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🎥 | Voyeur Detective Conan's movie ... Sending documents to a male employee of the tax office


Voyeur Detective Conan's movie ... Documents sent to a male employee of the tax office

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The Osaka National Taxation Bureau commented, "If it is a fact, it is regrettable for the act of damaging the trust of the people."

A 50-year-old Ashiya Tax Office employee was sent a document for voyeurizing the movie "Detective Conan".Movie thief ... → Continue reading

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Osaka National Taxation Bureau

Osaka National Taxation Bureau(Osaka Kokuze Ikoku) isOsakaOsakaChuo-kuIt is inNational Tax Agency OfLocal branch officeso,Shiga,Kyoto, Osaka Prefecture,Hyogo,Nara,Wakayama OfKinkiIt has jurisdiction over 2 prefectures and 4 prefectures.


  • Secretary
    • General Affairs Department
      • General Affairs Section, Personnel Section XNUMX, Personnel Section XNUMX, Accounting Section, Planning Section, Welfare Section, Administrative Section, Tax Counseling Room, National Tax Public Relations Room, Information Processing Department XNUMX, Information Processing Department XNUMX, Tax Accountant Supervisor , Personnel Investigator, Repair Supervisor
    • Taxation Part XNUMX
      • Taxation General Section, Trial Section, Inquirer, Individual Taxation Section, Asset Taxation Section, Mobility Section, Material Investigation Section XNUMX to Material Investigation Section XNUMX, National Tax Litigation Office, Asset Evaluator, General National Tax Inspector
    • Taxation Part XNUMX
      • Corporate taxation section, consumption tax section, material investigation section XNUMX, material investigation section XNUMX, liquor tax section, appraisal office, general national tax inspector, investigation first department (indirect taxes), investigation second department (indirect taxes), Research department (liquor tax), liquor industry coordinator
    • Tax withholding department
      • Management and Administration Section, Collection Section, Mobility Section, Special Arrangement General Section XNUMX, Special Arrangement General Section XNUMX, National Tax Litigation Office, Tax Payment Manager, Special National Tax Collector, Special Arrangement XNUMXst Section-Special Arrangement XNUMXth Section
    • Survey Part XNUMX
      • Investigation Management Division, Wide Area Information Management Division, Investigation General Division, Investigation Trial Division, International Investigation Division, International Information Division XNUMX, International Information Division XNUMX, Research Development Division, Special National Tax Investigator
    • Survey Part XNUMX
      • Survey General Division, Survey XNUMXst Division-Survey XNUMXrd Division, Survey XNUMXth Division-Survey XNUMXth Division
    • Inspection Department
      • Inspection Management Section, Inspection General Section XNUMX, Inspection General Section XNUMX, Inspection Wide Area Section, Material Information Section, Inspection Development Section, Inspection International Section, Special National Tax Inspector, Inspection XNUMXst Section-Inspection XNUMXth Section
  • Tax office(83 stations)

Successive Osaka National Taxation Bureau Directors

The director of the Osaka National Taxation Bureau is stipulated by a Cabinet Order together with the director of the National Tax College and the director of the Tokyo National Taxation Bureau.Designated jobIt is the title of No. 3.It is the same as the Deputy Director-General of the Minister's Secretariat of the Ministry of Finance and the Deputy Director-General of the National Tax Agency, which is an external bureau of the Ministry of Finance.

NameAlma materTerm of officeformer jobSuccessor
Motohide HashimotoKyoto UniversityFebruary 2017-Kanto Shinetsu National Taxation BureaulongMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismPolicy Director
Naoki EnomotoUniversity of Tokyo lawFebruary 2018-Fukuoka National Taxation BureaulongTokyo Customs Director and Customs Training Institute Tokyo Branch Director
Noboru KoharaKyoto University LawFebruary 2020-Nagoya National Taxation Bureaulong

Successive General Managers of General Affairs Department, Osaka National Taxation Bureau

NameAlma materTerm of officeformer jobSuccessor
Shigeru InoFebruary 2016-Public Relations Officer, Secretariat of the National Tax AgencyNational Tax Agency Taxation Section Individual Taxation Section Chief
Takeshi HatsutaniFebruary 2018-Director of Public Relations and Public Relations Office, General Affairs Division, Secretariat, National Tax AgencyNational Tax Agency Taxation Department Taxation General Manager
Mutsuhiko UeyoshiFebruary 2019-National Tax Agency Minister's Secretariat CounselorNational Tax Agency Collection Department Collection Section Chief
Hiroyuki YamazakiFebruary 2020-Director of Public Relations and Public Relations Office, General Affairs Division, Minister's Secretariat, National Tax Agency


The main executive posts are the Ministry of Finance career (currently hired by the Ministry of Finance through the national civil servant recruitment general employment exam) and the NTA career (currently the National Tax Agency hired by the national civil servant recruitment general employment exam)[1]Occupies.As with other National Tax Bureaus, staff are selected and sent mainly to Tokyo for personnel exchanges.

Minister's Secretariat of the Ministry of Finance, Secretariat of the National Tax Agency, which is an external agency of the Ministry of Finance, National Tax College, Tribunal, National Tax AgencyLocal branch office(EspeciallyTokyo National Taxation Bureau).Other.

Tax office in the jurisdiction




  • Abeno Tax Office (Osaka City)Abeno Ward)
  • Sumiyoshi Tax Office (Osaka City)Sumiyoshi Ward)
  • Higashi Sumiyoshi Tax Office (Osaka City)Hirano Ward)
  • Nishinari Tax Office (Osaka City)Nishinari Ward)
  • Higashiyodogawa Tax Office (Osaka City)Yodogawa Ward)
  • Kita Tax Office (Osaka City)Kita)
  • Oyodo Tax Office (Kita-ku, Osaka)
  • Higashi Tax Office (Chuo-ku, Osaka)
  • Minami Tax Office (Chuo-ku, Osaka)
  • Sakai Tax Office (Sakai CitySakai Ward)




Seven items to check

Buraku Liberation AllianceWith the Central Headquarters and the Buraku Liberation League of Osaka Prefecture,Seven items to checkWe have an agreement that stipulates tax incentives called ".By this arrangementDowa measures businessIncentives have been taken for businesses involved inDowa interestThere is criticism that it may be a hotbed of.


In the same bureau, it was related to the jobScandalOccasionally occurs.Below,MediaAnd so onNews reportIntroducing the scandals that have been made.

  • More than 30 staff members of the National Taxation BureauOsaka-KitashinchiAt a high-class club in Japan, eating and drinking was repeated at a cheaper price than usual.2007May 6Found on[2]..It is said that the regular fare was 3 yen, but it was about 5,000 to 1 yen to eat and drink.The National Taxation BureauTax investigationAlthough it is said that there was no fraudulent activity such as leaking the information in advance, it was judged that it was a de facto entertainment from the club side.National Civil Service Ethics LawBased on the above, a 44-year-old male employee of the taxation section of the National Tax Bureau was suspended for 3 months, and 34 other employees were also suspended depending on the number of times and job titles.Pay cut, 8 peopleWarning OfDisciplinary actionIt became.Also, the bosses of the inspectorsAdmonitionWas disposed of[3][4].
  • A 42-year-old senior national tax inspector at the tax office in Osaka Prefecture, which is under the jurisdiction of the National Tax Bureau,Side jobWithout permissionApartmentAbout 60 roomsRentAnd a lot of moneyrentAssuming you were making moneyNational Civil Service LawAs a violation, the salary was reduced by two tenths.This male investigatordummySet up a company or use this dummy company to avoid tax auditsSapporoIt has also been discovered that he was evading taxes by moving to[6].
  • A 58-year-old male senior national tax inspector at the tax office in Kyoto prefecture under the jurisdiction of the national tax bureau was working at the tax office in Nara prefecture.20098から20107Submitted by the taxpayerinheritance taxForgery such as delaying the submission date of the tax return20117ToDisciplinary dismissalIt was disposed of.This investigator is also a local in Osaka prefecture, where he was in charge of accounting.Residents' associationThe membership fee was also diverted.It seems that he was afraid that his boss would rebuke the delay in paperwork[7].
  • The National Taxation BureauKawasaki KisenAgainst2009By about 64 billion yenOmission of declarationPointed out that there wasHeavy taxApproximately 19 billion yen includingAdditional chargesThe tax was levied, but the company dissatisfied with this and OsakaNational Tax TribunalRequested examination.The examination office201112The company acknowledged the company's claim and decided to cancel taxation on about 16 billion yen, which was intentionally concealed from income.In addition, the Examining Authority said that the National Taxation Bureau "urged to intimidately seal a confirmation letter in line with the National Taxation Bureau's allegations" and "invited to sign the draft written by the national tax officials." Acknowledged the company's claim[8][9].
  • A 47-year-old male general tax inspector working at a tax office under the jurisdiction of the National Tax Bureau20122から3Of 19 corporations in the jurisdictionBlue returnAfter losing about 100 internal documents such as financial statements for cancellation, the tax office system was used to cancel without permission of the boss.It was also found that somebody was doing work to make it look like it was vandalized in order to conceal the loss.The National Taxation Bureau2013May 5To this investigatorPay cutDisposed one-tenth and demoted to senior national tax inspector[10].
  • A senior national tax inspector of the National Tax Bureau20117In addition, a man who is an alumnus of the National Taxation BureauTax accountantReceived 120 million yen in cash from, and in return the tax accountant was a customerHost clubHe was sentenced to two years in prison and a surcharge of 2 million yen for weighted bribery and violation of the National Civil Service Law (violation of confidentiality) for leaking national tax investigation materials prepared by the National Taxation Bureau to the operating company of the company.Nice assist case).The tax accountant was also charged with bribery, tax evasion, and violation of the Money Lending Business Act (unregistered business), and was sentenced to 6 years in prison and a fine of 7000 million yen.[11]..In addition, the tax accountant said that he had prepared a false investigation report at the request of the tax accountant.2015May 10In addition to disposing of one-tenth of the salary reduction for male staff, the investigator in charge was also dismissed as a reminder.Osaka District Public Prosecutor's OfficeSent documents to[12].
  • 201312By then, a senior male investigator at the Kishiwada Tax Office of the National Tax Bureau will receive a large amount of cash in return for the tax audit, or prepare a final tax return for individuals and corporations while being a non-tax accountant, in return. It was revealed that he had received cash from his acquaintance and received entertainment with food and drink from an acquaintance's tax accountant (not a national tax OB).The National Taxation Bureau2014May 6This investigator was dismissed from disciplinary action[13].
  • 20149By the time, the Nakagyo Tax Office of the National Tax Bureau (Kyoto CityNakagyo Ward) Was a male employee who was the general tax inspector (after that, after working at the Kusatsu Tax Office, he was transferred to the Tax Counseling Office of the General Affairs Department), and leaked information about the tax investigation to a tax accountant who was an OB of the National Tax Bureau during the time of the Nakagyo Tax Office.TaxiIt was revealed that the profit was provided for a total of about 12 yen for the ticket, and the National Taxation Bureau said that the employee wasSuspensionAfter disposing of itNational Tax LawupperconfidentialityOn suspicion of violationKyoto District Public Prosecutor's OfficeToDocument inspection(The staff concernedMay 9Retired by request)[14].
  • On December 2018, 12, a staff member of the Fushimi Tax Office of the Osaka National Tax BureauChongryon in Japan (Chongryon)Leaked tax audit information to executives of affiliated organizations on suspicion of violating the National Civil Service Law (confidentiality)Kyoto Prefectural PoliceWas arrested by.[15]

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