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🤖 | TV anime "Fruit Basket" The Final, Tohru's father, Katsuya Honda, Yoshimasa Hosoya


Yoshimasa Hosoya in the role of Tohru's father, Katsuya Honda, in the TV anime "Fruit Basket" The Final

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In addition, Kyoko Honda (cv. Miyuki Sawashiro) and Katsuya's 12th episode scene cut have also been released.

From the TV anime "Fruit Basket" The Final broadcast on June 2021, 6 (Monday) at midnight, episode 21 ... → Continue reading

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Characters in the fruit basket

Fruit basket (cartoon) > Characters in the fruit basket

Characters in the fruit basket(Fruit Basket Tojo Jinbutsu)Natsuki TakayaThe original manga "Fruit basket』Describes the fictional character that appears in.

ResponsibleVoice actorIs the drama CD version released in 1999 / the first TV anime version, the drama CD released in 1, and the manga DVD version released in 2005 / the second TV anime version. If only one person is mentioned, it is basically a cast in the second TV animation.

Hair color and eye color have been changed from the original in the first animation, and it is the original coloring.The second anime is tailored to the original.

In addition, although there are materials that describe the characters' birthdays, blood types, heights, and weights, they have not been officially set since 2019.[1][2].

main character

Toru Honda
Voice- Hiroko Konishi / Yui Horie / Mika Iwami[3]
The nickname is Toru, Toru-kun.
The main character of this work.A high school girl who goes to Kaihara High School.Speaks a slightly unusual honorific that imitates his father.My hobby is housework, and I am in charge of all the housework at Shigure's house.
A straightforward and strong girl who lost her parents and is self-supporting as a part-time job cleaning a building.He is cheerful and serious, has a gentle personality that thinks about others more than himself, and even angry with someone in acting (CinderellaEven when I was selected as my sister-in-law in the play, it was discovered that Yuki couldn't do it) I can't swear.It has the mercy to accept anything as it is, but there are some places where it is a little off due to the considerable natural blur.
He was taken over by his paternal grandfather after his parents died, but he was to live with his daughter's family (Toru's paternal aunt's family), and while the house was being renovated, he was alone in the mountains on the Kusama family's premises. I lived in a tent.After accidentally visiting Shigure's house, he decided to move to the Kusama family in the form recommended by Shigure, and then Yuki and Sohma returned to the aunt's family's house after the renovation. By coming to pick me up, I will be living in the Kusama family in earnest.
By living with the Kusama family and gaining a deeper understanding of the anguish and sadness of the twelve zodiac signs who are born into the monsters of things, they become strongly motivated to break the curse.
I have made a promise with my mother that I will graduate from high school safely, so I do not miss home study, but because the level is a little high at Kaihara High School, my grades are low, especially in physics and English.Also, perhaps because he lived a humble life in a small apartment from an early age, he is extremely naive.
He was born in the year of the dog, but when he was young, his mother often told him about the zodiac, and he wanted to be born in the year of the cat because he was poor.
She lost her father when she was young, and since she was carefully raised by her mother, Kyoko, until her first year in high school, she has longed for her even after her death.On the other hand, my mother was treated sparsely by my paternal relatives except my grandfather, and since my mother was also isolated from my parents, there were few relatives I could rely on, and I also experienced bullying at school (although I was not very aware of it). , I spent an unlucky girlhood when I couldn't receive decent feelings from anyone other than my mother.Under such circumstances, I longed for a "boy in a hat" who helped me when I was lost, and I still cherish the hat that the boy gave me at that time.
With the passage of time in the story, I am attracted to the soul.However, after Kyoko's death, I believed that my memories would not fade by always thinking about my mother, and I decided that my mother was the one I wanted to stay with, so I was scared that the change should not be done.Also, when he lost his father, Katsuya, when he was a child, his relatives at the funeral home said, "I don't look like Katsuya at all," and he was traumatized. The trauma is the experience of experiencing the fear of being left unattended.From this background, I began to imitate my tone in an attempt to bring myself closer to my father's existence, and I began to speak the current slightly out-of-focus honorifics.
The fact that I'm about to let go of my child today, and the past that I had a bad feeling toward my father because I didn't want to take my mother I stayed without revealing it.However, when he confessed such feelings, he said, "I will not be disillusioned.[Note 1]By receiving it, my feelings for him deepen.
When it is pointed out that his feelings for the zodiac are sympathetic, he is sophistical about wanting to release everyone in the zodiac, telling him that his desire to save the zodiac is stronger than anything else, and decides to tell him his feelings. ..Even when I learned about Kyoko's involvement in the accident, my feelings for him did not change, and I felt that I loved his repentant appearance.
Because of her guilt, she couldn't accept Toru, and when she tried to chase after the deceased, she appeared as a child, and learned about her loneliness.After asking and answering questions with Minato, she touches her feelings of fear of being left behind, wishing for eternity and bonds, feels the same pain as herself, wishes to "become friends" as her equal existence, and tries to snuggle up next to her. ..
He is involved in a landslide due to the loose ground caused by the rain, but his life is not different, and on the day of discharge, he is told his feelings and becomes a lover.
In the final episode, Yuki confessed that he was like a mother, and for the first time he was called "Toru".
After graduating from high school, he left Shigure's house with him.Later, we had a wedding ceremony in front of God and spent time together.He earns 2 boys and 1 girl with him, and the first of them, the first of them, appears as a regular in "another".
Hair and eyes are dark brown.In the first anime, greenish blue eyes.
Yuki Sohma
Voice- Aya Hisagawa / Aya Hisakawa / Nobunaga Shimazaki[3],Miyuri Shimabukuro(childhood)
Nicknames are Prince, Yun-chan, Yun Yun, etc.My hobby is the vegetable garden.
Zodiacmouse(Child) The monster is possessed.It is said to be the pinnacle of the zodiac and the closest to God, and it is rare for a child to be born as much as God.
Toru's classmate.Because he is very kind, has excellent grades, and is both literary and martial arts, he is an enthusiastic fan club "Prince Yuki" in the school.[Note 2]It's so popular that it can be made up to ", but the person himself is completely unaware and has an atmosphere that is inaccessible.He also thinks he is a boring person and holds a complex with a neutral face.Although he is a friend of dogs and monkeys, he also envy his personality that attracts him.
When I entered high school, I started living at Shigure's house.As a child, he spent his childhood as a playmate for the people, with the intention of his mother, who valued his position in Kusama, to be liked by the head of the family.At that time, he was still young, and although he had a tantrum without questioning anything, he lived without problems because of his innocent personality.However, since one incident, after the twist of Minato, she has suffered mental damage.At the same time, he was traumatized by his friend's transformation and losing his only friend due to memory concealment, and he was afraid to go deep into himself.She wants her mother's "love" and feels "motherhood" in Toru who treats her warmly like a mother, but she is confused by herself and tries to assume that she is seen as a woman. I was there.
Although he was appointed as the student president in the middle of the story, he refused for a while.However, when he saw the student council, he realized that he was running away and accepted the case of succeeding the student council president.Vice-chairman Kakeru Manabe has become a good friend after the horses didn't fit at first.He was estranged from his brother and Ayame, but as he changed, he was gradually showing signs of recovery.
At first, she was a member of the student organization and was only a reticent younger sister of Sho to Machi Kuraga, a year-old junior, but she gradually became interested in her remark that she was not a prince. I'm attracted.
In fact, the true identity of Toru's longing "boy in a hat" (the hat itself was a ghost, but he hated being picked up by Yuki when it was blown by the wind and gave up his hat).By telling him that he was longing for a quarrel, he was able to get rid of the stalemate, and the relationship after that turned into a gentle one, like a good fighting friend.
In the final round, he passed the university safely, started living alone, and has a good relationship with Machi.The curse was finally released in the zodiac.
The paper cranes also have the drawback of being clumsy enough to not break properly, and the food he cooks is catastrophically bad (according to Shigure, who ate it, "it was almost like going to Yomi").
bronchitisHe had a chronic illness and was physically weak, having frequent seizures when he was young.After growing up, the number of seizures has decreased, but if you catch a cold such as fever, you cannot be alert.During a seizure, transforming into a mouse makes the condition worse.
It has been introduced that it was named after "Yukimizuki (December)", but the author said, "Yuki is an exception. It's not the name of the moon. There was no good sound of Kanji. The sound of "Yuki" came to my mind, "says the pillar on page 12 of the 14th volume of the book.
The author reveals in "Fruit Basket Fan Book [Feast]" that Yuki has been drawn as another main character.
Hair and eyes are dark gray.Deep purple eyes in the first anime.
Kyo Soma
Voice- Tomokazu Seki / Tomokazu Seki,Kyosuke Ikeda(When I was a child), Keisuke Chikano (around 1st grade) / Yuma Uchida[3],Asuna Tomari(When I was a child)
Nicknames are Kyon, Kyon Kyon, Kyon-chan, and Kyonkichi.My hobby is martial arts.
I couldn't enter the zodiacCatThe monster of the thing is possessed.Unlike the other zodiac signs, in addition to the cat's appearance, there is another variant of the "original appearance".
A short-tempered and blunt boy of the same grade as Toru and Yuki.On the first day when Toru decided to stay at Shigure's house, he came to Yuki for a fight and stayed at Shigure's house as it was, and was transferred to Kaihara High School.At first, he was unfriendly to Toru, but gradually became familiar with him.
The mother committed suicide without accepting the "original appearance" of the ugly and rotting odor, but ostensibly it was supposed to be an accidental death.He himself found out that his mother was living with him while lying, which further deepened his trauma.Therefore, he still ponders why his mother did not kill herself and committed suicide.After the death of his mother, he was abandoned by his father, and he became aware of the love of others for the first time when he was brought up in a true manner.In addition, he has learned martial arts from Kazuma and has considerable ability, but he cannot beat Yuki and sees him as a rival.From an early age, he hated Yuki, who was a monster of a mouse that deceived a cat, was blessed by his birth, and lived a blessed life.At the same time, I envy Yuki, who handles everything smoothly.He doesn't show much interest in things, but he burns in the game. The "original form" is sealed with beads that are said to be made of the bones and blood of a high-ranking monk.I don't like water because I don't like cat monsters, and when it rains, I get sick.
When Toru saw her true appearance, she thought she would be rejected and looked down on her violently, but when she heard Toru's wish to be with her, she really made her feel at home.For him, Toru is a support to his heart, and from this case he comes to call Toru by name.Along with Yuki, she was a clear understanding person, and quickly found out that she was worried about the future, and comforted her with Shigure.
Rakura, who was lonely when she was a child, was like an older sister for the first time, and she played with her every day in a park near Kusama, but she inadvertently saw her true appearance. Since then, his mother has stopped taking him out.He has been swayed by Rakura's favor, and has been violent many times (this is an expression of Rakura's affection) and escaped, but the one who has been left unattended is a woman. It is due to the character of the woman who does not touch.Even though she understood Rakura's strong feelings, she told her "I don't like you" and thanked her for playing with me.
Not as transparent, but good at cooking.I don't like foods such as garlic chives, green onions, and miso (miso is fine with miso soup).JasonAlthough there are some omissions such as not knowing the existence of DVD and DVD, it is a valuable Tsukkomi role in the work because it is a common sense group in the Sohma clan that appears.
At the end of the story, when he argued with Yuki, he told each other that he had longed for each other since he was a child. It became such an existence.
In fact, shortly after being taken over by Yasushi, he met Kyoko, Toru's mother, and fostered friendship.I've heard about Toru from that time, and when Toru gets lost, I promise Kyoko to "find Toru and be sure to protect her."However, in reality, Yuki helped Toru, so the promise was not fulfilled.At Kyoko's suggestion, the promise was "Tsuke", but after that, she became awkward due to embarrassment and regret, and she avoided seeing Kyoko.
After that, I met Kyoko at the scene of a traffic accident, but when I tried to protect her from the traffic accident that I saw for the first time in several years, I hesitated to reach out from the fear of being known for the transformation in front of the public. It ends up.As a result, I was bound by the fact that I killed Kyoko in front of me and the words she left behind, "I will not forgive", and I began to have darkness.
After that, he did not go to the boys' high school who had passed, but entered several Mt. Gassan (during this time, Shigure described it as "missing"), and blamed Yuki for everything and regained his energy.On my way home, Minato promised that if I could beat Yuki in my third year of high school, I would join him in the Zodiac and eliminate the tradition of imprisonment. Sometimes she meets Toru and at a glance realizes that she is Kyoko's daughter.As a result, the past that I thought was forgotten is no longer forgotten, so Toru becomes unfriendly.
While I love Toru, I was worried about my position and couldn't step on for a long time, but when I finally told my thoughts, the curse was lifted.After graduating from high school, the imprisonment disappeared, and he left Shigure's house with Toru.According to the author, he approached the story of marriage and gave a wedding ceremony in front of the shrine together (from the photo frame of the last scene).
He had a hair color (orange) peculiar to mononoke, and when he was pointed out in junior high school, he had a habit of violence (Yoshiharu said, "half-killed").Basically, he treats everyone with the same attitude, but he intentionally hits the person who persistently confesses coldly and tries to keep him away.
At the second grade school festival, he played the role of a prince by voting (because Yuki refused), and even though he complained, he participated in the practice by persuading Toru.In the actual performance, Tsukkomi was doing well while being swayed by Cinderella played by Saki.
I was worried that Saki liked Fushin, and I didn't want her to approach me, but I'm still worried because she was a meal for Fushin.
As mentioned above, her hair and eyes are orange.Red-brown eyes in the first anime.
In the popularity poll held during the serialization, he won the first place three times in a row, and the author was rushed to "Why ..." in the fan book [banquet].
Shigure Sohma
Voice- Ryutaro Okiayu / Ryotaro Okiayu / Yuichi Nakamura[3],Mari Hino(childhood)
Zodiacdog(Xu) The monster is possessed.Nicknames are Shi-chan, Gure-san, Gure brother, and teacher.
The owner and guardian of the house where Toru lives.Yuki's cousin.Pure literatureNovelist.Although he writes under his real name in Junbungaku works, he has several pen names in addition to "Kirita Ninoa" and writes works of various genres.The nickname "teacher" comes from being a writer, but only Yuharu calls it that way, and even he says "I'll help you if you call me" when he is involved in Yuki's high school attendance. Because I was broken.Hatori, a classmate in the same zodiac, and Ayame are best friends (Mabudachi trio).For the first time in that thorough bystander, Mayuko Shiraki, who was once dating, described it as "like ripples" (Yuki and Hatori described it as "a jellyfish with ripples"). ..
I usually wear a dressing because it looks like a small artist.He also said that he became a novelist because he didn't have to live a regular life.A type that allows you to enter everything from the shape.He wears a suit when he goes out, but the smell of humor increases, and Yuki and Tsukasa say that he is "host-like."
As an elder, he sometimes reminds them with a serious theory, but usually he only makes fun of himself and does not reveal his thoughts.The attitude of dealing with Toru and Tosa seems to be gentle and friendly, but sometimes he shows a ruthless duality.
You seem to know about the curse of the zodiac, but the core[Note 3]Will not teach.Also, the impression is very different between the first animation and the original.In the first anime, Toru, who saw the true appearance of the 夾, was afraid that Toru would break, but she couldn't give up the hope that she could break the curse, and she struggled with her sincerely apologizing to her. The angry personality and ruthless side are cut, and theirGuardianOnly a strong position is strong.
Shigure's principle of action in the film is to make him his own.In order to make this happen, we are acting by involving the people around us.In the morning when the mother of the soul, Kaede, harbored her, she had a dream of connecting the zodiac with God, and she felt a sweet and sad passion for her. I swear to get it in a solid way as a woman, not as a woman.Originally, he was not a gentle personality and lacked some human emotions, but in the past he handed a camellia flower to her and gave a proposal to her, and before the twist of the person, his kindness. I was in contact with him.But she is obsessed with Benino[Note 4]After I started to do it, I started to treat it with a cold attitude that I intentionally pushed it out, like repairing only the upper side.
It seems that he has established a cross-cutting relationship with Minato at a certain time.However, she was deeply jealous of the fact that she later entrusted her body to Benino to keep her, and had a physical relationship with her most hated woman, Kaede, for the purpose of mentally hurting the soul.Regarding this matter, he said at the end of the story that he asked for Kaede because he could delusion that he might have looked like a mother if he had lived as a woman.However, this act caused the anger of the people, and Shigure was banished from the head family and lives in the current house.
Knowing that the curse of the Zodiac will eventually be lifted, he recognizes that the bond between her blind god and the Zodiac is an obstacle to obtaining the soul.In order to create distortion in the curse, Yuki, who is the closest to the god, Yuki, is separated from her and lives with her.The reason why Toru was welcomed to Shigure's house is to bring the zodiac eyes to the outside world and to aim for independence from God by incorporating foreign molecules into the closed world of Kusama.By reminding the soul of the fragility of the bond, she abandoned God's position and cursed her father.[Note 5]I've always hoped that she would be released from her and face Shigure herself as a woman.
In the final volume, to Minato who has grown as a human being and is about to start a new lifeFurisodeAnd talk about her obsession with her.When the curse was lifted, I couldn't see the subtleties of emotions at first glance, but when Minato appeared to him in furisode and confessed, he accepted her with the gentle expression he had shown in the past and walked with him. I swear that.
In the final episode, we can see that he is working as an assistant to Kusama to support his head, Minato.The sarcastic and rude attitude of the occasional master-slave relationship is alive and well, but he continues to have a good relationship.
The house where he lived with Yuki, Toru, and Toru appeared as a clan-managed property in "another."The room where the cloth, Mutsuo, and Hajime live, and the ceiling is broken by the 夾, is a storage room for clothes brought in by Ayame and her friends.The back mountain is gone.
The origin of the name is "Shigurezuki (October)"From."
In the original, black hair close to gray and eyes of the same color.In the first anime, he has bluish black hair and gray eyes.


Kagura Sohma
Voice- Yuri Shiratori / Three Stones / Rie Kugimiya[4]
boar() Mononoke.
Girly, dreamy, and girlish in appearance, but two years older than Toru and others.During the work, go on to a private women's junior college from a private girls' high school.He is usually shy and quiet, but when he gets excited, his personality changes completely and he becomes an untouchable violent person.Especially when I'm in front of my favorite 夾, the tension goes up.Moreover, because it is trained in the registered dojo, its destructive power is outstanding.
I met him by chance when I was little, so I started playing with him.He is like an older sister.However, the real purpose of her approach to the Chinese zodiac was to reassure her that she was more "poor" and miserable than herself, who carries the curse of the zodiac.From the feeling of guilt that he ran away after seeing the original appearance of the 夾, he said, "By loving the 夾, I think I could have left him unclean." You will have a guilty love.However, as I continued to chase after him, that feeling became real.In the middle of the story, he tells his confession-like feelings and settles his love for him.
Toru, who is thinking of the 夾, has mixed feelings and is worried that it is a relationship that is not sympathetic but affectionate, but Toru says, "I don't want to be robbed of the 夾 by anyone else. When he confessed, "Because it is the most important person," he rebuked Toru, saying, "Tell him properly," and was able to recognize him as a person to whom he could entrust his feelings.
After being released from the curse, he got a job as a childcare worker, and although his feelings for the soul cannot be easily cut off, he is living a fulfilling life at work.My hobby is handicraft, and I make all my cat goods (knapsack, etc.) by myself.
The origin of the name is "Kagura month (Kagurazuki / November)"From."
In the original, the eyes are the same color as the dark brown hair that is close to black.Gray eyes in the first anime.
Momiji Sohma
Voice- Miki Nagasawa / Saito AyakaYuki Miyata(Manga DVD version[5][Note 6] / Megumi Ban[4]
rabbit() Mononoke.Nickname is Momichi.
Half with a Japanese father and a German mother.I can speak German.Being confused by his childish appearance and behavior, Toru misunderstood that he was an elementary school student, but he was only one year younger and the same age as Yuharu.Contrary to the childish appearance, the inside is very mature.Girls' uniforms at the beginning of high school because they look good[Note 7]However, in the latter half of the story, he grew up physically and usually wears a boy's uniform.My hobby is playing the violin, and I am aiming to become a violinist in the future.
His mother couldn't accept that the autumn leaves were a monster, and he became ill.Therefore, he is persuaded by his father and agrees to conceal the "memory of autumn leaves" in his mother.The relieved mother considers him a child of someone in the Kusama family.Even now that I can't meet openly, I often visit the building where Toru works (= the company of the father of autumn leaves) to see his mother and sister.He has the courage to stand up to the feared people, trying to understand her feelings.
Toru's feelings changed from a longing for being like a mother to a love as a woman.However, without telling her about it, she has a strong desire for the future of the two, such as blasting the 夾 that has been trapped in the past forever.He also declared to himself that he would stop giving up thinking about the imprisonment of a cat possession, which is the only one in the zodiac that no one dares to say.
In the early summer of my second year of high school, the curse was suddenly lifted[Note 8]..It accepts the most monsters of the zodiac, and there are a lot of stuffed rabbits in the room.
The origin of the name is "Autumn leaves month (Momijizuki / September)From (according to the order of the names of the other zodiac signs)3Is supposed to be the origin, but the month from which the name is derived from Benino has been replaced).
Bright blonde and brown eyes in both the original and the anime.
Hatori Sohma
Voice-None / Kazuhiko Inoue / Kazuyuki Okitsu[6],Ikumi Hasegawa(childhood)
Dragon() Mononoke.Nicknames are Ha-san, Tori-san, and Harry.10 years older than Toru and others.
He is the doctor in charge of the Kusama family, has a "memory concealment technique" that has been passed down from generation to generation, and is also in charge of concealing the memory of humans who knew the secret of the Kusama family (Yuki's friends and autumn leaves could not be accepted). Mother of autumn leaves, etc.).Unlike the other zodiac signs, it is not the dragon that actually transformsSeahorseAnd the appearance after transformation is his complex.
He used to be dating Kana Sohma, who came as an assistant, but when she visited Minato to ask for permission to marry her, she was hurt and almost lost her eyesight in her left eye.Feeling responsible for Kana's illness, who blames it for herself, she erased her memory from her with her own hands and chose Minato instead of Kana.At that time, you will realize the pain of those who have been forgotten for the first time.Kana's best friend, Toru's homeroom teacher, and Shigure's ex-girlfriend, Mayuko Shiraki, reunited for the first time in two years. I like her who cried.The impression is quiet and calm, but it is largely due to giving up on my destiny as a zodiac.
He visited the school festival of Kaihara High School on behalf of Minato who had a fever of 39 degrees, and thought that he might need to hide his memory from Toru in some cases.Because Kana's answer to the mysterious riddle, "What if the snow melts?" Was the same as Kana, and the reaction when she accepted her transformed self smoothly was the same. , I feel the image of Kana in Toru.
He is one of the twelve zodiac signs who knows that Minato is a woman.He knows the whole picture, but not all of Shigure's ambitions and schemes, and is on the sidelines of his plots, keeping a close distance.In addition, when the truth of Benino was hinted at, he had a complicated expression, and he couldn't wipe his attachment to the bond between God and the Zodiac. Strongly reveals that she couldn't get rid of her.
One of the Mabudachi trio (I don't call myself that), the only person who can control Ayame.
The origin of the name is "Hatoritsuki (Hatorizuki / April)"From."
Both the original and the anime have black hair.Blue eyes in the original, matcha eyes in the first animation.
Hatsuharu Sohma
Voice- Suo Akiyama / Akio Suyama,Akemi Okamura(When I was a child) / Shin Furukawa[4],Toko Mariko(When I was a child)
() Mononoke.Nickname is Spring, Ha-kun.One grade lower than Toru and others.
The hair is beautifully white like an old man, and the root is a black cow color.She always wears earrings and necklaces, and her plain clothes have a rock taste.
Since the adults around him have continued to say that he is a stupid cow whose first ride was taken by a mouse, he has become a subservient and easy-to-cut personality.My parents, who had a hard time handling it, trained me to learn martial arts to relieve stress, but it seems that it was not very effective, and even now, if I get sharp, my personality changes suddenly and it becomes ferocious (this state is called "black"). Call).
It's usually quiet and at your own pace, and suddenly you can make outlandish remarks and confuse others.It takes three days to get to Shigure's house because of the terrible sense of direction.He seems not to listen to people, and his observing ability is sharp, and he occasionally speaks sharp words to Yuki and Shigure.Also, if you wonder what it is, you say "mystery".
When he was young, he unilaterally hated Yuki, who was a mouse, but by releasing himself from the complex, he became a special person and became a good understanding person for Yuki.She had a faint love for Yoruzu of the same zodiac since she was a child, but when she was mentally cornered, she soon became a supporter of her side and became a love affair.However, when a third party told him, Yoruzu, who was restrained, coldly pushed himself and his heart to release him, and for a while he was separated.
The origin of the name is "Early spring (Hatsuharu / January)"From."
White hair with black roots in both the original and the anime.Brown eyes in the original, gray eyes in the first animation.
Ayame Sohma
Voice- Takeyasu Koyasu / Miyamoto Mitsuru / Takahiro Sakurai[6],Fujiwara Natsumi(childhood)
snake() Mononoke.Nicknames are Aya, Aya, Aya
Yuki SohmaBrother..The manager of the clothing store "Ayame".I'm growing white hair.Always high in tension and noisy, he has a selfish king temperament.Rich in charisma, he was active as a student council president in high school.It is vulnerable to the cold due to the mystery of the possessed object, and when it suddenly cools down, it may transform into a hibernating state.
As a boy, he was ten years old and Yuki grew up in isolation, so he was so indifferent to his younger brother that he had never had a conversation.However, nowadays, he is showing his brother's stupidity so much that Yuki is annoying, and sometimes he encourages Yuki, and he has a serious side like his brother.Ever since he realized that he had sacrificed Yuki to live his life at will, he has been actively contacting each other to fill the gap.Also, when I was a student, I couldn't think about the feelings of others, and now I regret that I hurt the female students of other schools who had confessed to me at that time without realizing it.
Hatori was appointed as a caretaker when he was a student because he respects Hatori and listens only to what Hatori says.One of the Mabudachi trio.
Mine Kuramae, an employee of Ayame, is a partner and lover with the same hobby, and is the foundation of his heart.It seems that Mine is also exposed to the monsters of the zodiac. Two people are living together on the second floor of the shop.
"Another" has two children. We are preparing to open the second Ayame store, but for some reason we are pushing the preparations to the children and going on a trip with our wife.In addition, it seems that he is also the creator of the costumes that Mutsuo and his friends wore at the Kaihara High School festival.However, at the beginning, he was evaluated as "the strongest (or" the worst ") uncle who comes with a bonus when he married Mutsui, and his nephew Mutsumi himself introduced Ayaba who introduced a short-term part-time job. It is said that it is safer to have no couple.
The origin of the name is "Iris month (Ayamezuki / May)"From."
Both the original and the anime have gray hair and yellow eyes.
Kisa Sohma
Voice-None / Kaori Natsuka / Reina Ueda[7]
tiger() Mononoke.Nickname is Sacchan.4th grade younger than Toru and others.
I was harassed at school because of mysterious hair (a tiger color with a little black hair mixed with blonde hair) and eye color, and I suffered from aphonia due to shock and stopped going to junior high school just after entering school.Originally, he was withdrawn and had a quiet personality.According to the author, "a beautiful woman who competes for first and second place in the work".I like garlic chives and I'm not good at messy things.
He was found in Yuharu when he had escaped from his house and was weakened and transformed, and was brought to Shigure's house.Toru tells him that he had a past of being bullied and that he couldn't say it because of shame, and after he sympathized with him, he began to talk little by little.Since then, I have gained the courage to attend junior high school, and I am trying to move forward step by step with aspirations due to my weakness in my heart.A childhood friend of the lantern.Previously, he had been hurt by a person and was hospitalized, and for a while he did not understand the reason why the light road became unfriendly, but when he learned that he had an unknowable feeling, the misunderstanding can be resolved.
Shigure, Ayame, and Hatori are called "Uncle".
The origin of the name is "Kisaragi (Kisaragi / February)"From."
Both the original and the anime have brownish yellow hair.Eyes of the same color in the original, brown eyes in the first animation.
Kusama Light Road (Soma Hiro)
Voice-None / Yuriko Fuchizaki / Earth leaf[7]
sheep(Not yet) Mononoke.His nickname is Hi-kun.Five grades younger than Toru and others.
Although he is the youngest of the twelve zodiac signs, he is a fluent, poisonous tongue, and quibble like an adult.The vocabulary is also abundant, and sometimes it is difficult to keep up with the transparency.Since he speaks in a question-and-answer style, he often gives unnecessary antipathy to the other party.He is also aware that his words are harsh, and he regrets that this should not be the case.I hate myself for twisting quibble, but it seems difficult to be honest, so be careful.He grows up in a warm family with the understanding of his parents, while a complicated parent-child relationship is likely to occur when he is born with a monster.
I was poking at someone else, but it gradually calmed down.In the film, my younger sister Hinata was born and became an older brother.When I was a kid, I used to play with Mabdachi Trio and Rakura.He also respects Yuharu, who has true compassion and kindness.
Because he likes Tosa, he sees Toru as a rival.A long time ago, I deeply regret that I was hospitalized because I confessed my favor to him, and I have vowed to protect him for the rest of my life.
The curse was lifted shortly after the curse of autumn leaves was lifted.
The origin of the name is "Bunsho Month (Fumi Hirogezuki / July)"From."
Light brown hair and brown eyes in both the original and the anime.In the first animation, the redness of the eye color is stronger than the hair color.
Ritsu Sohma
Voice-None / Miina Tominaga / Kengo Kasai[7]
(I.e.(Sign) Mononoke.Nicknames are Ricchan and Ricchan.4th grade higher than Toru and others.
A young man who attends a private university and has a feminine appearance comparable to Yuki.He has a lump of inferiority complex, and as soon as something happens, he thinks he is bad.He is low-profile to everyone (and even cats), reacts sensitively to minor complaints and sarcasm, and apologizes while crying.His mother has a similar personality to him[Note 9]..He is a type who cares more about the other person than himself, but his behavior often runs idle.I usually dress as a woman in furisode, but the reason is that it makes me feel more calm.He is so weak that he seems to be atrophied when he dresses as a man.I also wear furisode to college.I've been friends with Rakura since I was little, and I used to borrow clothes from Rakura.
It seems that he fell in love with Mitsuru, the editor in charge of Shigure, who caused a remarkable synchronization phenomenon in the first meeting.My parents' house runs a hot spring inn, which is a recreational facility in Kusama, and my mother is a landlady.
He is one of the older zodiac signs, but he didn't know much about the secret of the Chinese zodiac because he was still young.Therefore, when Minato appeared wearing furisode, he misunderstood that he ran for the same hobby as himself.I long for Ayame, who always behaves in a dignified manner.
The origin of the name is "Kotakaricho Oda (Odakarizuki / September)"From."
Both the original and the anime have brown hair that is more reddish than the light.Black eyes in the original, red-brown eyes in the anime.
Isuzu Sohma
Voice-None / Noriko Kuwashima[5] / Ayo Toyosaki[8]
(I.e.(Noon) Mononoke.Nickname is Rin.One grade higher than Toru and others.
A bewitching girl with good looks and good style.The hair was long enough to hang on the legs, but in the latter half of the story it will be short hair on the shoulders.
Her family as a child was an ideal family, and her parents were kind and always full of warm smiles.She herself knew that my family was happy, unlike the other zodiac signs.
However, it is a tower on the sand, and her single word, "Is it really fun?", Instantly destroys the whole family.After that, he was abused by his parents who played a happy family by force, and he was found lying down in Yuharu.After that, he started dating with Yuharu and became quite intimate, but he was exposed to the people and was pushed down from the window and suffered a serious injury.I was looking for a way to get rid of him and break the curse, hoping to free him from him and from himself who was dependent on him.
After the abuse was discovered, he was taken over by Rakura's house, but when he was placed in the unbroken and happy family of Rakura's family, envy and loneliness eroded his body, and he was repeatedly hospitalized and discharged.From the time I first met Toru, I felt the kindness of Yuharu, and I was afraid that Toru would be involved because of my dependence.
He was trying to get a mysterious box about Akira from him, and he was presented with a reward of "teaching how to break the curse" on condition that he brought the box, and sneaked into the room of him, but let's steal the box. The place was found by Minato, and the long black hair, which closely resembles a curse, was cut off with the intention that it was unpleasant.After that, she is put under house arrest for several days in the warehouse where the cat possession is imprisoned.Although he was provided with food, he refused to eat it, so when he was discovered in Benino, his physical strength was limited.Later, Shigure told me that "Kou doesn't know how to break the curse, it was just used", and in the end, she carelessly set foot on the cause of the Kusama family, and she made a slight delusion. The series of incidents ended with a keen sense.
After confirming his feelings with Yuharu, he returned to his relationship and is currently living in the house of Yasushi.His hobby is drawing illustrations, and when he was found by Toru, he threw a sketchbook and dismissed it as a graffiti.
It does not appear in the first anime.Black hair and black eyes.
The origin of the name is "Ryoguretsuki (Isuzu Kurezuki / June)"From."
Kusama Benino
Voice-None / Chiba progress[5] / Yuichiro Umehara[9],Mayu Minami(childhood)
chicken(Rooster) Mononoke.9th grade higher than Toru and others.
The zodiac that last appeared before Toru.He has been appointed as an assistant to the work of the head of the family, Minato.In addition, one of the twelve zodiac signs is the most favorite of the Chinese zodiac.I didn't even shop at a convenience store until I was 26, because I wouldn't go out of Kusama without her permission because of the reluctance to leave.In addition, there is a section that suppresses the ego because the standard of behavior is to prioritize the people, and he says, "I will not do anything even if I have time."
The curse was released the earliest (thus, the figure that was transformed in the work does not appear, but the sparrow is drawn in "Fan Book [Cat]"), and only Minato knew it, Shigure was faintly aware.Since the curse has been lifted, the instinctive feelings for "God" have disappeared, and the existence that I met at a convenience store at midnight was the first woman I liked "as a human being".The reason why Arisa was interested in him was that the part that was missing was similar to Toru.
When I was a junior high school student, I was able to break the curse of my own monster, the rooster possession.At that time, because of his kindness, love and pity for the mourner, he swears that she will stay with her for a long time without letting go of her who had no choice but to swear by herself.
From the time the curse was lifted, she was on the side of Minato, so she was hated by Shigure, who realized that she had chosen Benino.When he was young, he longed for Shigure, and even now he calls Shigure, Hatori, and Ayame "brother".
Since Hatori's case, she has continued to have a physical relationship with her with the intention of removing her anxiety and forming a stronger bond, which is one of the factors that further distorts the relationship between her and Shigure.After Yuki's remarks at the banquet, she became conscious of facing the people head-on, hoping for her happiness and trying to lead her in the direction of change.His too kind personality and hesitation that he couldn't let go of were a disaster, and he was stabbed by a knife in his waist by a desperate person in a world where bonds were broken one after another, and he tried to chase after her running away, but he collapsed.
After that, she survived her life safely, saw the growth of Minato who actively came to visit the hospital alone, felt that her existence was becoming unnecessary for her, and decided to leave Minato.In addition, we will meet again at the hospital.After leaving the hospital, he left his home and got a job in a rural town.
It does not appear in the first anime.Red-brown hair and eyes.
The origin of the name is "Spring at sunset (Kurenoharu / March-meaning "late spring")"From."


Akito Sohma
Voice-None / Wakaba purple,Yuka Imai(When I was a child) → Junko Minagawa(Manga DVD version[5][Note 10] / Sakamoto Maaya[10]
The head of the Kusama family."For the zodiacShe reigns as an absolute existence in the Kusama clan, and for the Zodiac, she is the master of the bond tied by the curse of blood, so she cannot resist mentally.
A delicate figure with black hair and a short cut, a beautiful woman with a neutral face.According to Toru, "it's as beautiful as Yuki".He hates to decorate clothes and show his skin, and his trademark is a black-red haori with a crimson obi on a white kimono.
At the command of his mother, Kaede, he has been raised and behaved as a man since he was born, but in realityBeautiful man dressed as a manIs.First personI..This is the top secret of the Kusama family, and only some of the twelve zodiac signs know it.
Since his parents regarded each other's existence as supreme love rather than his child, Minato, he suffered from the significance of his own existence and strongly hoped that others would think of himself first.
From the time she was born, she was loved only as a "god" because she needed a special god that her father loved, and an effective means for the veteran forces to oppose the Chinese zodiac. It is conscious that there is nothing, and as an existence to establish it, it becomes morbidly bound and dependent on the zodiac.
In his childhood, the zodiac ties were strong against the pressure from his mother, so the emotional ups and downs were intense, but he settled down to the range of childhood.
However, when the curse of rooster possession was lifted,The bond between God and the zodiacHe feels uneasy and begins to hurt the Zodiac as if he were engraving his existence.At this time, Benino vows to Minato that he will be on his side forever, but for her who was blind to the bond between God and the Zodiac, this event that denies her reason for existence is hertemperamentIt had a great influence on.
Since I know that God (self) and the Zodiac are connected only by the power of the curse, I am very afraid that if the curse is lifted, my existence as God will be overturned from the ground up, and that bond will be broken. In response to Kaede, who denied and condensed the ugly and stupid side of a woman, Minato hated that side of her mother, and was therefore overly repulsive to her.
On the other hand, his father, Yuki Sohma, is the only support for such a person, and it does not change even if he passes away, but rather binds her deeper to his father.In addition, it is said that the soul of the father given by the station at the time of Akira's bereavement is included.Empty box[Note 11]Ever since I was a child, I kept it secret, and even if it was an empty box, I couldn't doubt the existence of my father and couldn't throw it away.
Because she furiously wanted a substitute for love from Akira, she sought a man (father) of the zodiac, led by Benino, who was like a substitute for her father, and robbed her of her father. Just as denying a woman (mother) of the zodiac who is the same sex as her mother who denies her existence, the relationship with the zodiac is strong for Minato as a pseudo-family that she could not obtain.
The trauma left behind by her daughter is very strong due to the strength of the bond between her father and mother, and she is very timid to the twelve zodiac signs to create something more important than God.For such a person, the Zodiac struggles with the awe and love and hate as a monster, and the emotions that come from the human ego, and is annoyed.Also, for Hatori and Benino, who knew her as a child, she couldn't get rid of her because she was aware of her side as a lonely girl, not as a god.
A bet on Chinaberry[Note 12]She has been suspicious of the bond between God and the Zodiac, and accepts it with a feeling of praying from the feeling of wanting to test their bond.When Shigure, who wants to deny the bond to face it, comes to ask for permission to live with Toru, he allows him to live with him.
At the end of the story, Minato confronts Toru, who realizes that his power is out of reach.
Understanding her loneliness and anguish for fear of being involved in a world without bonds and promises, Toru, who had the same pain in the loneliness left behind, noticed the existence of a god and a girl who is neither the owner. She accepts herself and changes as a result of being close to her on an equal footing.
From an early age, I had a strong desire to turn around for Shigure.At that time, from himCamellia flowerHe was handed over and had a special feeling, but when the curse of Benino was lifted, a groove was created between him and Shigure.
A few years later, when Hatori, who had been trusting, offered to forgive her engagement, her mental state became more unstable, and she wanted to have a physical relationship with Benino with all her heart, and he too. I accepted it.That fact put a decisive crack in the relationship between Shigure and Sohma, who had already crossed the line at that time, and as a result of Shigure's relationship with Kaede, Sohma expelled him from Kusama. Decide to do.
At that time, for Minato, who was immature even as a woman, there was a part that asked for paternity for Shigure, and he did not realize that his feelings for him were love for the opposite sex. ..
Since the incident with Toru, the curse has been lifted, she has been released from the curse of her father who wanted to be a god, and she has made her self-awareness clear.[Note 13]As a responsible human being, he pledges to protect and compensate for their future as the owner of Kusama, with a sense of self-responsibility for the Zodiac.After that, Minato, who knew the true intention of Shigure, told the porch where he was waiting, as a woman, the feeling of seeking a man, and his long-standing feelings came to fruition.
In the final episodesemi-longWith hair that has grown toDressesAppeared as a girlish figure disguised as a girl, and showed a soft expression.
Ren Soumaa
Voice- Ai Orikasa[11][Note 14]
The real mother of Minato.However, he has abandoned his love for the child.Owner of bewitching beauty.
He suffers from physical and mental illness and is usually in the back.All the authority of Kusama is held by Minato, but it is accompanied by some human beings who deserve newcomers called the Chinese sect.He has a great deal of attachment to his husband, Akira, who has already died, and in addition looks down on everything but himself and Akira.He also denied the zodiac bond to the Chinese zodiac, saying that the bond between himself and Akira is genuine, and the others are fake.Originally, he was one of Akira's caretakers, but when he understood his loneliness and tried to snuggle up, he was first seen by Akira and got married.
However, with the birth of the god who controls the zodiac, Akira becomes fond of children and becomes jealous of her daughter, the god, as a woman.
There is a section that is trying to break the relationship between the Chinese zodiac and the Chinese zodiac, such as being invited by Shigure who plots against the Chinese zodiac and having a physical relationship, or seducing Benino and Hatori.He has a cold attitude toward certain zodiac signs, such as tricking her into using her because she didn't like her physiologically.Invited by Shigure who wants to steal the mysterious box that Minato has from her, she finds out that it is a box related to Akira, and when she tries to obtain it, she appears with a knife in her hand.At the end of the day, Sohma, who grew up as the owner of the Kusama family, tried to face her, but Kaede's heart was stubbornly closed and did not reconcile until the end.
It does not appear in the first anime.
Although "another" does not appear by giving a direct name, there is a depiction of a person who seems to be Kaede who threw heartless words at the beginning of his childhood and Shiki.It seems that the heart remains closed, rather than twisted.
Akira Soma
Voice- Ishida Akira[11]
Former head of the Kusama family and the father of Minato.deceased.It seems that he was sick and had been declared short-lived by doctors for a long time.
Attracted by Kaede who noticed her loneliness and cried, she got married by overcoming the fierce opposition of old humans.After the birth of Minato, I became obsessed with my daughter, and that was Kaede.jealousyThe result is even more inspiring.In reality, Akira, who has a deep love for Kaede and has no life expectancy, is the one who can be left behind for posterity. It was.He died without being able to convey the feeling that he wanted to be most pleased with the birth of Minato.
He despises himself as "a man who just dies", and from that situation he has a strong admiration for eternity, and he has a strong desire to entrust his dream to his daughter, Minato.He tells her like a curse as a "special child," and her distorted affection later afflicts her.
It does not appear in the first anime.
Maiden head
Voice- Hitomi Shogawa
An old maid who serves the "back" of the Kusama family.A person who seems to be one of the centers of the old school.He has pledged allegiance to Akira and Minato, and hates Chinaberry like a snake.Obey what Minato says and does, regardless of right or wrong.Too much dislike of the 楝, he gave a mysterious box (actually an empty box, infused with "the soul of the crystal" to counter the 楊), and "to give the soul a sense of superiority." It can be said that he was the person who tied up the Chinese zodiac to Kusama and anointed the fire of the conflict between the parents and children, saying to Benino, "If there is no Chinese zodiac, it is just a monster that is no different from a cat possession."At the end of the game, he seems to regret those actions and is about to change.
Kana Sohma
Voice-None / Nanao Haruhi / Minami Tsuda
An "outside" person, a former Hatori assistant.At that time, he was a lover with Tori, but when he touched the scales of Minato and Hatori lost his eyesight in one eye, he eventually became a neurose and his spirit collapsed.After the memory was hidden by Hatori himself who could not bear it, he married another man and lived happily.I knew the idiosyncratic nature of Hatori, but accepted it.It seems that he had a faint admiration before he met Hatori.

Zodiac family

In this work, we often focus on experiences in early childhood in terms of character formation.

Many mononoke parents tend to be "overprotective" and "rejective" for their children.Also, the house where the mononoke was born, and the person who raises the mononoke, receives a large amount of money from the head family (even if they are not their real parents).

Yuki Sohma
Voice-None / Norihiro Inoue,Miki Machii(Around 7 years old) / Tomoyuki Morikawa[12],Ayaka Nanase(childhood)
One of the Kusama clan.A martial arts master and adoptive father whom he respects.
His mother died and he adopted the abandoned 夾 from his father.He refused his late grandfather because he was possessed by a cat.I still regret it, and with regret, I decided to take over the grave.However, he loves 夾 more like a real child than he confesses.
When I noticed my feelings for Toru's soul, I was worried that it might be a feeling of sympathy or pity for cat possession like my grandfather's spouse (Grandmother of Makoto), but that is not the case. Since I knew that, I have been warmly watching the relationship between Toru and Toru.
I'm not very good at cooking, and I also go reading while reading, and I've failed to think that I can do something today.It has an about side in a strange place.
藉 true grandfather
Voice-None / Isamu Sugaya / Small Man
藉 true grandfather.He was a cat-possessed man in front of him, and was hindered by his family and clan and was treated badly.After death, he sleeps in a grave outside Kusama.
Father of 夾
Voice-None / Kazuhiko Inoue / Shinobu Matsumoto
"Rejection type".An egocentric and irresponsible personality, he shelved his incompetence and passed on the cause of his wife's death to his son, and continued to reject all of him if nothing was wrong.The direct cause of his wife's suicide was that he, who could not stand being treated as a "monster father" by others, threw words of refusal to his wife and son.
A person who is fundamentally "weak" and cannot keep himself unless he pushes all his anxiety to others, and even if he pushes it, his anxiety still remains.
Even in "another", he has not been converted, and he is still out of touch with his family.He seems to have a bad deal with his grandson's beginning, and he hates him like a snake, saying, "I'm not such a family."
Mother of 夾
Voice-None / Miki Nagasawa / Atsuko Yuya
Originally "overprotective".He often tried to hide him in an unobtrusive place to prevent him from being called a "monster."He had a love for his son, but he kept his eyes off him because he was a monster.He suffers from the pressure from the surroundings and the cold remarks of her husband, and can't stand it and kills herself.
Yuki and Ayame's mother
Voice- Sayaka Ohara
Having given birth to a squirrel, he is given preferential treatment among the clan, and he spends his days enjoying a lot of fun.His love for Yuki was weak, and he thought of it only as a tribute to the head family.However, after the three-way interview for career counseling, he changed his attitude and began to speak familiar words.It looks quite youthful.
Although she is a real son, she is not good enough to scream and get upset.My husband seems to be the same.
Yuharu's mother
Appeared only in the rear view.The only depiction of his personality is his remark, "Do parents laugh?" When Yuharu was called for a rampage at school.According to the author, "I'm not a good parent."He seems to be on good terms with Shigure's mother, and was having tea together in Yuki's flashback scene.
Mori's mother
Voice-None / Haruhi Terada (currently Haruhi Nanao) / Endo Aya
It was considered an example of becoming an "overprotective type" as a parent of the zodiac.Her love for her daughter was so deep that she was depressed when she fell into aphasia, but both daughters were healed by Toru's words.After that, you can see how he is doing well here and there.I am on good terms with my mother at the light.In the character ranking, he overtakes the mother of the light road and is in the top.
Autumn leaves parents
Voice-None / Azusa Nakao(mother),Seki Toshihiko(Father) / Takako Honda(mother),Junichi Yanagida(father)
My mother is German.Unable to bear the suspicion of things, his son "rejects" the autumn leaves, which is heartbreaking. He left behind the words, "I wish I hadn't given birth," and when the memory was concealed by Hatori, he said, "The biggest regret was getting that creature out of my body."After losing his memory, he shows that he is living happily.After concealing the memory, the autumn leaves are called "Autumn leaves".
The father chose to abandon the autumn leaves from the family circle to help his wife, but he continues to accept both the autumn leaves and his wife and continues to exist with them in the form of a double life.
In "another", it became clear that autumn leaves had taken over the family business.
Kusama peach (Soma peach)
Voice- Saya Tanaka
Born as an ordinary human being, eight years younger than the autumn leaves.Make a terrible way of speaking.I've been worried about him since I met the autumn leaves that look exactly like my mother in Toru's part-time job building.When Toru visits the Kusama family head family to make sure that the person Arisa is looking for is Benino, she guides her to the "middle" of the head family in exchange for certain conditions.The condition is "to tell the autumn leaves,'I want you to be an older brother.'"
Like the autumn leaves, my father told me not to meet him, but I occasionally sneak into the "middle" and secretly see the autumn leaves playing the violin.
In "another", it is well known that he is the younger sister of autumn leaves, and he assists autumn leaves, who succeeded his father.
Hatori's parents
Both are deceased.My father is a clan doctor like him.Both parents were strict.
Yoruzu's parents
Voice- Fuyu Ono(mother),Masayuki Kato(father)
Both parents appeared in the flashback scene.When she was young, she played a happy family, but when she wondered about it, she took off her mask with a sudden word, and after that she began to abuse her.He was soon isolated from his daughter, but he still lives in the "middle".
Satsuki Souma
Voice- Takahashi Mikako
The mother of the light road.The only person whose name is known among the parents of the zodiac.Immediately after giving birth, a marvelous person who said, "I love sheep!"After that, he raised his son with deep affection.However, because he is a very natural and dangerous person, his son has become a little over-the-top personality, saying, "I have to be strong."
After that, the second child "Hinata" also gave birth.Husband (voice- Kenji Nojima) Has almost no turn, but you can see them happily talking side by side.
Yuki Sohma
The younger sister of Toro who was born in the work.Born as an ordinary human being because all the zodiac signs are born.According to the author, "BraconI think it will be. "
Appeared as an adult in "another".It was responsible for delivering Shiki to the Kusama family's villa by car.Although he is not aware of it at all, he seems to be a speed enthusiast who is known to the clan.It is also a drunkard.
Toshi's mother
Voice-None / Junko Yamamoto / Sachiko Kojima
Appeared before my son.Like his son, he has a strong delusion of perpetrators and has a habit of apologizing while screaming and distraught about trivial matters.It seems that the cause is that he has been bowing his head since he was young because of Toshizu, who was often a monster of a talented person but could not demonstrate his talent.The husband has similarly bowed for his son.
The dark circles under his eyes and his messy hair make him sick, but like his son, he can't help but feel strong at some point.I am the proprietress of an inn, which is also a clan's recreation facility, but as mentioned above, I am sick, so I leave the management to the employees.However, when he came out forcibly to cling to the pillar, Toru and his friends felt surprisingly strong (and scary).
The model is the previous work "Who has wingsThe ghost of the woman who appeared in.Appeared after renewal as it was a waste of appearance.The author testifies that when he sees that frenzy, he "runs away with all his might or sits down."
Benino's parents
Parents appear only once in the flashback scene.Regarding the marriage of Kaede and Akira, he was positive, saying, "If they are happy."It seems that he was estranged after Benino became an adult.
Purple Wu's parents
Voice- Kaori Nakamura(mother)
Appeared as a banquet attendee at a restaurant.The mother is revealed in Yuki's flashback scene.It looks like he is estranged from his son.Shigure looks like her mother.
Rakura's mother
Voice- Kimura Akiko
It seems to be "overprotective", and you can see her worried about her daughter.When Rakura was a child, his family seemed to be rough, but now he seems to be a happy family, which is rare for a monster, and he keeps a bell that has been abused by his parents and separated from his parents' house.

Kaihara High School

Arisa Uotani (Arisa Uotani)
Voice-None / Yuka Imai / Atsumi Tanezaki[13]
Toru's best friend.Former Yankee.Nickname is Uo-chan. 168.5 cm. 47 kg.
When he was young, his mother left home and his father was drunk, so he went on a bad road and was in fifth grade.Motorcycle gangdebuted.
Sister's skin that is thick and fragile.I still admire Kyoko who gave me the opportunity to rehabilitate.She is tall (it seems that she is aiming for the 180 cm range), so she was told that she was suitable for a model.夾 is a good fighting friend, but sometimes we get together and hang out.
When I heard the story of the legendary "red butterfly" Kyoko who was a kamikaze captain during the Yankee era, I had a strong admiration, and when I learned that my daughter was in the junior high school I attended, I went to school and met there. It was.At first, she rejected the gap with the image, but eventually she opened her heart to her inseparable attitude and Kyoko's warmth, and now she is reconciled with her father.
In junior high school, senior Akimoto (Akimoto / voice- Nanako Mori) And Kyoko helped me get out of the runaway tribe.Also, from Kyoko to the Yankee eraSpecial clothingHas been received.I think Akimoto is a benefactor, but he is estranged because he has moved far away.
During the summer vacation of the second grade, he has a part-time job at a coffee shop and a convenience store, and he has a romantic feeling for Kusama Benino who he met at the convenience store where he worked part-time.After reuniting with Benino, they communicate their feelings with each other, and after graduating from high school, they are in good contact with each other while working.
In the original, blonde with brown eyes.In the first anime, steamed maroon hair and dark blue eyes.
Saki Hanajima
Voice- Touma Yumi / Reiko Yasuhara → Yumi Touma (manga DVD version)[5]) / Satomi Satomi[13]
Toru's best friend.Nickname is Hana-chan. 162 cm. 52 kg.
It is possible to feel a person's thoughts like radio waves, and to send malicious thoughts (poisonous radio waves) into the other party's brain.In addition to his mysterious ability, he always wears a black object.Favorite that I often wearCloakIs handmade by my grandmother and matches with my younger brother.I have a habit of being absorbed in unexpected things such as cleaning the toilet.
Basically lethargic and unmotivated.He had poor grades and was an addict of additional exams and supplementary lessons (all red points when he was in the second grade), but he did not get any red points the following year.It features a low tension tone.Many scenes of eating something appear.
The style is good, and if you don't do anything extra, you can communicate with a beautiful woman, so it seems that it is a little popular with boys because of its mysterious atmosphere.Together with his younger brother Megumi, the author says "Fruva's strongest combination".According to him, "I can't read people's hearts with radio waves," but there are many scenes that make me suspicious.
In the old days, he couldn't control his power, and he was whispered as a "witch" by the people around him, and he was bullied.At the junior high school where I was transferred to, I met Toru and Ari, and I was able to change my mind when I vomit my heart nakedly.He always wore black clothes as a proof of a sinner who had harmed his classmates with the power of poisonous radio waves, but now he can't settle down without this color.Since the color of the uniforms of junior high school and Kaihara High School after the transfer is not black, after the transfer, my grandmother's idea is to do a black manicure instead.
He is a type of man, and the more he calls him "Mr. Yasuma", the more he is getting closer to him.I don't know how serious it is, but I was scared rather than disliked because he said to me, "You can call me mom."It seems that the author himself became an unexpected friend, such as immediately seeing the first person he met as a woman and calling her "Ah-chan".
After graduating, he works as a meal for the Dojo.
In the original, black hair and black eyes.In the first anime, her dark green hair and purple eyes are slightly lighter than Yuki.
Mayuko Shiraki
Voice-None / Naomi Shindo[5] / Hitomi Raw
Toru's homeroom teacher.A tall and discerning female teacher.The only daughter of an antiquarian bookstore.He is also one of the few people who knows that Toru lives in the Kusama family.In fact, Kana, a former lover of Hatori, has been a close friend since college, and she is an old friend of Shigure, Hatori, and Ayame.Kana has been fond of him since he was introduced to Tori.Mayuko described him as a "ripple", partly because he had a temporary relationship with Shigure.
It did not appear in the first animation, and the class teacher is a man.
Dachi Tomoze
Voice- Wataru Komada(Hiroshi),Gen Sato(Yusuke)
Toru's classmates are becoming regular.The name is from the second anime.
A nice combination that loves festivals and is always bright.Arisa is called "Mr. 姐", and she and 夾 are on good terms.It is often the case that the 夾 is squeezed along with the existence.It looks like he is close to Sho.When I started dating Toru, I was making fun of him at the very beginning of the class.It seems that he wants to be popular as he growls.
Class Vice Chair
Voice- Yuka Nukui
A girl student with a serious appearance wearing glasses.I'm putting together a class with Yuki.
Makoto Takei
Voice-None / Yuji Ueda / Jun Fukushima[14]
Former student council president.Toru's first grade.Element is a rival over Yuki, and he always has a quarrel.He pays attention to Yuharu, who has a strict and characteristic coat color in the school rules, but he was taken to the bathroom and was forced to prove that he had an unexpected coat color.Because his words and actions are quite annoying, he is estranged from the surroundings, and he says "stupid" by Yuki and Yuki.According to the author, "Mr. Takei's Makoto-kun", the family seems to be good.
In "another", he is a teacher at Kaihara High School.However, his annoying personality hasn't improved at all, and he is blatantly favored by Yuki's son Mutsui, as he was obsessed with Yuki.He has a ring on his left hand and looks like he is married.In addition to his former rival, Ruriko, the daughter of Element, Megumi, who also became a teacher at Kaihara High School, became a new enemy.

Student Organization Members

The members of the Student Organization, chaired by Yuki.Yuki plays an important role in the process of growth.It does not appear in the first anime.

Kakeru Manabe
Voice-None / Kenichi Suzumura / Takuya Eguchi[15]
Yuki's vice president when he became president of the Student Organization.Nicknames are Nabe and Tobunabe.The same grade as Toru and others.
He has a high tension and has a personality that pushes him with an incomprehensible glue, but until he was in junior high school when the problem of inheritance of the house was solved, his lover Komaki said that he was "very quiet, always angry and hard to approach". ..
Zhang himself who gave Yuki the nickname "Yunyun".At first, Yuki was not good at Sho, who has a high-tension personality similar to his older brother, but eventually he was able to resolve it.
Toru met once at Kyoko's funeral and said, "Don't misunderstand that you are unhappy," because she thinks of Komaki, who lost her parents in the same accident.When Komaki learned of this behavior, he was told that he would not be happy if he won by comparing unhappiness, and at first he could not understand her sadness.However, as he got involved with Yuki, his thoughtfulness about things grew, and he is studying the importance of thinking from the perspective of others every day.
Since he is the child of Machi's father's mistress, he is Machi's half-brother.I had a lot of Spartan education from my mother, depending on which one would be the trailer.However, he gradually became disgusted with following what his parents said, and as a result of abandoning his succession, Machi's younger brother took over the house.Currently, the parent-child relationship seems to be good, such as fighting with the same level of tension as Sho.
Ayame and Mine, who are similar to herself, are completely confused, and Ayame is called "commander" and Mine is called "deputy commander" or "Mine unnie".In the future, I would like to take over the family business of Komaki's parents' family.
Machi Kuragi
Voice-None / Yuki Kaida / Ai Kakuma[15]
Student Organization Inside School.Sho's half-sister.One year younger than Toru.The same class as the autumn leaves.I have a younger brother who is aged away.
Usually silent, expressionless and quiet, but for the constant demand for "perfectness" from his mothertraumaIf you look at something that is orderly, you will be driven by the urge to destroy it.I am not good at brand new things such as new chalk.Her involvement with Yuki changes little by little.
He likes rabbits, and he seems to like Mogeta because he looks like a rabbit, and he cherishes the paper weight of Mogeta, which is a gift that also serves as an apology from Yuki.In the work, there is a scene in which Ayame's large Mogeta doll with letters was seen as a limited edition, and it is described as a considerable fan.The limited edition Mogeta doll was purchased and presented by Yuki, who was discovered by chance later.
The atmosphere gradually became closer to Yuki, and in the final volume, he became quite intimate.
Kimi Todo
Voice-None / Yukari Tamura / Rumi Okubo[16]
student councilSecretary..The same grade as Toru and others.
Self-centeredHe has a personality and calls himself "public".Flirts..Popular with men and hated by women, but Yuki doesn't care about that.Fan clubRepeated remarks that made him angry on purpose.Sho knows her wicked nature and has been beaten to tell Yuki.
It seems that she became aware of herself as "cute" when her classmates in elementary school told her "Don't get sick because she's a little cute".After graduating from high school, he seems to have married a man who can compete with him on an equal footing.
Naoto Sakuragi (Naoto Sakuragi)
Voice-None / Jun Fukuyama / Aoi Ichikawa[16]
Student Organization Secretary.One year younger than Toru.
His nickname is Nao, Nao-chan.Because he is serious and straightforward, he sometimes yells at the messy Sho and unmotivated Student Organization members.Work is fast and polite.His honesty is a disaster and he is always being tampered with by Sho and the public.
He likes Motoko Minagawa, who was the chairman of Puri Yuki, and has a one-sided rivalry with Yuki.On her graduation day, she told her, "I'm praying for you to be lonely."

Prince Yuki

Yuki's fan club is said to have half of all female students.However, the activity is quite full-scale, and it is a powerful and unconventional organization that does everything in its power to escort Yuki.

Motoko Minagawa
Voice-None / Kaori ShimizuMegumi Toyoguchi(Drama CD version <2005>) / M ・ A ・ O[17]
Toru's one-year senior and chairman of Puri Yuki.Speak with a slightly unusual honorific, similar to Toru.
I fell in love with Yuki more seriously than anyone else, but I sometimes felt frustrated even with my fan club friends.When it comes to Yuki, it's a straightforward type that tends to run out of control, but in fact, there is also one side where you can see yourself objectively.He is hostile to Toru, who is close to Yuki, and Saki, who protects Toru, but admits that Toru changed Yuki.On the day of the graduation ceremony, Yuki conveyed her true feelings and graduated.She has a girly hobby and decorates her room like that.In addition, my parents' house is far from a girly ticGreengrocer..Chairman Takei and Yuki are friends with dogs and monkeys.
Indigo hair color in the original.Brown hair color in the first anime.
Minami Kinoshita
Voice-None / Harumi Asai / Shizuka Ishigami
Toru's classmates.Formerly the second year representative of Puri Yuki, he is the vice chairman of anime.Toru, who has a strong desire for exclusivity and is on good terms with Yuki, is dismissed by Arisa and Saki.A victim of Saki's "poisonous radio waves," he had been struck by hallucinations and fell asleep for a week.At the school festival in the second year, he played the role of stepmother in "It's Cinderella-like".
Mio Yamagishi
Voice-None / Yuki Kajita / An Haruno
One year younger than Toru (in the anime, the same grade as Toru), he was once the first year representative of Puri Yuki.The same class as autumn leaves and Machi.He seems to have a straightforward personality that follows everyone, and is actually selfish.Hoping to become chairman of Puri Yuki, Yuki has graduated by the time she is three years old.
Rika Aida (Rika Aida)
Voice-None / Miwa Matsumoto / Chika Azumi
Element's friend and classmate.He specializes in picking and professes that "there is no school key that I cannot open."
Mai Goto / Mai Iwata
Voice-None / Kaoru Suzuki / Miho Okazaki
The name does not appear in the original.The name is Goto in the first animation and Iwata in the second.
In the first animation, he infiltrated Hanashima's house with Element and Minami.I was wearing a frog's headgear.

Other people

Kyoko Honda
Voice-None / Reiko Yasuhara / Sawashiro Miyuki[18]
Toru's mother.deceased.Maiden name Katsunuma.Toru, Yuki, and his mother who had a great influence on the boyhood of the characters.Her presence gives this work a depth of time, and she is a key person in the work.Long time ago"Red butterflyIt was a legendary Yankee called.
Kyoko grew up in a cold family and grew up to be a girl who refused to accept others and refused to talk to her, but at the bottom of her heart she sought love.The first person to notice this was Katsuya Honda, who had come to her junior high school as an educational trainee.After that, he decides to quit the defect, but he is beaten by a bad friend who did not like it, and he cannot take the exam and is disowned by his parents.He was hated by Katsuya's relatives because of former Yang, but after many twists and turns, he married Katsuya and gave birth to Toru, but Katsuya became a person who could not return due to a cold while on a business trip.She was trapped in sorrow and tried to kill herself, but her feelings for her daughter, Toru, kept her.When Toru was in his first year of high school, he died in a car accident on his way to work.There was a 夾 on the spot, and he still regrets that he could not prevent the accident.Immediately before he died, he found a boy in his sight in a cloudy consciousness, realized that he was a boy he had met frequently in the past, and asked him to keep his promise at the time. ) I won't forgive you. "However, he dragged the word, believing that it was a cornering for what he had killed.
Katsuya Honda
Voice- Yoshimasa Hosoya
Toru's father.deceased.I met Kyoko when I was assigned to the junior high school where Kyoko was attending as an educational trainee.However, he does not become a teacher and gets a job related to medicine.It seems that the mother who died of illness at an early age was in the corner of her heart.
It has a quirky cynical personality, but it seems that it was more twisted in the past.Toru's tone is inherited from Katsuya, but Toru himself doesn't have much memory of his father, and this tone was also learned based on his mother's words.At that time, I had no relationship with my father, and I remembered that I would eventually form a "self" that would satisfy my strict father and his surroundings, and I thought that I was as "lonely" as Kyoko.When Toru was still young, he had a cold on a business trip and died at a young age.I loved Toru, my child and daughter, from the bottom of my heart.Appeared in the second work in the anime.
Toru's grandfather
Voice-None / Hiroshi Masuoka / Uoken
Katsuya's father.The name is unknown.In the old days, he was a respected teacher.Katsuya, who supports Kyoko and is Toru's only understanding person, is also an important person for the Honda family.For a while, he lived with Toru, who had lost his relatives, but since he was invited to live with his daughter's family, he has lived with them.In the anime, Toru is said to be "similar to a grandfather", and he has a series of natural blurs that look exactly like Toru.StupidTohru is deliberately called "Kyoko-san" by pretending to be starting, because he wanted to keep in mind that "Kyoko was there".There was a croak with Katsuya, but it seems that he has been able to understand it since he met Kyoko.
Toru's aunt family
Voice- Mie Sonoezaki(aunt),Ryoko Maekawa(Cousin),Eki Akino(Cousin)
Katsuya's younger sister Toru's aunt, Toru's eldest daughter, and the eldest son who aspires to be a police officer.He hates Kyoko, a former Yankee who has an idea of ​​emphasizing the physical aspect, and sees her daughter, Toru, only as a troublesome person. (Most of this isn't limited to my aunt's family, and other relatives hate Toru with her children today).Therefore, it seemed that he didn't like Toru being loved by his grandfather.
Megumi Hanajima
Voice-None / Omi Minami / Yukiyo Fujii
Saki Hanajima's younger brother.It is three years younger than Toru and others.You can't use radio waves like Saki, but it seems that any curse can be easily applied if you know the name of the opponent, and the special skill is "to return the curse again" (Originally, it seems to be a special skill that I learned to defeat the opponent who bullied Saki. ).A good understanding of Saki.He was better at the world than his sister (personal talk), so he never got bullied at school.
I don't think Saki and I look alike at all, but others don't think so at all, and they look just like a living copy.Like my sister, I like black clothes.I used to just go out with my sister and wear it, but now she likes her and she seems to be uncomfortable unless she is black like her sister.Although he is still a junior high school student, he is mentally observant and is good at the world.He also makes old-fashioned remarks, so he says, "It's not like a junior high school student."When Toru, Arisa, and Saki get together outside of school, he is often called a bodyguard.My favorite food is dumplings.
In addition, the episode (Episode 18) in which Puri Yuki investigates the Hanashima family and tastes the horror experience in the first animation is the horror movie "Blair Witch Project』It is a parody.
In "another", he is a teacher at Kaihara High School and appears as a homeroom teacher for the main character, Ayaba.The low-tension tone and black-based clothing are still the same.
Saki's parents
Voice- Hiroshi Nojima(father),Kazumi Yumi(mother)
Saki and Megumi siblings' father and mother.He continued to protect Saki, who suffers because of his extraordinary power, with deep affection.Although this work often depicts parents rejecting their children, they are depicted as showing the parents' free love.Both parents are mild-mannered and do not have special powers like Saki and Megumi.The relationship between the couple and the bride-in-law is also very good.Saki made a close friend, she was able to control her power, and she wasn't persecuted by the people around her. Parents.
Saki's grandmother
Voice- Misa Watanabe
Saki and Megumi's paternal grandmother.It was she who proposed the idea of ​​Saki's black manicure with a blunt personality.I was frustrated that my granddaughter, Saki, was suffering from her own strength.
Arisa's father
Voice- Masashi Nogawa
After my wife (Arisa's mother) had an affair and left home, she had been drinking every day.However, after the rehabilitation, he changed himself, and now he is also appearing in tripartite interviews with his daughter.There is also a little playfulness.
Kunimitsu Tomoda
Voice-None / Shunsuke Hasegawa[5] / Atsushi Tamaru
A young man who is a disciple of Makoto Yabu and also plays the role of a secretary.They have a close relationship as two comprehensions, such as mediating between Makoto and Makoto.It seems that he met Kazuma when he was a child and had longed for and respected him since that time.He is acquainted with some of the twelve zodiac signs, and treats them with the same attitude as those around him, even if he is a bell.In many cases, he is in the position of a big brother around him.Along with the 夾, he also plays the role of Tsukkomi, a natural'boke's, and knows the inside story between the 夾 and his father, but since he is not a human being in Kusama, he does not know the secrets such as the curse of the zodiac.
Voice-None / Akemi Okamura / Chinatsu Akasaki
Nickname is "Micchan".Toru is called Micchan-san.Editor in charge of Shigure.A petite, young woman, Shigure panics as soon as she leaves her job and escapes, trying to commit suicide.His personality and personality are quite similar, and he hit it off for the first time.Since then, he has a good relationship with him as a lover.
Mine Kuramae
Voice-None / Takahashi Miki / Yuka Iguchi[19]
An employee working at Ayame's store.A pretty woman with glasses (possibly Date).Always bright and keep smiling.I always look like a maid, but in anime I look like something else (Nurse clothesAnd uniforms) also say that they are dressed according to their mood.Looking at a cute woman, she has a habit of wanting to change her clothes, and Toru and Toru's classmates were targeted, and as a result Toru suffered her damage.He is on good terms with Sho and is adored as a "deputy commander."He is the only person who can keep up with Ayame's Nori, and he is a good understanding of him, and at the same time he is a lover and lives together.The store manager, Ayame, was called "Tencho", but after the curse of Ayame was lifted, she was called "Aya-kun".
Nakao Komaki
Sho's girlfriend.A girl with a gentle personality and a relaxed atmosphere.I go to a high school different from Sho.
He lost his father in an accident, which was a traffic accident in which Kyoko died, and he and Sho are visiting Kyoko's funeral.My favorite food is meat, and Sho has been given the nickname "Meat ☆ Angel".He has a fairly straightforward personality, and swallowed the lie he heard from Sho, "Yuki is dressed as a man because of family circumstances."Because parents tend to be away, they often go in and out of Sho's house (Sho's house is often away from parents), and they are in a state of semi-cohabitation.My parents' house is a dry cleaner.
Sho's mother
Machi's father's mistress.He has been educating Sho in Sparta so as not to lose to Machi's mother, but after learning his true intentions, he is rehabilitated.When I couldn't meet Yuki, I was blaming Sho with a messy remark.
Machi's mother
Voice- Ryoka Yuki
She has educated Machi in Sparta more than her husband's mistress, Sho's mother.A person with a high pride, he has always forced Machi to be "perfect", but his humility has continued to despise Machi in front of others, which has continued to stress young Machi.Later, a son (Machi's younger brother) was born, and it was decided that he would be the successor, so this time he stopped expecting anything from Machi.Later, when Machi tried to put a futon on her sleeping younger brother, she unilaterally misunderstood that she tried to kill her younger brother with jealousy and expelled her from the house.On the other hand, there is also a section that was aware that his own way of raising was wrong.
The relationship with Machi after that is unknown, but it is described in the main story that meat is sent to Machi who lives alone.According to the author, there was some uproar when Yuki visited her parents' house to marry Machi.
However, unlike Sho's mother, she wasn't converted in essence, so even in "another," she has a bad relationship with Machi.Machi's son, Mutsuo, is amazed that "Unfortunately, that may be until he dies."
Board length
Voice- Masafumi Yabe(1nd animation)
The first original character of the anime.Pretty monkey face.I am in charge of cooking at an inn run by Kusama.Although his arm is certain, he has a habit of apologizing while screaming and distraught by trivial matters.Toshizu's mother is in a relationship with her cousin and sister (or cousin and brother), and Yuki thought that the habit of screaming and apologizing was hereditary.
Voice- Etsuko Kozakura
The main character (?) Of the anime work "Mogeta" that appears frequently in the film.In addition, the existence of books and theatrical versions is also confirmed.A mysterious creature that is always with ants.It seems to be popular mainly among elementary and junior high school students, and fans of Misa and Toji.In the movie version, it was brainwashed by the enemy.Gender is a girl.
Aritamis Donpanina Taios
Voice- Haruka Tomatsu
Character of "Mogeta".Because of its long name, it is abbreviated as "ant".He is more likely to be the main character.A boy who is always fighting against an unpopular enemy who hits the stress of his family.He is adventuring with Mogeta and is a good partner for him (her).It seems to be a guardian.Besides, a girl who seems to be a heroine (voice- Koga Aoi) Is also confirmed to exist, but the name is unknown.

Fruit basket another

Ayaba Mitoma
The main character of "another".Kaihara high school first grader.An ordinary girl who is everywhere.I had an arm injury in an accident I had in the past, and I still sometimes get numb.
When I was a child, my friends who I had been friends with until the day before were suddenly rejected without being told the reason, and it was a strong trauma to be excluded.From his experience and his relationship with his mother, he thinks he is a person who makes others uncomfortable without knowing himself, and he hates himself who causes trouble to others no matter what he does.Because of that, I always had a habit of looking down.He first met Mutsuo and was suddenly pulled out by a student organization member.For some reason, some people in the Kusama family knew their names even though they met for the first time.
Although it is a single-mother family, the mother has been away from home for many days, and when she comes back from time to time and meets Ayaba, she gradually becomes hysterical by repeating gracious remarks instead of greetings.Therefore, the parent-child relationship is bad, and they are actually treated as if they were being abused.
He is regaining his positive attitude after meeting the people of Kusama, his work at the Student Organization, and Amane who became friends.I am aware of Shiki, who should have met for the first time, as a special existence.
I didn't remember Ayaba, but in fact, when I was a child, when my mother left me outside in the middle of winter, I fell down the stairs and happened to see Ayaba and was helped by Shiki. The accident that injured was due to this event.After that, his mother threatened the Kusama family and demanded compensation, which shook the entire Kusama clan, which is why some Kusama people knew the name of Ayaba.
Yuki Sohma
A male student in the second year of Kaihara High School, he is characterized by gray hair and long eyelashes.A beautiful boy who serves as the vice president of the Student Organization.It is popular as a prince at school.Somehow help Ayaba and act like a gentleman to her.Ayaba is appointed as a member of the Student Organization.It seems that he knew about Ayaba even before he met him.
Yuki and Machi's only son.I was informed about the curse of the clan when I was in junior high school.He used to live in the house where Shigure and Yuki lived, and he lives with the cloth and the beginning, and he has revived the kitchen garden that his father used, but he seems to be not good at cooking.Also, he is not good at organizing, and when the student organization room is cluttered like a rotten sea, it is usually his fault.
Aya who is more worried about Shiki who tries to live by choosing loneliness every day in an old house called Kusama, and the student notebook that his first younger brother picked up accidentally rescued Shiki and still cares about it. Since it belonged to leaves, I planned to use Ayaba to take Shiki to the outside world.
Hajime Kusama (Hajime Soma)
Kaihara high school third grader.Student Organization Inside School President.The characteristic orange hair is inherited from his father.The face is more like a father.He has a blunt personality and a bad mouth, but his roots are gentle, and he is also kindly watching over Ayaba.He seems to love his family and is often made fun of by Mutsumi.Ayaba, who met for the first time, stepped on her face with her foot (accident).I feel sick on a rainy day.I know about the curse of the zodiac that was passed down to the Kusama family. According to the newly drawn volume 3, it seems that he was informed before taking the high school exam, and he is frustrated to know that it was after Mutsui.
Son of Toru and Toru.Currently, my parents and siblings live in rural areas and only go to Tokyo for school at the beginning.He hates his paternal grandfather, probably because he didn't get along well with him, and says, "Only Grandpa Yabu can be called Grandpa."I returned the student notebook that Ayaba dropped when he bumped into a person on the street, but he was his younger brother who was in Tokyo for business, and he got the notebook that was in the baggage he had when he bumped. Due to the fact that it was kept.
Ayaba, who is worried that hating her mother is not good, says that her paternal grandfather is "not a family" and "I hate what I hate no matter what anyone says", and the parents who gave birth and raised them. Even so, I couldn't do anything to my child, and he told me that it was just a curse to be grateful and laugh even if I was trampled, and saved Ayaba's heart.
At first, Ayaba was wary of being safe to be involved as "a daughter of a woman who threatened a young Shiki."However, about the fact that there are people who can never understand each other even if they are relatives, and even though they have experienced that it is not always necessary to reconcile with such people, they thought that way. I confessed to Ayaba and apologized.
Yuki Sohma
Ayaba took care of the place where she was sick on the street on an early summer holiday, and sent it to Mutsuo's house.He has a calm personality that is polite and does not break his honorifics, but he also has a somewhat mysterious side.He is a first-year junior high school student who belongs to the Go club, and although his grade is different from that of Chizuru and Rio, he has friends with other members.It seems that the above encounter with Ayaba is not the first meeting, and there is a section that is worried and worried about her.In addition, he has a faint love for Ayaba.
The only son of Akito Sohma, the head of the Kusama family, and Shigure Sohma.Her mother has black hair and white skin, which is characterized by her beautiful neutral appearance and slightly stretched sideburns.
Since my mother is the head of the family, I was swayed by the old tradition of Kusama from an early age, and I continued to receive strong malice from my grandmother, Kaede, and because I kept watching my mother being oppressed, I tried to avoid getting involved with others as much as possible He began to choose to be lonely.
There is a past that helped Ayaba in her childhood when she fell down the stairs.After that, Ayaba's mother made a complaint and even claimed compensation for pushing Ayaba down the stairs, but she kept silent as to whether Ayaba who was crying while waiting for her mother would have a hard time again. I kept thinking about Ayaba until I met Ayaba again.
Riku Kusama
Ayaba's classmate in the first year of Kaihara High School.Hajime's twin brother.Words that intimidate the inaccessible atmosphere are easily misunderstood, but they have a clumsy kindness that cares for people.Son of Hatsuharu Sohma and Isuzu Sohma.Although it is gray hair, it is characterized by black hair in the sideburns.The appearance is similar to that of a father, but the personality is that of a mother.
He seems to be interested in Amane, a classmate who later becomes Ayaba's friend, and is very kind to Amane.Ayaba and Ayaba seemed to think that she had lunch with Ruriko (half-forced) even though she wanted to eat lunch with Ayaba before Amane became friends. It was the opportunity to meet.
Yuki Sohma
Kaihara High School 1st year.Land twin sister.Due to its dizygotic nature, it does not look or have a similar personality to him.The long black hair has a twin tail.Contrary to land, he has a cheerful and energetic personality, and calls a close person by his nickname.Daughter of Hatsuharu Sohma and Isuzu Sohma.The appearance is similar to that of a mother, but her friendly and natural personality is that of her father.
Soma Kinu
A woman who lives in the same house as Mutsuo.1 years old in the first year of college.The basic name is "Kinune", but from Hajime, it is called "Kii-kun".A self-paced personality that is elusive.Hatori Sohma and Mayuko Shiraki's daughter.The appearance is similar to that of a mother, but her personality and behavior are somewhat influenced by her father.
Yuki Sohma
Ayame Sohma and Mine Kuramae's daughter and Chizuru's older sister.He and his younger brother were in charge of preparing to open the second store of their parents' clothing store and general store, but suddenly they went to Paris, inspired by their parents' trip.The appearance is similar to that of a mother, and the free personality of wielding a younger brother is basically similar to that of a father, but the habit of wanting to change clothes when seeing a cute girl is inherited from that of a mother.
Shiki and his younger brother's friend Rio are usually called, but his younger brother is called "Chiru-kun."In addition, it is sometimes called "Pika" by the people involved in Hajime and the Kaihara High School Student Organization.
Chizuru Kusama
Ayame Sohma and Mine Kuramae's son and younger brother of Hibiki.He has a bad mouth, but the contents are common sense.Compared to eccentric parents, it is a complex that is said to be not very similar, but I can say that I am okay with myself.He is in the second year of junior high school, and although he is in a different grade from Shiki, he has the same club activities and is on good terms.
It is called "Chizuu" by the people involved in Hajime and the Kaihara High School Student Organization.
Mina Kusama / Mina
A girl I met on the day I went to our house to return the clothes Ayaba borrowed.Nickname is My.He is one head shorter than Ayaba.A daughter of autumn leaves, she was entrusted to the cloth because she was on a business trip abroad.I was on a baseball team and I was planning to play a game, but I got feverish and fell asleep for a few days, so I couldn't.Invite Hajime and Ayaba to the batting cage for relief.
Only her lines have their names written in katakana.Also, when he met Ayaba, he used to call himself "Japanese name", so his mother seems to be a foreigner.
Ruriko Kageyama
Mutsumi's classmate in the second year of Kaihara High School.Representative of the Kusama fan club who loves and praises the entire Kusama family equally.A girl student who always speaks in honorifics.His mother was also from Kaihara High School, and was fascinated by a certain member of the Kusama clan who was enrolled at that time.There is a depiction that suggests that the mother is Motoko Minagawa (that is, the person who was intoxicated is Yuki).It seems that he is not on good terms with Professor Takei.
Mio Hasegawa
A female student in the second year of Kaihara High School.Student Organization Inside School.
Chiaki Hasada
A male student in the second year of Kaihara High School.Student Organization Secretary.I fell asleep with a cold early in the new semester.
Manabe Michi
A woman that Mutsu loves like her sister.Kaihara High School 3rd year.Kakeru Manabe and Komaki Nakao have a younger brother, Ko, who is a junior high school student.He is on good terms with Hajime and Hajime, and has a sukiyaki party with Hajime.
Rio Mosca
A junior high school student attended by Shiki and Chizuru.With a cheerful personality, he says, "If you are a friend of Shiki and Chizuru, you are a friend of mine."In the third grade, they are members of the same Go club and friends, although they are in different grades.In fact, Megumi Hanajima's nephew (mother is Saki Hanajima).According to Megumi, "a boy who can't fly radio waves" (that is, he doesn't have the ability like Saki).The father looks like a foreigner.
Apartment keeper
A woman who manages the apartment where Ayaba lives.Ayaba's mother is suffering from rent delinquency, but every morning she complains about it and makes her late.On the other hand, she is completely unaware of Ayaba's mother's true nature, and believes that she is a hard worker who has a hard time raising her daughter with just one woman.
Ayaba's mother
The name is unknown.At first glance, it has a calm and smiling atmosphere, but it is not mild-mannered, and has an extremely insidious and self-centered personality.Although she is a single mother, she has many lovers, leaves Ayaba alone at home and does not return for days, and often forgets to pay rent, so she has no awareness or sense of responsibility as a mother.Because of her good appearance, the people around her are unaware of her true nature, and her daughter, Ayaba, is inconvenienced.
I feel that it is worthwhile to control my daughter's personality, way of life, and friendship (as much as I try to collect my smartphone and check the records of transmission and reception), and I have repeatedly harassed my daughter since I was a child.When I opened my mouth, only sarcasm or curse flew away, and when I said back, I shouted hysterically and started rampaging and I couldn't handle it, so Ayaba became silent.
In fact, he harassed not only Ayaba but also his childhood friends and their parents, and was the cause of Ayaba's isolation.
When I went out with a young Ayaba on a whim, I left Ayaba outdoors in the middle of winter when my boyfriend contacted me, and then threatened the young Shiki who was accidentally present and rescued when Ayaba was injured. He goes out of control to claim a huge amount of compensation from the Kusama family for pushing his daughter down the stairs.The way it is done is close to extortion, and it has become a hot topic among humans in Kusama due to the sneaky means of threatening young children with merciless blame and the wonder that there are ordinary people in the Kusama clan who do such things. , The name became known with her daughter Ayaba (I don't know what kind of settlement was made regarding the compensation, but she said, "It doesn't matter anymore because I ended it in a relaxed manner," and Mutsuo said, "Beautiful. (So ​​Ayaba doesn't have to worry about it) ".
In Yuharu, he said, "That creature is pretty dangerous" and "Yabasa who digs into the top of the ranking of bad guys." On the contrary, it is treated as "a human being who only tramples on his heart and uses it."

About the curse of the zodiac

The 22nd volume of the book reveals a mystery about the curse of the zodiac, but a human being from the Kusama familyMononokeThe reason for the possession remains unknown.

The cause of the curse breaking is not clearly stated, but it is thought that "the power of the curse has weakened" from the guesses by the characters and the depiction in the work.Phenomena such as "The curse of Benino suddenly melted one day" and "The ghost of a dragon (dragon) that should have transformed into a dragon transforms into a seahorse" that is revealed in the work are also that. It can be said that it is the content that supports.In response to the situation that "the zodiac signs, which were originally extremely old or lacking for many years, are all together without much difference in age," Shigure said. It was the last banquet, so we all got together. "

Since the timeline of "another" is the generation of Toru and Yuki's children, the curse itself has been lifted.However, the hair color of the children of the Zodiac is the same as that of their parents (Mutsui is the same gray as Yuki, although the color is light, the first is the same orange as the 夾, the land is the same two-tone color as Yuharu, etc.), or it rains at the beginning. You can see the inheritance of the constitution, which is the effect of the curse, such as getting sick on the day.


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  2. ^ A fan club established at Kaihara High School with the purpose of worshiping and worshiping Yuki's happiness first.The chairman at the time of establishment was Motoko Minagawa.
  3. ^ In light of the fact that the current generation is the first to have all the zodiac signs with God, he concludes, "Because it is the last banquet, all of them are all together."He also holds information that the curse of the rooster possession has been released, and has tolerated that the curse of the zodiac will eventually be released.
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