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🎥 | Alisa Mizuki, "Daughter of Lupine theatrical version" appearance decision "Another L clan" as Rei Mikumo

Photo Alisa Mizuki, "Theatrical version Lupine's daughter" appearance decision (C) Dai Yokozeki / Kodansha (C) 2021 "Theatrical version Lupine's daughter" production committee

Alisa Mizuki to appear in "Daughter of Lupine the Movie" as "Another L Clan" Rei Mikumo

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Rei Mikumo, whose existence was revealed at the end of the drama "Daughter of Lupine" Season 2, will appear as a super important person in the movie version.

Actress Alisa Mizuki will appear as a special guest in "Theatrical Version Lupine's Daughter" starring actress Kyoko Fukada ... → Continue reading

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