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🎥 | "Flash of Hathaway" box office exceeded 10 billion yen! Achieved the first feat in 33 years since "Char's Counterattack"

The photo blockbuster is now available! – (C) Sotsu / Sunrise

"Flash of Hathaway" box office exceeds 10 billion yen! Achieved the first feat in 33 years since "Char's Counterattack"

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Also, from June 3th, the third week of the release, "Mobile Suit Gundam UC", "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN", "Mobile Suit Gundam NT", and the movie version "G's Reconguista" Part 6 & Part 25 It is said that visitors' gifts, which are made into films of famous scenes, will be distributed, and it will be interesting to see how much the box office will increase.

The latest Gundam series "Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway of the Flash", which is being released, will be released in June on Sunday, the second week of its release ... → Continue reading

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Mobile Suit Gundam NT

"Mobile Suit Gundam NT(Kido Senshi Gundam Narrative, English title: MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM NARRATIVE) IsJapan OfAnimated movie[2]. "Gundam seriesIt is a robot anime work that belongs to2018May 11Published at 90 theaters nationwide[3]..The director, Toshikazu Yoshizawa, will be the first director of this film.


Space centuryAs a completely new theater movie of Gundam's work set inMobile Suit Gundam F91This is the first time in 27 years since the anime version of "Mobile Suit Gundam UC”(Hereinafter“ UC ”), a series that develops stories in various mediaUC NexT 0100Produced as the first of[4].

Story is in charge of the story of "Mobile Suit Gundam UC"[Annotation 1], In charge of the script in this workHarutoshi FukuiThe supplementary novel "UC" of the novel version "UC" written before this workPhoenix huntingWith the motif of "", the contents that summarize the Universal Century up to "UC" and "Postwar warIt is the content reconstructed as one movie by incorporating[6]..The novel "Phoenix Hunting" was originally intended to bridge the difference between the original novel of "UC" and the ending of the anime version.[7][6], A weapon that independently appeared as the last enemy in the anime version of "UC",Neo ZeongIt was a work to sort out the existence of[6]..For this reason, in this work, the differences between the novel version and the anime version of "UC", which was focused on in the novel "Phoenix Hunting", have been changed to match the settings of the anime version "UC" again. , The content is not connected to the story of the novel version "UC".According to Fukui, the novel "Phoenix Hunting" was just a gaiden of the novel version "UC", while this work is conscious of drawing the main story of the Universal Century.[7][6].

The animation production is in charge of Sunrise 1st Studio, and many staff members of the animation version "UC" also participate.On the other hand, animators in their thirties, such as Toshikazu Yoshizawa and Shun Kinsei, who will be the first director of this work, have been appointed as the main staff, and the younger generation is aiming to make works.[8][9]..In the Gundam series, the official work supervised by Sunrise is the joint pseudonym of Sunrise.Hajime YatateAnd worked on the first seriesYuno TominoAlthough it is customary to enter the name of[10], In this work, the first work in the series, which is positioned as the original of the Gundam series,Mobile Suit GundamThe names of both names are credited as the original and drafter of[1].

The title "NT" is a concept that appears in the Gundam series.New type"When,"storyOf the word "narrative" that means "Double MeaningIs[11], Telling about the newtype, redefining, etc.[11][12]..Yoshiyuki Tomino, who is positioned as the original author of the Gundam series, did not talk much.[13][14]I was in charge of the script for the interpretation of the newtype concept.Interpretation by FukuiIs reflected[15][14]It can be said that the content of this work itself is a visualization of the summary of the newtype interpretation theory contributed by Fukui to the book "Gundam UC Testimony Collection" released by Kadokawa Shoten in 2014.[15], Director Yoshizawa takes the position of following Fukui's interpretation[14]..Fukui said that the concept of a new type in the Gundam series was born due to theatrical circumstances.OpportunismEven if it is the setting of[11], In the Gundam series, the first work in the 1979 series "Mobile Suit GundamIt is also a setting that has been consistently handed down from "existence and soul" in relation to the theme rooted in human essence.[11], Intended to "re-speak" it from a modern perspective[11]..For this reason, among the elements that have been dealt with in the conventional Gundam series, in this work, such as supernatural powers and soulsOcculticThe focus is on one side[16], Such a ton demo (Pseudo science) Is also intended to scrutinize the settings that were often received as.[12], A symbol of foreign existence in the world setting of the Universal Century seriesUnicorn Gundam Unit 3 PhenexThe story of[16].


2018May 4The production was announced at the "Gundam Series New Release" held in Japan, and the main visuals and main staff were announced.[2].. Then the same yearMay 8The main cast and various settings were announced in[3].

Advance tickets are available immediately after the production is announcedMbitikekReleased by, the first is a clear file using key visuals[2], The second edition comes with a limited number of special booklet "Report -UC2-" that has the appearance of an anonymous person in the world in the play summarizing the settings in the play in the form of a report.[3].. Also in 2018May 10"Theatrical release at the same timeGODZILLA Star eaterAn advance ticket with a clear file using a collaboration illustration with[17]In addition, on November 11nd of the same year, a collaboration video using the main video of both works was released.[18].

The first 23 minutes of the main story will be on November 2018, 11, in line with the theatrical releaseAbemaTVIn addition to being distributed on each video distribution site, on December 12st of the same yearBS11On October 12stTOKYO MXWill be broadcast on TV on December 12th.PlayStation VRDelivered in[19].

On November 2018, 11, the first day of theatrical releaseMarunouchi PiccadillyThe stage greeting was held on the first day at 1 and the role of Jona BashtaJunya Enoki, As Michelle LuioMuranaka Satoshi, As Rita BernalAyu Matsuura, As Zoltan AkkanenYuichiro Umehara, Director Toshikazu Yoshizawa, ScreenplayHarutoshi Fukui, Producer Naohiro Ogata took the stage[20].

It was screened in China on July 2019, 7, but the screening in China is the first in the series.[21].

On September 2019, 9, as part of the Mobile Suit Gundam 13th Anniversary Project "Gundam Video New Experience Tour"4DXEditionUnited cinemaAt a total of 20 buildingsMobile Suit Gundam Char's CounterattackWas projected together with[22].

First terrestrial broadcast on January 2021, 1 on BS1 (TOKYO MX on January 11, MBS on January 1) entitled "Gundam 2th Anniversary" Mobile Suit Gundam NT "Special Number"[23].

Visitor benefits

Weekly visitor benefits were distributed in limited quantities over 9 weeks[24].

Week 1 (November 2018, 11-December 30, 12)-"UC & NT duplicate original picture set"
"Mobile Suit Gundam UC] And the duplicate original picture selected from the scene in the work of this work. A total of 2 types were randomly distributed in pairs.
Week 2 (December 2018, 12-December 7, 12) --Kai Shiden Report "Side 13 Helium-6 Stockpiling Base Explosion Accident Strange" Column Paper
A character in the world who is making the storyKai CiddenA report column that looks like it was spelled as a journalist.After the ending of this work, it depicts how the events in the play were announced to the people in the world during the work.
Weeks 3-4 (December 2018, 12-December 14)
"Gundam Try Age" Mobile Suit Gundam NT "Public Commemorative Promotion Card"
arcade game"Gundam Tri-Age], A card with key visuals that can be used as Narrative Gundam A equipment.
3rd lap (December 2018, 12-December 14, 12)-"Heisei Last Gundam NT New Year's card"
A postcard that can be used as a New Year's card.Char Aznable, Full Frontal, and Zoltan Akkanen lined up on their shoulders, and two types of key visuals with Mt. Fuji in the background were randomly distributed.
Week 4 (December 2018, 12-December 21)-"Gundam NT Calendar"
A calendar depicting Unicorn Gundam Unit 1, Unit 2 Banshee, and Unit 3 Phenex.
Week 5 (December 2018, 12-January 28, 2019)-"Mobile Suit Gundam UC'Unreleaced Soundtrack"
An unused song collection CD of the anime version "UC" drama accompaniment.
Week 6 (January 2019, 1-January 4, 1)-"Mobile Suit Gundam NT" duplicate original picture set 10nd "
A duplicate original picture selected from the scenes in the works of this work. A total of 2 types were randomly distributed in pairs.
Week 7 (January 2019, 1-January 11, 1)-"Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway of the Flash" Image Sketch Card "
The movie "The production was announced at the same time as the release of this work"Mobile Suit Gundam Flash HathawayA card based on the image sketch of.All three species were randomly distributed.
Week 8 (January 2019, 1-January 18)-"Mobile Suit Gundam NT" Monitor Works Card "
A card featuring the Narrative Gundam spec table viewed by the characters in the introductory scene in the play and the resume of the main character, Yona.One of them is randomly distributed.
Week 9 (January 2019, 1-January 25)-"Familiar with Yatate Bunko! Manga drawn by Professor Bkub Okawa"
"IP Police Tsuzuki-chan" "Pop Team Epic, A cartoonist who has written books such asOkawa BukubuParody 4-panel cartoon by.

Box office record

There are 90 public theaters nationwide.Box officeRanked 2018th in the Top 12 National Film Mobilization Rankings on December 1st and 2nd, 10, and 4st in Screen Average.[25][26]..Box office revenue exceeded 24 million yen in 5 days from the release[27], The final box office revenue was 6.7 million yen[28].

The box office revenue in China was 3 million yuan (about 729 million yen) in about three days from the release, which was reported in the local media Global Times.[29]..The final box office revenue in China was 871.1 million yuan (about 1 million yen), ranking 3688th out of 2019 Japanese movies released in China in 23.[30].


Universal Century 0079.Three boys and girls living in Australia,Jonah,ミ シ ェ ル,RitaIt is,Zeon PrincipalityMilitaryColony dropWas detected in advance, and many people were evacuated to save lives. The three are called "miracle children," but they lost their relatives and focused on their abilities.Earth Federation ArmyByEnd of the One Year WarLater it will be placed in a special facility.ThereTitansManaged byReinforced humanThe three people, who witnessed the children dying after being subjected to a harsh experiment, attempt to escape from the facility, centered on Michelle.However, it ended up selling Rita to the facility, and Jonah and Michelle left the facility with guilty feelings that couldn't be wiped out.Later, Jonah concealed the past and joined the federal army, and Michelle was the president of Luo Shokai.Luo U MinhWas adopted as an adopted child.Rita was then left in the facility as an experimental body to unravel the newtype's abilities.

18 years later, Universal Century 0097.Laplace's BoxAroundLaplace Incident"Is"With sleeveIs the leader ofFull frontalIt was settled by overthrowing and opening the "Laplace's Box".Unicorn Gundam Unit 1 and Unit 2 Banshee Norn, which became the driving force, cannot be handled by humankind today.Technical singularityWith the Federal Army as "Singularity One"Mineva Lao ZabiA faction signed a seal agreement and was dismantled and sealed in secret.However, around that time, he had a runaway accident in the past and was missing.Unicorn Gundam Unit 3 PhenexHowever, it appears in the Earth's sphere.Michelle, who had been a major figure in the Luo Shokai, started the phoenix capture operation "Phoenix Hunting" by working with the federal army in order to obtain the same power as the Singularity One.Anaheim ElectronicsPsycho frame testerNarrative GundamAnd let Jonah participate as its pilot.Jonah and Michelle knew that the Phoenix pilot at the time of the runaway accident was Rita, and for Jonah, "Phoenix Hunting" also had the purpose of reuniting with Rita and atonement for past sins. ..

But Michelle's true plan is to give the Federal Army a Narrative Gundam.Republic of ZionIt was the ultimate weapon of the Irregular Army "with sleeves"Neo ZeongAssembled from spare partsII Neo ZeongIt was to lure Phenex by transferring the Psycho Frame-equipped machines and competing with each other.Pretending to be a "sleeve" remnant for a secret missionZoltan AkkanenThe regular army of the Republic of Zeon, led by Michelle, begins a battle in the space colony "Metis", and is willing to sacrifice civilians, calling II Neo Zeong to try to destroy it.Jonah's Narrative Gundam also begins a runaway with Michelle's training, which infuriates Jonah and results in a situation where Michelle is out of control. II Neo Zeong and Narrative Gundam appear on the battlefield, and Phenex flies away, telling Jonah in the voice of Rita that he will eventually borrow power when he calms the two aircraft with mysterious power.

After the battle, Michelle is squeezed by a federal crew and questioned for the purpose of capturing Phenex, even involving civilians.Michelle reveals that the goal is to reunite with Rita, just like Yona, and to use the power of Phenex to acquire immortal skills and create a "world where you don't have to lie."On the other hand, the Republic of Zeon, who saw the fighting behavior that can be said to be Zoltan's runaway as a problem, cuts off Zoltan before being held accountable and tries to disguise everything as a "sleeve" work.However, Zoltan who knew it became desperate and killed the supervisor, and then started with II Neo Zeong.New side 6 Of[Annotation 2][31]It rampages at the helium-3 stockpile base, destroys the federal fleet that appeared in the interception, and makes Phenex who appeared after detecting the incident struggle.

Feeling Rita's thoughts, Jonah and Michelle rush to the scene and fight with Phenex to confront Zoltan.I rushed to know the incidentBannerge LinksWith the help of Michelle and Michelle's self-sacrifice, Jonah reunited with Rita's will in Phenex, thereby becoming II Neo Zeong and its core MS.Sinanju SteinHowever, Zoltan's final thought was the aftermath of the explosion of the surrounding helium-3 plant, aiming to drop a colony involving both the Earth and the home country of the Republic of Zeon.But Phenex spreads his huge wingsNuclear fusion reaction OfCritical stateIs returned to the base, and a large explosion can be prevented.After all, Fennex drops Jonah on board and flies away towards the center of the galaxy, as if Rita's dream of becoming a bird when reborn was fulfilled.


Miraculous children (main characters)

Primary schoolAt the time of the second gradeZeon Army Colony DropThree children who detected in advance and saved many people.All of them lost their parents due to the colony drop and became orphans in the war, and after the One Year WarNew typeIn anticipation of the background of the Earth Federation ForcesAugusta Research InstituteReinforced humanReceive treatment.However, there is a secret that only Rita developed the newtype ability, and the other two only saw the image through Rita.Grips campaignAt the end of the game, Michelle was taken over by Luo Shokai, and he followed a different fate.[32].

When I was a child, I shared one pendant that was originally owned by Yona into three.[Annotation 3], I keep it as a proof of friendship.

Jonah Bashta
Voice- Junya Enoki, (At the age of 8)[35]
One of the main characters.A 25-year-old member of the Earth Federation Space Force, he is a second lieutenant.After the end of the Grips War, he erased all his past and entered the Earth Federation Military Academy at the age of 18.[32]..There was no particular punishment or punishment since joining the federal army, pretending to be an officer with a very mediocre career.[36].
In operations involving Martha Vist CarbineDijeExperienced the first actual battle on board[37], From Michelle in "Phoenix Hunting"Narrative GundamNominated as a pilot and transferred to the Chezal Corps[38]..Skill as a pilot is moderate and high[39]Not so expensive compared to the elite members of the Chezal corps[40][Annotation 4], It is questioned that Gundam was given by the members of the unit who have not been told about the relationship with Michelle[32][42][36]..On the other hand, when I was at the Augusta Research Institute, I accidentally abandoned Rita.[43]Have strong regret and guilt for failing to protect her[44]Therefore, he is obsessed with capturing Phenex, which Rita is said to be on board.[45].
After encountering Phenex many times, Rita is called upon and asked to help eliminate the existence of II Neo Zeong from the world.
Whether or not he has a background as a new type remains unknown in the movie, and is not mentioned in various materials. In "Novel NT", Brick, who was monitoring in the scene of Psycommu Jacking the Hull unit of II, speculates that the influence of contact with Rita is that "the new type will be infected".
The aircraft in the play are Dije, Narrative Gundam (A equipment, B equipment, Hull unit, C equipment, Core fighter), Phenex, and various aircraft are connected for each scene and replacement is repeated.The call sign for the Chezal Corps is S007 (Chezal Seven)[46].
Michel Luo
Voice- Muranaka Satoshi,Yokomizo Naho(At the age of 8)[35]
One of the main characters and the mastermind behind this work.A childhood friend of Jonah and Rita. 25 years old.Luo U Minh's second daughter (adopted child).maiden name TheAveska[47][48].
At the end of the Grips battle, he became the adopted daughter of Luo U Minh by calling himself a real new type, and is good at it.Abbreviation methodIn 0097 of the Universal Century, he gained a great deal of trust from the political and business world as a special adviser to Luo Shokai.[49]..Her fortune-tellingstatisticsIt was an application of, and in fact it was based on the position of a savvy person, but he played a new type by predicting a number of crises in advance and gained the trust of his adoptive father.[50].
When I was at the Augusta Institute, I infused Jonah with falsehoods as part of a plan to survive together, and as a result, I could not save Rita who I thought like my sister, and I was abandoned. Hold[43][51][Annotation 5]..On the other hand, he hates his own weakness that he had to do so, and if the method of transferring the soul to the psycho frame is elucidated and human beings overcome death, psycho can realize a world without lies and lies. Stick to the frame and don't even sacrifice people for it[55]..Seeking the same power as the Singularity One (Unicorn Gundam Units 1 and 2), which showed power beyond human intelligence in the Laplace incident, sought Phenex and boarded Damascus with reinforcements such as Narrative Gundam. on the other hand[49], Providing II Neo Zeong to the Republic of Zeon, etc.[56]Dive to surely lure Phenex[57][58].
Knowing that Jonah is attracted to Rita, she favors Jonah as the opposite sex.[59], Jonah has been resented for betraying Rita[43], Have a desire to be forgiven by Jonah and Rita[60]..In a world where death has been overcome by Psycho Frame, we believe we can reunite with the dead and ask for forgiveness.[60]..I didn't really think deeply about what would happen if I succeeded in capturing Phenex and reuniting Jonah and Rita.[61].. II Become a shield and die to help Jonah in the battle with Neo Zeong.After that, the soul dwelled in Phenex, defeated II Neo Zeong, and then left with Rita to the other side of the universe.
Rita Bernal
Voice- Ayu Matsuura[35]
One of the main characters.A beautiful girl with long quirky blonde hair and emerald eyes.Belongs to the Earth Federation Space Force.The rank is second lieutenant.If he is alive, he should be the same age as Jonah and Michelle, but it is unknown whether he is alive or dead at the beginning of the story.In the recollections in the play and in Jonah's dream, she appears as a 15-year-old before separation or an 8-year-old who predicted a colony drop.In the novel "Phoenix Hunting", it is mentioned that the face is not clearly visible, and even in this work, the production does not show the eyes at the beginning.[61], The face will be drawn clearly after the middle stage.However, the appearance such as the color of the eyes has been changed from the novel "Phoenix Hunting".
He spends his childhood on Earth, but he was born in space.[62][63]..According to the script novelized version, the father is an officer of the Earth resident (Earthnoid), but the maternal great-grandmother was the earliest space colonizer (Spacenoid), and the mother when he was visiting the colony. It is said that he moved to the earth after Rita was born.[62].
Awakened to newtype ability from an early age, he continued to undergo human experimentation as a subject secretly even after the end of the Grips battle, but it is said that he could not find any physical difference from ordinary humans.[64]..Expected to be capable in Universal Century 0095, becoming a Phenex test pilot, but a runaway accident occurred during the start-up experiment and the whereabouts are unknown[32]..In the movie, the appearance at this time is drawn in the back and only one cut, but there are scars on the back that have been surgically operated many times.[64].
He talks about his desire to become a bird when he is reborn before being torn apart with Yona.[65]I couldn't reply to it[66]This memory is repeated many times in Jonah as a dream or hallucination, and continues to smolder as regret.
At the end of the movie, it was revealed that Rita had foreseen that she would fall into her future from the age of eight, and she needed three of them to defeat II Neo Zeong, and what kind of ending would it be? Realizing that, he confesses and apologizes for involving Jonah and Michelle in this fate.[53]..According to director Yoshizawa, Rita was destined for her destiny, but still had no choice but to move on to that future.[64].

Earth Federation Army

Mauri Rejo[Annotation 6]
Voice- Naoki Tamanoi[35]
Lieutenant General of the General Staff of the Earth Federation Forces[38].
Appeared at the beginning of the story.We trust Michelle as a trading partner and provide confidential materials about the Singularity One.[68]..At the direction of Michelle, he will make an effort to plan "Phoenix hunting".[69].
Although not explicitly shown in the movie, it is set that the opening scene provided information about Martha's attack point.[70]..In the comicalized version, the appearance scene was changed after Martha's attack, and the details of the transaction are also clarified.

Chezard Corps

An elite unit organized around skilled soldiers for the top secret mission "Phoenix Hunting" to search for Phoenix.[69]..Captain Iago organizes members who excel in their areas of expertise but have problems with cooperation.[71]..The names of the five members, excluding the captain Aberev and the member Pavel, have been inherited from the original novel "Phoenix Hunting", but there are changes such as the settings and callsigns being replaced.

Iago Harkana
Voice- Kazuya Nakai[35]
Captain Chezar and rank Major[38]..The boarding machine isJester A group specifications[72], Call sign is S001 (Chezar One)[73].
In this work, the standing position is given as "a few decent adults who try to protect their subordinates and Jonah among all the selfish characters who do not try to protect their children".[74]..Being suspicious of Jonah's career and the secret mission of "Phoenix Hunting," he began to sympathize with and care about his circumstances in the process of secretly sniffing out the background of the situation.[75]..He also criticizes her willingness to sacrifice when Michelle asks her true intentions about "phoenix hunting."[76].
Second Neo-Zeon conflictSometimes as a member of the federal armyAxis Fall to EarthParticipate in blocking.Amuro Ray Ofν GundamHappenedAxis shockHas a history of being impressed by witnessing[77][69]In the comicalized version of Kozo Omori's depiction, it is said that one of the Jegans who tried to attach to Axis and push it back was Iago's plane.[78]..Therefore, he has his own ideas about the peculiar phenomena and new types caused by Psycho Frame.On the other hand, in the comicalized version, by Titans without knowing it.30 Bunch IncidentIt is said that he regrets having taken charge of[79], The past that was also told in the novel "Phoenix Hunting" that became the motif of this work is suggested.
In the final battle with II Neo Zeong, Jester was equipped with a booster for Narrative Gundam and went to the battlefield.AxisInspire and support Jonah and others while talking about their experiences and their own feelings.During the decisive battle, Psycommu Jack of II Neo Zeong took control of the aircraft and attacked allies without being able to escape, hesitating to counterattack and scolding Jonah that it is impossible with his ability Is similar to the novel "Phoenix Hunting"[Annotation 7], In this work, he survives at Michelle's self-sacrifice.At the end of the movie, Iago, who was rescued by his subordinates, recovers Jonah, who is waiting for help in space, and talks in the palm of Jester.
Voice- Takanori Hoshino[35]
Deputy captain of the Chezal corps and captain of rank[38]..The boarding machine is Jester C group specification[69], Call sign is S002 (Chezar Two)[81]..Swedish Yuu[82]..He gives his own view on the concept of "eternal life" by Psycho Frame.
Voice- Setsuji Sato
Shezar is a member of the rank and is a captain.The boarding machine is Jester C group specification[69], Call sign is S003 (Chezar Three)[83]..Strongly from downtown[82], Bunkara temperament[69]..She has a hairstyle that looks like two horns growing from her forehead.
Voice- Yuki Arai
Shezar is a member of the rank and is a lieutenant.The boarding machine is Jester B group specification[69]..Hispanic blacks[82].
Voice- Shimada Takehiro
Shezar is a member of the rank and is a lieutenant.The boarding machine is Jester B group specification[69], Call sign is S005 (Chezar Five)[84]..A giant but gentle man[82].
Voice- Wataru Komada[35]
Shezar is a member of the rank and is a second lieutenant.The boarding machine is Jester A group specification[69], Call sign is S006 (Chezar Six)[84]..The youngest and most serious young man in the Chezal corps, except for Jonah.[85].
In the comicalized version, it is set as Mekao Taku, and in the 7th episode, the canopy of Narrative Gundam is seen to find out that it is a core fighter equipped machine, and related knowledge is shown to friends.
Voice- Kazuhiro Yamaji[35]
The mother ship of the Chezard corpsClapCaptain of the class space cruiser "Damascus".The rank is colonel[38].. From the beginning, he was skeptical of Luo's intervention in "Phoenix Hunting," and was angry at Michelle's brute force policy of even sacrificing civilians to capture Phoenix.

Luo Shokai

"Mobile Suit Z GundamThe organization that appeared in.In this work, he appears as a person related to Michelle.

In the anime version "UC"Bist FoundationIs mentioned as having a business enemy relationship with[86]In the novel version "UC", it was mentioned that the Vist Foundation is a large conglomerate that divides the power and has collided in the past.[87].

Luo U Minh
Chairman of Luo Shokai and Michelle's father-in-law. Ten years ago, he stood with a cane, but in Universal Century 10Cold sleepDuring frozen sleep with capsules for.
Brick Teclato
Voice- Shin Furukawa[35]
A young man who has been Michelle's secretary for many years at the direction of Luo.
homosexual[67]Is allowed to be by Michelle than Luo U Minh because she never loves women[88][67]..For Michelle, he ’s like an older brother.[89], Brick himself cherishes Michelle[88]..In the play, he always follows Michelle as an understanding and spokesman, and shares his destiny until the end.
Stephanie Luo
Voice- Rio Natsuki
President of Luo Shokai.Trying to stop the acquisition of the Singularity One promoted by Michelle, her sister-in-law[38].
In the past scene of Universal Century 0087,Psycho gundamBrought byDamage to New Hong KongIt is described that Michelle, who was 17 years old at that time, was taken over by Luo Shokai and became the beginning of the three Jonahs being separated after requesting Escora to drop the ("Ζ" TV anime version episode 15).[90].

Republic of Zion

Zeon PrincipalityA nation born by changing the system after the collapse of[91][57].. "UC" appeared in "With sleeveWas recognized as a terrorist group while following the same Zeon tradition, but ostensibly the autonomy is recognized as a nation.On the other hand, someNationalismThe power is aiming to revive Zeon by secretly supporting "with sleeves".[91][57], In this work, we are aiming to capture Phenex while hiding the involvement of the nation[57].

The Zoltan Corps, which belongs to the Republic of Zeon, pretends to be "sleeve" in order to disguise the series of operations related to the capture of Phenex as being "sleeve".[92]..According to director Yoshizawa, "Right wingIt is said that "the people of thought" imagine a group that is "young and unreliable".[93], Is depicted as a collection of young members dyed with nationalist ideas, of a different quality than the "sleeve" that appeared in "UC".[93].

Zoltan Akkanen
Voice- Yuichiro Umehara[35]
Captain of the Republic of Zeon. 27 years old.The plane is Sinanju Stein[94].. Long time agoFull frontalWithCharOne of the boosted humans developed as a candidate for "The Return of". It has a complex that it is called "Failure of Red Comet", and when it is pointed out, it gets angry.The right eye that lost sight due to the failure of past experimentsPsychocommunityIt is a red artificial eye with a built-in[95]..There are vertical scratches on both eyelids, but one is a real scratch and the other is symmetrical.タ ト ゥ ーAnd I have a tattoo of the same color on my body[96].
I'm obsessed with looking back at those who treated me as a failure[95], Willing to involve others to show off their power[97], In the battle inside the space colony "Metis" on Side 6, he fired at the knowledge that a hole would be opened in the outer wall of the colony, causing a large number of casualties.As a result, the secret mission became apparent, and when it was detected that the entire unit would be wiped out from Monahan who tried to destroy the evidence.[98]Driven by revenge on the world of playing with boosted humans like ourselves as tools of war[99], II With the power of Neo ZeongNew side 6Embark on a ruinous act of destroying nearby colonies and dropping them on Earth.
Intuition that Narrative Gundam and Yona are similar to me[100]At first, he despised "second-class Gundam" and "failed to become a new type".[101], There was a scene where I was angry because I interpreted it as a despised work for myself as a failure[101]Eventually, he came to know the circumstances of Yona and Rita through telepathy, and began to aim at male and female as nemesis to decide.[102].
Thoroughly in the playMoral disciplineAlthough悪 役Is intended to be drawn like[103]..This is said to be a reaction to the fact that the anime version did not portray the full frontal of the enemy role in "UC" as an absolute evil like the original novel.[103]..However, Umehara, who played, talks about his self-impression that "the scene where you call out to Jonah at the end will greatly change the impression of Zoltan until then."[104]Although it was originally planned to die, it was decided to enter it on the day of dubbing.[104]..Finally, when Jonah and others communicate with the world of telepathy in the form of a child, Zoltan in the form of a child is also pulled by someone and leaves while looking back on Jonah and others lonely.
Eric Yugo
Voice- Endo Aya
Lieutenant of the Republic of Zeon. 29-year-old.Gira Zulu for exclusive useBoard.Behind the scenes with Monahan and monitor Zoltan at his direction[38].
Leaving Zoltan, the nominal superior[105]Secretly despise as "Failure of the Red Comet"[106]..When Monahan ordered the destruction of evidence, he was urged to abandon his troops and escape alone.[Annotation 8], The betrayal was revealed by overhearing the communication at that time by Zoltan[108], Shot dead in the head[109].
Monahan Bahalo
Voice- Terasoma Saki[35]
Foreign Minister of the Republic of Zeon.Served as the Principality of Zeon during the One Year War and the Prime Minister of the Republic after the warDarcia BahaloSon, his portrait is hung in Monaghan's room[110]..An ambitious person who is the exact opposite of Darcia, who aimed for a peaceful route.[111], In Mineva, secretly aiming for the revival of Zeon, forming a unit centered on Zoltan[38]..In the middle of the story, when the involvement of the Republic of Zeon is about to be revealed in the wake of the battle in the colony "Metis", Zoltan and II Neo Zeong, who expected to be the trump card, decided to cut it off and set out to destroy the evidence.
The person who appeared in the novel version "UC"[93][Annotation 9]Funding with sleeves, led by Full Frontal,Side co-prosperity zoneThe mastermind behind the Laplace incident that was trying to push forward with the concept of[93][112]..Although it has not appeared in the anime version of "UC", the screenplay novelized version of this work has the same mention as above.[112], In the gaiden work "The Return of the Lion", it is rumored to be "the mastermind of Char's return plan and the creator of Full Frontal."[113][114], There is a reference according to the setting of the novel version "UC".In this work, as a result of taking advantage of Michelle's speculation, he will be in a position to suffer great damage, but Brick says, "As long as there is a person like Monahan, even if Michelle does not take action, the same thing will happen eventually. Was happening. "[115].

Mineva faction

The main characters of "UC" and their friends.Although it is hidden in the Republic of Zeon in the play[116], Although they have the same interests as Monahan in the country, they are in a fundamentally incompatible position.[117], They are in a position to restrain each other while searching for each other's belly.

Mineva Lao Zabi
Voice- Ayumu Fujimura[35]
Neo Zeon Remnants Army "with sleeves"To be a leader ofZabi familyOrphan. It is also the heroine of "UC".
After the "Laplace Declaration" that announced the identity of "Laplace's Box", with Unicorn GundamBansheeConcluded an agreement with the federal army to seal research on both aircraft and psychoframes, considering the ability beyond human intelligence[118]..After that, the air battleshipTerra AustralisSet up a base in the Vist House[38]..Instructs his subordinate Jinneman to thwart the Monahan Bahalo party's attempt to seize Phenex.
Bannerge Links
Voice- Ukiyama
The main character of "UC". "Still" is a habit.
In this workGalan Sher Jr.Carrier-basedSilva Ballet SuppressorWhile preparing for the sortie, watch the incident from the cockpit.At the end of the story, he received the will of Rita and Michelle who tried to protect Jonah as a sensitive wave.[119], Encourage Jinneman to start Galancher Jr.[120], Fires Jonah fighting Zoltan from a very long distance[121].. II After the battle with Neo Zeong, bring Jonah back from the cockpit of Phenex, who is about to travel to a distant world with the consciousness of Rita and Michelle.[122].
In this work, Jonah is given the role of returning Jonah to this world as a position that once saw the other side of the boundary in the new type world at the end of "UC" and affirming that he will live as a person.[12], End the story by exchanging words with Yona in the last scene.
Suberoa Zinneman
Voice- Hideaki Tezuka
Captain Galancher Jr.Follow the trends of Phenex under the direction of Mineva[123].
Frust Squall
Voice- Rikiya Koyama
Galancher Jr. navigator.
Takuya Erei
Voice- Hiro Shimono
Galancher Jr. navigator.A former roommate at Banagher, he also attended Anaheim Electronics.
Only the back view appeared in the movie[124].

People of Universal Century 0087

10 years before the story started,Grips campaignThe people involved.It does not appear on the timeline of the main story.

Escola gedda
TitansColonel[38].Augusta Research InstituteAlso the facility manager of[125], Appears in the recollections of Jonah and Michelle.
Senior Researcher, Augusta Institute[38].
To Jonah, Rita, and Michelle who attempted to escape, Escola's complaint that she should cut her legs, she said, "There is no problem in research even if you cut it."[126]..This conversation causes Michelle to quiver and drive her into a tactic that doesn't matter.
Quattro Bazina
Voice- Shuichi Ikeda
New typeThe thinker who advocatedZeon Zum DikunAn organization that was hostile to TitansEugoLeader of.
In the playSpeech in Dakar's ParliamentWas played from the TV version.

Other people

Martha Bist Carvine
Voice- Tomoko Shioda[35]
Anaheim ElectronicsMrs. President of (AE).Once ousted for the responsibility of expanding the Laplace incident, he was imprisoned by the federal government, but was escorted by federal troops in the mountains of Colorado, North America, and was secured by Michelle, who led the Luo Shokai unit. He was threatened by his experience as a human being at AE in a test of Banshee and Phenex a year and a half ago, and was forced to provide information about Phenex.[127][128].

People who appear in the screenplay novelized version and comicalized version

Joseph, Albert, Fred, Marco
Bad boys from the same country as Jonah, Michelle, and Rita appear in the recollections before the One Year War.In the movie, only the appearance appears in the scene where the pendant of Jonah's father's keepsake is destroyed, but in the screenplay novelized version, it plays a major role in the past events that are told in parallel with the main story.Forcibly pulling in Jonah, who is from the same space colonization (Spacenoid), to a friend, so-calledKatsuageHowever, when he tried to add Lynch to Jonah, who makes friends with Rita and Michelle, who are Earth residents (earthnoids), he cut his hair and Jonah's father's pendant was released. It causes the result of being destroyed.
After Jonah left the group, she was estranged because of this, but Rita predicted that the colony would be dropped to Sydney, and three people including Jonah and Michelle jacked the city hall and sounded a disaster evacuation warning to warn them. When he was about to take action to spread the word, he heard rumors and appeared.Initially, they criticized the actions of the three for promoting discrimination against space colonizers, but eventually they will cooperate.
Lieutenant General Larson
In the novel "Phoenix Hunting", he was mentioned as the dead person in the Shallot case, and appeared in the comicalized version from episodes 8 to 9.In the comicalized version, he boarded Shallot as a Phenex test evaluator, and while the surroundings were in a good mood, he was arrogantly observing the simulated battle, but he was blown away by the runaway Phenex along with the bridge and remained alive with other crew members. It is thrown into outer space.
White three stars
Appeared from the 11th episode of the comicalized version. Ace pilots of a trio of female soldiers, also known as "Neo Zeon Maidens," and officials of Erik.I hate Zoltan because of my past ties.Assigned to Zoltan's troops and board the white-painted Drysen.
Malik Yugo
A member of the white three-star.Nicknamed Meri-nee by Erik and Seek.
Seek Yugo
A member of the white three-star.Nicknamed Shi-nee by Erik.
Biagitte Knussen
A member of the white three-star. I am taking a medicine called "amulet and stabilizer".

Appearance weapon

In this work, the novel "Phoenix Hunting" and the MS that appeared in other Universal Century series will also appear, but some aircraftHajime KatokiHas been changed to a new design that is conscious of the technical system before the work[9](Design cleanup by animation director Eiji Komatsu[129]).Please refer to each link for the specifications and details of the already mentioned aircraft.

Changed the leading machine from the novel "Phoenix Hunting" and changed the machine of JonahGundam typeAlthough it was not the director Yoshizawa's intention[41], Many ideas by Yoshizawa were reflected in the concept of the aircraft and its position in the play[130]..Appearance mechanics are mainly set by Katoki and Nobuhiko Genma based on the setting of the times[70], Appears as a smashed role in the introductionAnkshaGustav CurlWas adopted as it is from the script of Fukui[70].

Luo Shokai Weapons

RX-9 Narrative Gundam
AEν GundamPreviously developedPsycho frameWith a testing machine[141][Annotation 10],μ GundamRemoved the psycho frame from the failed work of the same generation[144][145][146][Annotation 11], Instead, the aircraft was modernized and refurbished.[142][Annotation 12]..Luo Shokai introduced it as a reinforcement for "Phoenix Hunting" under the pretext of "Experimental operation was entrusted by AE"[133], Jona Bashta pilots[135]..The name ""Narrative"" Means "what to define" "New typeIt was named by Michelle with the intention of "enclosing and catching things."[148][Annotation 13].
Classified as a multipurpose test MS[118]The feature is that the frames such as the upper arm and thigh are exposed.[141].Core block systemBecause it adoptsAll-sky monitorHas not been introduced[150]..From the origin of the test machine, the only fixed armament of the body is the head Vulcan cannon, and on the battlefield, the armament unit ordered by Luo Shokai for "Phoenix hunting" will be additionally replaced.[141][Annotation 14]..In the play, it is called "Skinny" by the enemy and allies.[151].
The pilot is normalNormal suitFrom abovePsycho frameBuilt-inWearable deviceDedicated "Psycho suit"Wear[150]Because of its weight, you can't walk or take it off by yourself once you get out of the cockpit.[152]..For the control systemNT-D system (new type destroyer system)) Is secretly installed, and above a certain levelPsycho wave (sensitive wave)Automatically activates when it senses, leaving the pilot's control and destroying the target[153].
Highly expandable, but the basic design is old, so the performance is not so high[142][71]..I managed to fight on an equal footing with my opponent by forcibly improving the performance with additional equipment.[41][154], It is said that the basic performance is inferior to Jester[71], In contrast to the mighty Phenex and Sinanju Stein, drawn with the concept of a thin, weak and unreliable Gundam[155]..The additional equipment will be designed to change from heavy equipment to simple equipment in the order of appearance from A to C[156][103], Although the concept is the opposite of the conventional robot anime convention[103][Annotation 15]This is because various thoughts such as regret, resentment, and impatience that the main character Jonah had at the beginning of the story are gradually scraped off as the story progresses, revealing the last remaining true feelings of the characters. It is intended to be a production linked to the feelings.[70]..The idea of ​​incorporating the core fighter was by director Yoshizawa, and although the script Fukui and the mechanical design Katoki were initially disappointing, the silhouette and coloring were set to reflect the story.[157][Annotation 16].
RX-9 / A Narrative Gundam A equipment
A figure equipped with high mobility options and a large group of weapons[160]..Large boosters on the legs and around the legs, and at the rearType 94 base jabberLarge booster for[Annotation 17]By concentrating on the rear and taking a cruising form, acceleration power comparable to Phenex is obtained.[162][42]..On the other hand, the pilot seems to crush the whole bodyAccelerationAnd the burden is increasing[163].
Armed is a compound special weapon for capturing Phenex "Psycho capture, Five medium-sized missile pods equipped on the left and right sides of the rear of the capture, a high mega cannon attached to the front of the waist of the Narrative Gundam body, and two beam sabers added to the rear of the waist of the body.When using Psycho Capture, the claw-shaped capture unit moves to the tip, and by generating capture fields facing each other, it is possible to interfere with the sensitive wave of Phenex and stop its function.[162]..In addition, the tip of the capture has a built-in generator, which can also be used as a beam rifle or a large beam saber.[162]In addition, Phenex releases "as if rewinding time"Psycho fieldTheOffsetDemonstrate the performance to[164][165].
In the play, it is used in the first appearance scene of Narrative Gundam, and fights while destroying equipment that is no longer needed or destroyed one after another.Once catches up with Phenex and succeeds in capturing by psycho capture, but escapes[Annotation 18]..Although the power of the High Mega Cannon is very high, Jonah hesitates to use it due to concerns about shooting down Fennex carrying Rita.[168], That also causes Phenex to be missed.
RX-9 / B Narrative Gundam B equipment
Specifications mainly for non-beam weapons assuming battle in the colony[58]..Armed with two backpack wired remote attack terminals, trimmed shield for Jegan[169]Connection function[Annotation 19]Two small shields with a shield, a quadruple missile launcher built into the shield, and two beam sabers.[170]..Attack terminalFinn FunnelWith a bifurcated shape similar to a proto fin funnel[169], Combines beam weapon and capture functions[137],All-range attackIn addition to being used for, it can be transformed into a four-pronged claw to deploy psycho-capture.[153][169]..As the name "wired" suggests, this attack terminal is usually connected to the main unit via a cable stored in the left and right disks of the backpack.[137][169]However, this cable is an attack terminalPropellantBecause it has the ability to supply[169], This equipment enables all-range attacks under gravity[169]..However, because it is wired, Jonah said in the play, "IncomCalled[171][137]Furthermore, from the opposite Zoltan, it is despised as "Ese Funnel" which is not suitable for Gundam equipment.[171]Not only that, Sinanju Stein grabbed the attacking terminal and then threw it back toward his own aircraft (Narrative Gundam).However, when NT-D was activated, contrary to its name, by disconnecting the cable, it escaped the restrictions of wiring andFunnelThe function that behaves as is hidden[153][170][137].
In the play, after being used in a simulated battle with members of the Chezal unit, it is used in an encounter battle with a unit led by Zoltan at Colony Metis located on Side 6.Jonah tries to control the damage to the colony and is overwhelmed by Zoltan's Sinanju Stein, who is willing to do so.After that, Michelle's attempt deviates from Jonah's operation and starts autonomous action by NT-D, but in response to Jonah's wrath, Michelle also invites an unintended runaway.And Narrative Gundam keeps the hull unit of II Neo Zeong under NT-D control.Psycommu JackAnd try to coalesce. Equipment B has been destroyed when combined with this hull unit.
RX-9 / C Narrative Gundam C equipment
A figure of Luo Shokai processing the psycho frame that was collected to lure Phenex and wearing it as additional armor[172][Annotation 20]..In the play, "Psycho packageIs called by another name[174], The name "C equipment" is said to have been given for convenience after the fact.[141][173][56]..It is a sudden product that does not exist in the original equipment plan, and it is originally under armorMovable frameThe psycho frame used for the exterior is used for the exterior, and the specifications and appearance are distorted.[173][56][139]..When approaching a machine equipped with a psycho frame, the frame expands and emits red light.[173][175], RX-0 series changes to look like Destroy mode[175]..Armed changed the muzzle and sensor to the same standard as Unicorn Gundam's Beam MagnumJeganBeam rifle for[140], 2 beam sabers installed on the back[Annotation 21], B equipment with a psycho frame on the front and a shield with a beam cannon and missile on the back according to ν Gundam[140].
In the play, it is used in the final battle with Zoltan's boarding II Neo Zeong, and attempts to rescue Phenex captured by Zoltan.While fighting with Phenex, the emission color of Psycho Frame temporarily changes to blue.[177][172]After that, when it is separated from Phenex, it returns to red.Eventually full-blown wound[Annotation 22]Attempts to rescue Phenex and is shot down and the aircraft is lost[139].
Core fighter
An escape boat stored in the abdomen of Narrative Gundam.The layout of the canopy with the window frame and the twin-boom propulsion deviceS Gundam OfG coreClose to[179], The shape of the nose and tailZ Gundam OfCore fighterSimilar to[147], The main wing, which was folded at the time of storage, unfolds to form a characteristic bird-like silhouette.[157][147][Annotation 23]..At the end of the play, Jonah, who was shot down by Narrative Gundam, was used to attach to Phenex, and although it was eventually shot down, while receiving supportive fire from Silva Ballet of Banagher who rushed[121], Plays the role of delivering Jonah to Phenex.
MSK-008 Dije
During the Grips battle,CarabaMS for prototype land warfare developed by.Although it is a fairly old-fashioned machine in the era in the play[70], Luo Shokai replaces the armament with the latest model and uses it as a force[180].
In this work, several aircraft belonging to Luo Shokai painted in dark gray are used to attack Martha being escorted.[150].
Passengers with mercenaries hired by Luo Shokai as a private army[37], Yona for the first time in actual battle[37]..The captain's plane is equipped with a searchlight on the left shoulder[141], Michelle, the mastermind of the attack, rides in the cockpit, apart from the leader who controls the aircraft[181].
Rosebud[Annotation 24]
Transport ship owned by Luo Shokai[180]..As the name suggests, the rose emblem is applied to the outside of the bridge.[180].
In the play, after throwing A-equipped Narrative Gundam into the operational space[182], Used to bring Narrative Gundam parts and dedicated staff to Damascus, the mother ship of the Chezal Corps[82].

Earth Federation Army Weapons

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Unit 3 Phoenix
Aircraft originally manufactured by the Federal Army based on the manufacturing data of Unicorn Gundam and Banshee[2]..A year and a half before the story, a runaway accident occurred and the whereabouts of each pilot became unknown, but Mineva said, "Laplace's BoxImmediately after announcing the truth of[4].
In this work, the armed armor DE on the left and right of the back has a tail shape like a bird's feather at the bottom.stabilizerHas been added[183][Annotation 25]..In contrast to the Narrative Gundam, which opposes with physical optional equipment, it is depicted as an occult existence that operates on an unknown and unknown principle.[185],PropellantAlthough it is exhausted[186], Not propelled by thrusters[70], Setting that infinite cruising range is obtained by converting the force of the other world into propulsion using the psycho frame[186][Annotation 26]..The acceleration is so short that it has reached the point where radar observers are amazed at the "speed of light ...".[Annotation 27]..In terms of production, sound effects that image biological fluctuations that are different from mechanical operating sounds are used.[70], At the intention of Fukui, when flying at ultra-high speed,Blue Meteor SPT Reisner"ofV-MAXSound effects are used[189].
The psycho frame of the aircraft recognizes itself as Rita BernalResidual thoughtsIs inhabited[190][186], Already in a state of not being alive[191], Cockpit is unmanned[192][Annotation 28]..When operating unattended, it operates in unicorn mode and moves with a feminine and light gesture reflecting the setting that is being moved by Rita who became only conscious.[193], It is directed with the policy that it does not look like a flying machine like a bird[41]..Similar to the novella "Phoenix Hunting" that became the motif, when Jonah, who was shot down by Narrative Gundam at the end of the movie, temporarily boarded, it transformed into Destroy mode.[66], A Gundam-type face appears.
One and a half years before the story started,PhenexSinked inIrishClass space battleship[194].

Weapons of the Chezal Corps

Act with Narrative Gundam in the play.

RGM-96Xs Jester Chezal Corps Specifications
GestaIs a refurbished aircraft for "Phoenix hunting".All aircraft are equipped with a scope type sensor strengthening unit on the head, and depending on the role of the operation, high mobility type A group equipment, sniper specification B group equipment, C group equipment carrying a capture gun for capture are operated Be done[141].
Became the mother ship of the Chezard corpsClapClass space cruiser.The hangar is expanded compared to the conventional ship of the same type[180], In addition to the additional lower hangar on the bottom of the ship[58], The conventional upper hangar has also been enlarged, and the hatch has double doors.The captain is Aberev[58].
Type 89 base jabber
Second Neo-Zeon conflictFor space used inSubflight system.
In this work, in addition to being operated by Jester equipped with Group C, Michelle and Brick will board to head for the final battle.[56].
Type 94 base jabber
Subflight system for space.The propulsion device is a module that can be separated with a joint, making it suitable for mobile suits, etc.boosterCan be installed as[195].
It did not appear as a subflight system in the movie, only the booster module was installed as a part of Narrative Gundam A equipment and Jester A spot equipment, and in the final battle it was also used in the form of connecting to the 89 type on which Michelle and Brick board.In the screenplay novelized version, this machine is deployed to the Chezal corps in the form of replacing the 89 type of the movie.

Escort corps

Appeared as Martha's escort during escort.At the beginning of the story, he is ambushed by Dije, who belongs to Luo Shokai, and is destroyed.

RGM-89D-ESC Jegan D type escort specification
Jegan type DVariation machine.The head is a new one that abolished the 60 mm Vulcan gun, and on the chestEchoes specification machineIt has additional armor such as.Main armament is 90mm short machine gun[141].
FD-03 Gustav Curl[196]
A mass-produced general-purpose MS that was being developed as a next-generation machine for the federal army.
It is a heavy-duty type with thick armor, which was developed in a different system from Jegan.Use the same new 90mm short machine gun as the Jegan D type escort specification[141].
RAS-96 Anksha

Federal Army Special Mixed Fleet

A fleet dispatched to subdue the disguised Zeon Republic forces as "with sleeves". II Engage with Neo Zeong.

RGM-89A2 Jegan A2 type (General Revil deployment machine), RGΖ-95C Risel C type (general revil deployment machine)
Aircraft deployed at General Revil.Same as the specifications at the time of the Laplace incident[56].
General Revil
Dogos Gear ClassThe second ship.
In this work, it appears as the flagship of a special mixed fleet that intercepts II Neo Zeong[56]..The helium-3 that II Neo Zeong caused as a counterattack, although it sank the gulltoppr[Annotation 29]Be sunk by.

Zeon Republic Army Weapons

Under the command of the Zeon Republic Army, a legitimate military organization, but a terrorist groupNeo Zeon remnants "with sleeves"Pretend to be[58][93].. "Real"With sleeves" TheLaplace IncidentMost of the forces that intervened in the "Phoenix Hunting" operation belonged to the Zeon Republic Army, as it was destroyed with the end.[197][Annotation 30]Therefore, all aircraft are found in "sleeve" MS so that they are not perceived as regular army.EngravingTone decoration is added.

MSN-06S-2 Sinanju Stein
Created as part of the "UC Plan"Psycho frameThis is the experimental machine of Unicorn Gundam, which is the predecessor of Unicorn Gundam.
In this work,Full frontalOf the two aircraft captured by Zoltan Akkanen, an unrepaired spare aircraft will appear as a Zoltan Akkanen aircraft.[132].
Before the robberyEquipped with a beam rifle and shield with a different shape from[2], The propellant tank has been enlarged like the frontal machine.[198].
NZ-999 II Neo Zeong(Second Neo Zeong)
Neo ZeongManufactured from spare partsMobile armor (MA)[199].. Designed by Full Frontal with "sleeve" and requisitioned by the Earth Federation Forces, Michelle voluntarily diverted it to lure Phenex, and as a result the Republic of Zeon obtained it effortlessly.[56][200]..Sun ringPsycho shardIt is said that the generator can embody the image of the passenger.[56], In the playMinofsky particlesBy freely manipulatingHelium-3Compress the gas tankNuclear fusion reactionEtc.[201]Manipulate the paranormal power.
Received Narrative Gundam's Psycommu Jack when it first appeared[202], Combines with the aircraft and causes a runaway, but it ends in an attempt when Jonah returns to sanity.In the final battle, it will be operated in combination with Zoltan's Sinanju Stein, and will engage in a deadly battle with Narrative Gundam and Phenex.
While Neo Zeong of the previous work "UC" was drawn with the image of not moving firmly, in this work it is drawn in the direction of flying around freely and rampaging by making full use of armament.[203]..Also, as with the previous work, with Fukui's intention, "Legendary God Ideon"ofIdeonSound effects are often used[70][61][Annotation 31].
AMS-129 Gila Zul
The aircraft that "with sleeves" used as the main MS[138]..The appearance isGuard specificationsthe same as.
AMS-129 Gila Zulu (Erik Yugo machine)
A gray captain's plane driven by Erik Yugo.The shape of the details appeared in general machines and "UC"Angelo machineAlso different[204]..The backpack has been changed to a modified heavy-duty type, equipped with a beam naginata and beam machine gun compact compatible with close combat.[141].
Chibe classThe mother ship of Zoltan's troops based on.In addition to the additional engine nozzles compared to the base ship, there are catapult and II Neo Zeong cages at the bottom of the fleet.[58].
In battle at the Helium-3 stockpile base, the tanks produced by the bombardment of a mixed fleet of flagship General RevilGas explosion[Annotation 32]Get caught up in and sink.
In addition, in the novel version "UC", a ship of the same name belonging to the Zeon Republic Army and under the umbrella of Monahan appeared and was finally sunk, but in the same workMusai upgradeIt was the setting.

Mineva sect weapons

Galan Sher Jr.
Operated by a unit under the direct control of MinevaGalant cherShip of the same type[56].. "Jr." means the second generation[56], The size and structure are the same as the first ship that appeared in the previous work "UC"[56].
ARX-014S Silva Ballet Suppressor[141]
Doven WolfIs a repair machineSilva BarretoNew model of series[Annotation 33].Bannerge LinksIs on board and is the same type as for Unicorn GundamBeam MagnumUse to support Jonah.The prototype of Doven WolfGundam Mk-VAlso appeared in the play for the development of Silva Ballet and the renovation to Silva BalletAugusta Research InstituteThere is a setting that is deeply related to[206][207].
Reflecting the description of the previous work that the arm part can not endure and is damaged when a normal MS shoots the beam magnum, four arm parts are attached to the back as spares, and each time you shoot, the parts are attached one after another It is designed to be replaced and dealt with[208]..The number of loaded beam magnums is the same as the number of arms, 5 shots[209].

Appearance weapons of screenplay novelized version and comicalized version

Transport aircraft
Appeared in the first episode of the comicalized version.An aircraft that transports Michelle's Dije.
At the storyboard stage of the movie, the giant transport aircraft that appeared in "Z Gundam" and "UC" as a transport aircraft for DijeGardaWas scheduled to appear[210][211]In this scene, it is necessary to focus on Michelle and Martha, and it is judged that Garda will be too conspicuous.[210], Because of the scale[211], There is a history that the appearance scene itself was lost in the movie[210][211]..Kozo Omori, who was in charge of comicalization, revived the scene that died based on the script of the movie, but was not informed that this transport plane was Garda.[211]..Omori later said that if he had been informed in advance, he would have changed the composition and introduced Garda.[211].
MSN-001A1 Delta Plus
Appeared from the first episode to the second episode of the comicalized version.The call sign is D1 (Delta One).Received a request for support from the Martha transfer unit, which was attacked by Michelle's faction during high-altitude reconnaissance, and rushed as reinforcements.While being hit by a long-range attack from Jonah, one Dije is shot down, but it is shot down in a way that pierces the other aircraft.
RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Unit 2 Banshee
Appeared from episodes 8 to 9 of the comicalized version. "Mobile Suit Gundam UC One of Seventy Two] And the novel "Phoenix Hunting", as set in the Shallot case, engage with the runaway Phoenix.In the comicalized version, unlike the previous work, the head antenna was caught by Phenex when trying to shift to Destroy mode, and it was blocked.neckIs cut off and becomes incapable of fighting.
MS-14J Rigerug, RMS-119 ア イ ザ ッ ク
Appeared in the 9th episode of the comicalized version.He plays the role of Rebau in "One of Seventy Two" and the novel "Phoenix Hunting", such as encountering a mock battle between Phoenix and Banshee during a reconnaissance mission and causing a runaway of Phoenix.Although there is no clear mention of the affiliation, the arm has a "sleeve" design, which was recognized by the Shallot crew as Neo Zeon's MS.
AMX-009 Drysen
Appeared from the 11th episode of the comicalized version. The design is "with sleeves" and the paint is based on white, and three people of "white three stars" are on board.
RMS-106 Hiack
Appeared from the 13th episode of the comicalized version.Multiple aircraft have been deployed to the Colony Metis Defense Force.No spikes on left shoulder[212].
RMS-099 Rick Diaz
Appeared from the 13th episode of the comicalized version.It is deployed in the Defense Corps of Colony Metis.Call sign is R-1 (Romeo One)[213].
MSZ-006A1 Z plus
Appeared from the 13th episode of the comicalized version.Deployed to the Colony Metis Defense Force.Deployed in the colony, but for spaceC1 typeFor the atmosphere instead of the dedicated beam smart gunA1 typeEquipped with the standard equipment of the beam rifle and shield, the front skirt is also the same type as the A1 type[214].
Dragon fly
Appeared in the screenplay novelized version.Liaison aircraft of the Earth Federation Forces.The name is mentioned when Jonah shows off her knowledge of aircraft in a scene that recalls the days just before the One Year War.

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song

Continuing to work on gekitomo songs from the previous work "UC" anime versionHiroyuki SawanoHowever, he also participates in the theme song and all the insert songs.Some songs also use the name Sawano Hiroyuki [nZk].

Theme song "narrative'[216]
song - SawanoHiroyuki [nZk]:LiSA / Lyrics / Composition-Hiroyuki Sawano
Used as an ending theme.
The intro begins in the form of the last scene of the movie, and at this time the main title logo of this work is projected on the screen for the first time.This work is said to be the first to use a production in which the main title does not appear until the ending in the movie work of the Gundam series.[80].
Insert song
Lyrics-Benjamin Anderson,mpi / Composition- Hiroyuki Sawano / Song --mpi & Gemie
Narrative Gundam A equipment appearance scene[217], C equipment sortie scene, and Phenex and joint battle scene.As part of the differentiation from the previous work "Mobile Suit Gundam UC", it was composed as a battle theme song with vocals that was not in the previous work.[218]..It is a style that incorporates a dance music approach[218].
A different version of the arrangement is used in the battle scene with Phenex, and this version is "VigilanteIs recorded with the song title.
"Cage "[219]
Lyrics --Benjamin Anderson, mpi / Composition --Hiroyuki Sawano / Song --SawanoHiroyuki [nZk]: Tielle
TokyoOdaibaIt is inFull-scale Unicorn Gundam statueNTv means "narrative version" in the arrangement of the theme song of[217]..In order to match the scene as a gekitomo song, it is arranged to suppress the excitement from the intro to the first chorus.[220], At the end of the movie, Phenex, who has finished the battle with II Neo Zeong, leaves.Even before the scenario by Fukui was completed, there was a consultation that he wanted to use it because it matched the theme of this work, and it is said that it was up to the designation of the usage scene.[217].

Related media


Phoenix hunting

It is the motif of this work "Mobile Suit Gundam NT"[221], DraftSecond novel..Fukui, who is also in charge of the script for the movie "NT", wrote it as a gaiden episode of the original novel of the previous work "Mobile Suit Gundam UC". The novel included in the setting material collection "Mobile Suit Gundam UC GREAT WORKS -Complete Setting Material Collection- BOX III episode2015" released in 7 was first published, and later in 2016, it was reissued in the 11th volume of the original novel of "UC". It was recorded.

The main character, Jona Bashta, who searches for the whereabouts of her childhood friend Rita Bernal, encounters Neo Zeong while pursuing Unicorn Gundam Unit 3 Phenex, and repels it with the help of Phenex. RoughlyGistIs followed from the novel "Phoenix Hunting" to the movie "NT", but the story and settings of the details are different.In the novel "Phoenix Hunting", the rides of the Chezard corps including Jonah and Iago areStark jeganNeo Zeong, who appears as an enemy, is set to not reach Full Frontal in the original novel of "UC".Jagd DogaThere are also differences in the appearance mechanics, such as appearing in an incomplete state with the core as the core.

It is said that there was a difference in recognition among the main staff regarding the position of the novel "Phoenix Hunting" for the movie "NT".[222]..Fukui, the author of the novel "Phoenix Hunting" and the scriptwriter of the movie "NT", simply diverted the essence of chasing Phoenix and the names of some characters from the novel "Phoenix Hunting".[7], While I thought that it could not be called the original, let alone the original[7], The director of "NT" originally envisioned the movie "NT" as a visualization of the novel "Phoenix Hunting".[223][222], I thought that I should go straight to the newtype theory drawn in the novel "Phoenix Hunting"[224]..It is said that it was told from Fukui to Yoshizawa that the aircraft on which Yunus would board in the movie "NT" would be changed from the mass-produced Jegan-type aircraft to the Gundam-type aircraft, and Yoshizawa recalled that he was taken aback by that.[225]On the other hand, in the novel "Phoenix Hunting", the weak impression of Jona Bashta riding Stark Jegan is said to be reflected in Yona and Narrative Gundam in the movie "NT" by Yoshizawa's intention.[225]..Regarding the reason why Fukui himself did not attach importance to the novel "Phoenix Hunting" as the original, even if "Phoenix Hunting", which is just a privilege novel of the setting material collection, is visualized as it is, it will be a beautiful story, and "Gundam" He said that the content would have been unsatisfactory.[222].

Among the characters in the movie "NT", the main characters Yona and Rita, and members of the Chezal corps including Iago, Escola, a soldier of Titans, are characters introduced from the novel "Phoenix Hunting", but some of them. The settings and their end are different.On the other hand, Michelle, one of the main characters in the movie "NT", has not appeared in the novel "Phoenix Hunting", but is a newly added character in the movie "NT".In addition, the pilot of Jagd Doga, who plays the role equivalent to Zoltan in the movie "NT", does not mention the name or detailed character in the novel "Phoenix Hunting". The activities of the Mineva party, including Banagher, who was the main character of "UC", were added in the movie "NT", and Monahan, a politician of the Republic of Zeon, is an anime version of the original novel of "UC". It is a character who appeared in the episode that was not drawn in.

When it was reprinted in the 11th volume of the original novel of "UC", the short story "Postwar War", which was the first appearance of a bonus novel of game software, was recorded at the same time. "Postwar War" is the day before "UC" and is an episode about Sinanju Stein who appeared in the movie "NT".

Novel Mobile Suit Gundam NT

Of the main moviescriptCompletely written based on[227]"Novel Mobile Suit Gundam NT』, But prior to theatrical release on November 2018, 11Kadokawa Comics Ace(KADOKAWA) Was released by[228]..Written by Kiyoto Takeuchi, Fukui, who wrote the script for the original movie, is credited as the storyteller in this book.The cover illustration is Hajime Katoki, and the text illustration is a comicalized version, which will be described later.Kozo Omori.

In the novel version, the episodes related to the past of Jonah, Rita, and Michelle, which were drawn only in fragments in the movie version, are completely written down.[228][229]..Since the childhood when the three Jonahs met, the episode about the pendant that appears as a proof of friendship in the main part of the movie, and those who foresaw the colony drop jacked the disaster prevention center of the city hall and called for evacuation, many people The details of the process leading up to being called "miracle children" and the details of the events at the Augusta Institute are drawn in parallel with the events in the main story.The accumulation of causal relationships from the conventional Universal Century series and the content shown in the novella "Phoenix Hunting" are also incorporated as detailed depictions.[229].


The comicalized work of the main story is "Gundam AceSerialized from the January 2019 issue[228]..The drawing isKozo Omori..While based on the main story, the content includes original episodes that were not drawn in the movie, and characters and MS that did not appear in the movie will also appear.

Web movie

"Universal Century in 3 minutes by Zoltan! 』\
A short video delivered on the YouTube Bandai Channel on January 2019, 1.Various images of Universal Century works will be shown, and Zoltan Akkanen will explain them with narration.
  • Composition / Screenplay-Harutoshi Fukui
  • Video production-Yoyo Miracle
  • Production-Sunrise


Super Robot Wars X-Ω
iOS / AndroidGame app for Android.
Many robot animations appearcrossoverthe work. In December 2018, the aircraft and pilot of this work appeared as a limited-time entry work, but since the main part of the movie was released at that time, the appearance in the event scenario was postponed due to consideration for spoilers, and only the unit (aircraft and pilot) It became an appearance. It appeared again in May 12 for a limited time and also appeared in the event scenario.
Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus 2
Narrative Gundam will participate in the update from November 2019, 11.
A 2000-cost all-purpose machine that overwhelms enemy aircraft by replacing it with C equipment, which is good at fighting battles, while performing medium- and long-range battles with B equipment mainly for shooting armament.
In special shooting and burst attack, Phenex also participates as an assist of this machine.
With the participation of Narrative Gundam in the Extreme Versus series, a total of 40 titles have been confirmed to participate.
Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus 2 Cross Boost
Phenex participates in the war.
Super Robot Wars 30
Nintendo Switch/PlayStation 4/SteamGame software




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注 釈

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