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🎭 | "Stage" Durarara !! "-Chapter of the round neck legs-" The long-awaited visual ban has been lifted!Starring Shohei Hashimoto and Hiroki Ino


"Stage" Durarara !! "-Chapter of the round neck and legs-" The long-awaited visual ban has been lifted!Starring Shohei Hashimoto and Hiroki Ino

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Anri Sonohara: Yukina Fukushima A quiet and discreet beautiful girl with glasses and big breasts as her trademark.

A gathering visit from "Stage" Durarara !! "-Chapter of the Round Neck" to be performed in Tokyo, Aichi, and Osaka in August 2021 ... → Continue reading


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Fukushima Yukina

Fukushima Yukina(Fukushima Yukina,1998May 11 -) is Japaneseactress,モデル,Gravure idolso,Troupe 4 dollars 50 centsIs a member of the theater company.OsakaI'm from


Started activities as a model from 6th grade[1].. Served as an exclusive model from 2010 to 2012Nico☆PetitSo I decorated the cover twice[2].

In 2017, he joined the company after passing the audition of $4 cent. Served as the main cast at the flagship performance[3].. On the other hand, I am also trying gravure[4].

Tsubaki Factory OfYamagishi RikoIs a high school classmate[5].



Troupe 4 dollars 50 cents
titleRoleDate and performance location
Theater company $4 cent performance
"The Making of $4.50 "If you have a dream, open your eyes.""
(Human role)September 2017-11, 3
Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo Spiral hole
Theatrical company 4 dollars and 50 cents
"New country"
Akira NoharaSeptember 2018-2, 8
Shinjuku Kinokuniya Hall
Theater company 4 dollars and 50 cents weekend regular performance Vol.1
"Split at dawn"
Otsugumi/RitsukoMay 2018-June 6, 30
Shinjuku KeyStudio (formerlyStudio Alta)
Theater company 4 dollars and 50 cents weekend regular performance Vol.2
"Split at dawn"
Part of the armor and Ritsuko / part of Jun
(Double cast with)
May 2018-June 8, 11
Shinjuku KeyStudio (former studio Alta)
Theatrical company 4 dollars and 50 cents 2nd performance
"I want to be a clown"
Kill Me[6]May 2018-June 11, 22
Yurakucho Alternative theater
Theater company 4 dollars 50 cents ×Persimmon eater Collaboration performance "Gakugeikai label"The role of Miyuki teacher[7]May 2020-June 1, 30
DDD Aoyama Cross Theater
Theatrical company 4 cents x persimmon-eating guest collaboration performance "Aseri Education"White eyebrows Yoshiko[8]May 2020-June 1, 30
DDD Aoyama Cross Theater

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注 釈

  1. ^ All performances were canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus.


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