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🎥 | Tori Matsuzaka, the enemy is omnidirectional "the worst evil" Ryohei Suzuki, violent organization, media, police "Blood of the lonely wolf LEVEL 2" notice


Tori Matsuzaka, the enemy is omnidirectional "the worst evil" Ryohei Suzuki, violent organization, media, police "Blood of the lonely wolf LEVEL 2" notice

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In addition to Matsuzaka, Ryohei Suzuki, Nijiro Murakami, Nanase Nishino, Baijaku Nakamura, Taichi Saotome, Takumi Saitoh, Kotaro Yoshida and others will appear.

From the sequel "The Blood of Wolves LEVEL 8", which will be released in theaters from August 20, two trailers "The Blood of Wolves ..." → Continue reading

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Nakamura Baijaku

Nakamura Baijaku(Nakamura Bai Jaku)kabukiThe name of the actor.NarukomayaSystem and OsakaNakamura UmetamaThere is a system of.

NarukomayaForward seatsystem
Nakamura Baigyoku / Umetakaya

Nanase Nishino

Nishino Nanase(Nishi no Nana,1994Heisei6 years>May 5 -) isJapan Ofactress,Fashion Model,talentAnd a female idol groupNogizaka46Former member of[1],non-no] It is an exclusive model[2].OsakaBackground[3].. Height 159 cm[4].. Blood typeO[3].Nogizaka 46 GKAffiliation[5][6].. Nickname isNa-chan,Nanase Maru[7].. My brother is an actorTaishi Nishino.


February 1994, 6 (Heisei 5),OsakaTo be born[4].. The mother was thinking of the name "Shiina", but was named "Nanase" by his father.[8].

When I was in elementary school, I started reading manga under the influence of my brother.[8].. When I was in the 1st grade of junior high school, my brother influenced mebasketballJoin the department[8], Continued until summer vacation but retired in the second semester[9].. After that, he took the model audition and passed the third screening.[10]From the mothernurseRecommended to be[11]Goes to high school with nursing course in elective class[12].. However, when she was in the second year of high school, her mother applied for Nishino for the Nogizaka2, 46st year audition, so she decided to take the audition.[12].

On August 2011, 23, he passed the Nogizaka8 21st gen member audition, and at the auditionAragaki Yuiof"Red string[13].. After passing, I went to school in Osaka on weekdays and lived in Tokyo on weekends.[14], Transfer to high school[15], December of the same year[16]Went to Tokyo alone[17].

February 2012, 24, Nogizaka2's 22st single "Round and round curtain』CD debut[18].. November 11, the same year, "Girls Award 2012 AUTUMN/WINTER"soMai ShiraishiModel debut with[19].

Graduated from high school to transfer to in March 2013[20].. In April of the same year,16 principal deux], the XNUMX major roles[21]..From June 6th to 18th of the same year, goods of the original character "Doiya-san" designed by Nishino will be on sale.Kiddy LandWas released at "Usagi no Mofy" for a limited time[22][23].

On April 2014, 26, "Mascot Plush" from "Doiya-san" was pre-ordered on the Kiddy Land website as a web-only product.[24].. Nogizaka2014's 4th single released on April 2, 46 "If you notice, unrequited loveWas selected as the first center in the single title song.

January 2015, 27 (Heisei 1), Nogizaka7's 46st album "Transparent colorWas the first solo song for "Hitoyogari"[25].. May 1, same year,Nogi ShrineGreeted the adult ceremony in[26].. On February 2015, 2, we released our first solo photo book "Daily Wear"[27].. The photo book records an estimated weekly sales of 3 copies[28], 2015rd place in BOOK general category of Oricon weekly ranking on March 3, 2, 3st place in photobook category[29]..On March 2, the same year, the fashion magazine "non-no』(Shueisha) Was announced to serve as an exclusive model[2].. For Nogizaka46, Mai Shiraishi,Asuka SaitoFollowing, became the third exclusive model[2].

In the April issue of "non-no" released on February 2016, 28 (Heisei 2)Suzuki YunaAnd decorate the first cover[Note 1], Non-no released on July 2016, 7, was the first cover on its own in the September issue of the same year[31]..On September 9th of the same year, the solo photo book "Change the Wind" (Shueisha) was released.[32][Note 2], The photo book recorded an estimated weekly sales of 1 copies, and the photo book section of the Oricon weekly ranking on October 1390, 2016[34]Receives First Place in the Photobook Category of Oricon 2016 Annual Ranking[35].. Number of circulation exceeds 20[36].. May 11, same year,Athletics magazine"Hakone Ekiden XNUM XComplete guideHakone EkidenPlaced 5th in "Favorite female entertainer ranking" by participants[37].

Received the entertainment category of the "2017rd Cover Girl Award" (Cover Girl Award Executive Committee) on March 29, 3.[38]..November 11, 14, starting from January 2018 (Heisei 30) "Saturday drama 24 "Film Girl ~VIDEO GIRL AI 2018~"" (TV Tokyo series) Was announced as the first starring solo[39].

On May 5, the same year, the first photo book "My thing" was released.[40]..On September 9, the same year, he graduated from Nogizaka20 with activities within the year on his official blog.[41]Announced that[42]Regarding the graduation concert, it was also announced that it will be held in 46, after graduation from Nogizaka2019, and that it will continue performing activities after graduation.[43][44]..Nogizaka11's 14nd single released on November 46th of the same yearI want to make a detour on my way home], the 7th center with the largest number in the group[Note 3]Act as[45].. With the same songThe 69th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』And graduated as Nogizaka46 singing the last special music number[46].

January 2019, 31 (Heisei 1) January 16 (15th midnight) broadcast start "Gutan Nouveau2』(Kansai TV)so,Kyoko Hasegawa,Tanaka,Karen Takizawa[Note 4]In charge of MC[47].. May 2, same year,Kyocera Dome OsakaHeld inNogizaka46 7th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVEWith the final day performance, which will be Nishino's graduation concert, all activities as Nogizaka46 members have ended.[48].. In addition, there were a total of 50 applications on the day of his graduation performance, mobilizing 5 people. Live viewing was also held at 218 movie theaters across Japan and mobilized 10 people.[48].Key Holder Co., Ltd.Same year with new business byReiwaFirst year) Used as a brand icon for the color contact lens brand "me me mar" released on June 6th.[49].


Nickname is Naa-chan[Note 5], Nanasemaru[7]Nana Nanase[52].. When I was a kid, I was called a "diving underwater" because I had a diving match.[53].Catch phraseIs "N~~~~!! Nanasemaru!!"[54].. Nishino invented the nickname "Nanasemaru"[55]The catch phrase was devised by the father[54].. ExNMB48Riko Takayama is a cousin[10].. ExFlower, OriginalE-girls OfHagika FujiiIs a classmate in elementary and junior high school[56].


What is your favorite foodGrilled meat, Tofu, udon[10], Pasta, fried noodles, mentaiko[57], Canned tuna steak[Note 6],You're fluttering~[61]. The food I hateeggplant, Burdock, jellyfish, menma, hormones[10].

Favorite artistsSpitz,BUMP OF CHICKEN,RADWIMPS[8].. You can see that Spitz went to the live from the official blog[62].. BUMP OF CHICKEN and RADWIMPS started listening because of my brother's influence[63].. My favorite female singeraiko[64].

Favorite music is CM song[65].. The important song that remains in my heartSMAP"Triangle"Ozaki Yutaka"Forget-me-not"Naomi Chiaki"Applause", BUMP OF CHICKEN"Ray"PINK"Fuck in' Perfect"[65].

Favorite brands are one way, INGNI, dazzlin, titty & Co.[66], SpiralGirl, SLY EGOIST[67], Jouetie, ROSE BUD[60].. Favorite clothescollarClothes with[68].

My favorite kanjiSeven[69].. What's your favorite movie"The Magic Hour], [Confession"[70].. My favorite TV program is a travel program[10].. I love dancing[71]I was in the dance club when I was in high school[55].. The admired woman is the movie "Resident Evil"ofAlice Abernathy[72].. My favorite place in OsakaUSJ[73], The recommended place in USJHollywood Dream The Ride[52].

(I.e.Like[11], My favorite birdGrouse[74].. The bird lover started when he was in school when he was in elementary schoolpigeonBecause I was worried about the call of[54].. Pigeons especially prefer fat pigeons[75].

FavoriteCelestial body TheBetelgeuse[76].

Fujiko F. FujioAmong my favorite anime works based on manga,Kiteretsu Encyclopedia"[77].


HobbyComicTo read[78], Painting[79],game[80], Delusion[79].

Recommended works for mangaJoJo's Bizarre Adventure], [One Punch Man], [Gag manga weather"[10].. When I was in elementary and junior high school,White warrior yamato], [Ginga-Shooting Star Silver-], [Ginga Legend WEED』All the comics of[81].. I was taught by a friend when I was in elementary school, but since then I haven't been able to meet anyone who speaks Ginga.[82].. When I was in high school, I fell in love with "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure"[70], JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5Golden WindI bought a 10-volume set of[83].. In liveJojo standingMay show off[84].. In 2014, we prepared all the comics of "One Punch Man"[85].. On my bookshelfRobin west"Mind games"[86],Fumiko Takano"Yellow book],Hori Michihiro"Earpicker Samuel",Kazumi Yamashita"land",Tajima Islands"Children don't understandThere are also books such as[87].

game is"Ranch story series], [Kirby of the Stars], [Super Smash Bros. Series], [Animal Forest Series], [Mario』I like[Note 7],Pokemon], [Slime Morimori Dragon Quest], [Monster hunterThere is also experience such as[89].. Monster hunter's favorite weapon is twin sword, sword, hammer[90].. My favorite monster is Kushaldaora[91].. Online games started in the third year of middle school[8].

In the delusion, through the life scenery of the city,Memory,HistoryPrefer to touch and indulge in[61].. The destination you want to goTohoku,Shikoku[60].FranceIs a self-proclaimed second home[92].


Special skill is to draw manga[78], Painting[93].

computerWhen drawing a picture above, use the pen tablet given by my parents when I was in the first year of middle school.MacBook AirConnect and draw[94].. When I was in elementary school, my dream for the future wasIllustrator,manga artistwas[10].. From that time, my brother's influenceFist of the North StarI started to watch anime, which influenced the design of Doiyasan[10].. "Doiyasan" was when Nishino was in the first year of high school.[69]Born from a doodle drawn on a friend's textbook[75].. Sometimes grass grows on Doiya's head.[95].. According to Nishino, "Doiyasan" is a god, but there is something in common that it seems to be the alter ego of Nishino.[75].. "Doiyasan" has no mouth because Nishino is not good at talking, and "Doiyasan" likes silky tofu because Nishino likes silky tofu.[75].. However, there is a difference that "Doiyasan" has fast legs, but Nishino has slow legs.[75].

For drawing pictures, broadcast on September 2014, 9Where is Nogizaka?Was selected as a painter in the program plan "Nogizaka46: King of the King"[Note 8].

Besides, I have experience of piano as a lesson[65].. Holding qualificationVocabulary/reading ability testSecond grade[97].. Special dish is fried egg[10].


Nogizaka46's Monster Hunter selection[91], An ・ an beautiful leg selection[98], Glasses selection[99].

Nogizaka46 is No. 1 in sales of goods and handshake events, and is the most popular[50].. Nogizaka46 was chosen by 6 out of 4 members to be her member[100].. However, as a disadvantageShyThat is[101].. I don't go out much because I watch anime and manga at home on holidays[102].. Since we do not use mobile phones so often, we have 10 contacts registered.[103].. When throwing a sign ball liveUnderslow[104].

My favorite song at Nogizaka46 is "When tears were still sad'[105]. "Impatient snailWhen I first listened to the song, it was said to be an "unusual song," but the solo part was prepared for each member of Nogizaka46, and since it gets excited when singing live, it has become an important song. Was[106].. I'm not good at singing, but I like singing[107].. My favorite music video at Nogizaka46 is "Girls rules","Start of romance","Romance told in advance'[108].

An ideal center image is a person who speaks, who has guts, who always looks around and is firm[109].. The members who want to recommendHina Higuchi[110].

Saito Yuri,Kawago Haruna,Junna Ito,Karin ItoA group called "watermelon" that adds Nishino to is going to Hong Kong, Okinawa, and having a pot party.[111].




Mayuzaka 46

Nogizaka AKB




Video work


TV drama


Other TV programs



Theater animation



Online delivery

  • Work in space(August 2016,Amazon Prime Video)-Kaori Nomiya[177].
  • Success 24 Instagram Story "# Nanase and Success 24 Days" (April 2019, 4-May 24, October 5-17, Kao)-Starring[178][179].
  • Hulu Original Story It's your turn Short drama "Beyond the Door" (July 2019th, September 7th, 14th, 9,Hulu) --Sawa Kuroshima[180].
  • Voting Ceremony Instagram Drama (Kao)-Starring.
    • "I will follow Nishino Boss!!" (April 2020-4, 20)[181]
    • "Director, Nishino. Starring me. (May 2020-5, 4)[181]
    • "Detective Enthusiast Nishino" (May 2020th-5nd, 18)[181]
  • Success 24 A new sensation Instagram drama (Kao) seen at the bedside-starring.
    • "Tell me!! Mr. Odor" (July 2020-7, 28)[181]
    • "Mr. Nishino, a gardener" (August 2020-8, 11)[181]
    • "Odor Expedition! Captain Nishino" (August 2020-8, 25)[181]
    • "Small Residents of the Scalp Forest" (October 2020-10, 19)[181]
    • "Night of Nio Sommelier" (November 2020-11, 2)[181]
  • Ansang Cinderella ANOTHER STORY ~New Pharmacist Kurumi Aihara~(July 2020, 8-September 27, 9,FOD) --Starring Kurumi Aihara[182].
  • Hot mom(March 2021, 3 --April 19, Amazon Prime Video) --Starring Natsuki Matsuura[183].
  • Success 24 Instagram project "Favorability Raising Tech" (April 2021, 4-, Kao)-Starring[181].


  • Girls Award 2012 AUTUMN/WINTER (September 2012, 11,National Yoyogi Stadium(Integrated Gymnasium)-ISBIT DAIKANYAMA[19].
  • GirlsAward 2013 SPRING/SUMMER (March 2013, 3, Yoyogi National Stadium No. 23 Gymnasium)-ISBIT DAIKANYAMA[184].
  • GirlsAward 2015 SPRING/SUMMER (April 2015, 4, Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium)[185]
  • takagi presents TGC KITAKYUSYU 2015 by TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION (October 2015, 10,West Japan Exhibition Center(New building)[186]
  • GirlsAward 2016 SPRING/SUMMER (April 2016, 4, Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium)[187]
  • Non-no 45th anniversary event Nanase Nishino in Osaka Talk Show (July 2016, 7,Sankei Hall Breeze[188]
  • GirlsAward 2016 AUTUMN/WINTER (October 2016, 10, Yoyogi National Gymnasium No. 8 Gymnasium)[189]
  • ASIA FASHION AWARD 2016 in TAIPEI (December 2016, 12,W Taipei[190]
  • Tokyo Girls Collection 2017 SPRING/SUMMER (March 2017, 3, Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium)[191]
  • My Navi GirlsAward 2017 SPRING/SUMMER (May 2017, 5, Yoyogi National Gymnasium No. 3 Gymnasium)[192]
  • Tokyo Girls Collection 2017 AUTUMN/WINTER (September 2017, 9,Saitama Super Arena[193]
  • Rakuten GirlsAward 2017 AUTUMN/WINTER (September 2017, 9,Makuhari Messe[194]
  • Rakuten GirlsAward 2018 SPRING/SUMMER (May 2018, 5, Makuhari Messe)[195]
  • Rakuten GirlsAward 2018 AUTUMN/WINTER (September 2018, 9, Makuhari Messe)[196]
  • Rakuten GirlsAward 2019 SPRING/SUMMER (May 2019, 5, Makuhari Messe)[197]
  • Rakuten GirlsAward 2019 AUTUMN/WINTER (September 2019, 9, Makuhari Messe)[198]
  • Gutan Nouveau2 Girls Meeting (November 2019, 11,Toyosu PIT[199]



Photo album

Magazine serialization

  • UP to boy +(November 2014, 10 -,Crocodile books)-I will take a picture of Nanasemaru![204].
  • non-no(June 2015, 4-, Shueisha)-Exclusive model[205].
    • Nogizaka46 Nishino Nanase's graceful character. (June 2015, 6 -)[206]
  • HUSTLE PRESS (December 2015, 12 -, HUSTLE PRESS)-After all, Nanase Nishino[207].


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