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📺 | Hanamaru Hakata receives "Dragon Zakura" from Daikichi "The drama is messed up"

Photo Hanamaru Hakata / Daikichi

Hanamaru Hakata "Dragon Zakura" is delivered in the morning drama Daikichi "The drama is messed up"

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Hyakune stares at Suganami and declares "I'll do it."

The comedy combination Hanamaru Hakata Daikichi's Hanamaru received a morning drama at NHK "Asaichi" on the 21st, and it was a TBS drama ... → Continue reading

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Hundred sounds

Hundred sounds(Mone) isJapan OfFemaleCell phone novelist.. Cancer, type A[1].. Real name is not disclosed.


Fiction based on real-life experiences depicting the unfulfilled future that was once desired[2]"Eternal dreamBecame popular on mobile websites, and in December 2006Take ShoboMade into a book from. First half of 2007TohanBecame a bestseller in the top 10 in the book and literary rankings. In July 2007, the sequel "" was released. "Eternal dream"FutabashaIt was also made into a comic from (2 volumes in total). April 2011,ShueishaCompleted over 4 years as the first title of the new cell phone novel label[3]"" Is announced. The latest issue is "" released in June 2014.


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