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🤖 | "Hey, do you want to play Othello?" Cosplayer Tsunko shows off the costume of "Uma Musume" Gold Ship


"Hey, do you want to play Othello?" Cosplayer Tsunko shows off the costume of "Uma Musume" Gold Ship

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Tsunko tweeted "Hey, do you want to play Othello?" And performed a Gold Ship cosplay from "Uma Musume Pretty Derby".

Tsunko, who works as a cosplayer, DJ, and voice actor, updated her Twitter on May 6th, saying "Uma Musume Pretty ... → Continue reading

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Gold ship

Gold ship(European name:Gold Ship[1],2009May 3 -) isJapan OfRacehorse,Stallion.. In 2012JRA Award for Best 3-year-old stallion.

2012 OfSatsuki Award,Chrysanthemum,Arima MemorialOf 2013 and 2014Takarazuka Memorial, 2015Emperor Award (Spring)ConquerGI6 wins, 13 wins in total.

The origin of the name is "Golden Ship" (associated with my father's name)[2].



2009May 3,HokkaidoSaru-gunHidaka TownBorn at the exit ranch[4]..According to producer Toshikazu Deguchi, the mother point flag, which was a large horse weighing more than 500 kilograms when active, is a small breeding horse because all the production pieces are large and always suffering from anxiety at the legs.Stay GoldHowever, it is said that the born horse was born larger than expected.[4].

Before debut

From October 1 year, he moved to the same ranch training base (former Olympics joint training center) in Hidaka Town and started full-scale training, and from January 10 years old, Hokkaido.Urakawa Town OfYoshizawa StableTrained in[9]..After that, at that timeFukushimaTenei VillageI moved to the Yoshizawa Stable Fukushima branch office and was making adjustments before debut,May 3Occurred inGreat East Japan EarthquakeBecause the ranch was damaged in Japan, I returned to Urakawa Town for evacuation, and from there I went further.Ishikawa小松 市After moving to the Komatsu Training Center in Japan, finallyRitto Training Center OfNaosuke SugaiEntered the stable[10][11].

Racehorse era

2 years old (2011)

May 7 OfHakodate RacecourseTurf 1800Meters OfNew horse battleShinichiro AkiyamaDebut on the saddle[12].WinIt became the second most popular, and when the position was gradually raised from the back in the race, Cosmo Yukka, who had escaped earlier in the last straight line, was caught by the head just before the goal and won the new horse race with a 2-year-old course record.[12].

Cosmos AwardThen, it was supported by the overwhelming popularity of 1.2 times the win, and as the race progressed in the middle team along the way and gradually climbed from around the 1th corner, it took the lead on the last straight line and made its debut two consecutive victories.[13].

Heavy prizeIt was my first challengeSapporo 2-year-old stakesThen the jockeyAndo KatsumiWas changed to[14]..Advance the race in 2nd place behind the road, enter a straight line while staying behind, poke inside the horse group and drive in, but go aheadGrandezzaI couldn't catch and lost to 2nd place[15].

Radio NIKKEI Cup 2-year-old stakes (currentlyHopeful stakes[16]), It was a horse race from the back, and from the 3rd place chasing behind the road, it started to advance by turning outside at the 4th corner and it was a game on the last straight line, but it grew from the inside even though it showed a reluctant growth after climbing the slope CameAdam's PeakIt did not reach to 2nd place[17], Finished the 2-year-old season with 4 races and 2 wins.

3 years old (2012)

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIt will be the first match of the seasonKyodo Communication CupFromHiroyuki UchidaWas changed to[18]..In the race, we will be in 3rd and 4th place, and if we continue to the last straight line, we will try to escape from the preceding measures.Deep BrillanteWas caught with about 100 meters remaining, and it became the first victory of the heavy prize[18]..For Sugai Stables, it was the first victory of the heavy prize in the fourth year of opening.[18]For Uchida on the saddle, a fracture of the cervical dens that was inflicted in the fall accident in May of the previous year.[19]It was the first big prize victory after returning from[20]..In addition, the high prize winner of the horse produced at the exit ranch1988 OfCopa Republica ArgentinaWonLegend TeioSince[4].

After the Tokinominoru CuptrialWithoutOuma ClassicOf the first matchSatsuki AwardGo straight to and was recommended to be the 4th most popular[21][22][23]..In the race, the two escaping horses competed and the following was greatly separated.[21]..When the horse was located at the rearmost position in the first corner, it followed the horse group as it was, and at the third corner, it advanced by selecting the inner course from almost the rearmost.[22]..In this race, most of the horses in the 4th corner went outside, avoiding the inward-looking horses, which were rough and in poor condition due to the rain the day before.[22][23]..However, Uchida's saddle "I want to avoid being circulated outside"[20]Based on the judgment, when only Honma took the runway so as to penetrate into the wide open, he had already raised the position to near 4th at the 6th corner, went up in a straight line, and 3 halon pulled out the last leg, which was the fastest member, and followed. Won the championship with a difference of two and a half horses[21][22][23][Note 1][Note 2]..Management trainer Sugai became the first GI conqueror throughout the jockey era.[23].

Classic Round XNUMXTokyo Yushun(Japan Derby) finished second in the Satsuki Sho from the outside.World ace[23]Is 2.5 times more popular[24], It became the second most popular run, 3.2 times after the horse.[24][25]..After the start, although the saddle was pushed out, it was positioned behind the in-course at the first corner, and on the other side, it was taken out and attached to the rear of the horse group.[26]..From the position near 8th behind, facing the straight line as it is, I pushed the outside, but I could not reach the front and ended up in 5th place[26], It was decided to remove the ream for the first time.

In the final round of the classicChrysanthemumFor the first autumn matchKobe Shimbun HaiStarting from, the winning odds were supported by the most popular 2.3 times as much as Mount Shasta.[27]..On the way, I took a position slightly behind the middle team and started to advance gradually from the point of the game, and when I took the lead from the outside in the middle of the straight line, I pushed the road acclaim extending from the center of the Baba for two and a half horses and won a good victory in 2 minutes 2 seconds 25. did[28].

Won the Tokyo Yushun at the Kikuka AwardDeep BrillanteAttention was paid to the rematch with[29], The horse is just beforeBowed tendonAnd avoid running[30](The horse retires as it is[30]), Two moreFenomeno TheEmperor Award (Autumn)Head to[31], 3Tosen HomareboshiRetired[31], 4th World Ace is undergoing medical treatment[31]In Tokyo Yushun, all the horses that entered the bulletin board except himself did not run, so on the day this horse was recognized as the highest-ranked horse among the members, and it was recommended to be the overwhelming most popular horse with a win of 1.4 times.[31][32]..At the start of the race, I got enthusiastic and then lowered it, and took a waiting plan in 2nd place behind.[32].. When I started advancing from the front on the second lap, I attached to the lead group near the top of the slope at the 2rd corner of the 2nd lap, and from the 3th corner I took the lead while holding it at the straight entrance.[32]..When I started chasing in a straight line, I pushed through and won as it was, and won the second classic crown following the Satsuki Sho.[32]..The Satsuki Sho and Kikuka Sho won the double crown in 2000Air ShakurIt was the 12th in history for the first time in 8 years since then.[32].

After the Kikuka AwardJapan CupAt the end of the yearGrand Prix race-Arima MemorialGo straight to[33]..It was recommended to 6th place in the fan vote, and the triple crown horse of the previous yearOrfevre(Fan vote 1st place) and a triple-crowned mare who won the Japan Cup at the age of 3Gentildonna(Fan vote 4th) has avoided[34], Recommended to win the most popular (1 times)[14][35]..I couldn't get my legs at the start, so I stood up at the gate and was late.RulershipBoth races started from the back[35], Start advancing after the 2rd corner on the 3nd lap[36]..Although I was in 11th position when I turned to the straight line[35], From the outside at onceAisin flash,Ocean blueAnd pushed away the rulership that had been driven in, and won the second place Ocean Blue by one and a half horses.[36]..The domination of Ashima1990 OfOguri capSince then, it has become the second (third)[36][Note 3].

This year, he achieved good results in 3 races and 6 wins, including 5 GI wins.Representative horseToMare Triple CrownJapan CupWonGentildonnaWas elected, but with a full voteBest 3-year-old stallionWas elected to[37]..From the camp, the 2013 season will be devoted to Japan, and in the spring, from the Hanshin Grand Prize to the Emperor's Award (Spring), Takarazuka KinenrotationIt was announced that it will be faced with[38].

4 years old (2013)

It will be the first match of the old horseHanshin Grand PrizeBecame a small number of 9 heads[39]..From a relaxed start, follow the rear of the road, gradually push up the position from the 2rd and 3th corners of the second lap in combination with the veil impact, and if you take the lead early on the last straight line, other horses will drive in Responded to overwhelming support of 4 times the win without making a problem[39].

ContinueEmperor Award (Spring)Was recommended to be the overwhelming most popular with a win of 1.3 times[40]..From the start to the 2rd corner on the 3nd lap, I waited backwards around 15th, and from the middle of the 3rd corner slope, Kamiuchida moved his hand and advanced to the front.[40]..However, the growth was slow, and although a whip had already entered at the 4th corner and reached the straight line in 5th and 6th place, the course could not be taken in the middle of the straight line and it was taken out and regained its posture.FenomenoLost to 5th place[40]..After the raceShigaShigaraki TownWas grazing at Yoshizawa Stable WEST in[41].

Takarazuka MemorialThen it was recommended to the second place in the fan vote[42]..Orfevre, the number one vote[42]Was avoided due to exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage[43], Gentildonna of the same generation (3rd place in fan vote)[42], Fenomeno (4th place)[42]Positioned as "3 strong"[44], Gold Ship won 2.9 times, Gentildonna won 2.4 times, and Fenomeno won 3.2 times.[45].. The race that started with 11 heads[45]After the start, Uchida on the saddle enthusiastically placed 4th and reached the 1st corner.[44][Note 4].SilportEscaped at a high pace, and while the position of each horse remained almost unchanged up to the 3rd corner, he proceeded along the way with 4th place.[44]..I started to set up around 800 meters remaining, went straight from the 3rd and 4th corners and went up with Gentildonna, and although I hit Gentildonna a little, it stretched at a stretch 200 meters before the remaining XNUMX meters from the hit to the middle of the straight line. When you push Tildonna away, it sticks in frontDanon BallardAlso caught, and won with a difference of 3 horses and a half, and won the 4th GI victory.[44][46].

AutumnKyoto Grand PrizeStarting from, it was recommended to be the overwhelming most popular with a win of 1.2 times[14]..Although the start was not so good, I pushed to secure the vicinity of 5th place and proceeded along the way, pushed up the position further at the 3rd and 4th corners and tried to escape on the last straight line, but I pushed in from behindHit the targetLost to 5th place[47].

After that, avoiding the Emperor's Award (Autumn), it will be held at Tokyo Racecourse Shiba 5 meters, which is the same as Tokyo Yushun who lost 2400th place in the previous year.Japan CupRun in[14]..In the race that was recommended to be the second most popular after the winner of the same race in the previous year, Gentildonna, it will be a race from the back without forcibly pushing up the position after the start.[48].. Unlike Tokyo Yushun, after entering the 3rd corner, he moved early and applied a long spurt, and reached the straight entrance near 4th behind, but it did not grow at all after entering the straight line, and Gentildonna who achieved the first consecutive victory In contrast, 15th place and a big defeat[48]..After enjoying his first double-digit order, he decided to remove the bulletin board for the first time.

3rd place in fan votingArima Memorial[49]Then, as a result of discussions between the trainer and the owner side in response to the result of the Japan Cup, the jockeyRyan MooreChange to, and evenBlinkerWill be worn[50]..On the day of the event, he announced his retirement in this race and was ranked 1st in the fan vote, which was the first and last match against Gold Ship.[49]Was recommended as the second most popular after Orfevre[51]..In the race, he chased around 5th behind and started to advance gradually from the 3rd and 4th corners, but when he was lightly evaded by Orfevre who had turned around from behind, he was further behind at the straight entrance.Win VariationI was able to close the gap from there, and I lost to 1rd place with 9 horses and a half difference from 2st Orfevre and 1 horse and a half difference to 3nd place.[51].

In the end, he won two wins in the spring, but lost all three races in the fall, ending the year with two wins in six races.Although it succeeded to some extent in recovering from the Japan Cup, which suffered a big defeat, in a short period of time, it was a year in which challenges remained for the following year when it declared an overseas challenge.

5 years old (2014)

For a while after the beginning of the year, it was not announced that the next run was scheduled, nor was it announced on the saddle, but as in the previous year, it was announced in March that the Hanshin Grand Prize will be rotated to the Emperor's Prize (Spring), and at the Hanshin Grand Prize.Yasushi IwataIt was decided to form the first combination with[52].

Although it was not won in the fall of the previous year, it was recommended to be overwhelmingly the most popular in the Hanshin Grand Prize with a win of 1.7 times due to the difference in achievements.[14]..In this race, which I wore blinkers like the previous race, when I pushed to get the position of the front eye from a decent start, I showed a rare desire to go, but I calmed down behind the escape bande and on the way Follow in 2nd place[53]..The race proceeded with a vertically long platoon from the beginning, and when the following suddenly narrowed the gap near the middle of the 2rd and 3th corners on the second lap, the distance from the beginning was narrowed accordingly, and with that momentum, as soon as possible at the straight entrance When he took the lead, he widened the gap with the following, and achieved the second straight victory in this race with a complete victory that puts three and a half horses in second place, marking the tenth victory of the break.[53].

At the Tenno Sho (Spring), Iwata who rode in front of himWin VariationBecause I was planning to ride on[Note 5]Craig WilliamsTransfer to[56], Of the outpostOsaka CupEpiphaneia,Meisho MamboTokyo Yushun winner of the previous year who won the three-strong confrontation withKizuna[57]It was supported by the second most popular after[58]..Prior to entering the main horse of another horse, he entered the gate one horse ahead of the paddock and entered the gate in a calm manner, but after entering the gate he suddenly stood up and became angry enough to make a growl, and due to that effect he was greatly delayed at the start.[58][Note 6]..As it was, he pursued the rearmost part of the road, and from the 2rd corner on the 3nd lap, he showed his strength to match the advance of Win Variation and Kizuna, and although he showed a reluctant growth in the last straight line, he left the winning Fenomeno. Lost to 7th place[58]..Williams, who felt something wrong with his legs after the race, disembarked, but as a result of examination, he was diagnosed with no abnormalities in his bones and a strain from his right nape to his shoulders.[61].

Fortunately, it didn't matter, so after refreshing by grazing, I decided to head to Takarazuka Kinen as planned.[62]..In the fan vote, 51,366 votes were collected, and it was the first time to be supported by the first place over Win Variation, Gentildonna and others.[63]..Newly added to the saddle at the request of the ownerNorihiro YokoyamaWelcome[64], In addition to blinkersShadow rollAlthough the number of horses in this race, which was worn by 12 horses, was small, it was a rare high-level battle in recent years, with all the top three fans voting in the race.[65]..Under such circumstances, the results of the previous year's victory[66],Hanshin RacecourseGood compatibility with the stage[66]Like the fan vote, it was recommended to be the most popular with a win of 2.7 times.[14][67]..After making a decent start from the outer frame, even though it will be the last one, use the first home stretch to speed up by yourself, and by the time you reach the first corner, you will be in 1th or 4th place at once and proceed with the race.[65].. Gradually starting the engine from the front of the 4th corner, entering the straight line and taking the lead with the remaining 200 meters, he pushed out the talented horses behind him and achieved a complete victory of 2 horses in 3nd place and the Takarazuka Kinen championship.[65][Note 7][Note 8]..For Yokoyama on the saddle, 1991Mejiro RyanIt was the first Takarazuka Kinen championship since then.[67].

For rotation after the next run, we have already registered for the raceArc de Triomphe AwardAs a result of coordination among the parties concerned with a view toSapporo KinenTo the step, of the companion horseJust AwayTo challenge the Triumphal Arch Award withMay 7Officially announced in[70].

After returning from the grazing destination for Sapporo Kinen, after moving to Hakodate Racecourse and making adjustments[71], Entered Sapporo Racecourse. Four GI winners entered the race, and among them, the year when they also announced the challenge of the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe.Sakura Flower AwardWinner horseHarpsterIt was supported by the most popular at Sapporo Kinen, which was regarded as a two-strong confrontation with[72]..In the race, I made a decent start, but I couldn't make it, and the horse race started from the far end along the way.It started to drive out from the remaining 1000 meters in front of the other side, and gradually advanced almost at the same time as the harp star moving forward set up at the 3rd corner.[72].. The two horses greeted the straight entrance in the form of turning other horses, and at the end with the harp star who escaped earlierOne fightHowever, it was less than 3/4 horses and lost to 2nd place.[72].

After the race, stableman Takatoshi Imanami revealed that he had lost 6 kilograms on the day of the race alone, and after returning to Ritto, he made adjustments while paying attention to the recovery of the horse for the actual race. Was done[73]..It ’s worth it,May 9fromquarantineAfter the final run-off in Japan during the period, the horse recovered to 512 kg.[74]. afterwards,May 9With Just Away and Harp Star at 10:28 amNarita International AirportDepart from[75], September 9, 20:2 pm (local time, same below) Netherlands OfAmsterdam Schiphol AirportArrival in[76][Note 9]..Travel by land from Schiphol Airport for about 8 hoursMay 9I am staying at the site at 1:25 amChantilly OfSatoshi KobayashiArrived at the stables and entered the stables[76][Note 10].

After entering the stableChantilly training groundTraining was held around Lyon slope[79]..Training went smoothly,May 10 OfChantilly RacecourseAfter the turf course was overtaken at, Yokoyama said, "The best training ever"[80], "I have nothing to say" from Sugai[81]Was enough to say.

May 10 Of93rd Triumphal Arch AwardIn the meantime, leading horses are retiring and avoiding running[82][83], Finally 20 animals registered[84]..There was talk of removing all harnesses after the Sapporo Kinen.[85]After all, it was a run with a blinker shadow roll as in the previous two runs. Even though I made a five-minute start from Gate 2, I couldn't keep up as usual, and I was forced to race from the back.[86].. It took about 1000 seconds to pass 60 meters, and the pace was flowing for the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe.[86]..With about 400 meters remaining, Chiquita approached me from the inside and slowed down a little, but he continued to grow, but he was able to dodge the horse behind him.After starting from the next gate No. 3, he achieved consecutive victories in a race that contrasted with Honma, who put his eyes on the road from the middle team and pierced smoothly from the inside on a straight line.TreveFrom then on, he suffered a big defeat with 8th place with a difference of about 14 horses, and the first overseas challenge ended in a bitter result.In an interview after the race, Sugai said, "The world is not sweet. It was a tough horse race. I feel sorry for everyone who supported me." Yokoyama also said, "The horse did its best. Is not sweet. "[87]..After the race, the owner's second son, Masakazu Kobayashi, said, "If I can race (in front of me), I will try again (to the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe)," suggesting that I will continue to be active the following year and try again for the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe.[88].

After that, after staying in the field for a while, with Harp Star and Just AwayMay 10Arrived at Narita International Airport at 6:42 am, due to import quarantine at 9:45 amChibaShirai City OfHorse racing schoolStable[89]..After moving to Yoshizawa Stable WEST for landing quarantine, adjustments were made there as it was.[90]..After returning to Japan, avoid the Japan Cup and select Arima Kinen in consideration of race intervals and course suitability.[91]..Yokoyama, who has taken the reins since Takarazuka Kinen, will play the main battle.One and onlyIt was also announced that he would form a combination with Iwata again, which was the first time since the Hanshin Daishōten five runs ago, because he was scheduled to ride in.[91].

Implementation of the first ever open lottery in frame order[92]At the 10th Arima Kinen, where 59 GI horses gathered, 66,796 votes were obtained and the fan vote was ranked first following the Takarazuka Kinen.[93], Was recommended to be the most popular with a win of 3.5 times[14].. When I made a good start from Gate 14 for the first time in a long time, I first asked the front, but by the time I reached the front of the stand on the first lap, I was in 1th and 5th behind and proceeded with the race behind the middle team.[94].. While passing 1000 meters at a slow pace of 63 seconds, we gradually started to advance from the 2rd corner on the 3nd lap.[94]..At the straight entrance, I put it in a position to catch the beginning and tried to escape from there, but I could not reach Gentildonna who escaped from the inside in the middle of the slope, and in front of the goalTo the worldWas returned by Hana difference, and became the third place for the second consecutive year.[94]..After the race, Iwata regretted that he had to race from the middle team at a slow pace, which is said to be advantageous ahead, and said, "I should have gone to the position from the start to the 4th corner."[95], Sugai set the maximum goal for the next spring season as Takarazuka Kinen, which is the first time in history to win three consecutive titles, and declared that he would continue to be active.[96].

The year ended with two wins in six races, the same as the previous year, with the first consecutive Takarazuka Kinen championship and the first overseas expedition.

6 years old (2015)

After the Arima Kinen, I didn't go grazing because I was less tired, and I continued to work with Iwata.American Jockey Club CupWas to go to[97].. In the run-off a week agoRittoAppealing good performance, such as marking a good time that makes a big difference to parallel horses on the CW course[98]..Strength in Nakayama[99]It was also evaluated that it was the only GI horse among the racehorses, and it was recommended to be the most popular 1.3 times on the day.[14].. If you make a decent start from the 8th gate, by the time you enter the 1st corner, you will be in 4th and 5th behind, and at the 2nd corner you will try to go up by yourself, but the saddle will hold the reins on the way and fit in the middle team. Although he started to drive out from the 4th corner in earnest, the reaction was sluggish, and it was a difficult position to catch the front team, and although he showed a straight line, he lost to 4th place with a difference of about 7 horses from the winning Creel Kaiser.[14]..In response to this result, there was a possibility of runningDubai Sheema ClassicTo avoid and head for the Hanshin Grand Prize[100].

At the Hanshin Daishōten, it was supported by the overwhelming popularity of winning odds of 1.6 times.[101]..Attach to the middle team on the way, spurt early, join the lead group in a straight line, and chase at the endDenim and RubyWon by holding down one horse and achieved the third straight victory in the same race.[101]..This is the ninth consecutive championship in the group races, but the third one was the most popular, the first record since the introduction of the grade system.[101]..In addition, with this victory, Gold Ship has reached the seventh heavy prize in history, 7 wins.[101].

At the Tenno Sho (Spring), Iwata, who has taken the reins since last year's Arima Kinen,Admire DeusIt was decided to ride on Yokoyama for the first time since the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe.[102]..He hated entering the gate and entered the gate in a blindfolded state, and after the start it was the last race alongside the most popular Kizuna.[103][104].. When Yokoyama gave a go-ahead in front of him on the second lap, he gradually rolled forward from the outside of the horse group.[103]..I was at the forefront of the last straight lineCurren MiroticWhen I pulled out, I was chasingFame gameFinally won the Emperor's Award in the third challenge, and became the sixth GI victory.[103]..In addition, because the start time was delayed by 4 minutes due to poor entry, the start training was reexamined.[103]..Subsequent reexaminations have passed at once[105].

At Takarazuka Kinen, we won the 1st place in the fan vote as in the previous year.[106].. "JRA same flat ground GI race 3 consecutive victories[Note 11][Note 12]I ran for an unprecedented record, but just before the start, next to meToho JackalBecause it was noisy, I lost my composure by standing up intimidatingly to Toho Jackal inside the gate, and even the moment the gate was opened, I stood up.[109][Note 13]It was a big delay and it became a chase from the back[110][111].. Although I was attached to a group of horses at the 3rd corner[111]I could not catch up even at the game place just before the goal, and I suffered a catastrophic defeat in 15th place[110], The record of 3 consecutive victories was not achieved.In addition, since the act immediately before shipping was judged to be poorly stationed in the frame, the start training reexamination was imposed again.[110].

On August 8, the following 2, a 2016 billion yen syndicate was formed,Big red farmStallionIt was decided to enter[112]..At the Japan Cup after the gate retest[113]Run with a real face without the blinker shadow roll for the first time since Arima Kinen in 2013[114], Although there was a possibility that it would not be possible to run for Arima Kinen if an event such as the Takarazuka Kinen of the previous race occurred.[115]I left the gate without any problems, but ended up in 10th place.[116].

Yokoyama won the Kikuka-sho of the year at the Arima Kinen on December 12th, which was the retirement race.Kitasan BlackTo ride on[117], It was reported that Hiroyuki Uchida will be riding for the first time since the 2013 Japan Cup.[118]..At the 60th Arima Kinen, 2011Buena VistaOver 10 votes since then, 1.8 times the previous year, 120,981 votes[119]..It was the most popular in the race, and although it made a showcase by setting up a long spurt at the remaining 1m point.[120], Straight and lacking in elongationGold actorLost to 8th place[121]..Uchida, who rode on the horse, regretted, "It was the last minute and I wanted to do something about it, but the reality was harsh."[121]..After the final race of Nakayama, a retirement ceremony was held in which trainer Sugai, Uchida, Yokoyama, Iwata, etc. who had been riding so far attended.[5][122]..On the same day, the racehorse registration was deleted.[3].

Race results

The following contentsnetkeiba.comBased on the information of[14].

Race dayRacecourseRace nameCaseDistance (Baba)Head
Order of arrivaltime
(Up 3F)
1st horse (2nd horse)
2011.07.09Hakodate2-year-old new horseTurf 1800m (good)1050507.0 (2 people)01stR1: 51.2 (34.9)-0.0%Shinichiro Akiyama54(Cosmo Yukka)
0000.09.10SapporoCosmos AwardOPTurf 1800m (good)0840401.2 (1 people)01stR1: 53.6 (36.5)-0.1%Shinichiro Akiyama54(Nishinokachizukushi)
0000.10.01SapporoSapporo 2 years old SGIIITurf 1800m (稍)1350604.5 (2 people)02stR1: 50.9 (35.6)-0.1Ando Katsumi55Grandezza
0000.12.24HanshinRadio NIKKEI Cup 2 years old SGIIITurf 2000m (good)1620305.9 (3 people)02stR2: 02.6 (35.3)-0.2Ando Katsumi55Adam's Peak
2012.02.12TokyoKyodo Communication CupGIIITurf 1800m (good)1130304.1 (2 people)01stR1: 48.3 (33.3)-0.3%Hiroyuki Uchida57(Deep Brillante
0000.04.15中山Satsuki AwardGITurf 2000m (稍)1871407.1 (4 people)01stR2: 01.3 (34.6)-0.4%Hiroyuki Uchida57(World ace
0000.05.27TokyoTokyo YushunGITurf 2400m (good)1830603.1 (2 people)05stR2: 24.0 (33.8)-0.2Hiroyuki Uchida57Deep Brillante
0000.09.23HanshinKobe Shimbun HaiGIITurf 2400m (good)1581402.3 (1 people)01stR2: 25.2 (34.5)-0.4%Hiroyuki Uchida56(Road Aclaim)
0000.10.21京都ChrysanthemumGITurf 3000m (good)1810101.4 (1 people)01stR3: 02.9 (35.9)-0.3%Hiroyuki Uchida57(Sky Dignity)
0000.12.23中山Arima MemorialGITurf 2500m (good)1671302.8 (1 people)01stR2: 31.9 (34.9)-0.2%Hiroyuki Uchida55(Ocean blue
2013.03.17HanshinHanshin Grand PrizeGIITurf 3000m (good)0970701.1 (1 people)01stR3: 05.0 (36.8)-0.3%Hiroyuki Uchida57(Desperado)
0000.04.28京都Emperor Award (Spring)GITurf 3200m (good)1840801.3 (1 people)05stR3: 15.1 (37.0)-0.9Hiroyuki Uchida58Fenomeno
0000.06.23HanshinTakarazuka MemorialGITurf 2200m (good)1181002.9 (2 people)01stR2: 13.2 (35.2)-0.6%Hiroyuki Uchida58(Danon Ballard
0000.10.06京都Kyoto Grand PrizeGIITurf 2400m (good)1381201.2 (1 people)05stR2: 23.2 (34.8)-0.3Hiroyuki Uchida58Hit the target
0000.11.24TokyoJapan CGITurf 2400m (good)1771303.4 (2 people)15stR2: 27.5 (34.7)-1.4Hiroyuki Uchida57Gentildonna
0000.12.22中山Arima MemorialGITurf 2500m (good)1671404.4 (2 people)03stR2: 33.8 (37.8)-1.5R. Moore57Orfevre
2014.03.23HanshinHanshin Grand PrizeGIITurf 3000m (good)0910101.7 (1 people)01stR3: 06.6 (34.5)-0.6%Yasushi Iwata58(Admire Rakti
0000.05.04京都Emperor Award (Spring)GITurf 3200m (good)1840804.3 (2 people)07stR3: 15.6 (34.2)-0.5C. Williams58Fenomeno
0000.06.29HanshinTakarazuka MemorialGITurf 2200m (good)1281102.7 (1 people)01stR2: 13.9 (35.2)-0.5%Norihiro Yokoyama58(Curren Mirotic
0000.08.24SapporoSapporo KinenGIITurf 2000m (good)1440501.8 (1 people)02stR1: 59.2 (35.3)-0.1Norihiro Yokoyama57Harpster
0000.10.05LongchampArc de Triomphe AwardG1Shiba 2400m (bon[Note 14]200614stNorihiro Yokoyama59.5Treve
0000.12.28中山Arima MemorialGITurf 2500m (good)1671403.5 (1 people)03stR2: 35.4 (33.9)-0.1Yasushi Iwata57Gentildonna
2015.01.25中山AJCCGIITurf 2200m (good)174801.3 (1 people)07stR2: 14.1 (34.4)-0.5Yasushi Iwata58Creel Kaiser
0000.03.22HanshinHanshin Grand PrizeGIITurf 3000m (good)107801.6 (1 people)01stR3: 05.9 (35.5)-0.2%Yasushi Iwata58(Denim and Ruby
0000.05.03京都Emperor Award (Spring)GITurf 3200m (good)1710104.6 (2 people)01stR3: 14.7 (35.0)-0.0%Norihiro Yokoyama58(Fame game
0000.06.28HanshinTakarazuka MemorialGITurf 2200m (good)1681501.9 (1 people)15stR2: 15.6 (35.1)1.2Norihiro Yokoyama58Lovely day
0000.11.29TokyoJapan CGITurf 2400m (good)1861204.7 (2 people)10stR2: 25.1 (34.5)0.4Norihiro Yokoyama57Shonan Pandora
0000.12.27中山Arima MemorialGITurf 2500m (good)1881504.1 (1 people)08stR2: 33.3 (35.2)0.3Hiroyuki Uchida57Gold actor
  • In the time columnRIndicates a record win

Stallion era

After the retirement ceremonyBig red farmAfter resting in Hokota, arrived at Big Red Farm on January 2016, 1.[123]..The seeding fee was set at 250 million yen under conception conditions[124]..In 2016, the first year of service, 109 breeding mares were sown, and 2017 were born in 79.[124].. In December of the same yearSelect saleIn the year-old division, one of them, Maigen 1,Hajime SatomiWill be sold for 5000 million yen[125]..He visited Sapporo Racecourse on September 9nd of the same year and was unveiled in the paddock after all the races on the day.[126].

The production piece debuted from 2019, and Maigen's 7 at the new horse race at Hakodate Racecourse on July 14th.Satono Gold[127] TaketoyoWas won on the saddle, and this was the first victory for the production piece.[128]..Satono Gold is the same horse managed by the Sugai stables as his father, and the staff in charge is also Takatoshi Imanami.[129].

2019 year 8 month 31 daySapporo 2-year-old stakesAchieved the first victory of the heavy prize of the production piece by the black hole[130].. Satono Gold entered the second place[131].

2021 year 5 month 23 dayYujun MareTheUber LebenWon the first victory of the GI class race of the production piece[132].

GI class race victory production piece

Heavy prize winning production piece


This section describes the characteristics of Gold Ship from the physical and temperamental aspects.

Physical aspect

Gold Ship's horse body connects hind legs[Note 15]Is remarkably loose and is not good at high-speed rotation[133]So, even when the go-ahead was sent at the start or at the game place, this looseness was a disaster, and due to the structure of the horse body that the dash did not work, it was difficult to take the lead and there were many races from the back.[134]..It was also unsuitable for races that settle records.[133]..Even on the courseTokyo RacecourseOnly the Tokinominoru Kinen Cup at the age of 3 won the race at the racetrack, and he was not good at racing at the racetrack. Because it will be placed in TokyoKyoto RacecourseI couldn't win the best race here[134]..ConverselyNakayama Racecourse-Hanshin RacecourseThen, while other horses often stalled on the steep slope at the remaining 200 meters, Gold Ship had strong, soft and contractile muscle strength and was able to accelerate with a large stride.[133][135]Therefore, it is possible to extend the end legs without getting tired even in a straight line.[133]And, even in Nakayama, the drive and turn arrived[134].

Shigeyuki Okada(Gold Ship's stallion-filled Big Red Farm group representative) said:[135].

I think it was the high physical ability that did not break down.Anyway, it's soft.The whole body is a shock absorber (a device that damps vibrations used in automobiles and buildings) and absorbs shocks.That's why I think it lasted a long time.Many horses have no strength when their bodies are soft, but they are inherited from my father's Stay Gold, and "even if they are soft, their muscles have strength (contraction)".There aren't many horses like that. There are "horses with strong muscles but hard" and "horses with soft but lacking power (propulsion)".That is the natural world.Sunday (Silence)"Soft but muscular" is also a characteristic of the system.That is the nature that is fundamentally sought after as an athlete.deep ImpactAs was the case, it is soft and has an instant power.That's the awesomeness of Sunday.
(Omitted) The image of an old horse may have been evaluated as a long-distance horse that "uses long and good legs", but the "engine start" when accelerating is different from other horses. That's not the case.Accelerate with Gyun.You can't do that without strength.The stallion must be soft.What it means is that if it is soft, the speed will not come out unless the pitch (rotation of the legs) is increased.The muscles must have contraction force to speed up the pitch.You can become a famous horse if you run with a good stride with whole body exercise and have enough muscles to raise the pitch.I felt that in Gold Ship. — Shigeyuki Okada, Weekly Gallop Extra Edition 21st Century Famous Horse VOL.1 Gold Ship "INTERVIEW Big Red Farm Group, Shigeyuki Okada Representative" pp76 --77[135]

Moreover, Okada is by no means suitable for long distances when looking at his body shape and parts.It is suitable for long distances that you can use the snaps on the legs to propel without the help of muscles, but Gold Ship is made so that you can not run with snaps.[133]..Even so, he said that he was able to win only at the physical ability and basic physical strength that he was born with, and that it is a famous horse that wins at a distance that he is not good at.[133]..One of the physical factors that led to the rugged race results during the active era was the combination of factors such as the position of the road, the course shape, and the looseness of the hind limbs.[134].


In this section, we will describe the fierceness of the spirit of Gold Ship's father, Stay Gold, from the testimony from the people concerned and the distance, interval, and number of races.

Testimony from stakeholders

Gold Ship was quiet when he entered the Sugai stables to which he belongs, but he woke up in the face of the 3-year-old Tokinominoru Kinen Cup.[136]..On the way back to the stables after the final run-off, Kohei Kitamura, a training assistant, was shaken off, causing a serious injury to his right shoulder dislocation, and he swung around Takatoshi Imanami, a groom who pulled the reins many times.[136]..In addition, he often bites the management trainer Sugai, who tears his shirt and puts it on his shoulder.moleI also made[137]..In an interview with a magazine after retirement, Sugai said, "I thought there were times when I was serious, but I did something strange ... I couldn't relax. In the last year (2015), I had alopecia areata. I think I was made to think a lot when I was in the stable. "[136]..In response to the question, the race that left an impression on all 28 races was the Takarazuka Kinen in 15, which was a big delay at the start and lost to 2015th place.Sugai said, "I had no choice but to do it here. I really don't know about this horse. I thought so."[136].

According to Imanami, Gold Ship was famous for kicking other horses from the time he stayed in Hakodate at the time of his debut.[137]In an interview conducted at the time of the spring of 4 years old, "I was able to ride and exercise around the stables until the spring of 3 years old, but now I can not do it very much. I am nervous during the towing exercise and walk while watching other horses. I testify[137]..In addition, Imanami testified, "I don't know what happened before I used the Tokinominoru Cup at the age of three, but it went wild. From that day on, the fight against the ship began."[138]..In addition, Imanami said, "I've been in danger many times. It's strange that I haven't been seriously injured, but I'm just hanging if I have a rein and go wild, so keep quiet rather than rebelling against me. If you're swayed, you're unlikely to get hurt. The horse has 1 horsepower, but it had about 10 horsepower. Anyway, I was just focusing on not letting it go. "[138].

The owner, Shunichi Kobayashi, testified when he saw the Gold Ship at the exit ranch in his hometown, saying, "It was a horse that was completely untouched and did not show any ill-temperedness that would be talked about later."[139]..Broadcast writer and freelance writerAkihiro ShimadaIn an essay published in a magazine, Norihiro Yokoyama, who rode after the 2014 Takarazuka Kinen victory, said, "I thought about valuing the feelings of the horse first. I posted that I thought I knew the real difficulty of this horse.[140]..Okada also described the temperament of Gold Ship as follows.[141].

This horse is very smart and delicate.It's too delicate and there are waves up and down.The mind is not always stable in every situation.Even in a race, he sometimes shows a tremendous performance, but when he is offended next to him, he reacts sensitively and his position along the way gets worse.If there is no compromise, the race may be stopped.Even now as a stallion, it is delicate and offensive if handled incorrectly.But if you understand it properly and trust people, you can understand each other. After I came to my house, I realized that I was racing like that because I was too smart. — Shigeyuki Okada, Weekly Gallop Extra Edition 21st Century Famous Horse VOL.1 Gold Ship "INTERVIEW Big Red Farm Group, Shigeyuki Okada Representative" p76[141]

After that, Okada was asked about the differences from his father, Stay Gold, and although they are similar in that they have strong resilience (strong and strong), Stay Gold is more selfish and the Gold Ship is fierce. Not only "smart".Unlike self-centered Stay Gold, Gold Ship "understands things deeply."He said he thinks it comes from his mother's father, Mejiro McQueen.[141]Furthermore, regarding the fact that he stood up in the gate just before the start at the Takarazuka Kinen in 2015 and was late for a long time, he stood up angry at the noise of the next horse (Toho Jackal), although ordinary horses do not do that. I do this because I think I'm the king.I thought that the fight was sold, and responded to it because of my keen sensitivity, and said that this is also the individuality of Gold Ship.[133].

From the distance, interval, and number of races

About the difficulty of the temper of Gold Ship, laterIzaki ShugoroIn an essay published in a magazine, analyzes from the distance, interval, and number of races.[142]..Among them, Izaki analyzes the pace during the race of Shibaryo 2000-2500 meters, the race interval after the debut race, and the number of runners within 2500 meters of Shiba (the numbers in [] below are From the left, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or less),

Shibaryo 2000-2500m race (excluding the French Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe) 15 races by 1200m passing time[142]
  • Within 1 minute 13 seconds 6 ... 7 battles [3 1 1 2] Win rate .429
  • 1 minute 13 seconds 8 or more ... 8 battles [1 1 1 5] Win rate .125[Note 16]
Results by race interval for 27 races after debut[142]
  • 3 ―― 4 weeks… 5 battles [1 1 1 2] Win rate .200
  • 6 ―― 8 weeks… 12 battles [5 1 0 6] Win rate .416
  • 2 months or more ... 10 battles [6 1 1 2] Win rate .600
Results by number of runners in 2500 races within 21 meters of turf[142]
  • 8 ―― 12 heads… 5 battles [5 0 0 0] Win rate 1.000
  • 13 --15 heads ... 4 battles [1 2 0 1] Win rate .250
  • 16 or more ... 12 battles [2 1 2 7] Win rate .166

It has become.

ゴールドシップが好成績を収めたのは、芝2500メートル以内では(良馬場で)1200メートル通過タイム1分13秒6以内かつ、レース間隔が2ヶ月以上かつ、出走頭数が8 - 12頭以内ということになる。また、上記に当てはまらないデビュー戦から4戦目のラジオNIKKEI杯2歳ステークスを除いた1800メートルのレース4戦は、3勝2着1回とパーフェクト連帯で、この頃はまだ優等生な成績[143]..Also, in races over 3000 meters, 5 wins and 2 out of finish[Note 17]The Kikuka-sho (18) and the 2015 Tenno-sho (spring) (17), which had a large number of horses, have won the race by demonstrating a wild race.[143]..In addition, the Hanshin Grand Prize, which won the championship for the third time in a row, is all 3 or less.[Note 18]was[143].

However, under the same conditions, the passing time of 1200 meters is 1 minute 13 seconds 8 or more.[Note 16]Then, when the race interval is 3-4 weeks and the number of runners is 16 or more, the results are getting worse immediately.Izaki describes this as "a type that is frustrating and complains."[142]..Regarding the feelings of Gold Ship for the three items analyzed, Izaki said, "Why do I have to keep up with such a slow pace! Let me run more freely!" When the pace is slow, and when the race interval is short, "This Even though I just worked hard before, why do I have to run again soon! ", He said," Oh, it's a mess ... "[142]..In addition, Izaki puts a long spurt on the gold ship from the 3rd corner in the winning race, leads the straight line, and then uses his double hips to push the trailer further.Horses that win in such a dynamic way are rare, and horses that are so strong but occasionally poker, so to speak, may be a type that is a mixture of deep impact long spurts and Orfevre's occasional poker. expressing[142].

Popular and synonymous

Gold Ship is, as the name suggests, a "golden ship."[144]Or, "golden combination" from his own pedigree that comes from his father, Stay Gold, and his mother's father, Mejiro McQueen.[145]There was a nickname.Later Shimada wrote the above essay[146]So, from the debut match to the Hanshin Grand Prize at the age of 4, the unsinkable ship sank once at the Emperor's Award (spring), but the appearance revived at the next Takarazuka Kinen is "Unsinkable Ship Gold Ship", with overwhelming strength , Repeated unbelievable defeats, and after the fall of 4 years old, when the honor student behavior until the summer of 4 years old changed and the days of ups and downs were sent, it is expressed as "Beast Gorushi"[Note 19]doing[146]。デビュー戦から4歳時の宝塚記念までは、13戦して【9 2 0 2】(【】内の数字は左から、1、2、3着、4着以下)[2][143]On the other hand, from the Kyoto Grand Prize in the fall of 4 years old to the Arima Kinen at the age of 6 when it was a retirement race, 15 races were held [4 1 2 8][2][143]I have left a grade.Regarding this, Shimada wrote as follows at the beginning and end of the above essay.

(Opening) From "Gold Ship" to "Gorshi"
Gold Ship when it was called "Unsinkable Ship".Gorshi who won the Emperor's Award, Spring in a race that breaks the common sense that moves all at once on the way, and made a "historical delay" at the Takarazuka Kinen of the next run.When asked which impression is stronger, most people will say the latter Gold Ship.Looking back at the report card, I think there were two Gold Ships.As much as that, there is a gap between the results until the summer of 2 years old and after the fall.
(End of sentence) "Unsinkable Ship Gold Ship" continued to run as "Beast Gorushi", leaving Turf with a record of 6 GI wins, the most in Ashige horse, and many unforgettable records.The strength and fun of breaking the common sense of horse racing was unique to this horse. — Akihiro Shimada, Weekly Gallop Extra Edition 21st Century Famous Horse VOL.1 Gold Ship “Unsinkable Ship After the Beast” p4 ・ p9[146]

In addition, by showing the appearance of winning with overwhelming strength and on the other hand, the appearance of being unbelievably defeated, the most popular race was 28 times and the second most popular race was 1 times out of 15 races.[143][147]At the retirement ceremony after Arima Kinen, 4 spectators remained and were loved by many fans.[5][122][148].

Pedigree table

Gold ship OfPedigree(Source of Pedigree Table)[§ 1]
Paternal lineSunday silence system
[§ 2]

Stay Gold
1994 Black deer
HokkaidoShiraoi Town
Father father
*Sunday silence
Sunday Silence
1986 Brown brown
HaloHail to Reason
Wishing WellUnderstanding
Mountain Flower
Father mother
Golden sash
1988 Brown hair
Shiraoi Town, Hokkaido
Dyna sash*Northern taste
*Royal sash

Point flag
1998 Gray horse
HokkaidoMonbetsu Town
White-eye McQueen
1987 Gray horse
HokkaidoUrakawa Town
Mejiro TitanMejiro Asama
White-eye aurora*Remand
White-eye iris
Mother's mother
1987 Dark bay
HokkaidoShizunai Town
* Pullalism
The Minstrel
Tokuno Eighty* Tribal chief
Iron Ruby
maternal(F-No.)Star flag system (FN:16-h)[§ 3]
Within the fifth generationInbreedingNorthern Dancer 5 × 5,Princely Gift 5 × 5[§ 4]
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Sweet flag

Eiichi Kobayashi was fascinated by the racehorse[151]..Sweet flag in 1964Shimosa ranchProduced inSymboli Ranch,Tomohiro WadaOwned by. 1969Female Horse Tokyo Times CupAnd 1970Kimpai (East)7 wins, won the 1967 Oka ShoSea Ace2nd place next toYushun Himba (Oaks)Then I left the result of 3rd place.The main battle jockey isYuji NohiraIs[151].

Kobayashi, who acquired the owner qualification in 1988, has a relationship.Tatsuo IshikuriThrough a trainer, I searched for a horse of the same strain as the sweet flag[152][153]. ThenShizunai TownA mare called Pastoralism was found at Okada Ranch.Kobayashi decides to buy it immediately after having his great-grandmother (third-generation mother), Furei, the mother of Sweet Flag.[153]..He was entrusted to Ishiguri and made his debut as a racehorse in 1990.Unwinned race against Norihiro Yokoyama at Hakodate Racecourse, won consecutive wins of less than 500 million yen and retired with 19 wins in 2 racesMonbetsu TownBecame a breedmare at the exit ranch[153]..Kobayashi has since devoted himself to the pastorism lineage without owning many breeding mares.[154].

On March 1998, 3, a point flag was born at the exit ranch.As a racehorseHikozo SugaiIt belongs to the stables and is owned by Kobayashi. Debuted at Kyoto Racecourse in 2000Tulip Sho(GIII), 2nd place, Oka Sho, Yushun Himba, Queen Elizabeth Cup and MareGIRetired with 15 win in 1 races[155]..Became a breeding mare.

Main relatives


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  • Kiyoaki Kawamura"Gold Ship-The Story of People's Harmony and the New Departure that Supported the Golden Voyage" (Kindle Edition) CLAP Co., Ltd., February 2019, 2.

外部 リンク

Uma Musume Pretty Derby

"Uma Musume Pretty Derby』(Uma Musume Pretty Derby) isCygamesbySmartphoneGame app for[1]Pc games, And around itMedia mixcontent.AbbreviationIsHorse daughter』.

The genre is a training simulation game,RacehorseTheMoe personification officialcharacterThe content is to train "Uma Musume" and aim to win the race called "Twinkle Series".

Production background

The game app will initially be released in the winter of 2018[5]However, the postponement of delivery was announced in December 2018[6], After an undecided period, distribution started on February 2021, 2[7].. In addition, diversified media such as comics, CDs, and TV animations are being developed prior to the distribution of games.[8], Various comics of CygamesWEB comicPosted on the site "Cycomics". TV animation was broadcast from April to June 2018, and this workSpin-offThe four-frame manga "Umayon" was also broadcast from July 4.[9][10][11].

At the beginning of the announcementBANDAI NAMCO EntertainmentAt “Idol Master seriesAkihiro Ishihara, who was involved in such activities, was the executive producer as a content producer.[12], Ishihara left Cygames in April 2019, and he has also retired from the same position.[13].

The name of the horse girl (the name of the racehorse that serves as the motif) that appears in this work is used after obtaining permission from the owner.


The story function in the game mainly includes "Main Story" that depicts the trajectory of the team <Sirius>, "Uma Musume Story" that individually depicts the encounter and interaction between Uma Musume and the trainer, and "Story of past events". There are three types of "extra".

Main story

Chapter 1 A fledgling first-class star

Oguri capHave trained top horse girls such asTeam <Sirius>.Arima MemorialWith the retirement of the predecessor trainer who saw Oguri Cap's last run in, the sub trainer will see the team as a new trainer.However, as soon as they took over, the horse girls who had belonged to the team <Sirius> left the team all at once, and the members becameWhite-eye McQueenIt will only be.If you do not collect the members required for team registration by the deadline, the team will disappearSuragawa TazunaThe two are told by the team that they will start recruiting team members for the survival of the team.

At the same time, Mejiro McQueen will refrain from AprilEmperor Award (Spring)I was preparing for it.The trainer is from the same Mejiro family as McQueen.Mejiro RyanFrom this, we learn that McQueen is strongly expected to win the Emperor's Award as a stayer of the White-eye family and feels great pressure.That night, Mejiro McQueen collapses during self-training due to fatigue from overwork.In the infirmary, Mejiro McQueen, who was told by the trainer that he wanted to rely more on himself, opened his heart and decided to win with the power of the two.afterwardsHanshin Grand PrizeMejiro McQueen, who was the most popular runner in the Tenno Sho (Spring), pushed out the Mejiro Ryan and others who were chasing from behind and finished first, and successfully won the Tenno Sho (Spring).

After the Emperor's Award (Spring), I saw McQueen running,Gold shipWith the addition of many horse girls, including the team <Sirius>, the team <Sirius> escapes the dissolution.Takarazuka MemorialMcQueen, who lost to Ryan in the event, was accumulating power at the team's summer training camp at the Mejiro family villa.Summer is overKyoto Grand PrizeMcQueen was the most popular, aiming to win the Tenno Sho Spring and Autumn in a row.Emperor Award (Autumn)Run in.On the day of the race, McQueen, who had many expectations from team members, the White-eye family, and the spectators, went around the outside at Takarazuka Kinen and suffered a defeat, so he forcibly entered the inside at the first corner to get a good position.McQueen entered the line in 1st place as it was, but when he entered the line, he was found to obstruct the course of the following, and he landed in 1th place.

At a later date, McQueen tried to recover from the failure of the Emperor's Award (Autumn).Japan CupHowever, he lost to 4th place and McQueen jumped out of the waiting room after the race.Oguri Cap, who came to watch the game, points out that McQueen is bound by expectations.Upon receiving the words, the trainer realizes that he must support McQueen, chases McQueen who jumps out, and tells him that McQueen is a horse girl who dreams as the ace of the team.After recovering, McQueen returned to the team and declared in front of the members that he would continue to run as the ace of the team.

At the Arima Kinen one month later, McQueen showed a sharp end leg, but unfortunately lost to second place.McQueen, who was defeated but was able to run to his satisfaction, was able to reconsider what he was missing.Then, McQueen won the second consecutive run of the Tenno Sho (Spring) and achieved the first consecutive victory of the Tenno Sho (Spring) in history.

Chapter 2 Small hard worker

After a while after winning the McQueen's Tenno Sho (Spring) in a rowRice showerJoins the team <Sirius>.The trainer who found long-distance suitability for rice shower finished in 8th placeSatsuki AwardLonger distanceJapanese derbyI propose to run in.Rice Shower, who trained to chase McQueen to train his stamina, fought well but was undefeated and won the Satsuki Sho.MihonoburubonEscaped to 2nd place.

After the race, Rice Shower decided to beat Mihono Bourbon and continued to train with McQueen after the race.However, McQueen broke down during the training and gave up Takarazuka Kinen, who was aiming for the race.Rice Shower entrusted with thoughts by McQueen to defeat Mihono BourbonChrysanthemumIs an outpost ofKyoto Shimbun HaiHe entered the race and narrowed the gap with Mihono Bourbon, but finished in 2nd place.

After that, Rice Shower continued training and entered the Kikuka Award.Rice Shower continued to mark Mihono Bourbon, finally dodging Mihono Bourbon in the final straight line and finally defeating Mihono Bourbon, who was surely regarded as an undefeated triple crown.After the race, Mihono Bourbon praises Rice Shower, recognizing the loss while expressing regret.On the other hand, the spectators, who were hoping for Mihono Bourbon's undefeated Triple Crown, did not welcome the victory of Rice Shower.Rice Shower, disappointed by the unexpected booing, atrophied and continued to be ill during training.

After seeing it, McQueen demands that the Rice Shower run for the Emperor's Award (Spring), which is the third consecutive victory for him, because he wants to convey it there.However, Rice Shower refuses to run because he is afraid that he will be booed again if it prevents McQueen from winning the third straight title.Mihono Bourbon, who is burning with revenge on the rice shower, wants to compete in the special training that he has done together in order to regain the energy to run in the rice shower.Impressed by his enthusiasm, Rice Shower regained his motivation to run, defeated Mihono Bourbon, and decided to run for the Emperor's Award (Spring).

After that, the rice showerNikkei Award, Mejiro McQueenOsaka CupVictory and celebrate the day of the Emperor's Award (Spring).Rice Shower overtook Mejiro McQueen in the final straight line and finished first, and Mejiro McQueen missed the third consecutive title of the Emperor's Award (Spring).As expected, the spectators booed Rice Shower, but in response to McQueen's words, "It is the winner's duty to answer the thoughts of everyone who came to see the race," Rice Shower was proud of the winning live. To finish.After the Emperor's Award (Spring), McQueen entrusted Rice Shower with the desire to "aim to be a horse girl who pleases everyone" and withdraws from the team <Sirius>.After that, Rice Shower won the second Emperor's Award (Spring) by training with Mihono Bourbon and Mejiro McQueen who returned temporarily, although the slump continued.The audience finally cheered at Rice Shower, who kept running without giving up, not forgetting the desire to win, and Rice Shower decided to continue running.

Chapter 3 Limited Express Ticket to Grab a Dream

Chapter 4 Fullness, craving

Uma Musume Story

It depicts the encounter between the horse girl and the trainer, the process leading up to the scout (episodes 1 to 4), and the interaction after the scout (episodes 5 to 7).Only the breeding horse girl in possession can view the story.[Annotation 1], It is gradually released by increasing the degree of friendship.All 7 episodes are implemented for each character.


Horse daughter

The character classification in this section is mainly based on animation.Since there are many parts of the background setting that differ depending on the media, the unique ones are described separately.Depending on the work, there may be a big difference in personality.

Team <Spica>

An up-and-coming team to which Special Weeks, the main characters, belong in the first phase of the anime."Problem children" who have difficulty in temperament are gathered, including Gold Ship, who is a boss, but their potential is immeasurable.In the past, Uma Musume who rebelled against the trainer's liberalism left the team one after another, and there was a time when the survival of the team was jeopardized because there was only one Uma Musume belonging to Gold Ship.The goal is to surpass the team <Rigil>.

In the anime "Season 2", due to the many activities of the team members, it has become a goal by other teams.

Special week
sound - Aki Waki
Black deerThe mesh enters the bangs.A purple ribbon is attached to the right ear, a white braid-like ornament is wrapped around the head, and the back is tied with a purple string.The game clothes are based on white and purple.It is called "Spe (chan)" by close horse girls.
HokkaidoFrom the countrysideHigashi Fuchu StationWhen exiting the ticket gateAutomatic ticket gateIt's so naive that I didn't even know to pass a ticket.I had never met another Uma Musume until I moved to Tokyo and entered Tressen Gakuen, and I had no friends of the same age, so I admired Silence Suzuka, the first Uma Musume I met other than myself, and gave special attention to it.When talking in your hometownHokkaido dialectcoming out.
The birth mother died shortly after she was born, and a human-rearing mother (voice-voice) who received a will from the birth mother saying, "I want this child to be raised by a fine horse daughter." Yu Saito) And grew up receiving rigorous training one-on-one.My dream for the future is "the best horse girl in Japan" that my mother told me.Both the deceased mother and the raising mother call her "mother" and admire her, and she frequently exchanges letters with her raising mother.
Easy to get nervous, but bright and positive personality.Also, because they are natural and naive, they are often deceived by human language.He is a big eater and has a large amount of carrots in cardboard boxes in his room, and a considerable amount of rice and side dishes are served in the dining scene at the cafeteria.
The main character of the first period and "STARTING GATE!".After losing to El Condor Pasa in a simulated race that also served as an entrance test for the team <Rigil> that was taken to join the same team as Silence Suzuka, he was taken to <Spica> by Gold Ship and others who were instructed by the trainer. Although he can come, Silence Suzuka moved to <Spica> at the same time, so he unexpectedly became a teammate with the person he admired and became the same room in the dormitory.At first, he saw Silence Suzuka as an admirer, but eventually he wanted to compete with her as a rival and enhance each other.
Silence Suzuka
Voice- Marika Takano
BrightBrown hairUma Musume with long hair and wearing a green ear cover and a Katyusha.A quiet and mysterious person, he likes to run more than anything else.Demonstrate overwhelming power with the tactic of "great escape" that runs fast without restrictions.The game clothes are based on white and light green, and have a cross star decoration on the chest.
Another one in the first periodhero..One year senior of Special Week.Although he belonged to the team <Rigil>, he couldn't find the joy of running because he didn't fit in with Hana's guidance policy, and he transferred to <Spica> to remember the joy of running.The goal is to become a horse girl who can give dreams to the viewer. At the beginning of the transfer to <Spica>, he was quiet and did not express his emotions very much, but he began to smile while interacting with Special Week and other members of <Spica> who were in the same room in the dormitory.In the 1th episode, he broke his bone during the race of the Tenno Sho (Autumn), but he survived by taking appropriate measures during Special Week and the trainer, and after more than a year of rehabilitation, he returned to the race.
Although he is on an expedition to the United States in "Season 2", he supports the members of <Spica> through Special Week every time, and returned to Japan and rushed to the race track at Arima Kinen, which is Tokai Teio's return match.
Boasting the fastest speed of his generation, he was said to be the earliest to make his debut, but he suffered from a slump due to an injury, and even after he was completely healed, he fell into the selection process, and he is still struggling to get out of the slump.There was a self-respecting part that didn't care about the surroundings at all until his personality fell into a slump, but changes have occurred, such as paying attention to the surroundings while spending time with Special Week.
Tokai Teio
Voice- Machico
KageAnd a blue ribbon on the right ear,ポ ニ ー テ ー ルA horse girl with a pink ribbon at the base of her.A mesh is inserted in a part of the bangs, but the mesh is similar to Symboli Rudolf.My roommate is Mayano Top Gun.
I have a strong admiration for Symboli Rudolf and am aiming for it.The first person is "I" (sometimes called "Wagahai" when intimidating), which is a little small but lively and bright, has the flexibility symbolized by the footsteps called "Teio Steppe", and is good at singing and dancing.
Even though the trainer of <Spica> repeatedly asked him to join the team, he held his attitude, but when he was asked to teach dance, he finally decided to join <Spica> because he seemed to have fun.
In "Season 2", he is the main character with McQueen.Like Rudolph, he aims to be an undefeated Triple Crown Uma Musume, but gradually loses his enthusiasm due to repeated breakdowns and ups and downs of his grades, and for a while he begins to think seriously about his retirement.However, when Twin Turbo witnessed the all-comers who decided the first place with an indomitable spirit, they regained their confidence and began to work hard to rehabilitate to return to the race.He made an effort to rehabilitate McQueen who suffered from a breakdown and lost confidence like himself, and won a close battle with leading horse girls at Arima Kinen in the return race.
White-eye McQueen
Voice- Saori Onishi
PurplishGray horseA horse girl with long hair and a green ribbon on her right ear.The daughter of the prestigious White-eye family, she specializes in long-distance racing.Due to her natural talent and lady-like behavior, she is highly regarded in the school.
My hobbies are watching sports (baseball) and watching movies.My roommate is Ikuno Dictus.
Tokai Teio is a classmate, a close friend and his biggest rival.He was entwined with Gold Ship and said, "I have to bring it.Pile driverIt is brought to <Spica> by Tokai Teio, who was ordered by Gold Ship.Weak to push, good people.As with Special Week, he eventually joins Spica in the form of an abduction.It is said that the Gold Ship and the horse are particularly suitable from the surroundings, and while being swayed by the Gold Ship, it is being dyed in the color of <Spica>.
In "Season 2", like Teio, he is the main character.At the Tenno Sho (Spring), he and Teio have a strong sense of opposition to each other even before the match, and win this.Although he lost to Rice Shower at the Tenno Sho (Spring) the following year, he was the first to applaud and congratulate Rice while the audience was disappointed because he blocked McQueen's third straight victory.He developed ligamentitis just before the reconfrontation with Teio who recovered from the injury, and despaired that he could not run again, but he was encouraged by Teio who vowed to win the Arima Kinen and cause a miracle.
One of the main characters in the main story and a member of the team <Sirius>.After retiring from Ace's Oguri Cap, he will be the only member of <Sirius>, but he will struggle as a new ace to rebuild the team.The emphasis is on the fact that he likes sweets, and he often hides and eats cakes even though he is losing weight.
Voice- Ayaka Ohashi
A horse girl with dark bay hair, bangs with a mesh in part, and a ring on her left ear.Ring-shaped accessories are also hung on the parts that correspond to both human ears, and the back hair is tied up.
The first person is "I", and although he shows a rugged behavior that does not differ from his boyish appearance, he has a gentle heart and a naive personality that is upset by the trivial color love.Daiwa Scarlet, a classmate and roommate, has been arguing with him on a regular basis, but he understands each other well and has a good rivalry.
Daiwa Scarlet
Voice- Kimura Chisaki
Slightly reddish brown hair, up to knee length tied up with a light blue hair clipTwin tailDouble toothUma Musume is characterized by.On the crowntiaraAnd a pink ribbon is attached to the left ear.
Contrary to her gorgeous and graceful appearance, her roots are very cheerful and cheeky.Although he has been arguing with vodka on a regular basis, he understands each other well and has a good rivalry.
Gold ship
Voice- Ueda Hitomi
Long gray horse hair close to silver hair, with a blue ribbon on the right ear,Head entanglementA horse girl wearing a brown sailor cap with a chin strap that looks like a big one.Contrary to his tall and graceful appearance, he is a free-spirited person who always behaves in a relaxed manner and has a rather free-spirited personality.Nickname is "Gorushi" and is often used when calling himself.
She was the oldest team member of Spica, and she was the only team member at one time until Daiwa Scarlet and Vodka came in.Feel free to do breakdance at winning live, often at the race trackRubik's CubeI bring in.A type that goes his own way even in practice.To moveSegwayIs sometimes used, and it is rented out when Tokai Teio is injured.
Every time I give a little bit to Mejiro McQueen, I get terrible eyes (mainly the eyes), but my body is very strong just because it hurts.In addition, he is enthusiastic about business and sells food and stalls at events and fan Thanksgiving where people are likely to gather.
When Tokai Teio resumed training for the return race in "Season2", he became the team leader temporarily, and although Teio was injured again and immediately dropped out, he eventually settled down as the team leader.
In the anime version, it has a mature and neutral appearance compared to other media.
In the main story, he is a member of the team <Sirius>.Although he forcibly joined <Sirius> in the middle, he has been playing a role as a supporter since then, supporting Mejiro McQueen and Rice Shower.Also, in the training scenario, the character is even more unique than other media, such as swinging the trainer with free-spirited words and deeds, not having a proper conversation, and giving a drop kick to the trainer with a smile when he wins the GI.

Team <Rigil>

The team that is considered to be the strongest at Tresen Gakuen in the first season of anime.When recruiting members, an entrance examination is conducted, and only those who have the fastest time can join the club.The members include two such horse girls, such as having two triple-crowned horse girls.

Some people appear individually in the anime "Season 2", but they are not involved in the story in the form of a team.

Voice- Azusa Tadokoro
A horse girl with a distinctive mesh of bay hair and bangs, who serves as the president of the Toresen Gakuen Student Organization.
He has an overwhelming charisma with a relaxed behavior, but he is sometimes too clumsy trying to get close to the other person.punI am amazed by Tokai Teio and Air Groove.
Mr C B(Voice- Yurina Amami), Along with Narita Brian, he is treated as one of the Triple Crown Uma Musume.In the first phase, the figure of running in the dream trophy is depicted. In "Season 1", Tokai Teio, who often suffers from injuries, is watched behind the scenes.
Cinderella Gray
He began to see Oguri Cap's talent at the Chukyo Cup, and asked Kitahara to transfer Oguri Cap to Central Tressen Academy.I feel that Oguri Cap has the potential to become a star that transcends the boundaries of Uma Musume, who is comparable to herself.
Air Groove
Voice- Aoki Ruriko
Uma Musume, Vice President of the Toresen Gakuen Student Organization and an aide to Symboli Rudolf.Hairstyle is dark bayOne lengthBob.Due to his dignified behavior and strict neutrality and too serious personality, he may be worried because he cannot understand the content of the joke made by Symboli Rudolf.Has a rivalry with Silence Suzuka.RoommateFine motion(Voice- Chinami Hashimoto).
At the direction of Symboli Rudolf, he will compete in a simulated race against Silence Suzuka who wants to transfer to Miho Dormitory.
Narita Brian
Voice- Aisaka YukaRika Kinugawa[Annotation 2]
Along with Air Groove, Uma Musume is the Vice President of the Toresen Gakuen Student Organization.Tie the back hair with dark bay hair with an orange and white string, and put it on the tip of your nose.White bandageIs on.A blunt and unfriendly person.He has a rivalry with his sister Biwa Hayahide.
One of the Triple Crown Horse Girls.Often acts with Biwa Hayahide.
In "BNW Oath", he will be the anchor of BNW's "B" team in place of Biwa Hayahide, who had a high fever in the relay road race and had a doctor stop.
El Condor Passer
Voice- Minami Takahashi[Annotation 3]
Hair color close to dark bay and covering eyesMaskIs the trademark horse girl.The game clothes are based on yellow, and the jacket is red.
AmericaFromreturnee childrenSo, I speak a little bit of Japanese.He has a cheerful and lively personality, and is very close to his classmates Special Week and Grass Wonder.Grass Wonder is also a roommate.
Having a wrestler's fatherwrestlingCan be seen strongly (rather than the United States)LatinThe element of) is conspicuous), and the mask also has the meaning of a mindset, and when the mask is removed, the words and actions become a little quiet. It has the nickname of "a monster bird dancing on a turf".It is called "El (chan)" by a close horse girl. It advocates "becoming the best horse girl in the world" and positions Silence Suzuka as a "wall for overseas expeditions".
In the entrance test of the team <Rigil> who also participated in Special Week, he finished first and entered <Rigil>.After watching Special Week and the Taiki Shuttle simulated race, she began to see her as a rival.Although he is a genius in Noh weather, he spares no effort to win, such as summarizing Broyer's measures independently after the defeat of the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe.
Glass wonder
Voice- Maeda Rena
A returnee from the United States, a horse girl with the heart of Yamato Nadeshiko, who loves tea and Japanese sweets.It features a shield-like mesh around the forehead with brown hair.Special Week is a classmate.The usual demeanor is gentle and mild, but it is a type that burns quietly with a fighting spirit inside, and it is scary to get angry.It also acts as a brake for El Condor Pasa, who tends to run away because of its cheerfulness, and when the prank is over, he mercilessly puts in a tsukkomi.
Has a career as a junior champion.I hurt my leg when it first appeared, but in the fall seasonMainichi crownMore full-scale return.Since the arrival of El Condor Pasa in France, he has become a strong rival for Special Week in the race. It will continue to appear in "Season 2", and you can often see scenes of eating with Special Week.When I watched the Tenno Sho (Spring) game, I felt sympathy when I saw the rice shower running.
Fuji Kiseki
Voice- Eriko Matsui
Uma Musume who is the director of the Ritto dormitory.Brown brownHowever, it is blackish and has a mesh in a part of the bangs.It is popular with horse girls because it is mild and kind to everyone, and there are many horse girls around her.
Hishi Amazon
Voice- Yuko Tatsumi
Miho Dormitory Director. Originally dark bay, but slightly bluish. The skin is brown. He has a red scrunchie on his left ear.
A returnee from the United StatesSukebanHe has a type of skin and is in good condition, but he is kind.Nickname is "Hishiama-san".
The design of the game clothes differs greatly between anime and games.
Voice- Lynn
A horse girl whose trademark is a blue ribbon with bay hair.Although she has a wide bowl, she can't keep up with the recent trends, such as repeating "old" buzzwords such as "Now Young" and having similar trends in hobbies and tastes.I go to my house instead of a dormitory and have a driver's license.My car is a supercar, but I often refuse to ride when driving because the driving is rough.
Taiki Shuttle
Voice- Yuka Otsubo
A horse girl who is American from the ground up and has a friendly personality who speaks Japanese more than El Condor Pasa.The trademark is a bright brown ponytail and a green star-shaped hair ornament.RoommateMegiro Dobel(Voice- Hikari Kubota).
He is good at pool training and sprinting, and boasts the best results in Japan for sprinting.We faced off against Special Week in a simulated race, and Special Week was an opportunity to learn how to run on slopes.
TM Opera Oh
Voice- Tokui blue sky
With a chestnut shortcutcrownUma Musume is a trademark accessory that imitates.The first person is "I" and calls himself "the strongest, fastest, and best-looking genius horse girl in the world."Narcissist.
The game clothes areGirl opera OfMale roleThe design is reminiscent of the costumes of.My roommate is Biwa Hayahide.

Team <Canopus>

A team that appears in earnest from the anime "Season 2".Only the name appears in the poster of the cafeteria in the first period of the anime.There are no members with outstanding abilities, but the goal is "defeat Spica".

Nice nature
Voice- Maeda Kaori
Uma Musume features red and green ear covers with reddish and voluminous bays in a twin tail.He has a savvy personality with a moderate motto, but in races he often setstles in second or third place, so he shows a timid and timid side that he is not confident in his talent.His nickname is "Nicea", and he sometimes calls himself "Nicea-san".Born and raised in a downtown shopping district, he grows up surrounded by adults, so he speaks and acts in a calm and mature manner.RoommateMarvelous Sunday(Voice- Marie Miyake).
Appearing from the first period, she is a friend of Silence Suzuka and talks to her at the Fan Thanksgiving Day at Tresen Academy.He also participated in the Tenno Sho (Autumn) when Suzuka was injured.Also, the tone is noticeably different from Season 1 and the game.
In "Season 2", it is the same as Tokai Teio who made his classic debut, and the events in the first period are not followed.From the rivalry to Tokai Teio, his efforts and dedication to victory have become stronger, and he can be seen to praise the twin turbo, which declares victory lightly, and to spare no help when Tokai Teio is depressed. I'm depressed many times because I can't get the first place, but I'm trying to do my best again to see Tokai Teio.At Arima Kinen, he has been on the bulletin board for many years in a row, and at Arima Kinen, which was the return race for Tokai Teio, he was in third place after Tokai Teio and Biwa Hayahide.
The aspect of not being confident in one's talent is emphasized, and the subservient words and actions such as putting up a preventive line are conspicuous.My parents' house is in the shopping districtsnackThe setting that it is is added, and it is also depicted that adults in the shopping district are familiar with it as "Nei-chan".
You will have a clear feeling of love for a trainer who is always serious about you, who is not confident.
Twin turbo
Voice- Miharu Hanai
A runaway girl with a turbo full throttle, a runaway horse girl who is full speed even in the start practice.Originally it is bay, but in this work, the blue hair is made into a twin tail, and the eyes are odd-eyed.The first person and nickname is "Turbo".Although he is kind and easy to understand, he sometimes immediately says what he thinks is childish, and his teammates say, "I'm a good boy, I'm crazy."
Appeared from "Season 2".A newcomer to Canopus shortly before Tokai Teio challenges Japan Derby, he unilaterally views Tokai Teio as a rival, but he is mistaken for his name every time.It also unilaterally declares rivals to Mejiro McQueen and Rice Shower.
When Tokai Teio decided to retire, he cried and opposed it, and through the appearance that he shook off other horse girls at All Comers and decided the first place with all his might, Tokai Teio who was preparing for the retirement ceremony at Fan Thanksgiving was physically fit. Reminds me of an indomitable spirit.After that, he was called "Twin Turbo Master" with gratitude from Tokai Teio.
Machikanetan Hoiza
Voice- Tono Hikaru
A horse girl with brown hair.The trademark blue hat has a large hole that exposes the right ear.He has a slightly positive personality, but he is also a hard worker who works harder than anyone else.On the other hand, there are places where it is easy to step on, and if you fall or fall down often, you will have nosebleeds.
Appeared from "Season 2".Since he joined after Ikuno Dictus, he is described as a "large rookie" by Twin Turbo.He has enough stamina and is good at long distances, and he is demonstrating his ability such as first-arriving at the rice shower at Meguro Kinen.
Voice- Tazawa Mayumi
Chestnut with a part of the back hair braidedBob cutRound glassesUma Musume is characteristic.He has a neat personality with coherent thinking.We pay the utmost attention not to break down, but it extends to others and cannot be ignored when we see the unreasonable horse girl.Mejiro McQueen is a roommate.
Appeared from "Season 2".The goal is to make Canopus the number one team in the school.After the match of the Emperor's Award (Spring), he works for McQueen who lost to Rice Shower.


Uma Musume is the main character in the new anime "BNW Oath" recorded in the 4th corner of "Uma Box".It also appears in the anime "Season2".It is a group of three who are close friends with their classmates, and are called "BNW" from their respective acronyms.

Biwa Hayahide
Voice- Kondo Yui
BNW "B".Ashi, the tallest horse girl among the three.It features long gray hair with a lot of loose wavy hair and under-rim glasses.Narita Brian is a sister and is called "sister" by her.Although he is a theoretical and calm personality, his wording is a little hard, and Narita Brian calls him "a clumsy wording."I am concerned that the whiteness of the hair () and the amount of hair make the face look bigger, and even the compliments such as "one head is outstanding" and "the face is wide" mean "big head". There are many depictions that react so sensitively that they can be heard.
Even in "Season2", there are many scenes where you react sensitively to the size of your head, but it is said that BNW has a particularly high ability, and at the Kikuka Award, the course record that Rice Shower gave last time was updated. And won the championship.Even at Arima Kinen, he will eventually lose to Tokai Teio by a small margin, but he will show an overwhelming run that keeps other horse girls away.
Narita Taishin
Voice- Keiko Watanabe
BNW "N".A short-cut horse girl with a deer hair and a petite physique.There is a complex to one's physique and a constitution that tends to be sick by nature and easily suffers from breakdowns, so it tends to create walls around it, often takes a greedy attitude, is not good at group action and is alwaysSmartphone,handheld game consoleI'm playing alone.The game clothesGrange fashionWind pants style.
In "BNW's Oath", he loses confidence in his ability due to repeated injuries and poor grades, and begins to think about retirement.Regarding the relay road race planned by Symboli Rudolf to encourage the three, he does not listen to Daiwa Scarlet's persuasion and does not appear until the end of the team practice, but he persuades Narita Brian based on his own experience and with himself. Biwa Hayahide, who wants to compete together, and the sincere words of the winning ticket changed his mind and decided to participate in the relay race.As an anchor in the final district, he will regain his confidence by winning the winning ticket and Narita Brian, which are the anchors of other teams.
Winning ticket
Voice- Yui Watanabe
"W" of BNW.A horse girl with a cheerful, cheerful and sensitive personality, with a dark bay outer honey short bob hairstyle.The game clothes are based on redJerseyThe wind makes the skirt blue.When I'm nervoushivesThe tears are so fragile that I was moved by a little bit and cried.His nickname is "Chikezo," and there are also depictions that require him to call it that way.RoommateTohsen Jordan(Voice- Suzuki Eri).
One of the main characters in the main story.He has a very strong feeling for Japan Derby, and he was scouted by a trainer of <Sirius> who sympathized with that feeling and entered <Sirius>, aiming to conquer the derby.

The main part of the anime appeared Uma Musume

Uma Musume who appears as a regular character in the TV anime version.

Sayung Sky
Voice- Akira Kitou
It is close to gray horse, but as the name suggests, it has a hair color close to sky blue.The cover is attached only to the right ear.The game clothes are based on light blue and green.I usually get tired of it at my own pace, but I hate it in the race.He is good at running away, but he also has the flexibility to freely change his tactics depending on the situation.Hobbyfishing.Nishino Flower(Voice- Haruna Kawai).
Special Week and King Halo are classmates, close friends and rivals.Yayoi AwardSince then, he will face off many times in the classic triple crown race.Sometimes I hate entering the gate.
King halo
Voice- Iori Saeki
Uma Musume with long bay hair, blue ear covers and green earrings.She has a strong temperament and pride, and always has a strong commitment to being first-class.Occasionally, he laughs loudly, such as when he wins a race.Classmates with Special Week, El Condor Pasa, Grass Wonder, and Seiun Sky.The game clothes are based on greenEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu..I have a longing for my roommate Haru Urara and myselfKawakami Princess(Voice- Takahashi flower forest) Has a caring side, such as taking good care of it.
In producing the anime version of the anime version producerJunnosuke ItoNewly added character with the intention of[15]So, as a rival of Special Week and Seiun Sky in animeYayoi AwardSince then, he will play many times in races betting the Triple Crown Horse Girl.
Haru Urara
Voice- Shina Shuto
As the name suggests, it is literally unique among horse girls who have spring-like pink hair and eyes reminiscent of cherry blossom petals, and have many hair colors that are close to the actual horse hair color.
He has an innocent personality and is inferior to the horse girls around him, but he has a positive attitude that he will not be depressed no matter how much he loses.
It's a different class from Special Week, but we're very close.He has a gentle and cheerful personality, such as calling out to Special Week when he fails to introduce himself and is depressed, and not laughing when he hears the dream of "becoming the best horse girl in Japan" that Special Week said in the entrance test of <Rigil>.
KochiHe made his debut in Japan, and although his grades are terrible, his hard work is popular.I often go to Kochi, and every time I come back to Tresen Gakuen, I bring back souvenirs.Since I started working in Kochi, sometimesTosa dialectYou will be able to speak with.
Haru Urara Good luck!
Serve as the main character.Compared to other media, he has a childish, capricious and selfish personality, but he is a trainer.Dai MuneishiThe figure that is loved by the people of Kochi is emphasized.Because of the mood shop, he does not train unless he is willing to do it, and although he does his best in the race, he has not won even at the time of the 100th race because he does not stick to the result, but he continues to run without retiring due to the love of the owners.Although sensitive to weight gain and loss, carrots and ice cream after the bath can never be stopped.
Voice- Ikumi Hasegawa
Uma Musume is characterized by her long brown hair and a cutie with a hard white hair accessory.A genius who strives to handle an overwhelming amount of practice stoicly.It is rumored that it is a cyborg in the school because it behaves like a machine and practices lightly without changing its facial expression.The trainer is called the "master".My roommate is Nishino Flower.
Originally suitable for sprint races, we are aiming for a classic triple crown and are conducting stamina training for that purpose.His father is a former trainer, and the Classic Races have inherited his will because he was a dream he couldn't achieve during his active career.
In "BNW Oath", he belongs to BNW's "N" team in the relay road race and is the first runner.
In "Season 2", he is training under the Kuronuma trainer aiming for an undefeated triple crown.He lost to Rice Shower at the Kikuka Award and was injured during training for the Japan Cup, but he is working hard to return.Although he couldn't fulfill his dream of triple crown, he found a new reason to run, and admitted that he had a rice shower with soil as a rival.
Rice shower
Voice- Mika Iwami
A very petite horse girl with dark bay hair, her right eye hidden by her bangs, and a small hat with a blue rose as her trademark.The first person is "Rice", who has a straightforward and innocent personality, but he is not confident in himself because he has a very bad relationship, and he tends to think very negatively.RoommateZenno Rob Roy(Voice- Terui Haruka).
In "BNW Oath", he belongs to BNW's "B" team in the relay road race and is the first runner.
In "Season 2", after seeing the Satsuki Sho run, she has aimed at Mihono Bourbon and secretly ran backwards several times during her training to check her feelings.As a result of repeated efforts, he grew up to be conscious of Mihono Bourbon before the Kikuka Award, defeated Mihono Bourbon in the actual performance, and blocked her goal of "undefeated triple crown horse girl".After that, I continued training for the Spring Emperor's Award with Arima Kinen in between, but who are the spectators who are supporting me at the winning live after winning the Kikuka Award and the voices of fans expecting Mejiro McQueen's Spring Emperor Award for the third consecutive time It suggests that he will decline to run due to the trauma that he was not alone.However, with the encouragement from Mihono Bourbon himself, who has blocked the evaluation and goals of the surrounding horse girls, he decided to participate in the Spring Emperor's Award and resumed training.As with the Kikuka-sho, I ran backwards during the training of Mejiro McQueen to check my own feelings, but I felt an overwhelming difference in running ability and experience points.Thinking that it is necessary to excel in mental strength to make up for the difference, Mihono Bourbon, known for his overwhelming amount of practice, will perform fierce training that makes him feel threatened.As a result, Mejiro McQueen wears a horrifying aura on the underground passage just before the race.In the actual race, he took a strategy to thoroughly mark Mejiro McQueen, and at the end he won the record time with a 2.1 / 2 ba difference to Mejiro McQueen.On the underground road after the race, I shed tears that I had broken the dreams of the fans as I did at the Kikuka Award, but I vowed to continue running with the encouragement of Mihono Bourbon again.
One of the main characters in the main story.One of the horse girls scouted by the trainer of the team <Sirius>, he worked hard to practice by seeing the back of Mejiro McQueen who grew up to be the ace of the team, and faced Mihono Bourbon on the classic front.
Machikane Fukukita
Voice- Hiyori Nitta
A horse girl who pours her heart and soul into fortune-telling and magic.There are some aspects of restlessness and illness, but there are also aspects of self-confidence that make you bearish as soon as you feel unlucky."I tell myself every dayShiraokiI believe in "sama".
At Toresen Gakuen, he runs a fortune-telling hall, "There is a front, but fortune-telling."At the time of New Year, I was working part-time as a shrine maiden.He gives various advices to the horse girls of the school by crystal fortune-telling.
May Shodo Tou
Voice- Misaki Watada
A horse girl who has the ability, but is shy and withdrawn.Because of my personality, I tend to lose confidence because I can't get along with something.He always sees the confident T M Opera O as an object of respect.RoommateAir Shakur(Voice- Minami Tsuda).
Mainly at the fortune-telling hall, he is an assistant to Machikane Fukukita.
Megiro Palmer
Voice- Noguchi Yuri
Uma Musume of the Mejiro family, who has a friendly personality and is not expensive.In the race, the running form is characterized by raising the head high without taking a forward leaning posture.
After turning his leg quality into a big escape with the fortune-telling of Machikane Fukukita, his talent blossomed and he escaped and won the Arima Kinen.However, probably because it is hidden in the shadow of Mejiro McQueen, the main family of White-eye is not paying attention, and moreoverTakarazuka MemorialThere are many unfortunate events such as the trainer not coming after the victory.Even if he escapes a long distance, his stamina is uninterrupted and tough, and Tokai Teio is not good at it.He is learning gal terms under the influence of Daitaku Helios.
Daitaku Helios
Voice- Aya Yamane
Live brightly with glue at any timeParipiGal horse daughter of the system.Mejiro Palmer is an escape friend.Although it is dark bay, the blue color of Menko is included as a mesh.
After Mejiro Palmer was fortune-telled by Machikane Fukukita, he happened to meet and hit it off and became a close friend.In the race, if you "escape" with Mejiro Palmer, you tend to be short of breath due to the difference in stamina.
Kitasan Black
Voice- Princess Yano Naki
A cheerful and humane horse girl.He has a friendly personality that cannot be left alone when he sees a person in trouble, and he always smiles.I like festivals, and sometimes I get a tongue-in-cheek tone.Nickname is "Kita-chan".
Satono Diamond, a childhood friend, is a close friend and rival from elementary school students.
Appeared in the form of an elementary school student.Visit the open campus of Tresen Gakuen with Satono Diamond.Longing for Tokai Teio, he often visits the races of Teio and McQueen with Satono Diamond.When Teio was injured and couldn't run the race, he made a talisman, though he wasn't used to it.In the final episode, he grows up and enrolls in Tresen Gakuen.
Minami (voice-) I met at the race track Teppei Uenishi) Tomasu (Voice- Arisumi fusion) And friends such as watching games together and drinking tea together in the waiting line.
Appeared in a grown-up form from the beginning.In the event story of the story event "Brand-new Friend" that first appeared, he was one of the main characters along with Satono Diamond, and the events at the time of entering Tresen Gakuen, the horse daughter of the team <Canops> member in the animation version, and the big escape combination The friendship with (Mejiro Palmer, Daitaku Helios) is depicted.
Satono diamond
Voice- Tachibana Hina
A boxed horse girl born as a wealthy daughter.He has a pure, pretty and unfussy personality, and although he has many naive words and deeds, he also shows a strong side.The goal is to break the jinx for the sake of the family's dream, and there is one side that is derived from it and challenges when you hear the word jinx.Nickname is "Diamond-chan".
Kitasan Black, a childhood friend, is a close friend and rival from elementary school students.
Appeared in the form of an elementary school student.Visit the open campus of Tresen Gakuen with Kitasan Black.Longing for Mejiro McQueen, he often visits the races of Teio and McQueen with Satono Diamond.
Along with Kitasan Black, I have a friendship with Minami and Masuo who I met at the race track.
Appeared in a grown-up form from the beginning.The activity is the same as Kitasan Black.

Game appearance horse girl

A horse girl who appears as a breeding horse girl in the game.

Agnes tachyon
Voice- Sumire Uesaka
A horse girl who came to Tresen Gakuen to study her potential as a horse girl.Prioritizing his own body modification research, he rarely appears in classes and practice.RoommateAgnes Digital(Voice- Suzuki Minori).
Trainers are treated as "subjects (guinea pigs)".Manhattan Cafe(Voice- Yui Ogura) Often asks for experiments and drug tastings, but refused.I like tea and I'm not good at coffee.
Appeared in "BNW Oath".Belongs to BNW's "N" team in the relay road race.
Sakura Bakushin O
Voice- Sachika Misawa
Uma Musume who serves as the class president.He has a strong sense of self-affirmation and justice, and has a rushing personality that "buckins" in a straight line when he thinks.
We are proud to be a class president and a model honor student, and we look around the campus every day.Biko Pegasus(Voice- Aimi Tanaka) And the disciplinary committeeBamboo memory(Voice- Aihara Kotomi) Is on good terms.
In charge of the moderator of the relay road race in "BNW Oath". In "Season2", Mihono Bourbon is expected to be his rival candidate and invited to a short-distance route, but he is refused.
Mejiro Ryan
Voice- Ashi Haji
Uma Musume of the White-eye family with very short hair.RoommateInes Fujin(Voice- Tomomi Mineuchi).
He loves unrivaled training and is enthusiastic about pumping up his muscles.On the other hand, I also like cute clothes and shojo manga.He often acts with Mejiro McQueen and Mejiro Dobel of the same White-eye family.
He has been expected to win the classic race from an early age, and he himself is burning his tenacity as a goal.What is Mejiro McQueen?Childhood friendAnd I feel respect and closeness to McQueen who carries the White-eye family.
Mayano Top Gun
Voice- Ayaka ImamuraMio Hoshitani[Annotation 4]
An innocent and energetic horse girl.He has a sweet temperament, is also a mood shop, and is good at swinging around.I long for becoming a glittering adult horse girl.The first person is "Maya", and the names from the surroundings are mainly "Mayano".He is also a roommate of Tokai Teio.
He is very dexterous and has a genius background, such as "understanding" any running style and technique.
My father is a pilot, and I like airplanes because of that.When I'm depressed, I sometimes look at the plane at the airport. I also like to use wireless terms such as "eye copy" and "you copy?"The game clothesFlight jacketWind.
Smart Falcon
Voice- Hitomi Owada
An idol-type horse girl who is passionate about winning live, she calls herself "Uma Musume (Uma Musume Idol)".Nickname is Falko.RoommateAisin flash(Voice- Ayumi Fujino).
The goal is to stand in the center, attracting the attention of many people.The race suitability is dirt, but the result was not so good because I was running on the grass that attracted a lot of people.After being taught the goodness of dirt races by trainers, I started thinking about raising the dirt races themselves so that they would be noticed like turf even on dirt roads.
Silence Suzuka and Mihono Bourbon form the unit "Escape Sisters".Ines Fujin and Maruzensky will join as additional members in the anime version "Umayon".
Curren Chan
Voice- Yu Shinohara
A whimsical horse girl with a whimsical feeling.He goes on the internet under the name "Curren" and has 300 million followers on social media posting selfies.RoommateAdmire Vega(Voice- Hitomi Sasaki).
We pursue "kawaii" and act on the basis of "kawaii" in all things.The trainer is called an older brother (sister).

Uma Musume in Cinderella Gray

Uma Musume who appears in the manga "Cinderella Gray".Oguri Cap, Tamamo Cross, Super Creek,Inariwan(Voice- Inoue Haruno),Gold Shichi(Voice- Saki Kosaka) Is the first appearance in this work.

Oguri cap
Voice- Tomoya Takayanagi
The main character of the manga "Cinderella Gray". Originally gray horse, it is close to silver hair and the top of the head is blackish.
A promising stock that has been transferred from a local horse girl training facility.Gluttony and fast-eating far exceed even Gluttony Special Week, and I often eat a heap of food behind Special Weeks at restaurants, but when the screen changes, I have to eat those dishes.What is Tamamo Cross Inari One Super Creek?Same generationAnd my best friend.
It ’s pretty fast at my own pacenatural..In addition, he is shy and has few words, and in "STARTING GATE!", It causes a rush with Special Week.
Cinderella Gray
He is still a big eater and has few words, and he always wears a dirty jersey and has ponytail hair without wearing a uniform.The trademark diamond-shaped hair ornament was worn by her mother when she was once an active race horse girl.When I was born, my knees were so bad that I couldn't walk, and after receiving a knee massage from my mother every day, I was finally able to walk and run.He loves to run, and because of the knees mentioned above, he always says, "For me, being able to stand and run is a miracle."I enrolled in Kasamatsu Tresen Gakuen just because I wanted to run purely, but Fujima Summer March asked me if that was all right, and after that I became aware of the game.
I like to run, but I'm careless about other things, and because I have little knowledge of racing horse girls and local series, I don't know the specifications of winning live after winning the race or running in a race with broken shoes. You can also dance the Kasamatsu Ondo to stunn the audience.The naturalness hasn't changed, and I think that he was kind to harassment and sarcasm, and I'm completely unconsciously fanning.My parents' house is poor and lives in a rag apartment.
Tamamo Cross
Voice- Naomi Ozora
Double toothUma Musume's trademark is a blue spherical hair ornament and a blue Katyusha with a red check.The same gray horse as Oguri Cap.Petite physique and alwaysKansai dialectSpeak at.He is very victorious and has a quick fight, but he also has a good feeling and good care.My specialty isTakoyaki.
Basically, there are many scenes where he acts with Oguri Cap, but there are also scenes where he has friends with Super Creek and Inari One.In the 6th R, with Super Creek and Oguri Capdonut OfGluttony competitionHowever, as a result of deliberation due to an accident caused by Super Creek, Oguri Cap lost the championship position, but Oguri Cap gave the winning prize donut. Take over the stuffed animal.
Cinderella Gray
After the race, I happened to witness the Oguri Cap race when I got on the wrong train on the way back to Kasamatsu.She was shocked by her overwhelming strength at that time, and because she has the same gray horse, she has a strong rivalry.He won the Emperor's Award (Spring) of the year and won 6 consecutive victories including a heavy prize.
Super creek
Voice- Kana Yuuki
A horse girl with a large and gentle older sister's skin.Oguri Cap, Tamamo Cross, and Inari One are friends and rivals.My roommate is Narita Taishin.
He has a caring personality and wants to spoil the people around him, such as Tamamo Cross and trainers.His parents' house is a nursery school, and he seems to have had a hassle-free personality to take care of the children around him from an early age.
An unfriendly horse girl with a windmill hair accessory on her left ear and a mesh on her bangs.Also known as "martial arts girl".Dodge the handshake on the first day of Oguri Cap's move-in and declare that he will fight openly.He is always honorific and has an honorific temperament, and he is serious about his daily school life and racing, but he has an old-fashioned side, such as writing an autograph when he challenges Oguri Cap.
Megiro Ardan
Voice- Saya Aizawa
Like Mejiro McQueen and others, she is the daughter of the Mejiro family.He is quiet and speaks the words of a young lady.He seems to be on good terms with Yaenomuteki and Sakura Chiyono O, and holds a race called a tea party.
Sakura Chiyono O
Voice- Ruriko Noguchi
A black-haired Bob's throat horse girl with cherry blossom hair ornaments on her left ear.4 wins in 3 races at the time of first appearance.Maybe because I'm shy, I'm nervous when I see the Oguri Cap on the first day of moving in.I have a longing for Maruzensky.
Sirius Shimbori
Symboli Rudolf's childhood friend Uma Musume.He went on an expedition to France before the start of the main story, and after returning to Japan, he will play against Oguri Cap with the crown every day.

Original horse girl

In addition to this, in the anime version and game version, many original horse girls have appeared during the race.In this item, only the characters that are greatly related to the scenario are listed.

Voice- Haruna Ikezawa
Appeared in the first phase of anime.A blonde horse girl who is said to be the strongest in Europe, she wears a blue guardian-style racing uniform with a gold mall, a white miniskirt and boots, and a cloak.[17].. After defeating El Condor Pasa at the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, he will come to Japan from France to participate in the Japan Cup.
After losing to Special Week in the Japan Cup, she started to pay attention to her, and in "BNW's Oath", she was invited by Symboli Rudolf to come back to Japan and watch the relay race.
Sun visor
Voice- Rie Kugimiya
Appeared in the first phase of anime.Hana is the most vigilant as "be careful", as she is a growing horse girl who participated in the open special race that was the return race of Silence Suzuka.
Both the school and the race track are in a mood to welcome the return of Silence Suzuka, and declare their victory over Silence Suzuka in the race.
In "BNW's Oath", he will serve as the shadow warrior of Narita Taishin, the final runner of the relay road race, until she comes.
Happy Meek
Voice- Miyu Yoshisaki
Uma Musume who appears in the training part of the game.White hairSilver hair close to.He has a laid-back personality, has few words, and is vague.The trainer in charge is Aoi Kiryuin.
Cinderella Gray's original horse girl
Voice- Kyori Nemoto(Volume 1 PV[18]
A horse girl who entered the Casamatsu Tresen Academy at the same time as Oguri Cap and was scouted by Joe to become the same team as Oguri Cap.Nickname is "Berno".A petite body with a short brown bob with a white mesh and a B-shaped hair accessory.The earrings are on the right.At first, he is afraid of Oguri Cap's strong appetite and the atmosphere of not knowing what he is thinking, but gradually he gets along well.There is nothing remarkable about running, but my parents' house is a sporting goods store specializing in horse girls, and I am familiar with shoes and horseshoes.At the same time as Oguri Cap's transfer to Central Tressen Academy, he took and passed the transfer exam for support trainees.After that, he will support Oguri Cap as a student of Central Tressen Academy.
Fujima Summer March
A rival of the Oguri Cap stone pine era.She has red eyes on her straight hair with a light green color.With a cool and unattractive impression, he has a strong obsession with victory.From an early age, he continued to run stoicly and achieved excellent grades, and entered the Kasamatsu Tresen Academy as a scholarship student.After enrolling, he was scouted by Shibasaki and challenged the new battle with the goal of conquering the Tokai Derby, but he was surprised at Oguri Cap who chased himself to the next step, and after that he became hostile to her as a rival.Hair ornament is on the left.Good at running away.
Norn Ace
Oguri Cap's roommate.A gal-style horse girl who wears her uniform and manipulates her smartphone.I often hang out with my teammates Rudy Lemono and Minnie the Lady.At first, he relentlessly bullies the ugly Oguri Cap, drives her to the storage room despite being a roommate, and colludes with Rudy Lemono and Miniza Lady to interfere with the Oguri Cap (but is bullied by the Oguri Cap). (I don't realize that I'm being disturbed at all), but in the race I ran with, I realized the difference in my ability and converted, and I started to teach and support Oguri Cap's winning live dance.My parents' house is a dance class.
Rudy Lemono
Voice- Mai Nishikawa(Volume 1 PV[18]
A bad friend from an elementary school student in Norn Ace. Long hair with palomino, which is rare for horse girls. A yankee girl with bad eyesight and a bad mouth.
Minnie the Lady
A bad friend from an elementary school student in Norn Ace.It features a brown-brown bob head and Menko.He is also swearing at the short Vernolite, but he is shorter.With wisdom, she has a plan to block Oguri Cap.
Blacky ale
A bad horse girl with a rough tone and aggressive eyes.At the time of the first appearance, he has won 9 consecutive wins with 5 wins in 4 races.On the first day of moving in, he ridiculed the race of stone pine against Oguri Cap as "playing in the sand" and called Oguri Cap a coarse fish, but he ran for five consecutive victories.Pegasus stakesLost to Oguri Cap in the first match of the central transfer.Contrary to his rough appearance, he is kind to children and fans, and responds sincerely when spoken to.
Dictus striker
A bad horse girl with brown hair wearing a hoodie in her eyes.Also known as "Chestnut Bullet".
Dynam Heroine
A black-haired horse girl who has won 2 G2s and finished 2nd in Yasuda Kinen.Also known as "Lady on the stage".The earrings are on the right.
Makeup Tsukasa
A horse girl who belongs to Roppei's team, her bangs are pinned.He is an honor student and treats seniors and juniors in a friendly manner.
Craft Univa
A shy horse girl who belongs to Roppei's team and has freckles on her face and one eye hidden by her hair.I often carry candy with me.
God Hannibal
Uma Musume, who belongs to Roppei's team, has earmuffs and piercings on her right ear, creating a mysterious atmosphere.However, it's just a knack for its appearance, and it can get stuck in a stump or mistake a jersey for ice cream.

Other characters

Person of Tresen Academy

Tazuna Suragawa (Tazuna Hayakawa)
Voice- Yukiyo Fujii
Secretary of the president of Tresen Gakuen.In addition to acting as a game navigator, he also appears in anime.A young woman wearing a hat.It's quiet, but it's fast enough to catch up with the students at Tresen Gakuen.
Yayoi Akigawa (Yayoi Akigawa)
Voice- Mizuhashi Kaori
He is the chairman of Tresen Gakuen, who appears in the game, and has just taken over the position of chairman from the previous chairman.A young girl with bright brown hair and a mesh of bangs.I have a cat on my hat.It features a dynamic tone that makes heavy use of two-character idioms.
He has a very strong desire to support his horse daughter, and even if he throws his own fortune, he will support him, but his desire goes out of control and he often gets punished.
Voice- Koji Okino
The trainer of the team <Spica> that appears in the anime.The real name is unknown.A self-proclaimed, liberalist who values ​​independence.A man with a peculiar hairstyle in which only the left side of the head is cut off after bundling hair on the back of the head, and stubble on the chin.
I quit the trainer once, but I couldn't give up my dream and returned. Always with a stickcandyIs in my mouth.
He noticed the nature of Special Week early on and forcibly pulled him into the team, and advised Silence Suzuka in the <Rigil> era to make a big escape in the race.
Putting the horse girl running comfortably first, we do not make any special strategy in the race and leave it to the sensibility of the horse girl who actually runs.Unless there is a lot of practice, I won't put up a menu like this, but if necessary, I may make a hard menu.
You can understand the feelings of your students and be attentive, but there are some things that are missing, such as being distracted by winning the race and neglecting to teach the singing and dancing of the winning live, and asking Tokai Teio for guidance. ..In the first period of animation, I have a habit of touching the thighs (Tomo) of Uma Musume to see the nature and condition of Uma Musume, and I often get kicked or get a little antipathy and team members (mainly Gold Ship Mejiro McQueen)・ Vodka / Daiwa Scarlet) may be shivered.There is no such description in the second period of animation, and it is shivered when making careless remarks (pride, digging up the events of the losing race, etc.).
About the anime version of the trainer, Ishihara of Cygames and the producer of the animationTOHO animation OfJunnosuke ItoIs "Taketoyo(Jockey)Toshiaki ShiraiAlthough there is a part that referred to (trainer), it is not that they are models, but that it is the trainer who speaks for and aggregates the thoughts of various people involved in horse racing including them. "[19].
Tojo Hana
Voice- Megumi Toyoguchi
Trainer of the team <Rigil>.A cool, rationalist woman with glasses.
Thoroughly manage the horse girl and demand that she run according to her race plan in the race.
It is very strict and may be repelled by Uma Musume who has doubts about the policy, but the policy of strict management is not only to win the race but also to prevent the horse daughter from being injured. is there.
I always treat my horse girl very rigorously, but there is also a gentle side, such as comforting when my student loses and always caring about the student who transferred from <Rigil> to another team.
He has a long-standing relationship with the trainer of <Spica>, and he is called "Ohana-san", and sometimes he cooperates with special training and provides information.
Voice- Shin Furukawa
Trainer of the team <Canopus>.A young man in a suit.He is a gentle Yuu and is often swayed by the members of <Canopus>, but he keeps smiling and always treats him politely.Sometimes he takes bold actions, such as jacking Tokai Teio's retirement live to fulfill the wishes of Twin Turbo.
Voice- Takaya Kuroda
Mihono Bourbon team trainer.A strict-looking person wearing a white jersey, a gold necklace and black sunglasses on a muscular upper body.The content of the instruction is accurate and spartan skin, but when Mihono Bourbon broke, he apologized for his instruction.
Kiryuin Aoi
Voice- Miho Okazaki
A newcomer who appears in the game and made his debut at about the same time as the player's trainer.Originally from the Kiryuin family, who is said to be a prestigious trainer, he has a serious personality as a trainer, and although he has a wealth of knowledge as a trainer, he is not good at psychological consideration and is extremely ignorant in fields such as hobbies and play.In charge of Happy Meek.
Anshinzawa Sasami
Voice- Kikuko Inoue
A mysterious acupuncturist who appears in the infirmary of Tresen Gakuen in the game training mode.A suspicious person with blond hair, a red bandage, and a white mask covering his eyes.He calls himself a fan of the Uma Musume who is raising him and recommends bamboo acupuncture treatment with full confidence, saying "I came to help", but from every word and action, he can see that he is not confident in his ability.He is an outlaw who has illegally invaded Tresen Gakuen, and when he refuses treatment, he is discovered and runs away.It's up to you to hit the bamboo needles, and it's up to you whether the results are good or bad.

Other related parties

Misato Akasaka
Voice- Satomi Akasaka
Appeared in anime.He is in charge of the live performance of the Twinkle series.The full name was displayed in the special program of WDT at the beginning of the 1th episode of the 8st period of the animation.
In the game, only voice appears as a female commentator.
Junko Hosoe
Voice- Junko Hosoe(Horse Racing Critic・OriginalJRAJockey
Appeared in anime.He is in charge of commentary on the Twinkle series.
The full name was displayed in the special program of WDT at the beginning of the 1th episode of the 8st period of the animation.
Yutaka Take
Voice- Taketoyo(JRA Jockey)
Participating in this work as a promoter[20][Annotation 5].
In the 1th episode of the 5st period of the animation, he is in charge of commentary on Japan Derby as the person himself.[21].
Fumi Otonashi Etsuko Otonashi
Voice- Eri Suyama
Reporter for Uma Musume's magazine "Monthly Twinkle".Helps players to develop the racing world.He has solid eyes and knowledge about Uma Musume, but his feelings for Uma Musume are so strong that his delusions swell and run away.
Only the training part of the game appears in the work, but even before the game, it appeared in the official glossary section called "Twinkle web".
Grandma of the White-eye family
Voice- Ryoko Sakakibara
The owner who lives in the White-eye House and manages the horse daughter of the White-eye family.Its existence is suggested in the first period of animation, and it will appear in the second period.It seems to be an old woman wearing a hat, but the actual age is unknown because her face is blurred.I am working in the office of the White-eye House, and the butler (voice- Umezu Hideyuki) And the attending physician (voice-Makoto Furukawa).It is a long-cherished wish of the White-eye family to take the shield of the Emperor's Award, and I expect Mejiro McQueen.The game version suggests that he is a former horse girl.
Beauty Anshinzawa
The game designer who appeared in the story event "June Pride of the Flower Blooming Maiden" in June 2021 in the game[22]..Originally active in Paris, he came to Japan "inspired by a letter from his sister in Japan".Its appearance is similar to that of Anshinzawa Sashimi, but it has not been clarified whether it actually has a blood relationship with Anshinzawa Sashimi.

Characters of Cinderella Gray

Akira Kitahara
Voice- Nakamura Shogo(Volume 1 PV[18]
Oguri Cap and Vernolite trainer.Nickname is Joe.A man who looks like a tall man.I am a trainer at Kasamatsu Tresen Gakuen, but I did not have a shining rough horse girl, and I was a trainer by inertia because the horse girl was not motivated, but I witnessed Oguri Cap in the gate test and together ToTokai DerbyIf it is a talented person who can aim for, shine his eyes and scout.After hearing the story of the scout to the center of Oguri Cap, he crawls around, but at the end he sends her to the center saying "You can make an era" and decides to take the central trainer examination himself.Roppei is his uncle.In the past, he lived a rough life in pachinko all day long because of his uncle's closeness.
Koichi Shibasaki
Voice- Tetsushi Shibasaki(Volume 1 PV[18]
Fujima summer march trainer.An all-back good young man.Although he often advises March, he is troubled by March, who has an irreverent attitude for some reason.
Roppei Ginjiro (Musaka Ginjiro)
Kitahara's uncle and trainer at Central Tressen Academy.Advise Kitahara to stop going to Oguri Cap for Chukyo.Called "Uncle Roppei" by Kitahara, he is also a benefactor who invited him to the world of trainers.
Oguri Cap and Vernolite, who have transferred to Central Tressen Academy, will join their team on the condition that "until Kitahara obtains a central trainer license."
Izumi Fujii
A newspaper reporter covering the Twinkle series.Witnessing the victory at the Pegasus Stakes, which was the first match of Oguri Cap, I fell in love with Oguri Cap, and in order to manage to run Oguri Cap, which has not been registered as a classic, to Japan Derby, I signed a signature in my article Gather and ask Symboli Rudolf for help.

Game system

The basic flow of the game is for the player to become a trainer, train Uma Musume, run in the Twinkle series, win, and acquire many fans.

First, the player selects one horse daughter to be trained from among the trained horse daughters, and selects the inherited horse daughter who inherits the ability and the support card which assists the training.
TP is consumed at the start of training. TP recovers over time or by using item jewels.
The training period is 2 years (4 turns) from the junior period (equivalent to 3 years old) to the senior period (equivalent to 72 years old).
On the main screen of training, while selecting commands such as training and rest, increase each status of speed, stamina, power, guts, and wisdom, and strengthen the training horse daughter.
Various events occur during the training period, and the abilities of Uma Musume increase and decrease and skills are acquired.Events that occur include common events that occur in any horse girl and those that are set for each breeding horse girl and support card, and in rare cases, events for support cards that have not been selected may occur.Events corresponding to each horse girl and support card can be confirmed on the detail screen, but there are also hidden events that can not be confirmed on the detail screen and do not occur unless special conditions are met.
Once the race registration is possible, the breeding horse girl can be raced.The race composition is a grade system like the JRA program schedule, and even if there is no problem in ability, high grade races such as GI cannot run unless the number of fans acquired meets the regulation.
When you finish the race, the number of fans will increase according to the ranking[Annotation 6], You can earn skill points to gain skills that will increase your stats and give you an edge in the race.
During the race, live commentary and commentary will be given according to the development.The actual situation isJunichi Mogi(Male) orSatomi Akasaka(Woman), commentaryKeiichiro YasudaIs in charge.The player is free to choose whether to take charge of the actual situation as a man or a woman.
The training horse girl has multiple goals such as "within XX in the designated race" and "acquiring XX fans by the designated period", and if the goal is not reached, the training will end at that point ( In the target race where the order of arrival is specified, you can continue with items up to 1 times in one training).Many of the goals set are to trace the trajectory of the model racehorse, and in some races, the frame number and weather are fixed according to the model.
If you achieve all the goals, you will advance to "URA Finals" (6 turns).There are three races in the order of qualifying → semi-final → final, but in the qualifying and semi-final, you cannot advance to the next stage unless you finish first.
Hall of Fame Uma Musume
Uma Musume who have finished training will be inducted into the Hall of Fame after the numerical status and race results are comprehensively judged and ranked, and the factors to be inherited are determined.The Hall of Fame Uma Musume can be used as a successor Uma Musume when raising a new Uma Musume, or can participate in various races such as team battles held at the team stadium, daily races, and legend races. Will be.
A special effect that Uma Musume can activate during the race to give the race an edge.Can be obtained by spending skill points.
Unique skills
It is a skill that Uma Musume has acquired from the beginning, and the effect varies.A cut-in is made at the time of activation, but a horse girl with 3 stars or more has a more flashy cut-in than a horse girl with 1 star or 2 stars.It is possible for other horse girls to acquire it by inheritance, but the effect is reduced.
A system that uses a horse girl in the Hall of Fame to inherit factors at the start of raising a horse girl and at a succession event during the training.The inherited horse girl does not disappear.Also, the same horse daughter as the breeding horse daughter cannot be inherited. Six people up to two generations ago will be inherited.
It is given to the horse girl in the Hall of Fame, and when inherited, it raises the status and aptitude, and gives hints of skills. There are ★ ☆☆ ~ ★★★, and the effect becomes stronger as the number of stars increases.
Two people
A title that can be obtained by satisfying certain conditions during training.At the end of training, one of the acquired items can be given to the Uma Musume in the Hall of Fame.In addition, two unique names are implemented for each breeding horse girl.[Annotation 7].
Daily race
Hall of Fame Uma Musume up to 1 times a day[Annotation 8]A race that can be run.There are two types: the Moonlight Award (Kyoto, turf 1600m) where you can earn manny, and the Jupiter Cup (Nakayama, turf 2000m) where you can earn support points.
Team stadium
Team with Uma Musume in the Hall of Fame[Annotation 9]And compete with other users in the race.The opponent is selected as a user who matches his team rank.
The race location, distance, weather, motivation of Uma Musume, and frame number are randomly determined, but you can use up to two items that change the conditions per run.
RP is consumed at the start of the race. RP can be recovered over time and with the use of item jewels.
Classes (1 levels) will be raised and lowered on a weekly basis according to the maximum number of points earned in one race.
By May 2021, the following three types have been held.
Story event
Training will be carried out in the same way as normal, points will be given according to the situation at the end of training, the event original story will be released according to the points, and event limited support cards, items and gacha tickets will be distributed.
Legend race
An event to challenge a legendary horse girl with a horse girl in the Hall of Fame.Legend Uma Musume is a horse girl who has won or is wearing a racehorse modeled in the race selected for the Legend Race.
Champion meeting
An event in which players compete against each other in the Hall of Fame Uma Musume.The runners are divided into "Open League", which is limited to B rank and below, and "Grade League", which is unlimited in rank.
There are two types of gacha, the breeding horse daughter gacha and the support card gacha.Each gacha can be turned by consuming jewels.Jewels can be distributed free of charge or purchased for a fee.
The production of the breeding horse girl gacha is based on the motif of starting from the gate, and the color of the gate changes to silver (star 1), gold (star 2), and rainbow color (star 3).If the horse girl you already own is discharged, it will be converted into a goddess statue that can be exchanged for various items instead.
The support card gacha is a production that turns the album, and the color of the bookmark changes to silver (R), gold (SR), and rainbow color (SSR).If the support card you already own is ejected, it will be moved to the "storage room" to improve the performance of the support card.Upper limit releaseCan be used for or exchanged for items available in the shop.
Raised horse daughter
Raised horse daughter A horse girl to be trained that can be obtained from the gacha.There are 1 levels of rarity when gacha is discharged, from 3 to 3 stars.Using pieces that can be obtained at gachas and shopsTalent floweringYou can raise it to a maximum of 5 stars by letting it.Game clothes are implemented for breeding horse girls with 3 stars or more.The breeding horse daughters of Star 1 and Star 2 are common costumes, and you can acquire the character's unique game clothes by making Star 3 bloom.
Support card
Raising A card required to support growth when raising a horse girl.There are three types of rarity: R, SR, and SSR.There are also support cards for people other than Uma Musume.If you use it, the horse girl (or person) in the illustration will support the breeding horse girl, increase the range of status increase, get hints for skill acquisition (points for skill acquisition will be discounted), etc. I do.By further training together, the bond gauge set on the support card will rise, and when the gauge reaches a certain amount, the status value will rise dramatically.Friendship trainingMay be activated.You cannot use the same Uma Musume support card as the breeding Uma Musume.

the term


Horse daughter
Girls born by inheriting the names and souls of racehorses from different worlds.
A horse-like tail grows near the waist, and horse-like ears are near the crown.[Annotation 10]..Except for the ears and tail, it looks like a normal human, but looks good.[23]Therefore, it has gained popularity as an idol.
Basically in the pastJRAorLocal horse racingIt is named after the actual racehorse that was enrolled in the racehorse, and its birthday is the same as that of the racehorse.The hair color is almost the same as the color of the hair of a real horse (it may be arranged in a similar color), and it is on the faceStars and meteorsA horse girl modeled on a horse with a horse has a part of her bangsmeshEnters. Also, MenkoShadow rollSuch asharnessWith some exceptions, it inherits the appearance characteristics of the actual horse of the model, such as expressing it with accessories such as ear covers, ribbons, and masks.If the model racehorse is a stallion, it has some decoration such as a ribbon on the right ear, and if it is a mare, it has a ribbon on the left ear.[24].
The running speed of Uma Musume, who runs at full speed, reaches about 70 kilometers per hour.On public roads, a lane dedicated to horse girls[25]There is also a place where is laid.There are many people who are active as athletes by making use of their overwhelming physical strength, and among them, Uma Musume who is enrolled in Tresen Gakuen and is working hard to participate in the "Twinkle Series" which is a national sports entertainment. Occupy the majority.However, in each event, due to the difference in physical strength, it is a separate frame from general athletes.[23]..In addition, there are horse girls who do not participate in sports and live in the same occupation as ordinary people.No biological classification or detailed settings for pregnancy, childbirth, or heredity are described.Therefore, it is unclear how the trait of Uma Musume is expressed, but in the 1th episode of the first season of the TV animation, a mother Uma Musume who has two Uma Musume as children appears, and in the manga "Cinderella Gray" Oguri Cap's mother is also set as a former competitive horse daughter.There is little mention of Uma Musume's father, but the app version states that Mihono Bourbon and Mayano Top Gun's father are former trainers and pilots, respectively.Uma Musume herself may choose a human male as a marriage partner[23]It seems, but the other options are unknown.
In the world of this work, as a large quadrupedal animalA horseDoes not exist, and the word "horse" refers to the horse girl.Therefore, when writing "horse" in kanji, use the character obtained by removing the two points near the center from the four points of "horse".[Annotation 11][Annotation 12]However, in many cases, it is written in katakana as "horse" and "ba" without using kanji (example: ○ horse body → ○ ba body).The main exception to this is that Kanji notation is used.Arima Memorial. "
Toresen Gakuen
The official name is "Japan Uma Musume Training Center Gakuen"[26]..Uma Musume nationwideTraining facilityIt is a state-of-the-art and largest facility and an educational institution.TokyoFuchu-shi[Annotation 13]Located in.Only women exist in Uma Musume[23]Because it is a girls' school.
There are middle and high schools, and it is commonSecondary educationIn addition, lectures on racing, regular academic ability tests, and dance exercises and singing training for winning live performances will be held.As a school motto, both Bunbu and Budo are listed, and there are additional exams and supplementary lessons for horse girls who have poor grades in the regular academic ability test.Student cafeteria, library, indoor pool (diving board(With) ・ Facilities such as the purchasing department are also substantial.
There is a school-designated uniform, and winter clothes wear a purple-based sailor suit with a purple pleated skirt, and summer clothes wear a white sailor suit with a light purple base and a white pleated skirt.The feature is that there is a tail hole with a ribbon on the skirt.
In anime, the classes are roughly divided into "senior class" and "junior class".[26]..The junior class is further divided into groups A, B, and C, which are allowed to participate in the senior open class, and the races that can be entered in each class will change.
In the game, the distinction as an educational institution is not drawn, and the divisions in the race are divided into "junior grade", "classic grade" and "senior grade", and they are treated as junior grade from the time of debut in the race regardless of age. , In January, it will be promoted from classic class to senior class.
In the dormitory systemMiho DormitoryRitto DormitoryThere are two dormitories[26]..The lesson is "Eclipse first, the rest nowhere. (Only outstanding, no one in line). "
The official name is Uma-musume Racing Association (literally translated as "Uma Musume Racing Association").An organization involved in race registration, race rule formulation, and winning live management for Uma Musume.It is also the management body of Toresen Gakuen.There is also a design department and a music department, and URA creates all the winning live songs and game clothes for Uma Musume.
Three goddessesimage
An ancient horse girl who is said to be the origin of the horse girl.It is enshrined as a stone statue in the fountain in the garden of Tresen Gakuen, and is a place for students to relax.In the game version, it is the stage of inheritance.
Twinkle series
It ’s a race where horse girls compete,gamblingIt has become established as a national entertainment without elements.Most of the mechanismHorse racingIt will be held at a racetrack, a facility similar to a real-world racetrack.Race organization and schedule are realCentral horse racingAccording toGrade system(Based on the rating as of 2020) is adopted, but in the game, in addition to the 10 places of central horse racingOi RacecourseHas been implemented,JBC3 races (JBC Classic,JBC Sprint,JBC Ladies Classic)WhenTeio Sho,Japan Dirt Derby,Tokyo Grand PrizeWill be held.In the game, the 3-year-old stallion classic race is called the classic race, the 3-year-old mare classic race is called the tiara race, andNiigata 2 year old stakes"2 years old" becomes "junior",Hanshin Mare Stakes"Mare" such as "Uma Musume" has been replaced with "Uma Musume".
In order to participate, it is essential to study under the trainer and join the team led by the trainer, and for that purpose, a selection race / selection meeting for the trainer to find an excellent horse girl must be held and scouted by the trainer.Also, in the animation, there is a description that only 5 or more team members can participate, and in the main story of the game, there is a description that the team will be disbanded if a certain number of people are not prepared, although there is temporary flexibility.
In races below GII, with gym clothesNumber(Color and notation are similar to those of Central Horse Racing), Uma Musume with the name of a stallion wears shorts, and Uma Musume with the name of a mare wears bloomers.
Winning the race gives you the right to stand in the center at "Winning Live".
Match clothes
Race clothes worn only by Uma Musume in GI races.The design is exclusively for each horse girl, and the color of the horse owner's game clothes and menko when the racehorse in the real world was active[Annotation 14]Has been incorporated.At first glance, there are many designs that are not suitable for racing, but it is said that when you wear racing clothes, "mysterious power" acts and you can run better than gym clothes.
A profession that receives approval from URA and provides race guidance and physical condition management for horse girls.It is different from the teacher who is in charge of the lecture.Basically, he belongs to Tresen Gakuen to be involved in the Twinkle series, but there are some who do not.
Uma Musume joins the team that the trainer is in charge of and receives guidance. Two or more trainers may belong to one team, and they are divided into "chief trainer" and "sub-trainer" positions.In the game, there are teams like other media in terms of settings, but basically the description in units of teams is not done except for the main story.Especially for the player, it is described as one-on-one with the horse daughter in charge.
A trainer who does not have his own team and belongs to Tresen Gakuen as a staff member.Guidance is given to horse girls who have not been scouted yet and have not joined the team.
Winning live
A live stage where the horse girl who won the race is allowed to stand and share the joy of victory with the audience. The horse girl who finished 3rd in the race goes up to the stage, and the winning horse girl acts as the center (others are each)Good / bad on stageDivided into.Also, in the game, all 4 or less horse girls act as back dancers).
Former producer Ishihara said that the reason for introducing this was "I wanted to have a world view that does not leave a grudge after the game."[19].
Dream Series (Anime) / Dream Trophy League (Game)
A race that is positioned at the top of the Twinkle Series and can only be run by Uma Musume, who has achieved good results in the Twinkle Series. All-Star game by fan votingTakarazuka Memorial,Arima MemorialIt will be held separately.
Held twice a year in the summer (Summer Dream Trophy: SDT) and in the winter (Winter Dream Trophy: WDT). Winter WDT on New YearTokyo race trackThe turf course will be held at a distance of 2400 meters. As for the game clothes, all wear the same white-based clothes in different colors.
There are no details about the race in the game, but the form of SDT / WDT is common.Participants will be transferred from the Twinkle Series, and once they participate, they will not be able to return to the Twinkle Series.
Spring Fan Thanksgiving / Autumn Fan Thanksgiving (Hoof Festival)
A school event equivalent to a sports festival and school festival at Toresen Gakuen.It is open to the general public and has been well received by fans because it allows them to meet famous horse girls.
Triple crown horse daughter
A real-world stallion classicSatsuki Award-Tokyo Yushun(Japan Derby) ・ChrysanthemumThe title given to Uma Musume who won all three races[Annotation 15].
Annual representative horse daughter
A stage where URA commends the horse girl who shined this year at the end of the year.Elections are based on a voting system by reporters, and there are junior, classic, senior, dirt, and sprint, respectively.Based on these, the representative horse daughter of this year will be elected.
In the anime version, the right to design individual clothing is given as a supplementary prize.


Leg quality(tactics)
The tactics that Uma Musume takes in the race.There are four types, escape, lead, insert, and drive, and each horse girl has different strengths in running.In the game, it is also possible to correct the leg quality that you are good at by inheritance.
The distance that Uma Musume is good at racing.The better the distance, the more the horse girl's talent can be fully demonstrated.However, if the distance does not match (for example, a sprint-appropriate horse girl runs for the long-distance Emperor's Award (Spring)), the probability of losing increases.In the game, it is also possible to make the distance that you are not good at by inheriting the distance that you are good at.
A race course where Uma Musume runs.It is roughly divided into a turf course and a dirt course.In addition, the state of the course that changes depending on the water contained in the baba is called the baba state.Baba without water is called good baba, and the race develops faster.On the other hand, a baba that has become moist due to rain or snow is called a heavy baba, and it is easy for the legs to get caught and the race development to be delayed.In addition, the recovery of heavy going and the worsening of going are called bad going.The situation is different for turf and dirt.
URA Finals
A race that appears in the training mode.If you clear all the goals set for the breeding horse girl, it will start after the end of the second half of December of the senior class.Qualifying → Semi-final → Final, and you can't move on to the next unless you finish in the first place.Because the race was proposed by Chairman Akikawa, "I want to prepare a stage where any horse girl can shine," the baba and distance are automatically selected according to the previous races of the fostering horse girl. ..
Triple tiara
Hit the real-world mare classicSakura Flower Award-Yujun Mare(Oaks) ・Autumn Flower AwardThe title given to Uma Musume who won all three races.Uma Musume with a stallion motif can also run, and can run in either Satsuki Sho, Tokyo Yushun (Japan Derby), or Kikuka Sho.


Local series
Like the Twinkle series, the Uma Musume race that appears in the manga "Uma Musume Cinderella Gray" (hereinafter referred to as "Cinderella Gray") is held at local race tracks all over the country.Real worldLocal horse racingIt will be held at 15 racetracks in the same location as the racetrack.
Stone pineToresen Gakuen
One of the training center schools that trains horse girls who will participate in 15 local series nationwide at the school institution where Oguri Cap that appears in "Cinderella Gray" is enrolled.The official name is "Gifu Uma Musume Kasamatsu Training Center Gakuen".The uniform design and equipment are different from the central Tressen Academy, but the same is true for a dormitory-based girls' school and a team system with human trainers.In rare cases, the best performers in the local series may be scouted to the Central Tressen Academy.

Comic version

Uma Musume Pretty Derby-Haru Urara Do your best!-
Web comic distribution service operated by Cygames "Psychology], Was serialized from May 2016, 5 to September 8, 9.All 11 episodes.The person in charge of drawingEmperor (ZECO).
A comedy touch story based on the true story of Haru Urara, with Haru Urara as the main character. Martha Farm, where the real Haru Urara lives the rest of her life,Kochi Horse Racing AssociationAnd other related parties are cooperating in the production.
STARTING GATE! -Uma Musume Pretty Derby-
It was serialized in "Cycomics" from March 2017, 3 to November 25, 2019.All 11 episodes.The person in charge of drawing is S. Too dark.
The main character is Special Week like anime, but a story different from anime develops.
  1. Released on July 2017, 7,ISBN 978-4-06-509201-9
  2. Released on July 2018, 1,ISBN 978-4-06-509247-7
  3. Released on July 2018, 5,ISBN 978-4-06-509267-5
  4. Released on July 2019, 3,ISBN 978-4-06-515533-2
It was serialized in "Cycomics" from March 2018, 3 to January 30, 2021.The bear jet is in charge of drawing.
A four-frame manga that comically depicts the daily lives of horse girls. In July 4AnimeChemical[11].
Uma Musume Cinderella Gray[11]
"Weekly Young Jump』, Serialization starts from the 2020th issue of 28[27]..The person in charge of drawing is Taiyo Kuzumi. As of June 2021, the cumulative circulation including the electronic version has exceeded 6 million.[28].
A story with Oguri Cap as the main character is unfolded.
Gifu Uma Musume Kasamatsu Training Center Academy, commonly known asStone pine pine school..The Kasamatsu Racecourse, which is one of the venues for the local series, is quiet, and the facilities and personnel are different from those of the Japan Uma Musume Training Center Academy (Tresen Academy) and the Twinkle Series (commonly known as the center).The race horse girl was also racing by inertia without motivation, and there was no horse girl heading from Kasamatsu to the Twinkle series.
Trainer of Kasamatsu Tresen AcademyMinoru KitaharaI was hoping that one day, a horse girl who could superimpose herself on the stone pine and support her from the bottom of her heart would appear.At that time, Kitahara entered the Kasamatsu Tresen Academy.Oguri capShe is fascinated by her running and scouts her.After joining teammate Vernolite and a fierce battle with rival Fujima Summer March, Oguri Cap wins the Chukyo Cup, which raises the story of Oguri Cap's transfer to the Twinkle Series (center).Kitahara and Oguri Cap crawl around, but Oguri Cap who regained himself with the voice of Kitahara's "Run" at Gold Junior who ran on the condition that "If you win, transfer to the center, if you lose, Tokai Derby" will transfer from Kasamatsu to the center with the victory To decide.
Oguri Cap, who moved to Central Tressen Academy, is Kitahara's uncle and trainer with Vernolite.Rokuhei GinjiroBlackie Ale, who has won four consecutive victories in the Pegasus Stakes in the first round of transfer,Mainichi HaiIs said to be a leading candidate for classical musicYaenomutekiShows overwhelming ability to the surroundings who have doubts about moving in from stone pine.However, Oguri Cap, who has not registered as a classic, cannot run in Tokyo Yushun (Japan Derby). Voices such as "Give Oguri to Derby" and "It is strange that the strongest horse girl of the generation does not appear in Derby" are increasing day by day, and that voice becomes even stronger as Yaenomuteki, who lost to Oguri Cap, won the Satsuki Sho. ..The voice also moved Symboli Rudolf, who directly appealed to URA for Oguri Cap's derby run.Thanks to that, URA finally allows Oguri Cap to run in Japan Derby.
  1. Released on July 2021, 1,ISBN 978-4-08-891705-4
  2. Released on July 2021, 2,ISBN 978-4-08-891795-5
  3. Released on July 2021, 5,ISBN 978-4-08-891896-9



Picking up three Uma Musume, three solo songs and unit songs, the theme song common to Uma Musume "Umapyoi LegendA mini-album containing the participating horse girl version and CD drama.

Release date[29]titleParticipating horse daughterStandard product number
2016/11/30STARTING GATE 01Special week
Silence Suzuka
Tokai Teio
2017/1/11STARTING GATE 02Maruzensky
Fuji Kiseki
Oguri cap
2017/1/25STARTING GATE 03Vodka
Gold ship
Daiwa Scarlet
2017/2/22STARTING GATE 04Taiki Shuttle
Glass wonder
Hishi Amazon
2017/4/5STARTING GATE 05White-eye McQueen
El Condor Passer
TM Opera Oh
2017/5/3STARTING GATE 06Narita Brian
Air Groove
2018/1/17STARTING GATE 07Super creek
Machikane Fukukita
Haru Urara
2018/2/14STARTING GATE 08Gold Shichi
Sayung Sky
2018/3/14STARTING GATE 09Fine motion
Mejiro Ryan
Smart Falcon
2018/4/18STARTING GATE 10Tamamo Cross
Sakura Bakushin O
Biko Pegasus
2018/5/16STARTING GATE 11Winning ticket
Narita Taishin
Biwa Hayahide
2018/6/13STARTING GATE 12Manhattan Cafe
Air Shakur
Nice nature


Contains songs related to the game.

Release date[29]titleStandard product number
2021/3/17WINNING LIVE 01LACA-15859

Other CDs

Release date[29]titleStandard product numberRemarks
2021/6/16Anime "Umayon" mini albumLACA-15873Includes the ED song of the anime "Umayon".

Television Animation

The first period is from July to September 1Kansai TV-TOKYO MXWas broadcast elsewhere[30].

Second stage"Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2Was announced in September 2020, and was broadcast on Kansai TV, TOKYO MX, etc. from January to March 9.[31][32].

Short animation

Short animation "UmayonWas broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from July to September 2020.[11].. It will be an original story different from the original manga.

Staff (short animation)

  • Original / Music / Production --Cygames[11]
  • Manga-Bear Jet, Hitoshi Ito[11]
  • Director / Character Design / Animation Director --Seiya Miyajima[33]
  • Storyboards-Hitoshi Ito, Seiya Miyajima[33]
  • Art Director-Masanori Yamaguchi[33]
  • Cinematographer-Masahiro Hayashi[33]
  • Sound Director-Yuichi Morita[33]
  • Music Producer-Tetsuya Uchida[33]
  • Animation production - DMM.futureworks / Dove Toon Studio[11]

Theme song (short animation)

The ending theme changes every month.

"Pyoito ♪ Haruya!"[11]
The first ending theme by Special Week (Azumi Waki), Seiun Sky (Akari Kito), King Halo (Iori Saeki), El Condor Pasa (Minami Takahashi), and Grass Wonder (Rena Maeda). The lyrics are corochi, and the composition and arrangement are Tetsuya Uchida.
"Ring Ring Diary"
The second ending theme by Tokai Teio (Machico), Symboli Rudolf (Azusa Tadokoro), Air Groove (Ruriko Aoki), Fuji Kiseki (Eriko Matsui), and Hishi Amazon (Yuiko Tatsumi). The lyrics are written by Kaon Kokudo, the composition is by Shiro Sakurai, and the arrangement is by Satoshi Sasaki.
"Run away! Fallin'Love"
The third ending theme by Silence Suzuka (Marika Kouno), Smart Falcon (Hitomi Owada), Mihonoburubon (Ikumi Hasegawa), Maruzensky (Lynn), and Ines Fujin (Tomomi Mineuchi). Lyrics, composition and arrangement are lull.

List of stories (short animation)

In the same work, three episodes of the next notice are described, but it is expressed as "one of them is broadcast".

Number of storiessubtitleAnimation directorFirst broadcast date
Episode 140 points down!Toresen Gakuen Supplementary Examination SpecialLeisure tree Kei2020
May 7
Episode 2Freshly made!Toresen Gakuen Guide VTRSeiya MiyajimaMay 7
Episode 3The world of longing is here
  • Seiya Miyajima
  • Leisure tree Kei
May 7
Episode 4Opera Theater ・ "It's my destiny"Leisure tree KeiMay 7
Episode 5Fierce battle !? Ramen Cup (GII)May 8
Episode 6Elegant lunch of young ladiesMay 8
Episode 7It's a beetle! BNW
  • Seiya Miyajima
  • Leisure tree Kei
May 8
Episode 8Hero Theater Horse SoldierV(Five!!Leisure tree KeiMay 8
Episode 9Make your dreams come true! Escape Sisters ☆May 9
Episode 10If you get scared, you lose! Liver test showdown!May 9
Episode 11Umayon Suspense TheaterKinutani SoshiMay 9
Episode 12Today's main race!Gold Ship Obstacle (GI)
  • Kinutani Soshi
  • Leisure tree Kei
May 9

Broadcasting station (short animation)

Japanese TV / Broadcast period and time[34]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [35] Remarks
May 2020-June 7, 7 Tuesday 21:54-22:00 TOKYO MX Tokyo
BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting / "ANIME+" frame
AT-X All over Japan CS broadcasting / repeat broadcasting available
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and time[34]
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site
2020/7/7 Updated Tuesday 21:54
  • U-NEXT
  • All-you-can-eat anime
2020May 7 Updated Friday 21:54
  • Ah
  • Crank in! video
  • DMM.com
  • FOD
  • GYAO! Store
  • music.jp
  • Nico Nico Channel
  • Rakuten TV
  • Video market
Updated Friday 22:00
  • d anime store
  • Bandai channel
  • Play store
  • Hikari TV
Friday 22:30-22:35 ABEMA
2020May 7 Sunday 0:00 update
Sunday 12:00 update HAPPY! video

Web radio

"Paka Raji! ~ Uma Musume Public Relations Department ~From November 2016, 11HiBiKi Radio StationDistribution started at, and the update ended with the 2019th update on April 4, 26. Personalities are Azumi Waki ​​(role of Special Week), Marika Kouno (role of Silence Suzuka), Machico (role of Tokai Teio)[36].. Along with the TV anime broadcast, from April 2018, 4 (the week after the 6st regular version) to January 71, 2019, it was called the "animation version" and was broadcast 1 times in a special organization.[37].. Returning to normal organization from January 2019, 1 (25nd)[38].. Past broadcasts can be viewed on Nico Nico Douga "Uma Musume Channel".


normal version
Anime version
  • 1st - Koji Okino(As a trainer)
  • 2nd --Akari Kito (role of Seiun Sky)
  • 3th --Sina Shuto (role of Haru Urara)
  • 4th-Yuka Otsubo (Taiki Shuttle)
  • 5st --Tomoyo Takayanagi (role of Oguri Cap)
  • 6th-Koji Okino (role of trainer)
  • 7st-Hitomi Ueda (Gold Ship)
  • 8th --Ruriko Aoki (role of Air Groove), Rena Maeda (role of Grass Wonder)
  • 9th --Chisa Kimura (role of Daiwa Scarlet)
  • 10th-Yui Kondo (role of Biwa Hayahide)
  • 11st - Yu Saito(As mom)
  • 12th-Koji Okino (role of trainer)
  • 13th-Hitomi Ueda (Gold Ship), Chisa Kimura (Daiwa Scarlet), Koji Okino (Trainer) * Public recording
  • 14th --Minami Takahashi (role of El Condor Pasa)
  • 15st-Hitomi Ueda (Gold Ship)
  • 16th-Sora Tokui (role of T.M. Opera O)
  • 17th-Yuka Otsubo (Taiki Shuttle)
  • 18st - Satomi Akasaka(As Misato Akasaka)
  • 19th-Keiko Watanabe (role of Narita Taishin)
  • 20st - Iori Saeki(King Halo)
  • 21st-Hitomi Ueda (Gold Ship)
  • 22nd-Rena Maeda (as Grass Wonder)
  • 23rd-Chisa Kimura (role of Daiwa Scarlet),Megumi Toyoguchi(Role of Hana Tojo)
  • 25st - Maeda Kaori(As Nice Nature)
  • 27st - Haruna Ikezawa(As Broyer)
  • 28th-Yukiyo Fujii (role of Tazuna Suragawa)
  • 29th --Sina Shuto (role of Haru Urara)
  • 30th-Akari Kito (role of Seiun Sky), Tomoyo Takayanagi (role of Oguri Cap)
  • 31st-Sora Tokui (role of T.M. Opera O),Yui Watanabe(Winning ticket role)
  • 32th-Keiko Watanabe (role of Narita Taishin)
  • 33th-Yui Kondo (role of Biwa Hayahide)
  • 34th --Chinami Hashimoto (Fine Motion)
  • 35st - Mio Hoshitani(Mayano Top Gun role <second generation>)
  • 36st - Sachika Misawa(As Sakura Bakushin O)
  • 37th --Saki Kosaka (role of Gold Shichi)
  • 38th-Yui Watanabe (Winning Ticket)
  • 39st - Aimi Tanaka(As Biko Pegasus)
  • 42nd-Yuiko Tatsumi (role of Hishi Amazon)

Web video

"Paca tube!From March 2018, 3 with the titleYouTubeIt is delivered at. Uploaded every Monday and Wednesday. Uma Musume Advertising Officer (self-proclaimed) Gold ShipVirtual youtuberHas appeared as.

It is also one of the participating stations of the TV animation production committee.Kansai TV broadcasting(Kantele) Horse Racing Related Programs[Annotation 16]On the official YouTube channel "Kantele Horse Racing", he has been involved in horse racing for many years in collaboration with this work on March 2021, 3.Kiyoshi Sugimoto(Former Kansai TV announcer)Yoshihara-Yuyo Hattori(Kansai TV announcer),Ueda Hitomi(Gold Ship role) ・Maeda KaoriWe have released a dialogue video by (Nice Nature)[39][40].

GI race support illustration

From the 2018 NHK Mile Cup to the 2020 Satsuki Sho, the illustration of the horse girl of the racehorse who won the race in the past is officially this workTwitterIt was published in.In addition to the appearance of horse girls who have not yet entered or won the race, the horse girls of the winning horses in the old name era and when the rating was GII or less are also included. After the 2020 Emperor's Award (Spring), the illustration has been changed to a deformed character like the one that appeared in "Umayon".


Date published
(GI date)
GI race nameHorse daughter illustration
(Historical championship year)
May 5NHK Mile CupEl Condor Passer(1998)
May 5Victoria MileVodka(2009)
May 5Yujun Mare(Oaks)Air Groove(1996)
May 5Tokyo Yushun(Japan Derby)Special week(1998)
May 6Yasuda MemorialOguri cap(1990)
May 6Takarazuka MemorialGold ship(2013/2014)
May 9Sprinters stakesTaiki Shuttle(1997)
May 10Autumn Flower AwardDaiwa Scarlet(2007)
May 10ChrysanthemumWhite-eye McQueen(1990)
May 10Emperor Award (Autumn)TM Opera Oh(2000)
May 11Queen Elizabeth CupHishi Amazon(1994)
May 11Mile ChampionshipAgnes Digital(2000)
May 11Japan CupSymbolyldorf(1985)
May 12Champions cupHaru Urara(Not run)
May 12Hanshin Juvenile PhilliesMegiro Dobel(1996[Annotation 17]
May 12Asahi Cup Futurity StakesMaruzensky(1976[Annotation 18]
May 12Arima MemorialTokai Teio(1993)
May 12Hopeful stakesAgnes tachyon(2000[Annotation 19]


Date published
(GI date)
GI race nameHorse daughter illustration
(Historical championship year)
May 2February StakesShinko Windy(1997)
May 3Takamatsunomiya MemorialKing halo(2000)
May 3Osaka CupMarvelous Sunday(1997[Annotation 20]
May 4Sakura Flower AwardNishino Flower(1992)
May 4Satsuki AwardNarita Taishin(1993)
May 4Emperor Award (Spring)Super creek(1990)
May 5NHK Mile CupSeeking the pearl(1997)
May 5Victoria MileFuji Kiseki(Not run)
May 5Yushun Himba (Oaks)Kawakami Princess(2006)
May 5Tokyo Yushun (Japan Derby)Winning ticket(1993)
May 6Yasuda MemorialBamboo memory(1989)
May 6Takarazuka MemorialSilence Suzuka(1998)
May 9Sprinters stakesSakura Bakushin O(1993/1994)
May 10Autumn Flower AwardSweep Tosho(2004)
May 10ChrysanthemumBiwa Hayahide(1993)
May 10Emperor Award (Autumn)Tamamo Cross(1988)
May 11Queen Elizabeth CupFine motion(2002)
May 11Mile ChampionshipHishikebono(3 races, no win)
May 11Japan CupZenno Rob Roy(2004)
May 12Champions cupSmart Falcon(Not run)
May 12Hanshin Juvenile PhilliesGold Shichi(1986[Annotation 21]
May 12Asahi Cup Futurity StakesGlass wonder(1997[Annotation 18]
May 12Arima MemorialNice nature(5 races, no win)
May 12Hopeful stakesAdmire Vega(1998[Annotation 19]


Horse daughter version

Date published
(GI date)
GI race nameHorse daughter illustration
(Historical championship year)
May 2February StakesBiko Pegasus(1997th in 4)
May 3Takamatsunomiya MemorialCurren Chan(2012)
May 4Osaka CupMachikane Fukukita(1999th in 2)
May 4Sakura Flower AwardYukinobijin(1993th in 2)
May 4Satsuki AwardSayung Sky(1998)

Umayon version

Date published
(GI date)
GI race nameHorse daughter illustration
May 5Emperor Award (Spring)Special Week, Silence Suzuka, Tokai Teio
May 5NHK Mile CupEl Condor Pasa, Seeking the Pearl
May 5Victoria MileVodka, Sweep Tosho, Kawakami Princess, Daiwa Scarlet
May 5Yushun Himba (Oaks)Megiro Dobel, Air Groove, Kawakami Princess
May 5Tokyo Yushun (Japan Derby)Ines Fujin, Admire Vega
(Symboli Rudolf, Tokai Teio, Special Week, Mihonoburubon, Narita Brian)
May 6Yasuda MemorialTaiki Shuttle, Agnes Digital
May 6Takarazuka MemorialT M Opera O, Meishodoto, Nakayama Festa, Marvelous Sunday
May 10Sprinters stakesHisia Kebono, Biko Pegasus
May 10Autumn Flower AwardDaiwa Scarlet, Sweep Tosho
May 10ChrysanthemumRice shower, Manhattan Cafe
May 11Emperor Award (Autumn)Tosen Jordan, Eishin Flash
May 11Queen Elizabeth CupFine motion, mejiro dobel
May 11Mile ChampionshipOguri Cap, Bamboo Memory
May 11Japan CupSymboli Rudolf, Tokai Teio
May 12Champions cupInariwan, Smart Falcon, Haru Urara
May 12Hanshin Juvenile PhilliesHishi Amazon, Nishino Flower
May 12Asahi Cup Futurity StakesMihonoburubon, Ines Fujin, Maruzensky
May 12Hopeful stakesAdmire Vega, Narita Taishin, Agnes Tachyon
May 12Arima MemorialMayano Top Gun, Narita Brian, Tokai Teio


Date published
(GI date)
GI race nameHorse daughter illustration
May 2February StakesAgnes Digital, Special Week
May 3Takamatsunomiya MemorialNice Nature, Machikanedan Hoiza, Daitaku Helios
May 4Osaka CupTokai Teio, Kitasan Black
May 4Sakura Flower AwardDaiwa Scarlet, Nishino Flower
May 4Satsuki AwardGold Ship, Air Shakur
May 5Emperor Award (Spring)Super creek
(Oguri Cap, Tamamo Cross, Inari One)
May 5NHK Mile CupSeeking the Pearl, Taiki Shuttle
May 5Victoria MileSweep Tosho, Kawakami Princess
May 5Yushun Himba (Oaks)Ikuno Dictus, Yukinobijin
May 5Tokyo Yushun (Japan Derby)Maruzensky, Special Week, Sakura Chiyono O
May 6Yasuda MemorialVodka, Bamboo Memory
May 6Takarazuka MemorialMejiro McQueen, Mejiro Ryan, Mejiro Ardan, Mejiro Palmer, Mejiro Dobel

Problems with derivative works

Regarding the secondary creation using this work, since this work itself has a motif of a real racehorse, the official website of the work announces as follows and calls attention.

We would appreciate it if you could take care not to make expressions that significantly damage the image of the racehorse, which is the character and motif.
Characters with the motif of real racehorses have appeared in this work, and it is a work realized with the cooperation of many people, including owners who have obtained permission and borrowed horse names.
Please be careful not to make expressions that are offensive to the racehorse fans, owners, or related parties, or that significantly damage the image of the racehorse or character. — Cygames, please be aware of all the fans who support us[41]

As an incidental example, it is known to own Nishino Flower and Seiun Sky.Shigeyuki NishiyamaOn April 2021, 4, on his Twitter account, he made a statement to the effect that the derivative work of this work would be tolerated, including for adults, but some users said, "It significantly damages the image of a racehorse. Since he received a comment that interpreted "anything including expressions", he changed his attitude and indicated that the secondary creation of horse daughters based on owned horses would be totally prohibited, including for all ages (the tweet was deleted afterwards). ..Nishiyama then said, "The work is for all ages, so that's okay. I can't answer any more, so if there is a guideline from the operating company, please follow it."[42].



According to a survey by American game research company Sensor Tower, this work ranked 2021th in March 3 (about 4 billion yen) in terms of worldwide mobile game sales, despite sales only in Japan.[43], In April 2021Honor of Kings""PUBG MOBILE3rd place after "(Amount is not disclosed)[44]. AlsoGoogle PlayIn the game sales ranking of (Japan), it recorded the first place for 2 consecutive days from February 28 to June 6.[45].

It will be the first time since the game of this work has startedcyber-agentIn the consolidated financial results of (Cygames' parent company) for the January-March period of 2021, sales in the game division reached a record high of 1 billion yen (up 3 billion yen from the same period of the previous year), and the full-year earnings forecast was revised upward.[46]..In connection with this, at the financial results briefings of other mobile game-related companies, there were a series of questions as to whether this work would affect the company's business performance.[47].


After the release of the game app, one of the theme songs of this work, "Umapyoi Densetsu"coverMany videos that I tried to dance and dance were uploaded to SNS, and it showed excitement[48].

In addition, it is sometimes expressed as "Umapyoi" to refer to the act of "showing" Umapyoi Densetsu "".[49][50], May 2021, 7NHKMusic program ofShibuya NootoWhen the appearance of "Uma Musume" in the name of "Uma Musume" and the TV debut of "Umapyoi Densetsu" were announced, "Uma Musume in NHK" became a trend on Twitter.[51].


Birthday donation

The Retired Horse Association, the current owner of Nice Nature, has begun birthday donations (literally translated as birthday donations) on April 29, 2017, when Nice Nature turned 4.Donations are not limited to horses, but are used as support for retired horses to spend the rest of their lives.[52]..From 1 people to 50 yen in the first year against the set target amount of 1 yen for one month[52]Donations gathered, and from the second year onward, 2 will be from 2018 people to 275 yen[53], 2019 from 325 people to 187 million yen[54], 2020 from 404 people to 176 million yen[55]Donations have been collected.And in 2021, the target amount of 200 million yen was achieved in just one day.[56]After that, in about a week, it will exceed 10 million yen, which is 2000 times that amount.[57]Finally, it was 3582 yen.The reason for this rapid increase in donations was taken up by various media as being boosted by the popularity of this game, which began distribution in February of the same year.[58][59]..Kyoko Numata, CEO of the Retired Horse Association, has announced that about 30% of the donation amount will be pooled and used to support long-term retired horses.[60].


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

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  6. ^ The basic value of the number of fans that can be obtained corresponds to the main prize money of the actual race, and the prize money of 1 yen is equivalent to one fan.For example, if you win the Arima Kinen, the basic value of the fans you can get is 1.
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  8. ^ Jewels allow you to recover the number of times, and temporary campaigns may increase the number of free runs.
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