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🤖 | Why didn't you dare to pursue “water reality”?Disney & Pixar latest work "That Summer Luca"

Photo "Luca in that summer" (C) 2021 Disney / Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Why didn't you dare to pursue "water reality"?Disney & Pixar's latest work "That Summer Luca"

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"I wanted to bring out the nuances of joy and excitement in the details," said Casa Rosa, who said about the expression of water, "Because this work is a story in which children experience new things for the first time.

Disney & Pixar's latest work, "That ...", which depicts the "best summer" set in the beautiful Italian port city of Porto Rosso. → Continue reading

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First experience(Hatsutaiken, Shotaiken, English: First experience) refers to the first experience of something or a state.

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