んになり、Akira Kamiya,Toru Furuya,Toshio FurukawaA band by a popular voice actor who plays the handsome boy character of anime such asSlap stickAnd formed live performances[72], Many voice actors put out records. As a voice actor who sold XNUMX units of records at that time,Banko,Keiko Toda, Akira Kamiya,Yu Mizushima, The name of slapstick is listed[73].

また『宇宙戦艦ヤマト』でYuki Moriを担当した麻上洋子(現Kodanshi-Ichiryusai spring water)はアニメが好きで声優になりたくて声優になったことが知られ[2]、声優養成所が排出した初の声優とされる[71]だけでなく、アイドル声優の始祖といえる存在で、その系譜がMami Koyama、潘恵子へと続く。自身のアルバムを4枚出した潘恵子は元祖アイドルと呼ばれた[74].

1979Started broadcasting onAnime topia』など、アニメ声優がPersonalityThe radio programs etc. that serve are also born. In the radio drama, with the background of popular voice actorsDrama house at night, And an amateur voice actor contest was also held.[75].

This eraAnime magazineが創刊され始めた時代でもあり、『AnimageIs the first editor-in-chief ofOgata HideoIs the voice actorIdolChanged to one of the editorial policies[76].. Similarly, animation magazines other than "Animage" also set up a voice actor section on the magazine's surface to regularly send information about voice actors. In terms of human resource supply and development, the number of voice actor specialized productions gradually began to increase, and a voice actor training center was established by each production. As a result, voice actors aiming to be anime voice actors have begun to appear from the beginning, rather than being a voice actor as part of an actor's activity or extra skill, such as those from the broadcast troupe or stage actors. This boom is mostly1980 eraIt is supposed to be in the first half.

Around 1990

From the latter half of the 1980s, "voice actor idolization" or "appearance" by appearing in anime events (shows) became common.[71]..For example, the TV anime "Armor biography samurai trooperWith 5 male voice actors who appeared in1989A unit formed inNG5Was so popular that it was featured on news programs. It is also said to be a pioneering group in which voice actors have become multi-activity[77].. On the other hand,Megumi HayashibaraThere are more and more cases of female voice actors such as singers making contracts with record companies.[78].

on the other hand,1990 eraAs a result, when dubbed works were transmitted in various forms such as DVD packages and CS broadcasts in addition to terrestrial broadcasting, the number of cases where multiple dubbed works were made for the same work increased.For this reason, it has been pointed out that the conventional holding system has almost disappeared.[79]However, the custom that the same voice actor continues dubbing the same actor like Tom Cruise of Tomoyuki Morikawa remains.[80].

First voice actor boom

As a term, it was used frequently from the mid to late 1990s, but there is no clear definition. The primary and secondary usages are also used backwards from this term, and there is no clear definition here either. The characteristics of this period are "voice actors' multi-activation and idolization by advancing into singer activities"Video games"Increase in work due to the emergence of computer games and computer games" and "Dissemination of radio programs in which voice actors serve as personalities". From this, it is said that voice actors are required to have not only their voice acting ability, but also their good looks and singing ability in order to play an active part especially in animation games.

1994First voice actor magazineVoice actor grand prix"Voice Animage" was launched one after another[81].1995The first TV program dedicated to voice actorsVoice ♥ Yu ClubWas broadcast.

Kaori Shimizu,Sakamoto MaayaEtc. at that timeMiddle school studentsIn some cases, he was selected as the main character of a TV anime, and received idol-like attention.[82][83].

In 1997Go to ShiinaHeld a solo concert at Nippon Budokan for the first time as a voice actor.Shiina seems to be the first to show that the voice actor can be a star character, not necessarily the voice actor who is the shadow of the character in the video, such as anime and foreign movie dubbing. ing[71].

Also, as a pioneer of the example where the voice actor who was in charge of the voice in the animation work plays the character in charge at the stage performance etc.Sakura Wars Series #Kayo ShowBegins.This lasts from 1997 to 2007,Sakura warsThe voice actor who plays the voice of the character of the Imperial Combat Revue Hanagumi is a musical-style performance that actually plays that character on the stage. Having a child who pointed out the difference, he is the general producer of the Sakura Wars series.Hiroi PrinceWas casting with a view to stage performances when deciding the voice actor in charge of the character.

From around 2000

Active since the 1990sMizuki Nana,Yukari TamuraOr I changed from a stage actorMamoru MiyanoSuch asVoice actor artistAnd has been held since 2005Animelo Summer LiveSuch asAnime songSystemLive like a joint festival[Note 8]の普及などにより、声優と歌手活動を両立させる声優がこの時期以降ますます増加するようになった。特に水樹は、ドームツアーやNHK Red and White Singing BattleParticipation inFirst voice actorの音楽活動を行っていることが多い。

2010年代半ば以後はこの傾向が年々顕著になり、歌手としてのNippon Budokanでの単独公演を実現させる声優が、ほぼ毎年のように現れるようになっている(一例として、Uchida Aya[84],Nao Higashiyama[85],Maaya Uchida[86]Such. Higashiyama, in particular, was his first solo performance at the Nippon Budokan).

Since the late 2000s, the expression "4th voice actor boom" has been used in some media (but there is no clear definition).[87][88].. From around this time, "voice actors" came to rank higher in the "vocational rankings that children want to become".[87].

Since the late 2000sMidnight animeThe number of[Note 9]。これにより、いわゆる「アニメバブル」という状況が生まれた。新人声優デビューは増加の一途をたどり、水 瀬 い の り[89],Hayashi drum[90],Kusunoki Tomori[91][92]At that time, there are more examples of teenagers starring in TV animation.[Note 10].

さらに、『lovelive!And 'Idol Master''K-on!''BanG Dream!''Ensemble Stars!』など、ゲームやアニメ番組から派生した企画によるVoice actor unitが男女を問わず人気を博すことも多くなっていく。

特に『ラブライブ!』のμ'sは、東京ドーム公演やNHK紅白歌合戦への出場するなど人気を獲得した。このため、現在の声優は、演技だけではなく、looksDance skills are also required for singing ability.

On the other hand,Asano Tano(OriginalBOYSTYLE) AndAkika Nakatani(OriginalAKB48),Ami Maejima(OriginalSUPER ☆ GiRLS), Etc., it is said that the number of cases of changing from an idol to a voice actor is increasing.[93].#Otherreference.

From the 2010sArisa Komiya,Kayama Miyama,Haruka Fukuhara[94]Some actresses are compatible with voice actor artists.Komiya made her debut as an actress in 2010, served as a squadron heroine in 2012, and began acting as a voice actor in 2015.Glitter☆Precure a la modeOf Miyama and Fukuhara, who are also known as actresses from child actors who acted as voice actors, Karen Miyama has experience dubbing since her child role, even after precure.Aikatsu Friends!He is also a member of the music unit "BEST FRIENDS!"Kamen Rider Zero OneThen played the role of voice actor Huma Gear.On the other hand, Haruka Fukuhara has a voice actor artist section when he transfers to his office, and even in the introduction of the office, he belongs to both the actress and voice actor artist section.TV drama aiming to be a voice actorVoice girl』Played the main character.Fukuhara was in charge of the voice of the main character in the above-mentioned example of Sakura Wars and the 2006 animation movie "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time", and then starred in the 2010 live-action movie.Akari YoshiyamaPlayed a roleRiisa NakaLike, I was in charge of the hero when I was a child actorCookin Idol Ai! My! Main!(2009-2012) andKaguya wants to tell you ~ Geniuses' love brain battle ~(2021年)と、アニメで声を担当したキャラクターを実写版においても、同じ登場人物を演じることが知られている。


Anime,Original video animation (OVA),Radio Drama,Drama CD,ゲーム,tv set,movies,Western painting,Foreign dramaof Japanesedubbing, Voice drama, narration, announcement, narrator in the program, reading aloud, etc.

In addition to acting by voice, there are appearances accompanying events and advertisements related to the appearance work, but the appearance fee system is different from the actor, such as it is often decided by consultation each time without prior contract[95].

How to get a job is selection by audition or nomination, and securing casting right by investment, but it depends on the type of job.


Looking at the screenlinesBlow inDubbingThen, record the dialogue in advance and make a video later according to itPrescoThere are two methods.JapanThen dubbing is the mainstream.Due to the digitization of animation production in recent years, there are many examples of correcting pictures after dubbing.In addition, from giving a voiceAtelecoAlso say. The mainstream is to collect voice actors in the studio all at once, but when using non-voice actors such as entertainers and singers, they are often recorded separately.

The performance fee isRank systemSubject to.

The role may be nominated by the original author or the production side with a voice (voice quality) or acting ability that matches the image, but the system that obtains after audition selection is the mainstream.[96].

Normally, a production company etc. informs the voice actor's office affairs about the audition, and the office usually selects several voice actors who belong to the office, and only the selected one can audition. Is. Therefore, in a large office that has a large number of voice actors, you will not even have the opportunity to audition unless you compete in the office first.[97].. And even if you get the audition, it is said that the competition rate is such that you only have to receive one in 60.[98].

Toshio Furukawa said, "Pop Team EpicIn response to some of the viewers saying, "I'm a big man, I can choose a job," he said, "It's not a joke. The anime character's voice is my main job. I'm not in a great position to choose my first job." "Do you know how many times your manager bows down to get a job?"[99][100].

There is also an example of open recruitment format, 2005SPEED GRAPHERThen, the role of the heroine was selected as an open call for audition, but after being narrowed down in the 1st and 2nd screening, it was held in a format that also takes into account the general votes on the web (Kei MadoWas chosen).2013,Television Animation"The two of Milky HolmesAn audition was held for the protagonist ofAyasa ItoWas chosen). 2018 broadcastKarakuri CircusAnnounced that one of the leading roles will be decided by public recruitment audition regardless of professional amateur, but the total number of applications was over 1[101](For newcomersChihiro UedaWas chosen).

Nowadays, some companies that invest in anime have taken the method of securing appearance slots, and some people are not performing by audition.

Ateleco in a costume

Special effectsIn the program, in addition to the appearance appearanceSuit actorThere is also the job of being in charge of the voices of monsters played by.

Akumaizer 3,Space squadron kyurenja,Machinery squadron ZenkaigerFor heroes, such as costumes, a voice actor is required.

Cho (actor)But "peek-a-boo!It is known that Wan Wan in 』also serves as a suit actor and speaks directly.

Miyako SuzudaAlso wears a costume as a means of not appearing in public.

"Ultraman』To be the voice of the Alien ZarabTakeshi AonoNot tired of it, he actually goes into the costume and plays the Alien Zarab to get a feel for it.

"Ultra sevenAppeared in "EVOLUTION" 35 parts "(5), 2002th anniversary of birthTomokazu SekiAs a Gard alien, he plays not only his voice but also his usual appearance.

Puppet show and costume show

In the puppet show, you either say the lines while matching the timing with the character's performance, or dubbing while watching the pre-recorded video. Many NHK puppet shows are in Presco format.In addition, there are many styles in which one person concurrently serves multiple roles,The Three MusketeersIn, 30 people play the roles of nearly 7 people,Puppet show SangokushiThen, the actor who plays the main character also serves as five or more people.

costumeAt the show, there are times when the voices are matched live, but basically the voices are recorded in advance and the costume performers (Suit actor) Will perform.

Troupe airshipThe performance of "Mask Play" is a method in which an actor wearing a costume plays according to the voice blown by the voice actor.

Japanese dubbing

Performs voices of characters in foreign dramas and foreign movies on behalf of the actors. Like anime, it is subject to rank system.

Sometimes the role is fixed by the fix system, but in some cases there are different voice actors in the broadcast and cell versions.

Such as news and documentariesVoice overIs also subject to rank system.

Unlike anime, auditions are rarely performed, and it is said that producers and directors appoint voice actors to make decisions.[96][102]. However,デ ィ ズ ニ ーthe work,Stephen Spielbergthe work,George LucasIt is said that auditions will be held in the same way as animation, not in nomination in works etc.[103].


Basically, each person is recorded individually rather than in conversation.

CD-ROMBegan to spread1980 eraIt is a job that has increased since the end[104].1990 eraToPlayStationWith the advent of high-performance game consoles such as, voice actors became popular. There was no clear standard for the appearance fee at the beginning,1998ToJapan Actors Union(Nikkairen) and incorporated associationsComputer Entertainment Association(CESA), after the consultation was held, the rank system was applied to the game for the general public as well as the animation.

Like the anime, it is selected by audition and nomination.

Voice drama

Radio Drama-Drama CDPlay the voice of the character in a drama work with only audio.

In the case of drama CDs, we often use well-known voice actors in consideration of sales.[105]..On the contrary, there are cases where newcomers and amateurs are selected by audition.

Media mix

The same voice actor is fixed to the same role in works that mix media such as anime, games, drama CDs, and toys, but it may change for various reasons.

Narration announcement

Reading of TV programs, TV and radio commercials and PR videos, announcements of events,Ring announcer, Recorded message for directory assistance,Department store,supermarketRecording guides, etc., announcements (automatic broadcasting) of public transportation such as stations and local buses.

Jobs not covered by rank system[Note 11]The gala is much more expensive than anime, Japanese dubbing, and games, especially TV commercials.[106].. However, it is basically a one-time and irregular job, and it is difficult to obtain a stable income.

Like Japanese dubbing, auditions are rarely done, and it is almost always decided by nomination.[107][108].

Actor/Talent Activities

As mentioned above, there are many cases where stage actors also serve as voice actors from the early days.In addition to working in parallel while belonging to a theater company,Tomokazu SekiThere are also those who preside over the theater company.

Yasuo YamadaAnd Akira Kamiya, Yu Mizushima,Koichi Yamadera, Keiko Toda,Noriko HidakaThere are also voice actors who have appeared in movies, TV dramas, and variety programs. Also,Seki Toshihiko,Natsuki Hanae,Megumi ToyoguchiEtc.Program for children(Educational programIncluding).

Keiko Toda in 1998Shomuni (TV drama) He started appearing in TV dramas and TV commercials from 2010, but after XNUMX, the drama "Manpuku Shoujo Dragonet』(2010)Kubo Yurika,We still do not know the name of the flower we saw that day.(2015)NHK serial TV novel"Ama-chan』(2013)水 瀬 い の り, NHKTaiga drama"Sanadamaru』(2016)Takagi Wataru, NHK serial TV novel "Ale" (2020)Kenjiro Tsuda,Naoki Hanzawa(2020), Mamoru Miyano, "Oh! My Boss! Love is a separate volume(2021), Natsuki Hanae, "Hit the blue sky』(2021)Ryutaro Okiayu,Riko cutlet』(2021)Three StonesYou can see an example of.

From the latter half of the 2010s, "Voice girl!(2018) andGekidan Sphere(2019),Voice actor detective(2021), a live-action drama in which a voice actor appears as an actor has been produced.

Regarding the movie appearance, "Battle Royale』(2000)Yuko Miyamura,Bandage club』(2007)Kenshō Ono,Monochrome girl(2009) Miyu Irino, "I need you(2015) Kana Hanazawa, "Onodera's younger brother, Onodera's older sister(2014) "" (2011)Minako Kotobuki, "" (2011)Kisho Taniyama,Suzune, a veterinarian "EVOLUTION" (2011) "Cat Cafe" (2018) Yurika Kubo, "Library war』(2013)Suzuki TatsuhisaThere are examples of these.

In addition, the movie "2nd photo department(2009), live-action "Yatterman(2009),She is a rot girl.(2009),My unfriendly senior(2010),Wonderful World(2010),Light Novel Fun Writing(2010),God ☆ Voice ~ THE VOICE MAKES A MIRACLE ~ ”(2011),“The two death moans are... Chapter 2012 Color Nonai Blue ”“ Two Deaths Wowakatsumade… Chapter XNUMX Pumpkin Flower -nananka- ”(XNUMX), special effects drama“Unofficial Sentai Akiba Ranger"Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger Season Pain" (2012-2013), "Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger(2013-2014) Final episode and ending dance, "Green Flash』(2015), there are many works in which multiple voice actors appear in the face.

Nana Mizuki, Maaya Uchida,Ayana TaketatsuLike,CMThe number of voice actors who appear in the face is increasing.Corresponds to the assessment of the person in charge of the advertising agency[109]Not subject to rank system.

2010In his late teens,Kaji YukiThere are also voice actors who appear as commentators on news programs.

In addition to this, there are also laughing activities, such as Koichi Yamadera who appeared in impersonation programs and performed imitations, and in July 2019, they formed a combination called "Rush Style".Hayami AwardとYukihiro Nozuyama M-1 Grand PrixI have entered in 2019[110].

Since the latter half of the 2010s, voice actor x two-dimensional entertainer projects such as "" and "" have been underway.Among them, "GET UP! GET LIVE!Not only does the voice actor play the role of an entertainer, but he actually challenges the leading live performances of comics and tales at events.Natsuki Hanae, who plays the role of an entertainerKotaro Nishiyama,Yohei Azakami,Kentaro KumagaiAre actually at the eventComic,ControlIs showing off.

#Entertainment activities in other fields by voice actorsSee also

Singer activity

Music cdOrconcertSuch as holding asingerAs an activity. vice versa,IdolSometimes a singer turns into a voice actor.

Anime-ゲームIn the, the voice actors willTheme songMay sing. Also,characterIs set to be singing, not in the name of the voice actor himself, but in the name of the characterCharacter songMay be released.

Megumi HayashibaraWas the first voice actor to have an exclusive contract with King Records Star Child Label, and since March 1991,Record companyIt is common to conclude an exclusive contract with a singer and perform full-scale singer activities.

Several voice actorsMusic unitI sometimes formed singer (music) activities,Voice actor unitOften referred to as. 『Idol MasterAnd 'lovelive!], etc.,Dome StadiumでLIVEThere are also popular works that do[Note 12].

OriconSuch asHit chartAt onceAnime song TheChildrenIt was counted separately as a song for. Also, there are anime storesConsumer electronics storeWas not included in the calculation. From the mid-1990s when these were fixed, a CD of voice actor songsRankingThe number of higher ranks has increased[111].

1997Hekiru Shiina becomes the first voice actor in FebruaryNippon BudokanStarting with the solo concert, voice actors started holding solo concerts at large venues such as Budokan.2011In 12 monthMizuki NanaIs the first voice actorTokyo DomeHeld a solo concert[Note 13].

As anime songs permeate the general public, voice actors are increasingly appearing on music TV programs and singing songs. In 1997, Hekiru Shiina became a "Music Station",2009Nana MizukiNHK Red and White Singing Battle(The 60th NHK Red and White Singing Battle) For the first time as voice actors[Note 14][Note 15].

Mizuki NanayaChihara Minori,Aoi ShotaLike, a person who originally wanted to be a singer became a voice actor, and later debuted as a singer.

# "Idol voice actor" and "voice actor artist"See also

Radio personality

By voice actorradioThe personality of the show has existed for a long time, but since the 1990sNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.,Radio Osaka,Radio kansai AnirajiThe number of programs has increased rapidly, including the establishment of specialized broadcasting slots. Since the 2000s, not only terrestrial broadcastingInternet radioThe number of programs is increasing.

Appearance in an adult work

Adult game(Eroge)Adult animeAssign a voice to works with age restrictions such as. In this case, the voice actor's name is usually not made public or another stage name is used.[112][Note 16].Ishida Akira,Kazuya Ichijo,Marina Ono(Currently Marina Ono),Satomi KorogiThere are also voice actors who appear under the same name as general works.Dynamite Ami,Shizuka Ami,Minami NagasakiThere are also voice actors who specialize in adult works, and there are many examples of activities in general works in line with the animation of the game.

ComicFesta AnimeIn the general version that cut the depiction for adults, and the complete version that contains all depictions, each has a different voice actor.

Change of voice actor

In addition to the retirement, death, and dismissal of the voice actor in charge, mainly in the long-term series, there are occasional changes due to various circumstances.Similarly, there are many cases in which another voice actor is "temporarily" acting as a substitute due to medical treatment due to illness, maternity leave, accident, etc., or leave due to study abroad.

One case

Heterosexual role / child actor

Since the voice quality of men and women is different, female voice actors are boys (especially) due to dubbing of animation and dubbing of Western movies.Strange voice前の少年・幼い男の子)の声を演じるという例はよくある。子供を演じて違和感がない男性声優は石田彰やDai Yongyi、梶裕貴など少数いるが、少年のキャラクターを子役以外の男性の声優が吹き込むことはあまりない。

そして男性声優が女性(特に少女・幼い女の子)の声を演じるという例はAoi Shota,Ayumi Murase,Kazuomi YamamotoAnd so on (it doesn't work unless the voice is high).

日本で大人が子供の役を演じた最初例として、1954年のNHKラジオドラマ『Yanbo Ninbo Tonbo』が知られるが、子供の役にA childThere was a difficult aspect in appointing, such as acting guidance.

An example of a child actor being appointed as a main character with many linesBarakamon,Yumeiro Patissiere,Cookin Idol Ai! My! Main!And so on.

In the 1980s, when children were the main characters in Hollywood movies, there was a lot of tendency in Japan to play the role of a boy as a child in a dubbed version.at that timeNamikawa DaisukeA person who belonged to a children's theater company was in charge of dubbing a child actor.

Outside of Japan, it is the mainstream to let children take charge of the role of children.

WriterBreak snyderTo help his father, who was a TV producer when he was eight years old,Sterling HollowayPlayed the role of a child with them, but was dismissed due to a strange voice[115].

Voice actors outside Japan

It is said that few foreign countries have established professional voice actors like Japan. There are more than 200 representative people in America[116]In recent years, voice actors have become the main actors due to the dubbing of Japanese anime and the increase of games with voice.

South KoreaThen, the broadcasting stationVoice actor)have.

Liu Seira,Jenya,Amagi SallyFrom overseasJapanese Mother tongueHowever, there are cases where he has learned Japanese and is active as a voice actor in Japan.


The following are examples of the careers of voice actors.

Broadcast troupe

Organized by NHK and commercial broadcastersTroupeSo, apart from the station announcer, he is a broadcasting talent who was trained at a broadcasting station to take charge of performing arts and was mainly in charge of radio dramas.

"Voice actor" was born as a word to refer to them.

With the rise of entertainment agencies, everything is now disbanded[117].

NHKTokyo Broadcasting CompanyFromIshinoshiro,Michiko Kato,Noriko Nakamura,Tamio OhkiFrom the NHK Sapporo Broadcasting Theater CompanyWakayama GenzoFrom the NHK Kyushu Broadcasting CompanyKenji UtsumiAnd many more.

From the Radio Tokyo Broadcasting Company, which later became TBS in commercial broadcastingToru Ohira,Nakamura Tadashi,Junpei Takiguchi,Nobuo Tanaka,Tetsuya Asato,Mukai Marikoetc.

At the local station, from the CBC Chubu Nippon Broadcasting CompanyShinji Nakae, From the RKB Mainichi Broadcasting CompanyYanami childetc.

He was active in local stations until the radio drama era, and in the television era, voice actors' work such as dubbing overseas works in Japanese was concentrated in Tokyo.

Voice actor training center/voice actor school

Voice actor production includedVoice actor training center(Training center), a training center that mainly teaches lessons to become a voice actor,Voice actor school(There is a voice actor training departmentVocational school) And so on.

The most common way to become a voice actor is to attend a voice actor training school or vocational school.The training period is generally one to three years, and if you pass the affiliation audition held after the training period is completed, you will be in production.At this point, it will be an apprenticeship period called "newcomer," "junior," "temporary affiliation," etc.After the apprenticeship period is over and after an internal examination, only those who are approved will become regular affiliations (regular affiliations).

Some people go to the training school from the time they were students, while others go to the training school after becoming a member of society.Many are examples of the former, but for exampleNorio Wakamoto,Ai Chino,Tomoko Kanedaは社会人経験を経て養成所に通うようになり、その後に声優デビューを叶えた。またHitomi Rawなどは声優の専門学校からTroupe(東京乾電池)を経て養成所に通ってデビューしている。

Sayaka KandaBegan working as a voice actor in 2012, but before that he had been preparing to attend a voice actor training school.

Akio Otsuka[Note 17]In his book "Voice Actor Soul", training schools and vocational schools do not need to guarantee the future and salaries of students. "Voice actor schools and training schools are very profitable businesses." It's because of you. If a good star comes out, you can say, "Oh, I grew up with me." Then the next candidates for voice actors come to the advertising tower.・High return”[118].. Also, "People who choose a school as a "safety measure" are choosing a certain stereotype at that time, and in the world of performing arts, there is no one who can dispose of it as quickly as a stereotype." Are[118].

Faculty of Arts, Department of Drama

Nihon University College of Art,Toho Gakuen College of Art,Tamagawa UniversityFrom a university educational institution such as.Taichiro Hirokawa,Plain text,Ryoko Sakakibara,Kana Mika,Yuji Ueda,Megumi BanAnd so on.

As an example of a child actor going on to schoolMina Tominaga,Aya HiranoAs an example of going to a voice actor training school during or after graduationIshida Akira,Tomoko Kawakami,Yuko MiyamuraAnd so on.

Actor/Stage actor

Mainly stage playsmusicalThere have been many examples of stage actors who do such things as voice actors for a long time since the time when the profession of voice actors was established.Goro NayaEtc. correspond to this.

またdubbingCentered onAn actorIn some cases, actors who have been active as voice actors will be active as voice actors for a long time.Tsukayama Species,Tsutomu IsobeEtc. correspond to this.


Park LumeiThere is also an example of playing in a theater company like these, and getting a voice job by shooting a role in an audition.Yuuki Tenma, who was in the theater company,Tokyo Mew Mew Nyu ~ ♡After passing the open recruitment audition, he belongs to the entertainment agency.

TAKARAGENNE出身の声優もYoshiko Ota,Katsuragi Nanao,Mizuki Rena,Mayo Suzukaze,Hiromi Nanami,Nanako MoriAnd so on.

A child

Children's troupeなどに所属する子役が、アテレコ・声優の仕事をするようになったことがきっかけで、そのまま声優業を中心に活躍する例は、声優という職業が成立する時期から多く存在しており、古谷徹、古川登志夫、Rihoko Yoshida,Tamagawa Sunako,Yuji Mitsuya,Honna Yokoなどがこれに該当する。近年では、宮野真守、Ukiyama,Ryohei Kimura,Irino freedom,Riho Iida,Yuki Aoi,Eri Kitamura,Kenshō Ono,Toyonaga Toshiyuki,Rina Hidaka,Hanazawa Kana,Yui Ogura,Morohoshi Sumire,Tomoyo KurosawaEtc. correspond to this.

通常は児童劇団出身が大半であるが、Chiba Sako,Yuka Nanri,Akiko Kobayashi,Juri Takita,中山理奈な どMinami Aoyama Girl Opera Companyや、主に少女モデル業をしていて、事務所内で声優部門に移籍したSumire Uesakaのケースなどもある。

Open call for participants

In some cases, he became active as a voice actor because he was selected in a contest to directly recruit voice actors.

At the audition for aspiring voice actors, we gather human resources from all over the country.In fact, there are also public recruitment of leading voice actors and auditions conducted by the office itself, which are conducted by the voice actor office and animation production companies and magazine companies.

In the case of open recruitment, in addition to attracting people from all over the country, we think that there is a high probability that excellent people will come out from there by gathering people who are highly motivated to apply for auditions. [3].

In some cases, he entered the training center in the wake of the audition voice actor contest "Voice Actor Soul" sponsored by the International Voice Actor Development Association.HakuhodoIn some cases, he directly belongs to the production after participating in the "All Japan Beautiful Voice Woman Contest", a voice actor audition project by.

aside from thatSawashiro Miyuki,Sasaki Mirai,Sachika Misawa,Amane ShindoIn addition to the examples of being trained in the drama club or broadcasting club in high school, or participating in a general open recruitment audition that was directly recruited for interest, and passing the audition to become a voice actor.Kana Azumi TheKoumeAnd at the public audition in 2005Junior idolInori Minase, who had the experience of, has become a voice actor by winning a prize sponsored by Sony, which is a public audition.Among those from Anist TheresAnju InamiIs a graduate of a specialized school, but Tomori Kusunoki, who has not received voice actor education,Takeda MarikoThey are aspiring to be singers and are entering the contest.

Among the voice actor units by members who belong to Music Ray'n and were selected in the open recruitment audition sponsored by the same officeSphereThen.Haruka TomatsuexceptMinako KotobukiFor child actors and schoolsTakagaki AyahiAt universityVocal musicWas majoring inAyo ToyosakiHas been performing arts on local TV programs and commercials since high school, but on the other handTrySailThe three of them applied for the audition and passed the audition without any achievements, and are voice actors.

Among the voice actor units formed by selecting members at the "Anison Vocal Audition" held by Avex and 81 Produce.i ☆ RisThen.Saki Yamakita,Yu Serizawa,Yuki WakaiWe went to a training school, etc.Akaneya Hikai summer,Kubota Mimu,Azusa ShibuyaThey were selected at the above audition without going through a training center.alsoWUGOut ofMayu YoshiokaHas a track record of child actors, but other members (Nagano Airi,Miumi Tanaka,Yoshino Aoyama,Kaya Okuno,Nanami Yamashita,Miyuki Takagi) Similarly, it is selected in the above audition without going through a training center. In 81 Produce, popular voice actors in recent years have debuted at the 8 audition held in August by open recruitment every year.

In addition, open recruitment contests such as "Pony Canyon Voice Tama Princess" and "Animax Anison Grand Prix" are being held.All Japan Anison Grand PrixMany have become voice actors as a result of participation and winning.


Natsuki HanaeApproached production directly, but these examples are known as rare cases.HoweverKenneThere are actually cases where the office is recruiting.otherStardust promotionIs a voice actor auditionOsawa OfficeIs involved in the audition for research student recruitment.

Other than changing from a child actor or a stage actor belonging to a theater company,Idol,Gravure idol,singer,モデル,Special effectsProgram actor,comedian,Reporter,CosplayersThere are cases where a talent with a career such as, etc., started to work as a voice actor, or got a role in an audition and plays an active part mainly in the voice actor business as it is.for exampleSogo NakamuraBefore becoming a voice actor artist, he was only involved in music activities.Yurika Kubo until she became a voice actorNikomoAfter that, I was a gravure idol.Riho IidaHe has been a gravure idol since he was a child actor.Akiko KobayashiはアニラジのGayaオーディションから、Ryoka YukiBy the time you become a movie actress, nude model, etc.Ayano YamamotoIs a gravure idol,Haruka KudoWas a fashion magazine model.Mikako KomatsuThe elected audition is an idol audition,YurinIs a talent business in the Horipro era,MAKOAfter the girls band group activity was suspendedYukari Goto TheAAAFrom the additional members of the voice actor unit "Trefle",Iwao JunkoIs an idol to a nursery rhyme singer[120]ThroughSeiichi MoritaAfter working as an actor, he has been a voice actor since 2001.

The transition from an idol to a voice actor is Noriko HidakaSatoshi SakuraiHowever, especially after the 2010s, the number of people who are active idols and also act as voice actors has been increasing.[121].

As an example, Sayaka Nakaya (former AKB48), Ami Maeshima (former SUPER ☆ GiRLS),Uki Satake(9nine) And the like.

On the other hand, as a stepping stone to becoming a voice actor, examples of being an idol and a singer (#Voice actor artistThere are also examples of aiming to become a voice actor as a stepping stone to becoming a voice actor.

Sawako Hata TheAkibaBecause it was a recruitment of auditions that appeared in related magazines,SKE48I thought that becoming a voice actor was a shortcut.

Yuki YomichiWhen I was a teenager locallyscoutTriggered by being doneLocal idolIn addition to his activities, he called out in a distribution game, and even after moving to Tokyo, he went on to become a voice actor while attending a training school and doing YouTube activities and cosplayers on his own.

For a unique example,Aina AibalikeFemale professional wrestlerThose who are acting as voice actors with an unusual career, transitioned from entertainers to voice actorsHozumi GoudaAre known.

Voice actor activities such as entertainers and celebrities in other fields

Actors, singers, musicians, idols, gravure idols, models, comedy talents, athletes, and celebrities may act as voice actors or be appointed as voice actors depending on the work.

Even in animated works, there are many examples of making them appear in the works by such means and letting the person himself make a teleco.

Originally, when no professional voice actor was established,Toei videoIt is not uncommon to use other entertainers and celebrities as voice actors in feature animation movies since the feature film.1990 eraLaterStudio GhibliProduction work,2000 eraLaterStudio mapThis tendency continues to this day, even in the works produced.

In addition, as a voice actor who can do a side job, there are times when we are recruiting from recruitment sites, part-time job information, crowdsourcing, etc. as jobs that can be earned by voice, such as audio books and part-time jobs for reading aloud.

Appointing non-actors as voice actors

First voice actor boomMade inAteleco controversyThen, the issue of the status of voice actors is being proposed.Regarding the performance of Ateleco, the appointment of an actor is only provisional, and "Rakugo performerButannouncerBut,Tourist information deskHowever, it is okay to be selected from people who use voice. "

Anime directorTakahata IsaoIt is,PrescoIt was adopted"Heisei Tanuki Battle Ponpoko』In the rakugokaYanagiya smallThe announcerAkira FukuzawaEtc. are appointed.

Mickey MouseServe as a voice actorTakashi AoyagiIs usually in college教授Are doing

Anime directorHayao Miyazaki"I make movies in a place where I don't really have time, so I rely on the dexterity of the voice actors. But after all, there are times when I get frustrated somewhere. It's like having no presence." I have expressed my opinion, "My Neighbor Totoro] InCopywriter OfItoi ShigesatoIs appointed[122]..The latest feature film, "Breeze』Also in the anime directorHideaki Anno"On the contrary, both Anno (Hideaki) and Steve Alpert have only a presence. I think it was quite rough, but I thought that was more suitable for the movie," explained the intention. doing[123].


When TV news appears in the play, there is an example in which an announcer of the main business that belongs to the broadcasting station is appointed with emphasis on reality,Chiaki MatsuzawaAppears only as an announcer and a reporter.

Narration and announcements are also part of the voice actor's work,Free announcerHowever, no one is active under the title of voice actor.In the early days, there were cases where the announcer of the station spoke, but in modern times, the announcer and the voice actor who do not act are regarded as different occupations.

Cases that musicians are in charge of

It may be used when music or singing is important in the play.

Lynn MinmeiUsefulMari Iijima, Director Mamoru Hosoda "Belle and Belle Princess"ofKaho Nakamura,Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel"ofTakako Ota, "Magic Star Magical Emi"ofYoko Obata etc.

There is an opinion that it is impossible for musicians to perform voice acting.[4], Disney official video distribution service "Soulful world], Grammy Award artists are participating as voice actors, and the Japanese version is also availableEitoWill make a cameo appearance as a Japanese voice actor as a street musician.

"Tottoko Hamtaro"ofMinihamsAnd "Zombie Land Saga』, Like the white dragon, the means to guess the characters that imaged themselves,Yamazaki HakoBut"Chibi Maruko-chanIn some cases, he played the role of himself.

Among the band units of the "BanG Dream!" ProjectRAISE A SUILENattend toRaychell,Summer sproutIs a musician who also worked as a backing band for other groupsRiko OharaWas doing band activities in parallel.Morphonicattend toYuka NishioMusic activities such as DJ,mikaIs a drummer,AyasaIs a violinist.

Appointing an actor as a voice actor

In the TV puppet show, actors and members of the theater company were appointed because it was broadcast even before the work of the voice actor was established.After that, actors were often selected, and it was broadcast in 2014.Sherlock HolmesThen, actors and voice actors were mixed and appointed.

Anime directorKeiichi HaraUses other entertainers and actors and actors of theatrical company as voice actors.[124]..Similarly, anime director Yoshiyuki Tomino has criticized the acting of voice actors as being stereotyped.[125], A lot of troupes from the troupe and new voice actors are appointed as leading roles. Also from the anime directorOshii MamoruAs the presence and freshness can beat the voice actor[126], Actor in multiple worksNaoto TakenakaHas been appointed,Sky Crawlers], the actor was appointed as the main character.

In particular, it is often used in anime movies[127].

In the TV anime work, "Moomin』(1969)Kyoda Kyoko, NHK version "Snoopy and Charlie Brown』(1972)Kei Tani,Midori UtsumiIs known, but Fuji TV "Nissei Family SpecialIn the frame animations "Bocchan" and "Sanshiro Sugata" (1980)Hideki SaijoI worked hard.

Since then"Rose of Versailles』(1979-80)Tajima ReikoとTaro Shigaki[Note 18],Maeterling Blue Bird Chill Chill Michiru Adventure Trip』(1980)Akihiro Miwa, "Jarinko Chie』(1981)Chinatsu NakayamaとNishikawa Norio, "Venus Wars』(1989)Uekusa Katsuhide, "SAMURAI SPIRITS』(1994)Shingo Katori,Chiba Reiko,Yuuki,Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika Ward』(1996-2004)LaSalle Ishii,Rurouni Kenshin -Meiji Kenkaku Romantan-』(1996)Miki Fujitani"HAUNTED』(1997)Yukie Nakama,Shinnosuke Furumoto,Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters(April 2000-4)Shunsuke Kazama, Japanese dubbed version "Samurai jack』(2002)Takeshi UjijiとBunta Sugawara,Sugar Sugar Garoon』(2005-2006)Matsumoto Marika[Note 19],Eyeshield 21』(2005-2008)Atsushi Tamura, Animated cartoon "ROD" seriesRieko Miura, "Jyuohsei" (2006)Koichi Domoto,Shun Oguri,Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann』(2007)Takaya Kamikawa,Important things for magicians』(2008)Miyazaki Aoi,Celestial warrior sun red』(2008)Yamada Louis 53rd,Mysterious girlfriend X』(2012)Ayako Yoshitani,Rampage Rikishi !! Matsutaro』(2014年)のKen Matsudaira,I'm sorry』(2018-)Watanabe Ikkei,Somali and the Forest God』(2020)Rie ShibataEtc. are working on, "TO-Y』(1987) of OVANOKKO,Tatsuo Yamada, Actors are also cast in games such as "FATAL FURY"[Note 20].

"Nobunaga the Fool] In the original seriesShoji Kawamori Takarazuka RevueActive when interviewedTAKARAGENNEIsHiromi NanamiI chose to see the stage. Nanami is still an actor and voice actor after leaving Takarazuka.

"Millionaire Detective Balance:UNLIMITED』The directorTomohiko ItoEmphasizes the originality of the work rather than using famous voice actors, and in order to emphasize the presence of the protagonist who is a millionaire, as a voice that matches the image of the dancer and actor.Yusuke OnukiWas selected[128].

Regarding the actors mentioned above being used as voice actors,Takeshi Suto"I think that actors who actually play in front of the audience are being bought, even if they have less skill as a voice actor than a voice actor who is just speaking in front of a microphone," he said.[129].

Actor'sGoro NayaSays that the stage and the voice actors are the same, and that the difficulty of Ateleco lies in grasping the play performed by the subject to be voiced.For those who want to be a voice actor, he said, "It's the basics. You have to do the basics of acting, the so-called stage, as I said earlier."[130].

Actor'sMasaaki YajimaHe said that if he entered with only voice, the basics of embodying the role by himself would be lost, and for those who aim for voice work, the first thing to do is not to think "It's easy because it's only voice". If you want to be a voice actor, I would like you to start from the play. "Also, to the younger generation, "I think that the fact that the people in the play are sweeping the world of dubbing these days means that those who have grown up purely as voice actors must feel a sense of crisis. That's right. "[131].

Actor'sNachi NozawaEmphasized that the actors and actresses of Hollywood movies are the actors of the Hyakusen Hakusen, saying, "So, if you don't train desperately as an actor, you can't do ateleco." To be able to play as much as they do[132].

Actress Keiko Toda describes her view of voice actors as "If you haven't neglected as an actor, it's OK as a voice actor. I never think" to be a voice actor ". There is no difference from the work of the actor.[133].

Voice actorKeiichi NambaHas a positive thought, "I like that. I hope the small world of voice actors will disappear."[134].

A game series that uses a lot of actorsLike a dragon], a certain famous actor was appointed, but he did not prepare in advance and was recorded, and his performance did not improve easily.Yokoyama MasayoshiWas repeated many times, and over time I explained the feeling of distance and feelings of the scene and recorded up to the point that can be said to be the final point, ``I am sorry to another actor who made the same trouble, compromise There is also a case where I was forced to get out of the car as ``I do not want to do it''[135].

ActressYoshioka RihoSaid that voice actors are completely different professions, "I would be very happy if there was a story like" If there is a story like "Riho Yoshioka's voice is not possible" in the future, I would like to study properly and challenge. " It has said[136].

ActressMari NatsukiShows the view that the work of voice is a whole-body exercise that puts on various things such as the tempo of sound, high and low, and strength.I was very lucky to meet him as an actor, and he said, "I think it's a good job to study so much that everyone should be done," he said, and recommended it to Riho Yoshioka mentioned above.[137][136].

Entertainers acting as voice actors

Owarai tarento may also have a good reputation for acting as a voice actor.

For example, a comedianLupin IIIWith the death of Yasuo Yamada, he will play the role of Lupine as a voice actor.Kanichi KuritaAre known.

Most of the guest appearances in anime movies are similar to those of actors, but comedians sometimes use various roles depending on their tales and comics.For this reason, there are many people who have superior acting ability compared to actors and talents.

While continuing the voice acting businessKodanshiAlso active asIchiryu Sadatomo, Katsura Bunshi XNUMXth, a radio personality DJ and narration as a voice actorTakasugi'Jay'Jiro(Tei name is the first Saegusa Teijiro), former voice actor Yoshimoto entertainer who is active under the title of voice actor entertainer is also known.

Hideyuki KanayaAlsoMandankaAnd voice actors in parallel.

Voice actor activities of special effects program actors

Toei OfSpecial effectsTransformation hero work, especially "Kamen Rider series"Showa Rider" final work ""Kamen Rider BLACK RX"and"Super squadron seriesThen, "Engine Sentai Go-onger] Has been produced for a long time in all dubbing.

The so-called "Heisei Rider" first work "Kamen Rider Kuuga"[138]and"Samurai Sentai Shinkenger"[139]So, although the scene where the actor plays with a face was basically switched to the same shooting and simultaneous recording method as a general drama,Suit actorSince dubbing is often used in various parts of the program production such as the scene after the transformation played by, it can be said that the actor who has appeared in the special effects program has virtually the acting experience as a voice actor.Perhaps because of this, actors who have appeared in special effects programs sometimes use voices such as anime, and some of them have turned their voice actors into their main business. (City Road MaoSuch)


Since we often use entertainers and celebrities as voice actors aiming for topicality rather than quality of the work[140]There are also criticisms for using voice actors such as entertainers and celebrities.

2007Published anime movie "The Simpsons Movie] Or2012Public movie "ア ベ ン ジ ャ ー ズ, Etc., a voice actor who was in charge of dubbing Japanese in the previous series was replaced by an actor/talent in a new movie, and criticism of the company was inundated. "The Simpsons Movie" "TAXi4''Eclipse/Twilight Saga], along with the software, in addition to the theater version, a new dubbed version by the voice actors who were originally in charge was recorded at the same time. However, in most cases, only the movie release version is recorded when the software is made. Especially in "Avengers", there are criticisms about casting changes etc.Amazon.co.jpIt became a situation where the review section of this work was flooded[141].2012Public movie "PrometheusOf the talent in the dubbing of the main character of Elizabeth ShawGome AyameWhen it was appointed, there was no change in software,エ イ リ ア ン] The series was slammed by fans and the reviews on Amazon.co.jp went up.[142].

"Terminator 3And 'Silent Hill: Revelation 3DIn the theatrical release version, the entertainer was in charge of dubbing, but in the software version, it may be replaced with a voice actor.There are also examples, such as "X-MEN Future & Past," which are re-recorded when a new version is softened.

2004Published anime movie "イ ノ セ ン ス], of the producerToshio SuzukiPlanned to hire a big actor and played the role of Motoko KusanagiAtsuko TanakaからTomoko YamaguchiHowever, in addition to the schedule, Yamaguchi, who refused to appear, should not change the final image, and Tanaka continued to cast due to opposition from the director and voice actors.

Suzuki isStudio GhibliRegarding the reason why he uses a person who is not a professional voice actor, in "Ghibli Textbook 3 My Neighbor Totoro", about professional voice actors, "I'm cute, isn't it?" About that, I played the role of Tsukishima Shizuku's father in "Whisper of the Heart" in "Toshio Suzuki's Ghibli Sweaty".Takashi TachibanaIn a conversation with him, when he auditioned for "My Neighbor Totoro", he would become an ordinary father after all, so he asked Shigesato Itoi for a feeling that wasn't like a dad, and Shigesato of "Whisper of the Heart". Dad also chose Tachibana from the same point of view, and the voice actor's play is "Hare" when divided into Halle and Ke, but in Ghibli movies where there are many daily plays, what he actually wants is "Ke".[143].

Oricon styleIn the questionnaire survey, "whether or not talents (entertainers, celebrities, etc.) should be used as voice actors"2014When I went to[144].

On the other hand, it was a big hit in 2020.Movie version Devilish Blade: Infinite Train』, All of them, including the newly introduced characters, are solidified with voice actors, and there is a prediction that the flow of appointing talent will change due to topicality.[145].

Entertainment activities in other fields by voice actors

Since the 2000s, it has become especially prominent for voice actors to perform in other fields such as singers and actors (especially on stage).

Actor activity is one example of a voice actor performing entertainment activities in other fields.The reason is that "Voice actors have a" voice recognition "that is not known as" Oh, that voice person ", so even if you don't understand your face, you will be impressed and talked about when you understand your" voice ". Because there is "[146].

Especially among actor activities, there are many voice actors who are compatible with the activities on the stage, but the reason is that "the stage cannot be redone and the audience actually sees the play and breathing, which is the voice play. Because I live in[147].

Mayumi Tanaka is still working on the stage,Terasoma SakiIn addition to performing special effects character ateleco in parallel with acting activities, he was originally focusing on the actor business.

In addition, examples of voice actors making them compatible with activities such as singers have become particularly prominent since the 2000s, and this will be described in the following section.

2014ToOscar promotionとAoni Production"" "Beauty" combined with the two elements of appearance and voice jointly held byactress・ "" "The 1st All Japan Beautiful Voice Woman Contest" was held to discover voice actors.To the main graduatesmanga artist,IdolAct asYoshimi Tsuji,Rie HanabusaTopianist,Fashion ModelDo activities such asMaiko IrieIs mentioned.

Kuribayashi Minami,Haruko Momoi,Makino YuiProviding music to other voice actors, etc.SongwriterExamples of doingProfessional bowlerAlso serve asKeiaki WatanabeThere is also an example.

Shirako Souko, Is a gravure idol activity,Arisa Noto TheChoreographer,Motion actorIt is also active as.

Besides this,Ayo Toyosaki,Azusa SaitoIn the morning information programWeather sisterThere is also.

After making his debut as a voice actor, he also works as a voice actor while turning to an entertainer.Kimiko KoyamaThere was an example of (when showing a story as a comedian, the name is "Kimi Kimi"). NSCIn 2010, he was transferred to Yoshimoto Kogyo and was active as an entertainer until 2011.

Having the XNUMXth Sanyutei Enraku as his father,Rakugo performerBelongs to Aoni Production, which is also active, and works as a voice actorIchitaro Ai(The name of Takaza is Ichitaro Sanyutei), and Yoku Shioya and Subaru Kimura also have the name of Rakugoka.

"Idol voice actors" and "voice actor artists"

Voice actors that are compatible with activities such as singers are often referred to as "idol voice actors" or "voice actor artists."

Idol voice actor

Idol voice actorWas called the third voice actor boom1990 eraCommon name that came out around the middle. By this timeVoice idolAlso called[148].

本業にとどまらず、歌を通してそのCDを発売、ライブを開催するなど歌手活動をする、声優専門誌や漫画雑誌などのグラビアに登場する、写真集やイメージビデオを発売する、CMに出演する(これはいわゆる「Web CM」を含む)などといったIdol的活動を行う声優を指すことが多い。

戦前に遡るとラジオドラマで活躍した飯島綾子も流行歌・童謡などレコードを何枚か出していて、Japanese danceIt was also a house.


As an exampleNoriko Kuwashima"Idol voice actors will not be used after the season"[149].

Even in the 2020sMariko ToribeIs the winner of Sophia University's Beauty Pageant[5],Miss japanContest 2020 ・ Aoki Komorine, who was selected as a Miss Kimono, is aiming to become a voice actor.[6]Human resources who have been evaluated for their appearance are aiming to become voice actors one after another.

Since the mid-2010s, Mamoru Miyano and Maaya Uchida[150][151],Ayana Taketatsu[152],Haruka Tomatsu[153][154],Mimori Suzuko[155][156],Sakura Ayane[157],Rikako Aida[158][159],Azusa Saito[160]As such, the number of cases of appearing in commercials with appearances, appearing as guests of variety shows and quiz shows, and appearing in gravure in general manga magazines that are not for enthusiasts is increasing.

In addition, voice actor units that reproduce the idols (characters) in charge of idol-based anime and game works as they are in actual live performances have appeared, and there are cases that are comparable to full-time idols.[Note 21].

In fact,i ☆ Ris,Wake Up, Girls!,22/7The number of “groups that sing a balance between voice actors and idols” is increasing.[121].

Voice actor artist

Voice actor artistOn behalf of the above idol voice actor2000 eraIt is a common name that came out around the middle, and often refers to a voice actor who balances the voice actor and singer industries.[87].

In recent years, even though he has not become an independent singer, he is in charge of the theme song etc. when appearing in animation.[Note 22], Related programs (Aniraji,Nico Nico Live Broadcast, Etc.) and appearances at events are becoming more common.[161].

TARAKO,Sakamoto Maaya,MoeMiIn parallel likeSinger-songwriterIn recent yearsManami Numakura,Suzuki Minori,Saori Hayami, Tomori Kusunoki,Koiwai Kotori,Amemiya TenThere are also many voice actor artists who write and compose songs by themselves.Tomoki OnoThe mini-album "Winter Voice Friends" is composed of songs provided by his own voice actors.

otherbandSome people are formingSuzuki Tatsuhisa TheOLDCODEXBand,Takayuki KondoとOno DaisukeIs a techno vocal unit "TRD", Kotori Koiwai mentioned above is a metal band DAW,Kisho TaniyamaIs a music unitGRANRODEOI am active in.Taniyama is under the name of KISHOW in GRANRODEO, and in similar casesNinomiya YuiHowever, when he is a voice actor, he works under the name of Yui Ninomiya, and when he is an artist, he works under the name of Yui Ninomiya.

Like the band unit of the "BanG Dream!" Project, there are cases where the music band of the character who was in charge of the voice in the play is actually performing band activities.Sae OtsukaSome people like this are mainly singer-songwriter activities.Besides, high school girl rock band manga "Girls Fist !!!!A rock band of young female voice actors who are active in conjunction with the four characters that appear inMinami Matsumoto High School Punk Rock Club, There are voice actor girls rock bands that you can meet.

またHealer GirlsThere is also a group that claims to be a chorus unit like this.

Both "idol voice actors" and "voice actor artists" are said to be particularly common among Japanese female voice actors.

Whether the voice actor is an idol voice actor or a voice actor artist, the reason why the voice actor's activities are increasing is that, in addition to improving the social status of the voice actor, changes in the voice actor's role and image (“backside work”) It has been pointed out that the background has been that "the appearance and youth are emphasized"[87][149].

Activities in other fields by voice actors

Although it is not a performing arts activity, there are a large number of voice actors who are active voice actors, serve as instructors at training centers, run offices, and also sound directors.

other than this,Shintaro AsanumaOriginally besides the actorWriterI was doingArakawa MihoUntil a certain timenurseI was a voice actor while doing.Masumi Asano ThePicture bookHas won the literary award by publishing.Jurota Kosugi TheZ GundamEra,Shochikuで営業を担当するサラリーマン勤めをしており、またMitsuo IwataIs "AKIRA」時代にデザイン事務所で当時働いていて、兼業で声優をしていた。Shinichiro Miki,Namikawa Daisuke,Ishikawa Kaijin,Yu HatanakaHave formed a car racing team called "VART".

Voice actor production

Voice actor productionCollects commissions from voice actors, and managers assigned to sound production companies and broadcasting stations in each area of ​​specialty, such as anime, Japanese dubbing, and narration, carry out sales activities and sell voice actors.We also have specialized training colleges and tie up with vocational schools to train newcomers.

Originally located as an affiliated company of the production company, there are productions with strong collaboration, especially in the 2000s, there were examples of new establishments.[Note 23]However, since the 2010s, it has been directly managed as a division of a production company, and there are productions with stronger collaboration.[Note 24]. Even if the collaboration with a specific production company is strong, we can also undertake the work that other production companies handle. In recent years, there have been cases in which voice actors were originally managed in music production.[Note 25], In this case, the singer's activity is often done actively by making full use of his main business.[Note 26][Note 27]. There are also cases where entertainment production centered on other fields will focus on the voice actor category.[Note 28].

Economic environment

Voice actors have no basic salary from their office[Note 29], Guarantee (reward) based on each person's work performance becomes incomeSole proprietorIs.Usually, a one-year renewal management contract is signed with the agency, and about 1% to 20% of the performance fee is paid to the agency as an administrative fee on average in the industry as compensation for sales and management.Tax withholdingAlso 10%[Note 30]Pulled[Note 31], The rest will be the reward for the voice actor[162].. It is a tough competitive society like singers and actors that is no different from the world of other performing arts, and many people drop out because they are unable to become financially independent.

Japanese dubbing has started1960 eraSays that the voice work is 7% of the appearance fee of "appearance seven appearance"[163]It was regarded as a low-ranking job, and the stage actor was doing it like a part-time job.However, compared to the live-action work, the dubbing work was not low-income because it took less time to restrain and it was possible to perform.

Many voice actors are improving their wagesJapan Actors UnionBelonging to (Nippon Haren), Japan Haren is organized by the Japan Music Makers Federation (Voice Federation), which is a collection of sound production companies, and a company that manages voice actors.Japan Entertainment Management Business Association(Manekyo) and the “Three-Group Practical Subcommittee” have been set up and have proposed to revise the appearance rules and improve treatment. Sometimesstrike(1973May 8) And the streetDemonstration activitiesIn 1973, the reward was increased about 3 times,1980In the certification of the fee for rebroadcasting,1991Has gained results such as the reward increasing by about 1.7 times.

Not only for the industry, but in 19732001ToDemonstration march,1988ToIchiro NagaiBut"All things』(文藝 春秋), "Isano Namihei's annual income is 164 million yen", and an article that appeals to the low animation fee is sent, and the action to seek the understanding of the general public is taking place.[164].

As a result of discussions by the Japan-Hairen, Manekyo, and Shonen, we have signed the regulations for appearance of foreign movies, newcomer registration system, special regulations regarding CS programs, regulations for appearance of games, etc. In the anime, with the broadcasting station,Anime production companyA collective agreement has been concluded with the addition of the Japan Video Makers Federation. As a result, the reward per work is calculated by calculating the amount received according to the genre of the work, the broadcast time zone, the number of broadcasts, secondary use due to softwareization, and the experience record etc. The one-sided asking price of the production company is not used to decide the takeover[Note 32].

The above agreement will not be bound unless the voice actor, management company, and voice production company belong to their respective organizations. For example,Yujiro IshiharaIs a movieArcadia of my youthIt is said that the performance fee for[165].. Therefore, in order to increase the organizational rate, the number of people who appear in the work produced by Audio Ren is set to "the number of performers who do not belong to Nichi Hairen is within 20% of the whole", and membership is recommended for performers who do not belong to Nichi Hairen What to do is imposed on the voice ream. On the other hand, the Manekyo/Nippon-Haren side is urging members of production companies that are not included in the Voice Association to join the Voice Association.

Hate these agreementsNihon Ad SystemsThere are also producers such as, and there are examples of appointing voice actors who do not belong to Nichihairen.1990 eraIt increased from the middle,Toei Academy,RamsIn some cases, the business was suspended.As a business that does not belong to the voice reamJinnan StudioAs a company that does not belong to Manetkyo, there are audiovisual systems (now San Onkyo) etc.Nerke planningand so on[Note 33].

Rank system

The voice actors who belong to the Nichihairen have a rule about the appearance fee when they give voices to anime and Japanese dubbed works. Under this system, the reward is calculated based on the rank and the restraint time, regardless of the amount of dialogue of the role played. Also, the incorporated associationComputer Entertainment Association(CESA) has a similar rank system with the game companies that join. The rank setting is updated every April, and if the popularity increases or careers increase, the rank will be raised after consultation with Manekyo and Voice Ren. The performance fee will increase by 4 yen each time the rank goes up. As an exception, people over the age of 1 can raise the rank but not the rank. In 1,000, the appearance fee was increased by about 60 times, and the high-ranking (high appearance fee) veteran voice actor was no longer used for limited-budget anime and dubbing. As a result, a special period was established to allow rank downgrades for a limited period of two years from 1991.

The lowest rank of the 30-minute frame work is 1 yen, the highest rank is 5,000 yen, and there is no rank on top of it, which is the basic performance charge. As a "purpose usage fee", 4 times will be added to the basic appearance fee for animation, and 5,000 times will be added to the dubbing. If you do a trailer line, a gala based on the rank of the basic appearance fee will be added. If the broadcast time frame is 1.8 minutes or 1.7 minutes, it will be a "time premium" and the amount will be paid. The appearance work is made into softwarere-airIf it is done, the "conversion fee (secondary usage fee)" will be paid according to the regulations. The total of these will be the voice actor's total appearance fee, from which about 2% to 30% will be deducted for administrative fees and taxes.


After graduating from a voice actor school or voice actor training institute,Japan Entertainment Management Business AssociationA new voice actor who has passed the audition of a voice actor office affiliated with (Manekyo) first starts a voice actor business from the status of “keeping”. At this point as a voice actor individualJapan Actors UnionYou cannot join (Nichi Hairen). Custody is the de facto extra of the rank system as the first step in the voice acting business. After completing the custody period, you will be in the junior rank, and you can stay in the junior rank for three years or until you reach the prescribed employment rate, after which you will join the Nichi Hairen and become a normal rank voice actor.[166].

Because the performance fee is too low1990I once abolished the rank of newcomer (junior),1994Was reintroduced in a new form from.

The deposit and junior-ranked voice actors have an appearance fee of 1 yen, unlike the ranked voice actors, the above-mentioned "purpose usage fee," "trailer charges for the trailer," "time premium," and "conversion fee" are paid. Absent.


As the voice actor becomes a veteran and the rank of Nichihairen becomes higher, the work of anime, games, and dubbing will naturally become impossible due to budget constraints. To compensate for such things, in commercials and TV programsNarrationIs the job. The narration is not tied to the rank by the agreement of Nichi Hairen[Note 34]Also, guarantees are much more expensive than anime, games and dubbing.Perhaps because of this, when he was a newcomer / young voice actor, he appeared in many anime, but later, as he became a mid-career / veteran, his work in anime gradually decreased, and narration tended to become the main focus.In addition, there are cases where veteran voice actors appear only once and are used for roles with short recording times such as few lines, so the appearance of animation and games is not eliminated.

Some of the veteran voice actors perform side jobs such as managing the voice actor office, instructors of voice actor training schools and vocational schools, instructors of the talking class of culture school, sound director, etc. in addition to the main business to supplement the low income. Some are. In addition, when it comes to veterans, it is said that it is not uncommon for a voice actor to say that such a side business is a core business rather than economically.

Current status

The number of people who are aiming for voice actors is on the increase, but few are able to play active roles as voice actors as occupations. We won't be able to compete with other voice actors in the audition, we couldn't get a job and dropped out without name, we couldn't be financially independent, and then we stopped in a short period of time. It is said that there are many new voice actors who are judged as ``no prospect'' and cancel the contract[167][168]..In fact, as an example, Aya Uchida said in an interview in September 2015, "Until a few years before I was able to eat with just one voice actor's job, when I had a free voice actor's job, I had a part-time job. I was doing it. "[169][Note 35].Uchiyama YumiExample of returning after retiring once (due to the convenience of the house)[170]There is also.

1996About 2,400 voice actors were published in the Kinema Shunpo's “Voice Actor Directory”, but only about 300 of them have established their status as voice actors, and among them, only eat by voice actors. The number of people who can go is about half[171][Note 36].

Despite having a certain level of name recognition, number of appearances, and years of activity, many people have retired because it is difficult to make a living with a voice actor, and it is difficult to maintain a continuous work environment. is there[168].


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Related item

外部 リンク

Ryo Yoshizawa

Ryo Yoshizawa(Yoshizawa,1994<6>May 2 -) isJapan OfAn actor.

TokyoI'm fromAmuseBelongs.


  • 1994Born as the second son of four male brothers[2].
  • 2009Received a Right-on Award from 2009 applicants for "Amuse National Audition 31514 THE PUSH! Man"[2][3].. In addition, the grand prix at this timeNomura ShoheiMet.
  • 2010, Performed for the first time in the stage "BLACK PEARL" as Lamb and made his debut as an actor[4].
  • 2011, Special effects drama "Kamen Rider Fourze』Played the role of Kamen Rider Meteor, who transforms into Kamen Rider Meteor of No. 2 rider.
  • 2013,TV drama"Bussen], was selected for the first starring TV drama. This work was also performed as a stage. Originally I entered the entertainment world without a strong admiration, so I could not like this work for a while after I made my debut at the age of 15, but I could not organize the scene well on this stage where I starred and could not fill the audience seats. It was said that regret led to consciousness as an actor[2].
  • 2017,movies"Gintama"soSogo OkitaI was selected for the role.The published character visual is close to the setting of the original, and gained support from fans of the original[5].
  • 2018,movies"River's EdgeIs appointed as Ichiro Yamada. The work is the 68thBerlin International Film FestivalIs exhibited in the panorama section ofIsao Yukisadadirected by,Fumi NikaidoTo appear on the red carpet with[6].. The film won the International Federation of Film Critics Award[7].. movies"Marmalade boyAnd 'That girl, Toriko.], and has been appointed as a commercial from 5 companies[8].
  • 2019,Natsuzora"soContinuous tv novelHe made his first appearance in the heroine Natsu's first love and played his childhood friend Tenyo.October of the same year "You know the blueness of the sky』, challenged the voice actor for the first time, played the role of Shinnosuke Kinmuro, and played 31 years old and 18 years old alone.
  • 2020,Ellandol AwardWon the rookie award[9]The movie released in 2019KingdomThe 62nd timeBlue ribbon awardIn the Supporting Actor Award,43th Japan Academy AwardWas awarded the Best Supporting Actor Award.
  • 2021,Hit the blue sky]Eiichi ShibusawaIn the roleTaiga dramaFirst appearance / first starring[10][11]..In addition, he became the first actor in a Taiga drama born in Heisei.[12].


My hobby is playing guitar. Special skill iskendoI had been doing it for about 9 years from elementary school to high school[13].. Kendo has two steps[14]. 2012'sFlame sports club tvHe showed his skill in the Kendo club team competition, and won the first match against the best high school girl in Japan for two consecutive years and the second match against the No. 2 female employee of Otsuka Kagu.He also won the showdown on August 2, 1.Kendo has also been selected as an excellent player in the Kanto tournament.

It features a neat face that seems to have jumped out of the manga, and often plays a darker and more quirky role than the straight second piece, or a somewhat disappointing third piece.[15][16].. 『Summer song』Koudai AsakaSaid, "Just sitting next to the statue seems to be sitting."[17]Co-starred in "Wolf Girl and The Black Prince"Fumi NikaidoHe said in a stage greeting, "The sparkle was tattered.Alan DelonIt has a brilliance like"[18].

In the second half of 2018, won the 1st place in the vivi national treasure class handsome ranking.Shogi Shibata,Yamazaki KentoFollowing the 3rd Hall of Fame[19]..He describes his personality as shy and talks in interviews that he didn't have many friends in high school.[20][21] .

Hirose TinIs about one monthNatsuzora”, and after a short period of timeI tried to die once, And then returned to the shooting of "Natsuzora" and shot together for about a year, but it took almost half a year to talk to each other after they met because they were shy.[22][23].


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  • McDonald's"Happy Set Mezzo piano (fashion) Mezzo piano" (October 2011)
  • Bandai"Kamen Rider Chocolate Biscuit" (2012)
  • Asahi Food and Healthcare "MINTIA" (March 2015 -)
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    • Kewpie "Kewpie Mayonnaise" (January 2019, 1-) --Narration
    • Kewpie "Aohata Whole Fruit" Sweetness Only Fruits "" (March 2020, 3-) --Narration
  • BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment"Layered Stories Zero Future Shibuya" (December 2017, 12 -)
  • "Confession" (July 2018, 1-)
    • Ginza Color "Omikuji" Edition (April 2018, 4-)
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    • All Nippon Airways "ANA SUPER VALUE" (August 2018 -)
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    • SoftBank "5G Notice" (January 2020, 1 -)
  • Aflac life insurance "Medical insurance EVER that properly responds to changes in life stages" (January 2019, 1 -)
  • My naviByte "Samurai looking for a part-time job" (July 2019, 7-)
  • Takahashi bookstore The notebook is Takahashi 2020 TV commercial "Footprints" (November 2019, 11-)
    • Takahashi Shoten notebook is Takahashi 2021 version TVCM "Choice of the future, 285 types" (November 2020, 11-)[81]
  • You Can"I'm glad I started. You can" (January 2020, 1 -)
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    • Kirin Beverage "Nama-cha Hoji Sencha" Birth / Experience "" (September 2020, 9-)[83]
    • Kirin Beverage "Nama-cha" To the New Era. Nama-cha "" and "Nama-cha" To the New Era. Ryo Yoshizawa "" (March 2021, 3-)[84]
  • Japanese sea bass"Solio / Solio Bandit(September 2020, 11 -)[85]
  • Iris Oyama"Delicious low-temperature rice ®" (December 2020, 12-)[86]
    • Iris Ohyama New Home Appliance Series "Design Home Appliances" I Don't Remember "" and "Drum-type Washing Machine" CM "" (February 2021, 2-)[87]
    • Iris Ohyama airwill "Internal cleaning air conditioner" Senior presentation "" (May 2021, 5-)[88]
  • Dior Beauty Ambassador (2021-)[89][90]
  • Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd."MS1 Brain Surprise" (May 2021, 5-)[91]


  • Amuse presents series
    • "Amuse presents SUPER Handsome LIVE 2009 ♂ man da man!! ♂" (December 2009, December 12, 29, Amuse)
    • "Amuse presents THE GAME -Boy's Film Show-" (Tokyo performance: August 2010-August 8, 2, Osaka performance: August 8-August 4, Amuse)
    • "Amuse presents SUPER Handsome LIVE 2010" (December 2010th, December 12th, 29, Amuse)
    • "Amuse presents SUPER Handsome LIVE 2012" (December 2012, 12, 26, 27, Amuse)
    • "Amuse presents SUPER Handsome LIVE 2013" (December 2013th, 12th, 26, Amuse)
    • "Amuse presents SUPER Handsome LIVE 2014" (December 2014th, 12th, 26th, 27, Amuse)
    • "Amuse presents HANDSOME FESTIVAL 2016" (December 2016, 12, 17, 18 Amuse)
    • "Amuse Presents HANDSOME FILM FESTIVAL 2017" (December 2017, 12, TOKYO DOME CITY HALL, Amuse)[92]
  • Kamen Rider 40th Anniversary x Super Sentai Series 35 Work Memorial 40 x 35 Thanksgiving Anniversary LIVE & SHOW (January 2012)
  • Kamen Rider Fourze Special Event-Amanokawa Gakuen High School Spring School Festival Special (May 2012)
  • Kamen Rider Fourze Final Stage & Program Cast Talk Show (September 2012)


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  • ZIP!(February 2020, 2-February 7, Nippon TV)-Friday Personality[95]

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  • DVD version (July 2020, 7, Amuse Soft Entertainment)[99]


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