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🎥 | Hidaka Ukisho reproduces the chest knuckle with a “Tsukasa look”! "It's your fault that my heart beats" Special making video

Photo No humper chest Kyun – (C) 2021 Risa Konno, Shogakukan / "It's your fault that your chest rings" Production Committee

Hidaka Ukisho reproduces the chest knuckle with a "Tsukasa look"! "It's your fault that my heart beats" Special making video

If you write the contents roughly
Sei Shiraishi plays the heroine's crush on Arima.

From "Hidaka Ukisho (Johnny's Jr./Bishonen) starring in the movie for the first time," It's your fault that my heart beats ", Hidaka Ukisho is ... → Continue reading

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Shiraishi(Because of the difficulty,1998May 8 -) isJapan Ofactress.

KanagawaBackground[1].Geiei ProductionBelongs.


During the summer vacation of my second year of high school, I was scouted at Takeshita Street in Harajuku and started performing.[2].

In June 2016, the drama "AKB Love Night Koi Factory』(TV Asahi) Debuted as an actress[3].

Shooting started in September 2017[4],Drama"I"s』Selected from about 700 people by Iori Ashizuki, the heroine[5].

"Sei Shiraishi's work ..." started in April 2018 (Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.) For the first time as a radio personality[6].

In 2019, the marriage information magazine "The gateway to beautiful girl talent"Zexy』(Recruitment) Appointed as the 12th generation CM girl[7].

“Fukuoka Love White Paper 2019 Tenjin Love Song” broadcast in March 3 (Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting), starring the first drama[8].

Starting in July 2020 ``Horror newspaper』(Tokai TV-Fuji Television Network, IncSeries), starring in the serial drama for the first time[9].

October 2020, 10, First Photobook "Sei Shiraishi 10-2016" (Crocodile books) Is released[10][11].


  • Nickname is "Saint Chama"[12].
  • When I was in junior high schoolBrass bandPlaying drums in the club,light musicI was playing guitar in a band I belonged to for a short time[13].
  • It is often described as "healing" by its looks, but the person himself says "it is not healing at all".[14].
  • Originally, he was not good at speaking in public and liked the work behind the scenes.[15].
  • When I belonged to the officeVoice actorMy dream is to become an actress and I still have an admiration for voice work and narration work as an actress.[15][16][17].. "Me tooGeekI have a temperament."[18][19].

Hobbies & Skills



TV drama

Delivery drama



  • Exciting TV Sukatto Japan(Fuji Television Network, Inc)
    • Breast Kyunsuka and the first love through the lens (July 2017, 7)-Aoi Mizuhara[54]
    • Breast Kyunsuka and Chorus Practice for Two (February 2018, 2)-Kimiko Watanabe[55]
    • Broken heart of a girl who was upset (January 2020, 1)-Sana Arai
    • Impressive true story of a family (November 2020, 11) -Natsuna Takagi


  • The Non-Fiction "The Man of Passion-Gilliak Amagasaki-" (April 2019, 4, Fuji TV)-Narration[57]


web movie


  • The Super Ball"Tomorrow, by the time your tears stop" (February 2017, 2)[71][72]
  • Shonan no Kaze"Dancing Map / Summer Holidays" (July 2017, 7)[73]
  • Brian the Sun"The Sun" (January 2018, 1)-Yoko Kohinata[74]
  • CIVILIAN"Anytime" (August 2017, 8)[75]
  • SHE'S``The Everglow'' (November 2018, 11)[76]
  • Shiraishi (SHINO) "Motto." Fukuoka Love White Paper 14 Special Music Video (March 2019, 3, KBC Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting)[77]
  • Shiraishi (SHINO) “Lonely” Fukuoka Love White Paper 14 Special Music Video (March 2019, 3, KBC Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting)[78]
  • Shiraishi (SHINO) "Takaramono" Fukuoka Love White Paper 14 Special Music Video (March 2019, 3, KBC Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting)[79]

web magazine

  • LoGiRL "Hair is short and love maiden" 85th --87th (March 2017, 3-)[80]
  • HOUYHNHNM Back alley. 9th (April 2017, 4 -)[81]


Radio Drama


Photo album




  • GU OFFICIAL Appeared as a model on Instagram[86]
  • 25th House of Councilors regular election Kanagawa image character[87]
  • Inaugural image character of the 57th Advertising Conference[88]
  • Japan General Insurance Association 2020 national uniform fire protection poster[89]


注 釈

  1. ^ After being distributed on FOD, it was broadcast on terrestrial Fuji TV and BS Fuji, a BS broadcast.
  2. ^ Until March 2021, 3, "Recommendation!] Program in the frame, independent program from March 3 of the same year.


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