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🎥 | Etsushi Toyokawa, a grown-up daughter, Moka Kamishiraishi's indescribable expression "Children don't understand" Scene photo


Etsushi Toyokawa, a grown-up daughter, Moka Kamishiraishi's indescribable expression "Children don't understand" Scene photo

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The original author, Retto Tajima, told Etsushi Toyokawa, who played Minami's father, Tomomitsu, "The character, which is quite unnatural as a setting, is played so naturally that it makes me think" this kind of person ". "I was surprised," he said. "Kanji Furutachi and Yuki Saito were all really nice.

The youth movie "Kids ..." starring Moka Kamishiraishi, which will be released nationwide from August 8th (previously released at Theater Shinjuku from August 20th). → Continue reading

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Yuki Saito

Yuki Saito(Yuki Saito, September 1966, 9[1][3] -) isJapan Ofactress,singer,Lyricist,narrator.. Real name,Yuki Saito(Yuki Isarai)[3].. Maiden name, Saito.

Kanagawa横 浜 市South wardBackground[3][5].Toho Performing ArtsBelongs. The record company to which you belongVictor Entertainment.


Until high school graduation

Yuki Saito1966May 9Yokohama cityKanagawa kuHakurakuBorn in a maternity hospital[6]..My parents are both working and my father was originally a furniture craftsman, but after getting married, Mizushima is a maternal family business.bandBecame a sewing shop craftsman[7]..My father was strict about etiquette and wording, and the walls of the corridor had "house rules" such as family lessons.[7]..On the other hand, Saito says that the mother seemed to have a policy of not binding her daughter.[6]..My home is on the 2nd floor of the store[7]He said that growing up while watching his parents work might have led to his attitude toward working in the entertainer world, where the ups and downs are fierce.ENCOUNT (2020Saito recalls in, p. 3).While in high school, he was the director of the manga study group[8].

1984, 1thToho "Cinderella" AuditionFinalist[Note 1]And in the same yearBoy magazine』(Kodansha)3stMiss MagazineSelected for the Grand Prix[10][11][9][Note 2].. May of the same year[12]IsAkeboshi foodThe commercial for "Ramen with the name of youth, char siu pork" attracted a lot of attention.[13][3], TV first appearance[14].. Next day19852[Note 3], "Even the times are dyed by Yuki."TaglineUnderCanyon recordThan"graduateDebuted as a singer[16][13]..同曲はThe song isOriconRecorded the highest 6th place and became a hit of about 35 copies[8].. same yearKanagawa Prefectural Shimizugaoka High School[Note 4]Have graduated[3][1].

After graduating from high school-1990s

Broadcast started in October 1985Fuji Television Network, Incsystem"Detective detective』First starring in a serial drama.Detective Sukeban predominates the world and suddenly rises to the top idol[18].. In December of the same year, the first starring movie "Lost Chapter of Snow-Passion-Is released[1][19], Won the newcomer award of each movie award.

From March 1986NHKContinuous tv novel"Splash piece"ofheroineIt became a hit work that recorded an average audience rating of 40%, and its popularity and popularity became established nationwide.Released in March of the same year, "Hello by sadnessRecorded sales of about 30 copies, and the end of the year "The 37th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』For the first time, served as the youngest Beni-gumi captain at the time. The 7th single "" released in the same yearFragment of blue sky"Original Alvar"Beat of glass』But togetherOriconIt won the first place on the weekly chart.

In October 1987, the drama "Don't give up!』(Fuji TV) starring. A special version was broadcast in September of the same year. August of the same yearTetsuko Kuroyanagi OfautobiographyessayWas made into a movieTotto channel』Starring. Director / ScreenplayKazuki OmoriIsWomen in love(1986) and"Goodbye" women』(1987) is also a tag team.Established the star status of Toho youth movie with this "trilogy".Saito is awarded by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Newcomer Award, "Young Girls in Love" and "Totto Channel"11th Japan Academy AwardReceived the Outstanding Leading Actress Award and also served as the moderator, "Les Miserables』Take the first stage.

In 1988, the magazine "Monthly Kadokawa"The Woman of Fate" Femme Fatale has started (serialized from the May 1988 issue to the August 5 issue), and she has written poems, novels, and essays as well as actress activities. The leading movie "The movie released in July of the same year"Yushun ORACIÓNIsFuji Television Network, IncProduced as a work commemorating the 30th anniversary of the opening of the station, it became a big hit with a box office record that mobilized more than 240 million people. Also12th Japan Academy AwardThen,"Goodbye" women"Yushun ORACIÓNWon the Outstanding Leading Actress Award for the second consecutive year.

In October 1989, the drama "Yes scoop』(TBS) starring. The special version was broadcast in December of the same year, and Part 12 was broadcast in July-September 1990. In April of the same year, as the theme song of the leading drama "Shonan Monogatari"Inoue YosuiCover song ofInto the dream』Release.OriconNo. 2 on the weekly single chart and No. 1989 in 14, making it his biggest hit.[2][20].. After that, director Takayoshi Watanabe "You love me(1989), directed by Shusuke KanekoHong Kong Paradise(1990), directed by Yoshimitsu MoritaHappy wedding』(1991) and starred in numerous movie works.

In July 1990, the original album "MOONWas announced, and Saito himself produced for the first time.[Note 5]LyricsI was also in charge of all songs (including translations). In the song, the story by Saito's own narration is also recorded. As a lyricist, the musical "Roman Holiday』(1998 performance) in charge of the lyrics of the song used (1998)Art festivalAward winning).Saito continued to write the lyrics for the re-performance (performance in 22) for the first time in 2020 years since the premiere, and the Toho musical "Cinderella Story (Performed in 2003-in charge of lyrics) and also provides music to artists.

July 1993, starring drama "Alumni Association』(Nippon TV).The role that can be said to be the exact opposite of the previous role became a hot topic.

1995 years,Koki MitaniThe stage by the script "With you ~ Nobody Else But You 』(PARCO Theater) Starring. It was replayed in 1997 and in 2014 Yuko TakeuchiIt was performed again with the lead role.Since then, he has appeared in many Parco-produced works.

In 1998, the movie ``Lost Chapter of Snow-Passion-For the first time in 13 yearsShinji AiumeDirector, movie "Oh, spring』Appeared.The work is in 1999Kinema JunpoIn addition to being selected as the number one in the best ten49nd Berlin International Film FestivalWon the International Federation of Film Critics Award.

Since the 2000s

In 2001, the 27th edition of "Sora no Kasama" (Geijutsuza)Kikuta Kazuo Theater AwardWas awarded.Music program"Christmas promise』(TBS) was in charge of narration from 2001 to 2016, and has been a narrator for many programs such as documentary programs.

2006 year 5 month, Kankuro MiyatoThe leading drama of the script "I am a housewife』(TBS) has a high reputation for comedians[21], Will be noticed again. "I am a housewifeIs June 2006Galaxy awardReceived a monthly award. AlsoThe televisionAt the Drama Academy Awards, Saito won the Best Actress Award 2nd and the Best Picture Award 3rd.

August 2008, 3,PARCO TheaterHeld a concert for the first time in 13 years since getting married, tickets were sold out on the same day, and an additional performance was held the next day. Since then, he has been constantly resuming singer activities.

2010 year 4 month,Kuroki Hitomi,Katsunori Takahashi, Yuki Saito,Hiroshi Mikami, Drama "Alumni Association-Love Again Syndrome』Appeared. In April 2012, the Korean drama "Love Again" was also broadcast.

In February 2011, the new album "" was produced on the occasion of the 2th anniversary of debut.Even if everything changes』Released (pre-sale in 2010). According to thisPARCO Theater"Yuki Saito 5th Anniversary Concert-Even if everything changes-" was held for 2 consecutive days (February 9th to 13th), and special guests appeared on each day.

2014, at the same timeKankuro MiyatoA school that draws the youth of the scriptcomedyDrama"I'm sorry youth!』(TBS).Koki MitaniIs the first stage "Murasaki Shikibu Diary" that depicts the battle between "women"PARCO Theater)Masami NagasawaAnd co-starred in a play, and tickets for all performances were sold out on the same day.

On February 2015, 2, the 21th anniversary of the singer's debut was celebrated, and on March 30, the album "Jazz Standard", which was the first attempt since its debut in 3, was selected.ETERNITY』Announced. "Yuki Saito 3th Anniversary Concert" was held at Hibiya Theater Creation in Tokyo from March 13th to 15th.In this performance, all the advance seats were sold out early, the camera seats and related party seats were sold out immediately, and the tickets on the day were also sold out.

2016 year 1 month,Koki MitaniScreenplay Taiga drama "Sanadamaru』Appeared. (The appearance of the Taiga drama was "Yatsushiro Shogun Yoshimune 』For the second time) On December 2," 12ndRadio Charity MusicsonWas the second personality for the first time in 25 years.

In October 2017, the drama "Mom, can I stop my daughter?』(NHK), the 7thConfidence Award Drama AwardWon the Best Supporting Actress Award[22], June of the same year, 6thIwatani Tokiko Award"Tokiko Iwatani Received a "special award". (In the Japanese premiere of "Les Miserables" translated by Iwatani, he played the role of Cosette, and in 2012 "Chanson de Koshiji Fubuki / Last Dance", he played the role of Tokiko Iwatani.) In July of the same year, the drama "Canna!』(TBS) played the role of the first grandma[23].

2018 year 2 month,Hirokazu KoreedaDirector, movie "Third murder(2017), the newcomer award 32 years ago ("Lost Chapter of Snow-Passion-』) SinceBlue ribbon awardReceived the Best Supporting Actress Award[24].. Saito himself made a speech saying that it would be a dreamlike and unexpected gift to receive again after such a long time.[24].. In addition, the 27thTokyo Sports Film AwardsAlso won the Supporting Actress Award[25].

In January 2019, the Fuji series drama "Scandal Lawyer QUEEN』Appeared. Saito will appear in the same station's serial drama, starring in 1989.LUCKY! Angel goes to the capitalIt's been 30 years since then. In the same yearKoki MitaniIt will be the first time to participate in the movie "I don't remember!(Toho),Riku OndaA movie adaptation of a short storyBees and distant thunder(Toho),Shiro TokiwaDirector, feature film debut work "First supper』(KADOKAWA) And other topical works.

In December 2020, the movie "First supper』(2019 Shiro Tokiwa(Director) at the 34stTakasaki Film FestivalWon the Best Supporting Actress Award.The work achieved the most awards in 4 categories.In August of the same year, "Yuki Saito the live 8" commemorating the 35th anniversary of the singer's debut was held at Billboard Live YOKOHAMA, and in November (2020th-11th), Yuki Saito's 12th anniversary concert "THANKS GIVING" was held.Tokyo Building Brillia HALLThe performance and the final day of the performance were broadcast live.

March 2021, 1th Japan Jewelery Best Dresser Award Received the 50s category. On February 2st debut anniversary,graduateArranged singles for 11 consecutive worksSatoshi TakebeProduced 35th anniversary self-cover album "Water SymphonyWas released, and "Yuki Saito ~ Billboard Live Tour" Suikyoukyoku "featuring Satoshi Takebe ~" was held in March and April.After all the tickets were sold out immediately, additional performances were held in a hurry.


In the young ageSailor suitポ ニ ー テ ー ルGathered support as a neat and clean girl[2].

i ☆ Ris OfYu SerizawaIs a niece[26].. His maternal grandfather was Yoshio Mizushima, who worked hard to establish the Yokohama Subcommittee of the Japan Deaf Association. He helped tailor the obi run by his wife, and both the couple worked as deaf craftsmen.Empress MichikoWe received an order for the tailoring of the obi used for the wedding ceremony. Maternal aunt also serves as NHK sign language newscasterSign language interpreterKiyoshi Tanaka[27].

Hobbies and special skills include writing lyrics, illustrations, reading books, and writing poetry.left handed.Blood TypeIs B type.

Mother of 3 children[28].

"Separate Treasure IslandAccording to the survey, the number of songs ranked in the top 1980 in the 50s was 4 and the number was 8th among female idols at that time.[29].

The entertainer who was close to me when I was an idolWomen in loveFormer idol who co-starred in the same yearMamiko TakaiMet.togetherニ ュ ー ヨ ー クI also travel, and during the rare journey at that time, Takai's husband's talk program on Saito's talk programAkimoto YasushiHas been happily exposed.Takai himselfCustomers of Saito SanchiAnd Saito's book "Yuki World Emotional Travel" (Kadokawa Shoten) Contributes to the postscript.Also, Saito's book "My Favorite Person's Things" (Shinchosha Co., Ltd.), Various topics including episodes related to Takai's marriage are written.



  1. graduate(1985 2 年 月 日 21)
  2. White flame(1985 5 年 月 日 21)
  3. First visit(1985 8 年 月 日 21)
    • Lyrics: Takashi Matsumoto / Composition: Kyohei Tsutsumi / Arrangement: Satoshi Takebe
  4. passion(1985 11 年 月 日 15)
    • Lyrics: Takashi Matsumoto / Composition: Kyohei Tsutsumi / Arrangement: Satoshi Takebe
    • Toho movie "Lost Chapter of Snow: Passion" theme song,Fujifilm"AXIA"Tape" CM song.
  5. Hello by sadness(1986 3 年 月 日 21)
    • Lyrics: Yukinojo Mori / Composition: Koji Tamaki / Arrangement: Satoshi Takebe
    • Fuji TV anime "Every time』Opening theme song,Shiseido"Morning Fresh" CM song.
    • The song sold nearly 30 copies and was hit by this hit.The 37th NHK Red and White Singing BattleHe made his first appearance in the band and was selected as the captain of the Red Group.
  6. Saturday onions <12inch single> (May 1986, 5)
  7. Fragment of blue sky(1986 8 年 月 日 21)
    • Lyrics: Takashi Matsumoto / Composition: Toshio Kamei / Arrangement: Satoshi Takebe
    • Fujifilm "AXIA Tape" CM song.
    • Saito himself won the 1st place on the Oricon chart for the first time.
  8. MAY(1986 11 年 月 日 19)
    • Lyrics: Hiroko Taniyama / Composition:MAYUMI/ Arrangement: Satoshi Takebe
    • Toho movie "Women in love] Theme song.
  9. Sand castle(1987 4 年 月 日 10)
    • Lyrics: Yukinojo Mori / Composition:Akira Okamoto/ Arrangement: Satoshi Takebe
    • Fujifilm "AXIA Tape" CM song.
  10. "Goodbye"(1987 11 年 月 日 18)
  11. ORACIÓN -prayer-(1988 6 年 月 日 21)
  12. Into the dream(1989 4 年 月 日 21)
    • Songwriting:Inoue Yosui/ Arrangement:Kenjiro Sakiya
    • The theme song for the drama "Shonan Monogatari".
    • Inoue Yosui cover,BaBeParticipated in backing vocals.
    • With this song, Saito himself recorded sales of over 40 copies, which is also the biggest hit song.[32]
  13. Someday(1992 1 年 月 日 15)
    • Lyrics: Yuki Saito / Composition: Mioko Yamaguchi / Arrangement: Hiroshi Uesugi
  14. why(1994 11 年 月 日 18)
    • Lyrics: Yuki Saito / Composition: Kyohei Tsutsumi / Arrangement: Taisuke Sawachika
  15. Komugiiro no Tenshi(1999 4 年 月 日 21)
  16. Home dating(2006 6 年 月 日 7)
  17. Beyond the wind(2007 1 年 月 日 24)
    • Lyrics: Yuki Saito / Composition: Megumi Ishii / Arrangement: Taisuke Sawachika
    • Television Animation"Les Miserables Girl Cosette"Opening theme.
  18. Hello Sorrow (21st century ver.)(2007 11 年 月 日 28)
    • Arrangement: Taisuke Sawachika
    • A maxi single that includes 4 self-cover songs of "Into the Dream", "White Flame", and "Family Dining Table".
  19. KIZUNA (June 2011, 6)
    • Lyrics:Shoko Omori/ Composition: Taisuke Sawachika / Arrangement: cro-magnon
    • NHK-BS animation "Hairy thing"Ending theme.
  20. fell in love. (December 2012, 12)
    • Lyrics: Yukinojo Mori / Composition / Arrangement: Atsushi Suemitsu
    • Atsushi Suemitsu feat. Released as Yuki Saito.

Christmas single

Original album

  1. AXIA(1985 6 年 月 日 21)
  2. Beat of glass(1986 3 年 月 日 21)
  3. chime(1986 10 年 月 日 21)
  4. Wind dream(1987 4 年 月 日 21)
  5. ripple(1987 9 年 月 日 21)
  6. PANT(1988 3 年 月 日 21)
  7. TO YOU(1988 12 年 月 日 7)
  8. age(1989 4 年 月 日 21)
  9. MOON(1990 7 年 月 日 11)
  10. LOVE(1991 12 年 月 日 4)
  11. soft(1994 12 年 月 日 7)
  12. Even if everything changes(December 2010, 12 <pre-sale>, February 20, 2011)
  13. ETERNITY(2015 3 年 月 日 11)

Self cover album

  1. Water Symphony(2021 2 年 月 日 21)

Best album

  1. The Special Series Yuki Saito(1985 10 年 月 日 21)
  2. YUKI'S BRAND(1987 12 年 月 日 16)
  3. Yuki's MUSEUM(1989 11 年 月 日 29)
  4. YUKI's BEST(1995 1 年 月 日 8)
  5. MY this! Action Yuki Saito BEST(2001 11 年 月 日 21)
  6. Yuki Saito SINGLES Complete(2007 7 年 月 日 18)
  7. Yuki Saito Vintage Best(2008 6 年 月 日 18)
  8. My Kore! Lite Series Yuki Saito (April 2010, 4)
  9. The Premium Best Yuki Saito (November 2012, 11)
  10. Golden ☆ Idol Yuki Saito (July 2014, 7)

Live album

  1. POETIC Live 1986(2009 8 年 月 日 5)

Omnibus tribute album

  1. From Mom to Children Disney Lovely Songs (December 2002, 12)
    • Sing the second song "Lala Lou (Wanwan Monogatari)".
  2. From Mom to Children Disney Happy Songs (December 2002, 12)
  3. WOW! Disneymania Japan (March 2004, 3)
    • Includes the above "Supercalifragilistic Expiridocious".
  4. Aoi Uta ~ Throat Boast Youth Edition ~ Original Soundtrack (April 2006, 4)
    • Singing the 24th song "Cotton Handkerchief".
  5. TBS drama Ai no Theater "I am a housewife" Original soundtrack (June 2006, 6)
    • Mitsuhiro Oikawa sang the 27th song "Fish opens his eyes and sleeps", and sang the 30th song "The Lady of the Day" in a duet with Jay Kabira.
  6. Beautiful Katamari Original Soundtrack "Mass Wonderful Soul" (November 2007, 11)
    • Sing the 10th song "Colorful Heart". See the game section.
  7. Carpenters FOREVER (February 2010, 2)
  8. Let's go!Muts Go! ~ 6 colors of rainbow ~ (December 2017, 12)
    • The second song "Let's Go! Muts Go! ~ 2 Colors of Rainbow ~ ver. Late Matsu 6" is sung in a unit with Suga Shikao, ABEDON, Fumio Ito, Kazuya Yoshii, Shinichi Yakuma, and Tortoise Matsumoto.
  9. My Music, My Friends /Tomoya Tachikawa(2018 11 年 月 日 20)
    • Singing the 2nd song "Melancholy Kaleidoscope" and the 9th song "Kokorocchi-Tension MAX Low". (The second song is written by Yuki Saito)


  1. ROOMS vol.1 (March 1995, 3)
    • Read three episodes: "Wash your hair and think", "Only one sock", and "I can't find other words".
  2. Music fairy tales for reading and piano Koinu no Poop (November 2002, 11)
    • Read "Koinu no Poop".
  3. Miyuki Miyabe Masterpiece Selection An era novel to listen to and taste (March 2013, 3)
    • Read aloud "Nozomi".
  4. Draw in the wind district・ Limited Edition Disc 2 "Read in Kazemachi" (June 2015, 6)
    • Read "Graduation".


  • Yuki Saito CD-BOX 1 (September 2003, 9)
  • Yuki Saito CD-BOX 2 (September 2003, 9)

NHK Minna no Uta

Video work

  • Yuki, Burn! Detective Making of Skeban (October 1985, 10)
  • Fine Girl (November 1985, 11)
  • Drifting Princess (November 1986, 11)
  • Yuki's Dream (Hugging "Customers of Mrs. Saito") (July 1987, 7)
  • PANT (April 1988, 4)
  • ORACION (June 1988, 6)
  • one two YUKI'S TOUR (March 1990, 3)
  • MOONY MOON (November 1990, 11)
  • LOVE (December 1991, 12)
  • Personal Concert Holy Night (March 1992, 3)
  • Concert '95 "moi" (April 1995, 4)
  • Billboard Live Tour “Suikyoukyoku” (July 2021, 7)



Serial drama

2-hour drama series

Special drama

  • Baseball mad poetry(December 1985, 1,Fuji Television Network, Inc[33] - Starring Yuuki Suwon Role
  • Koi is a mystery theater "Harashima lawyer's love and sadness(February 1985, 2,TBS, [First drama recording])-Satake's daughter role
  • SF's mysterious trip (February 1987, 2, HBC production, TBS system, [Starring:Toshihiko Tahara】)
  • Labyrinth in the garden (August 1988, 3, Nippon Television)- Starring Fumi Kitamura Role
  • Actress era (October 1988, 10,Yomiuri Television)- starring·Nobuko Otowa Role
  • My heart belongs to my dad (November 1988, 11,Nippon TV)- Starring Mimiko Odo Role
  • Wedding March (January 1989,Fuji Television Network, IncNew Year Drama Special)
  • Even if I scream ... I can't hear it (August 1989, 8, NTV,24-hour TV "Love Saves the Earth"
  • Younger brother(April 1990, 4, TBS, [Kimura TakuyaCo-starring with】)- Starring Gen Role
  • A strange storyAutumn special edition "Absolutely unpleasant!" (October 1990, 10, Fuji TV)- Starring Satoko Role
  • Wamiya(December 1991, 1,TV Asahi)- Starring butterbur Role
  • Aristocratic Staircase (April 1991, 4, TBS)- Starring Himiko Role
  • "Wednesday Grand Romance / End of War Special Project" Sakhalin of Love and Sorrow (August 1991, 8, NTV)- Starring Lee Young-ok Role
  • New Totsugawa story(1991年10月5日・12日、明治編)(1992年5月2日・9日、大正編)(1992年9月19日・26日、昭和編 - NHK) - Starring: Tsuda (Nakaya) butterbur Role
  • Kanebo Human Special"Is it the last summer?" (February 1992, 2, NTV)- starring
  • Vietnamese refugee girl 10 years of sadness and beauty before becoming a female doctor (June 1992, 6, Fuji TV) - starring
  • The love story never ends (March 1993, 3, Yomiuri TV)- starring
  • Midnight alarm clock (April 1993, 4, NTV)- Starring Wakaba Role
  • "Rumor of company housing" suspense, tomorrow's chapter 13 (April 1993, 4,Kansai TV)- starring
  • Marriage Do you like me Familiar (August 1993, 8-17, TV Asahi)- starring
  • Zero focus(Broadcast for 1994 consecutive nights from June 6, 1,NHK-BS2 February 1995, 2, February 18, 2 "Saturday drama"NHK-BS2 NHK general TV)- Starring Teiko Uhara Role
  • A strange storyAutumn special edition "I can't come out" (October 1994, 10, Fuji TV)- starring
  • In vitro fertilization serial murder "I'm not my husband's child !? The devil replaced the sperm ... Fearful FAX ... Orenokodayo ..." (June 1996, 6)- starring
  • Monday drama special"The murderous intentions of Saga, Arita, and Ryubuntsubo" (July 1996, 7)- Starring Ayako Tsushima Role
  • A fluttering woman "Fear Exchange Diary" (January 1997, 1, TBS)- Starring Aki Yamada Role
  • The life of the poet Asao Hara because of her beauty (February 1997, 2,East Japan Broadcasting)- starring·Asao Hara Role
  • Murder Case in Kanazawa, Kyoto (April 1998, 4, TBS)- starring
  • Friday Entertainment"Seicho Matsumoto XNUMXth Anniversary Special Project-Light Makeup Man(June 1998, 6, Fuji TV) --The role of Yuri Kazamatsu
  • Eternal atom Osamu TezukaStory (April 1999, 4,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.)- Yumiko Igarashi Role
  • "Woman, love and mystery" Edo Komon murder case (September 2001, 9, TV TOKYO) - Starring Natsuko Mizusawa Role
  • Misa Yamamura Suspense "Kyoto Honeymoon Murder Case" (June 2002, 6, BS Japan, July 30, 2002, TV TOKYO)- Starring Michiko Suzaku Role
  • Kyousuke Hanamura Series "Musume Dojoji Legend Murder Case" (December 2002, 12, Fuji TV) --Hitomi Tadokoro
  • Kosuke Kindaichi Series "Hitomen Ao" (March 2003, 3, TBSHigashisaka planning) --Matsushiro
  • You have a home to return to (December 2003, 12 BS Fuji, produced in 3) - Starring Mayumi Role
  • War photographer's love and death "Wife who lost her husband ... 13 years later, a love letter of tears" (March 2004, 3) - Starring Sata Sawada Role
  • Woman's first generation Setouchi Jakucho~ The priesthood is to die while living (November 2005, 11, Fuji TV, [Starring:Miyazawa Rie]) --The role of Jakucho Setouchi
  • Female prosecutor's retaliation / murder notice email sent (February 2006, 2, TV Asahi)- Starring Kurumi Role
  • "Bad thing 2"Tell me" (December 2010, 12, BS Fuji)
  • Special drama"Graduation home run(March 2011, 3, TV TOKYO) --Sayuri Inoue
  • Drama special The Last Supper-Detective Kazuyuki Tono and the Seven Suspects-(May 2011, 5, TV Asahi) --Natsumi Tono
  • Lessons (November 2011, 11, Kansai TV) --Kanako Kurosawa
  • Friday Prestige"Autopsy file of police doctor Katsura Akizuki" (February 2012, 2, Fuji TV)- Starring Katsura Akizuki Role
  • The 11th Bungeisha Drama Special Love mother and daughter(June 2012, 2, TV Asahi)- Starring Sawako Nishiyama Role
  • Special drama Don't give up tomorrow... The newspaper publisher in the rubble-Kaboku Shinpo's longest day-(March 2012, 3, TV TOKYO) --Yuriko Nakajima
  • Flower crown(September 2012, 9, TV Asahi) --Junko Hirai
  • Drama Special Tomorrow's Madeleine (July 2013, 7, TV TOKYO) --Ikuko Togawa
  • Christmas drama Jump with an angel(December 2013-12, 23, NHK General TV)-Kazuko
  • Drama Special Proof that Mama Lived (July 2014, 7, TV Asahi) --Toshiko Tamura
  • Drama special Emergency interrogation room(September 2015, 9, TV Asahi) --Sanae Misawa[42]
  • NHK Special"To the Japanese I Love-70 Years with Donald Keene Bungo-" (October 2015, 10, NHK General TV) Drama Part-Editorial Officer
  • Special drama Saijo no Meii 2016(February 2016, 2, TV TOKYO) --Reiko Oda[43]
  • Heart loss-Women who want to touch the rainbow-(October 2016, 10,CBC TV Other)- Starring Sakurako Fukaya Role[44]
  • Maybe Actresses 2016 (October 2016, 10, Fuji TV)- Starring / person Role
  • Kill black well(April 2018, 4, Fuji TV) --Kana Shiba *Koki MitaniScreenplay special drama
  • Home ~ Dark Site Incident / Daughter's Gift ~ (December 2018, 12,Tokai TV)- Starring Fumiko Isotani Role
  • Tales of the Unusual '19 Autumn Special Edition (April 2019, 11 -, Fuji TV)- Starring Shiho Murase Role
  • Special drama Devil's Temari Song~ Kosuke Kindaichi, again ~ (December 2019, 12-, Fuji TV) --Atsuko Yura
  • New Year period drama "Abacus Samurai style IchibeiSP ~ Hawk in the Sky ~ "(January 2020, 1-, NHK BS3K) --Masu
  • Clinging Woman --Five Hell Episode 5 (March 2020, 3, TBS)- Starring Mimi Role[45]
  • Super premium Conspiracy of the Yagyu clan(December 2020, 4,NHK BS Premium)- Oeyo Role

Guest appearance



  • Miraculous melody ~ Hamako Watanabe story ~ (2010, Theater Creation, Morinomiya Piloti Hall)- starring
  • My town(2011, New National Theater Tokyo)
  • Chanson de Koshiji Fubuki Last Dance (2012, Theater Creation,Chunichi Theater, Theater Drama City,Kameari,Nagano,Shinozaki,KanazawaPerformance)
  • Murasaki Shikibu Diary (2014,PARCO Theater Other / Director: Koki Mitani)- starring·SeishonagonMasami NagasawaDouble starring with
  • Records of mothers and planets, and spinning women (2016,PARCO Theater Others)-The role of Minoko Tsuji[53]
  • Showgirl(2018, EX Theater ROPPONGI --Daily guest appearance / Director: Koki Mitani)
  • All good children will be rewarded (2019, TBS Akasaka ACT Theater, Festival Hall)

Concert, live

  • National Concert Tour (1985)
  • National Concert Tour (1986)
  • National Concert Tour (1988)
  • National Concert Tour (1989)
  • Yuki Saito Concert '95 “moi” (1995, Art Sphere)
  • "Hiroko TaniyamaSan Nekomori Rally 2007 ”(2007)
  • "LIVE" (2008,PARCO Theater
  • "Premium Meets Premium 2008" (2008, Hamarikyu Asahi Hall)
  • "LIVE" (2010, Theater Creation)
  • "Takashi Matsumoto40th Anniversary of Songwriting Activity Kazemachi Roman Concert ”(2010, bunkamura Orchard hall
  • "Mishima SatoConcert Winter Picture Book 2010 ~ I'm waiting. ~ ”(2010, bunkamura Orchard hall
  • "Yusa Mimoricafe mimo ~ Momosekku Tea Party Vol.11 ~ "(2011, Sogetsu Hall)
  • "Angel Lara Presents" Yuki Saito 25th Anniversary Concert-Even if everything changes- "(2011, 2 / 9-13 PARCO Theater
  • "Atsushi Suemitsu & Yuki Saito I fell in love. -Special Chapel Concert- "(June 2013, 6 / Christ Shinagawa Church Gloria Chapel)
  • "Angel Lara Presents Yuki Saito 30th Anniversary Concert" (2015, 3 / 13-15 Theater Creation)
  • "Takashi Matsumoto 45th Anniversary Official Project Kazemachi Legend 2015" (2015)
  • "Yuki Saito 30th Anniversary Concert" (2015)
  • "Yuki Saito x'mas Live" (2015)
  • "ROOTS 66 -Naughty 50-" (2016,Nippon Budokan
  • "Satoshi Takebe Original Award Show ~ Happy 60 ~ "(2017)
  • "Satoshi Takebe Premium Duo Session" (2018, 6/9 JZ Brat SOUND OF TOKYO)
  • Live appearance of "1st Hasami Bunkasai" (2018, 11/23 Former Hasami Town Central Elementary School Auditorium and Public Hall)
  • "Yuki Saito live 2018" (2018, 11/30 Blue Note Nagoya, 12/17 Billboard Live Osaka, 12 / 20-21 Motion Blue Yokohama)
  • Appeared in "The Best Ten Live 2019" (May 2019, 5 / Nakano Sunplaza Hall)
  • "Yuki Saito X'mas live 2019" (2019, 12/4 Billboard Live Osaka, 12/22 Blue Note Nagoya, 12/23 Motion Blue Yokohama)
  • "Yuki Saito the live 2020" (2020, 8 / 28-29 Billboard Live YOKOHAMA)
  • "Yuki Saito 35th anniversary concert" THANKS GIVING "(2020, 11 / 12-14) Tokyo Building Brillia HALL
  • "Yuki Saito X'mas live 2020" (2020, Yokohama Motion Blue Yokohama)
  • "~Kyohei Tsutsumi Official Tribute Project-The Hit Song Maker Kyohei Tsutsumi's World in Concert "(Saturday, April 2021, 4 (Sun), April 17, 4 Tokyo International Forum Hall A)
  • "Yuki Saito ~ Billboard Live Tour" Suikyoukyoku "featuring Satoshi Takebe ~" (2021, March 3 (Sat) Billboard Live Osaka, March 6 (Sun) Billboard Drive Yokohama, April 3 (Friday) Billboard Live Tokyo [April 28 (Sunday) Billboard Live Tokyo additional performances] -Twice a day for a total of 4 performances)

Music provided work

Radio Drama

  • FM theater"Adios Centaur" (January 1986, 1, 4,NHK-FM
  • FM Theater "Daughters' Garden" (September 2000, 9, NHK-FM)[54]
  • FM Theater "Robokid" (December 2002, 12, NHK-FM)


Internet short movie

  • identity (2007)
  • metamorphosis (2007)
    • The above two worksFuji Television Network, IncWas produced as part of the "Fuji TV" campaign and distributed free of charge. laterBS FujiBroadcast on. Saito's "Family Dining Table" is used as the theme song, and his own poem is read aloud at the end.

Music program

  • Christmas promise(TBS TV) - Narration
  • "Yuki Saito the live 2020 ~ 35th anniversary ~" (October 2020, 10, CS Tele Morning Channel 17)
  • "Yuki Saito 35th anniversary concert" THANKSGIVING "Special Edition (February 2021, 2, Family Gekijo de Luxury LIVE"

NHK Red and White Singing Battle participation history

Year/Broadcast timesTimesProgramOrder of appearanceOpponentRemarks
1986 years /37 timesFirstHello by sadness04/20Ikuzo YoshiRed group moderator
He also served as a captain as a participating singer.
  • Appearance order is expressed as "appearance order/number of participants".





Voice appearance


  • Momotaro DensetsuSeries (Hudson)
    • It is a model of the enemy character "Snowman" (at the time of development, the character designerTakayuki DoiWas a fan of Saito).
  • Beautiful Katamari(Bandai Namco Games)
    • Singing the game BGM "Colorful Heart".



  • I also want to get help from cats (1989,Shogakukan
  • Unfaithful (1990,Kadokawa Shoten
  • Happy Vibrion (1990, Shogakukan)
  • Truth only now (really) (1991, Nippon Broadcasting System Publishing)
  • Clear water (1992, Kadokawa Shoten)
  • Yuki World Emotional Travel (1992, Kadokawa Shoten)
  • Two-headed Moon Unfaithful Woman (1993, Kadokawa Shoten)
  • NOISY (1994, Kadokawa Shoten)
  • Always my style (1998,Yomiuri Shimbun
  • I love babies-Yuki Saito's first pregnancy and childbirth diary (2000, Shogakukan)
  • Things of that person I like (2000,Shinchosha Co., Ltd.

Photo album

  • Always beside me ... Yuki (1985,Kodansha
  • Passion-Yuki Saito Photobook (1985,Crocodile books
  • Wind Awakening Yuki Saito Photobook Drifting Princess (1986, Ponica Publishing)
  • Yuki Saito-ORACION (1988, Fuji Television Publishing)


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Reference document

Web page

外部 リンク

  1. ^ eltha 2011.

Eiji Toyokawa

Etsushi Toyokawa(Etsushi Toyokawa,1962<Showa 37>May 3 -) isJapan OfAn actor.. BelongsThe office TheAlpha agency..Height 186 cm, weight 80 kg.Nickname is "Toyoetsu".Osaka I'm fromYao City Shiki Junior High School,Osaka Prefectural Shimizutani High Schoolgraduate,Kwansei Gakuin UniversityDepartment of literatureDropout.


Osaka Born inKwansei Gakuin UniversityDepartment of literatureWhile at schoolTheater departmentBelonging to, eventually dropped out of college with the aim of becoming an actor in earnest.Go to TokyoTheatrical group YenAfter working as a research student1983ToEriko Watanabe(Currently Eri)Theatrical company 3 ○○Joined (Sanjumaru).In the same year, "Watanabe's work and directionEyelid mother』, And appeared on numerous stages during the seven-year enrollment period until he left the group in 1989.

After leaving the group, the current introduction by Eriko WatanabeAlpha agencyMove to1989ToTakayoshi WatanabeDirector's movie "You love me"ofauditionIn response to this, he made his first appearance in the movie as a colleague of Masaya Kato.Since then, manymovies-TV dramaAppeared in.

1990 OfFuji Television Network, Inc"He's in trouble』In the final episodeGuestStarting with the appearance, NHK ""1991I was showing my face to some.

1992ToTV drama"NIGHT HEAD"soShinji TakedaStarring with and attracting attention.Despite the midnight frame, it gains cult popularity.In the same yearMatsuokaDirector's movie "Sharp glare』Plays the role of Mutsuki Kishida.Japan Academy Award,Yokohama Film FestivalReceived many newcomer awards such asEllandol AwardAlso won the rookie award. Play a break mainly for women in their 20s.

1994ToTV drama"The end of the world],1995ToTV drama"Live in this love], Etc. have come to be recognized by the general public.

1995To the movieLove Letter』(Shunji IwaiPlayed the role of Shigeru Akiba in the director's work)19th Japan Academy AwardReceived the Outstanding Supporting Actor Award and the Topic Award.In the same yearTell me i love youAs a deaf young painter, he played the role of deepening his love while overcoming obstacles, and recorded a maximum audience rating of 28.1%.afterwards"Toyoetsu"ofNicknameAlso settled down and became a star.

1997In the TV drama "Blue BirdWas in charge of hair makeupFemalemarriageAnd I made a profit for one son and one daughter,2005May 12Todivorce, The child was taken over by his wife.

1999Was broadcast toTV drama"Dangerous relationship], And became a hot topic.

2001, Broadcasted Spring CoolstarringDrama"Love Story』(Miho NakayamaAnd W starring) achieved an average audience rating of over 20%.

After that,2003Was broadcast toTV drama"Et Alors],2006Was broadcast toTV drama"Lawyer's junk』Appeared in a drama such as.

2008,at homeOysterWhen I was eating a pot, I suddenly got sick and was taken to the hospital by ambulance.The cause depends on the ingredients in the pot (it is unknown which ingredient caused the symptom)Anaphylactic shockBut the symptom was alleviated[2].

2011, 36thYufuin Film FestivalAtHirayama HideyukiDirector'sDesperate sword bird stab],Tomoyuki TakimotoDirector'sTell the criminal],Junji SakamotoDirector'sScratched angel],Isao YukisadaDirector'sThis time my wife"of4worksWill be screened as a special feature.After the screeningIsao YukisadaWith the directortalk showWas held.In the same yearNHK taiga drama"Sengoku of Go and Princess』,Oda NobunagaServed as a role.

2015May with a former esthetician womanRemarriageAnnounced the birth of a girl[3].


Besides actorsscript,directed byAlthough we are also engaged in activities such asEntertainment showsRarely appears in.He hates public-private confusion, refuses media coverage, and adheres to a mysterious image.[4].2016May 9,Asaichi』In" Premium Talk "and made the first appearance on a talk show[5].

NHKI love the show, and it's almost until after 19:00 --22:00General TVI'm watching the program. My favorite program is the movie "Woman of the second wife industry』Co-starShofuitei OfCrown program"Cheers for a family of cranesIs[6].. Also,"NHK News 7The same station that served as the main caster ofannouncer OfShinichi TaketaHe also professes to be a fan ofnews casterHe also said that he would like to refer to Takeda when the role of[7].


TV drama



Television Animation



  • NHK Special "Old Father Killed Japanese-Battle of Okinawa Seen by Pulitzer Prize Writer-" (June 2011, 6, NHK General TV) --Reading Dale Mahalridge's Monologue
  • Balthus and their relationship (May 2014, 5,NHK BS Premium)-Navigator
  • Planet Earth II(December 2016, 12 -, NHK BS Premium)-Narrative
  • NHK Special Blue Planet(May 2018, 5 -, NHK)-Narrative

Talk variety


Draft / Screenplay / Directed work

Features of TV director Etsushi Toyokawa

In the early days, he dared to assign directors and television directors to important roles.For example, in "Father, go home ..."Chika ShimizuAs the father of the heroine who plays the role ofLive in this love''Boy who became a star"ofShunsaku Kawage, In "Cooling Woman"Miki MizunoThe role of the heroine who plays the role of a deceased lover who freezesHitoshi TsujiAnd, in "Boring room" and "Nostalgic person", the main character, Tsube, is called "XNUMX years old fever''Around me."ofRyosuke HashiguchiHas been appointed. "Married couple], The heroineMiho NakayamaFor the role of later yearsYoshimoto New ComedyActressMiho NakayamaI was playing with appointing.


  • Akifu Haori's teaching Life is half blue. (In the name of Haori Akikaze,Eiko KitagawaCo-authored with)



TV drama



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