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🤖 | Who is your favorite “childhood friend”? Free broadcast of 4 works such as "Osamake" and "Eguzeros" on ABEMA

Photo "Super HxEros" (C) Ryoma Kitada / Shueisha Super HxEros Production Committee

Who is your favorite "childhood friend"? Free broadcast of 4 works such as "Osamake" and "Eguzeros" on ABEMA

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The special project "Childhood Friend Special Feature Full of Dreams and Hopes" will be broadcast free of charge on "ABEMA" from June 2021, 6.

From June 2021, 6, a special project "Childhood Friend Special with Dreams and Hopes" will be held at "ABEMA". "My childhood friend ... → Continue reading

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Free-to-air broadcasting is generally done to promote contracts, but some broadcastersLarge-scale disasterAlso carry out at the time of[1].

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