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📺 | Eita Nagayama & Osamu Mukai become Ryoma Sakamoto and Toshizo Hijikata!New Year period drama "Bakumatsu Aiboden"

Photo Eita Nagayama x Osamu Mukai – Photo courtesy of NHK

Eita Nagayama & Osamu Mukai become Ryoma Sakamoto and Toshizo Hijikata!New Year period drama "Bakumatsu Aiboden"

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The original is the historical novel "Aibo" by Takahisa Igarashi, and the movie "Super High Speed!

NHK's New Year's era drama "Bakumatsu Aiboden" will be produced, in which actor Eita Nagayama plays Ryoma Sakamoto and Osamu Mukai plays Toshizo Hijikata. [… → Continue reading

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Historical novel

Historical novel(Rekishi Shosetsu) is a novel that mainly uses people who actually existed in history, sets a story that is almost historical, or sets the era, and describes a fantasy story in it. That is.

Historical novels and historical novels

In general, with historical novelsHistorical novelIs used interchangeably with, but there is a fairly clear distinction in literature.

In historical novels, the main characters are real people in history, and the main parts proceed almost according to historical facts.The story is born when the author is impressed by the way of life and thought of the hero, and the motif that the author wants to appeal to is included in the behavior or behavior of the hero, and the theme is history.commentStrong taste.Yamaoka Sohachiof"Tokugawa Ieyasu] OrFumio Niwaof"Shinran], [Lotus] Etc. can be said to be a typical historical novel.

On the other hand, the period novel is "Zenigata Heiji Collection』, Or make a fictitious person appear, or even if you use a real person, it will develop differently from the historical fact.Tokugawa Mitsukuni(Mito Komon) is a real person, but "Mito Komonman YuukiIt is quite absurd in light of historical facts to follow the two children of Suke-san and Kaku-san and walk around the countries to make judgments.No matter how much "Deputy General of the World"DamingWas forbidden to enter the territory of another lord without permission.In other words, historical novels emphasized fun, so-called entertainment, rather than historical facts and the author's appeal.Eiji YoshikawaA series of worksShotaro Ikenamiof"Onihira criminal record book] Etc. are historical novels.The play that was once called "Chamara"Historical dramaHowever, you can think of it as the novel version.

Genre history

Even before the historical novel was madeWilliam Shakespeare"King John (Shakespeare)''Richard II''Henry IV''Henry V''Henry VI Part 1''Henry VI Part 2''Henry VI Part 3''Richard III (Shakespeare)''Henry VIII] OrFriedrich von Schiller"(German version,English edition)』(1799) And so on.

19st centuryEarlyEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThe novelistWalter ScottIs a pioneer of historical novels not only in British literature but also in Western literature.1814Was announced in(English edition)The series of works that followed produced many imitators and established a new genre of historical novels.19st centuryIn the first halfEuropeIn the background of the historical novel boomFrench RevolutionLater, in a democratized society, a new place for the general publicView of historyThere is also a theory that it was required.

For such a group of writers,Edward Brewer-Litton"Last day in Pompeii』(1834,The United Kingdom),Nikolai Gogol"Captain Bouriba』(1835,ロシア),Alexander Pushkin"Captain's daughter』(1836,ロシア),Alexandre Dumas Pale"Borgia Family Fuunroku" (1839) 『Queen Margot』(1845,France),Charles Dickens"Two city stories』(1859,The United Kingdom),Gustave Frobert"Sarambo』(1862,France),George Eliot"(English edition)』(1862,The United Kingdom),Lev Tolstoy"(English edition)』(1855) 『War and peace』(1869) 『(English edition)』(1912,ロシア),Victor Hugo"XNUMX years』(1873,France) Is included.In Britain, historical novels have stagnated once since then,1880 eraRegained its momentum.

Federico de Roberto"(Italian version,French version)』(1894) 『(Italian version)』(1929,イタリア),Joseph Roth"Radecky March』(1932,オーストリア),Stephan Zweig"(English edition)』(1933,オーストリア),Heinrich Mann"(German version)』(1935,Germany),Somerset Maume"Old and now" (1946,The United Kingdom),Tomasi di Lampedusa"(English edition)』(1958,イタリア) Etc. were announced.Henryk Sienkiewicz"Quo Vadis』(1896,ポーランド),Yvo Andrich"Dorina's Bridge』(1945,ユ ー ゴ ス ラ ビ ア) IsNobel Prize for LiteratureWas awarded.

From South America(Portuguese version,English edition)"(Portuguese version,English edition)』(1902,Brazil),C, L, R, James"(English edition)』(1938,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu),Mario Vargas Ryosa"(Spanish version,English edition)』(1981,ペルー) Was announced,Alejo Carpentier"(English edition)』(1949,キ ュ ー バ) IsLatin American literatureBrought a "boom".

African literatureThen,Warle Shoinka"Leader of Death and King』(1959,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu),Gugi Wa Ziongo"(English edition)』(1964,Kenya),Pepetela"Mayonbe』(1980,アンゴラ),Chimamanda Ngozi Adice"(English edition)』(2007,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu) Is the subject of wars in each country.John briley"Far dawn』(1987,The United States of America) IsSteve BikoDraw an assassination,Richard AttenboroughWas made into a movie.

Historical novels in Japan

Second World WarPreviously, there were few novels written based on historical facts (however, the stage was taken in the past).Popular novelAnd, writing historical facts in a narrative style was actively written), and as a literary work dealing with historyEdo PeriodSinceTalkThe popularity of the novel also contributed to the delay in the rise of historical novels.Among themShimazaki Fujimuraof"Before dawnIs said to be the white eye of a historical novel.continue,Mori OgaiAlso wrote two forms of historical novels, "History" and "History".In the Showa periodEiji YoshikawaHas gained a lot of readers, and among them, "Kenzen Ichiyo" depicts the hero who seeks the boundary.Musashi MiyamotoWas widely accepted during the war and was a turning point in popular literature.Besides this,Kan ShimozawaIsFather and son hawk"Katsu Kaishu" etc.HistoryThe story "Japanese Navy's memoir" announced.

After the warRyotaro ShibaThe historical novels have changed drastically.From a unique perspective, Shiba said, "Ryoma goes''Clouds on the slope』And so on, leaving a big footprint in the subsequent historical novels.Edogawa Ranpo AwardWriter'sChen Sun-sinAsked for material in Chinese historyOpium War] Etc.,Yoshimura AkiraPioneered a genre called "".As a female writerMichiko Nagai,Sugimoto,Anzai AtsukoTheir activities were also remarkable.Even a big writer, Eiji Yoshikawa said, "I book Taiheiki],Kaionji ShiogoroIsHeaven and earth] And so on.Above allYamaoka Sohachiof"Tokugawa IeyasuWas an exceptional long-term newspaper serialization, and caused an unprecedented "Ieyasu boom."

In recent years, a detective writerShigego Kuroiwa, Sci-fi writerKatsuhiko Takahashi, Hard-boiled writerKenzo KitagataThe activities of writers from other genres are also conspicuous.

He has also published many novels on the subject of Western history.Nanami Shiono,Hitomi Fujimoto,Kenichi SatoThe writer of a foreign history novelIt is also a characteristic of Japan that there are so many[Source required]Especially when it comes to Chinese historyChen Sun-sin,Masamitsu Miyagitani,Seishi Tsukamoto,Kenichi SakemiThey form a big field.

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外部 リンク

Takahisa Igarashi

(Takahisa Igarashi, December 1961, 12[1] -) isJapan OfNovelist-Detective writer.TokyoI'm fromSeikei UniversityGraduated from Faculty of Letters[1].


After graduating from university, in 1985FusoshaJoined the company[2][3]..I was in the sales department for the first year, but from the second year I work in the editorial department[2]..The editor-in-chief at that time laterNovelistbecomeTatsuya YoshimuraIs[2][4].. In 1997, he started writing novels when he was transferred to the sales department again.[2].2001In the spring, the first feature-length novel "TVJ』In the 18thSuntory Mystery AwardSelected for Excellent Work Award[2](The grand prize isRyohei Sasamoto"Nagisa of Time").In the fall of the same year, "Rica(The title at the time of application was "Black Hair Swamp")Horror Suspense AwardWon the grand prize, the next2002Debuted as a novelist.The work has become a bestseller with over 30 copies.2004,FakeWas ranked 2005th in the 16 edition of "This mystery is amazing!"


The first novel I wroteTVJIs the movie "Die hard』Is said to have been used as a shitajiki[2]..He also said that he was "strongly influenced by the world of cinema" and that "works without film-inspired parts are rare."[5]

Horror Suspense AwardHe made his debut with the award-winning "Rika", but said, "I didn't want to write horror."[6], Declined all horror novel offers[3].. 『NegotiatorAnd 'TVJSuch asSuspense,1985 miracleAnd '2005 Rocket BoysSuch asYouth novel, "Great escape of Ansei XNUMX years" and "Buddy" etc.Historical novelAnd published various entertainment novels.

Literary Award Winner / Candidate History

List of works


Rika series

  • Rica(February 2002 Gentosha / September 2003 Gentosha Library)
  • Return (June 2013 Gentosha / November 6 Gentosha Bunko)
  • Reverse (October 2016 Gentosha Bunko)
  • Rehearsal (February 2019 Gentosha Bunko)
  • Remember (December 2019 Gentosha Bunko)
  • Refrain (March 2021 Gentosha Bunko)

Negotiator series

Youth trilogy

Papa to Musume series

Younger boy series

Hoshino Police Department Series

  • Abduction (July 2008 Futabasha / May 7 Futaba Bunko / January 2012 Futaba Bunko [new edition])
  • Redemption (June 2015 Futabasha / August 6 Futaba Bunko [top / bottom])

Kichijoji Detective Story Series

  • The disappeared girl Kichijoji Detective Story (April 2014 Futaba Bunko)
  • Last Lie Kichijoji Detective Story (July 2014 Futaba Bunko)
  • Six Hopes Kichijoji Detective Story (October 2014 Futaba Bunko)
  • Stolen Gaze Kichijoji Detective Story (January 2015 Futaba Bunko)
  • Someday Boy Kichijoji Detective Story (April 2015 Futaba Bunko)

Minami Aoyama Kotto Street Detective Company Series

  • Minami Aoyama Kotto Street Detective Company (March 2015) Kobunsha library)
  • Fascinated Eyes Minami Aoyama Kottodori Detective Company II (June 2015 Kobunsha Bunko)
  • Recollection of falling Minami Aoyama Kotto-dori Detective Company III (December 2015 Kobunsha Bunko)

Firefighter Natsumi Kamiya series

  • Tower of Fire (July 2015) Shodensha / September 2018 Shodensha Bunko)
  • Wave Castle (October 2017 Shodensha / October 10 Shodensha Bunko)
  • Fort of Life (Shodensha, October 2020)


  • Great escape of the 2003th year of Ansei (April 4 Gentosha / April 2005 Gentosha Bunko)
  • Fake(August 2004 Gentosha / August 9 Gentosha Bunko)
  • TVJ(February 2005 文藝 春秋 / September 2008 Bunshun library)
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Philosopher's Stone(February 2007 Kobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.Kappa novels / December 2009 Kobunsha Bunko)
  • Partner(February 2008 PHP Institute / September 2010 PHP literary library)
  • For You (March 2008 Shodensha / February 3 Shodensha Bunko)
  • Medical case book of Dr. Toru Doi (November 2008 Gentosha / August 11 Gentosha Bunko)
  • dash! (July 2009 Poplar company / November 2012 Futaba Bunko)
  • Limit (March 2010 Shodensha / February 3 Shodensha Bunko)
  • YOU! (October 2010 Futabasha / November 10 Futaba Bunko)
  • Anyone was fine (March 2011) Kodansha / April 2014 Gentosha Bunko)
  • Sound of Silence (October 2011, Bungei Shunju)
  • Our Ali Woop (April 2012 PHP Institute / May 4 PHP Bungei Bunko)
  • Editing girl! (October 2012 Shodensha / September 10 Shodensha Bunko)
  • This is Benten-dori Lucky Road Shopping Street (January 2013 Kobunsha / December 1 Kobunsha Bunko)
  • Career Inspector Satoshi Dosada's Anguish (December 2013) Kadokawa Shoten)
    • [Renamed] Deviation Investigation Career Police Department Satoshi Dosada (September 2016) Kadokawa Bunko)
      • Works: G's closed room / Ariadne's trap / Too energetic corpse / Double face / Fallen neck
  • Second stage (August 2014 Gentosha Bunko)
  • 1981 Swan Song (March 2015 Gentosha / December 3 Gentosha Bunko)
  • Gakuen Heaven (January 2015 Jitsugyo no Nihonsha / February 1 Jitsugyo no Nihonsha Bunko)
  • Revival (November 2015 PHP Institute)
    • [Renamed] We do not know the name of God (November 2018 PHP Bungei Bunko)
  • Kesennuma Miracle Girl(March 2016 Gentosha)
    • [Renamed] Smile and Go! (April 2019 Gentosha Bunko)
  • Swim!Swim!Swim! (May 2016 Futabasha / August 5 Futaba Bunko)
  • 7 Days Japan-Korea Special Investigation File (August 2016 PHP Institute)
    • [Renamed] 7 Days Mission Japan-Korea Special Investigation (March 2020 PHP Bungei Bunko)
  • SCS Stoker Crime Countermeasures Office (February-March 2017 Kobunsha [top / bottom] / January 2 Kobunsha Bunko [top / bottom])
  • That child will get married (May 2017 Jitsugyo no Nihonsha / April 5 Jitsugyo no Nihonsha Bunko)
  • Sevens! (December 2017 KADOKAWA / November 2020 Futaba Bunko)
  • Overturned toy box Masterpiece short story collection (June 2018 Futaba Bunko)
    • Works: Poki Poki / Abuse / Mahjong Detective / Girl Friends / Open Sesame
  • Stand up! (Jitsugyo no Nihonsha, June 2018)
  • PIT Special Psychological Investigation Team, Rei Minazuki (September 2018, Kobunsha)
  • Wedding planner (Shodensha, October 2018)
  • Coyote Wings (Futabasha, December 2018)
  • Murder House (March 2019, Jitsugyo no Nihonsha)
  • Answer game (May 2019 Futabasha)
  • I can't say I love you (Shodensha, July 2019)
  • Carryover of Tenpo 2019th year (PHP Institute, September 9)


  • Super strategic!Writer debut manual (August 2017) PHP new book)


"" Is the work of Takahisa Igarashi

  • Fear of crimson and blue (September 2002 ShodenshaNon-novel) "Abusiveness"
  • Chase the darkness (November 2004 Kobunsha Kappa Novels / May 11 Kobunsha Bunko) "Poki Poki"
  • Traces of the incident (November 2007 Kobunsha Kappa Novels / April 11 Kobunsha Bunko) "Female negotiator Hikaru"
  • Field, Wind (April 2008) Jive) "Baton"
    • [Renamed] Reasons why we keep running (November 2009) Poplar Bunko)
  • The eve of the school festival (October 2010) MF Bunko Da Vinci) "Mysterious bassist"
  • How to write a mystery (November 2010 Gentosha / October 11 Gentosha Bunko) * Writing method "Learn from classical music"
  • Books read by the age of 2017 (Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd., July 7) * Essay anthology "Detective Holmes Redhead Association"

Unbooked serialized feature film

  • Yale (PHP Institute "Buzo" September 2014 issue-)
  • A person who sows a miracle (Kobunsha "Giallo』No.76 2021 MAY-)

Media mix

TV drama

TV Asahisystem
Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.system
Fuji Television Network, Incsystem





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