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🎥 | "Fast movie" arrested for the first time in Japan Miyagi Prefectural Police


"Fast movie" nationwide first arrest Miyagi Prefectural Police

If you write the contents roughly
This is the first arrest in Japan for a "fast movie."

Assuming that you posted an illegal video called "Fast Movie" that edited a movie in about 10 minutes without permission on the Internet ... → Continue reading

 KHB East Japan Broadcasting

This is a news account of "Higashinippon Broadcasting" (TV Asahi series) in Miyagi prefecture.
Under the theme of "Getting to know Miyagi's" I want to know "as soon as possible!", We will deliver the events of Miyagi and the interests of the citizens of the prefecture in an easy-to-understand manner.
KHB Higashinippon Broadcasting is looking for incidents, accidents, happening videos, etc. as "everyone is a photographer".

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Fast movie

Fast movie(Fast Eiga) orFirst movie(First Eiga)lawupperrightWithout permission of the right holder by a person who ignores and does not have various rightsmoviesUsing the video and still images of字幕,NarrationTo reveal the story withMovieRefers to.JapanglishExpression, "fast" or "first"EnglishDerived from "fast".Fast cinema[1],First cinema,Synopsis video[2]Also called.


Normal,Movie distributorIs the movie that the company handlesTrailerEtc.YouTubeGeneral such asvideo siteUpload toPropagandaIt is widely used for such purposes.On the other hand, these video sharing services allow individuals other than movie distributors to freely upload videos, some of which use movie images and still images.Video PostSome people do.

Among them, I frequently upload short videos that explain the story of the whole movie without watching the movie itself, using movie images and still images without the permission of the right holder, and adding subtitles and narration. There are people and those videos are called fast movies[1] [3].. It is summarized in about 1 minutes per movie[1]..The outline and ending of the moviespoilerThere are also things to explain including[3]..Ignoring copyrights and other rights, all the main part of the movie is distributed to video sites on the InternetPirated versionUnlike fast movies, only part of the movie or still images are used.

New coronavirusDue to the influence of "Nesting Demand", the posting of fast movies will be noticeable from around the spring of 2020.[4]Especially among young people, there is an increasing demand to enjoy entertainment such as movies efficiently in as little time as possible, and fast movies generally do not have time to watch all the movies that are about 2 hours long. It is believed to be favored by people and those who want to understand the content of many movies with an emphasis on efficiency.[5][6].


Content Overseas Distribution AssociationAccording to a 2021 survey by, at least 55 accounts posted more than 2100 videos.[1].. Some of them have been viewed millions of times, and the Content Overseas Distribution Association estimates that the total damage caused by not being able to watch the original movie is 1 billion yen.[1]..Content Overseas Distribution AssociationKenro GotoThe representative director expressed a sense of crisis, saying, "People who watched the fast movie may not see the main story, and the damage is enormous."[1].

In fast movies, do not mention the movie title in the title or description column to make it difficult to find, or incorporate many still images(English edition)It has also been confirmed that it is trying to bypass the detection by[2].

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayJapan Broadcasting Corporation(NHK) "NHK News 7As a result of being reported in, many channels dealing with fast movies showed a move to withdraw, such as deleting videos.[2][3].. On July 6th of the same year,Miyagi Prefectural PoliceHeadquartersHokkaidoSapporo,TokyoShibuya WardThree men and women living in Japan were arrested on suspicion of violating copyright law, and it was the first case in Japan where they were arrested for a fast movie.[7][8]..The police are from the video siteAdvertising incomeIs believed to have been the purpose[4], Actually said that he had earned more than 2019 million yen in the two years from 2[8].


It is strongly pointed out that fast movies are illegal under Japanese law.Regarding the illegal uploading of copyrighted worksDuplication rightsとPublic transmission rightInfringement, the act of editing a movie without permissionRight to adapt,Identity retention rightInfringement, infringement of the right to adapt, etc. are mentioned in terms of extracting most of the contents of the movie as characters in detail.[2].

The images and images used in fast movies引用It is pointed out that it is beyond the category of[6]..In many so-called fast movies, the master-slave relationship between the quoted part and the other part is not clear, and it is hard to say that it is within the scope of the purpose of news and criticism.[9].Ministry of educationAlso commented that "it is illegal to upload movie images and images without permission" and "simply shortening the introduction is not recognized as a quotation".[9].

Intellectual PropertyHiroyuki Nakajima, a lawyer who is familiar with Tokyo Flex Law Office, said, "Speaking of maliciousnessCartoon villageIt ’s the same as[2].

On the other hand,Agency for Cultural AffairsJudges that the copyright holder's consent is not required when introducing a very short content, or when using a movie image or still image in part to introduce impressions or comments.[1].


A video like "Watch a movie in XX minutes"ChineseVery popular in the sphere,Chugoku-Taiwan OfVideo sharing siteIs one of the most viewed categories.Many producersユ ー モ アIt is also observed that the viewers were more motivated to watch the real movie after watching the video because the story, highlights and impressions of the movie were summarized in 10 minutes.[10]..On the other hand, most videos include the actual movie video / audio (Pirated version(Sometimes it was cut out from), so there are many indications from copyright owners that it is copyright infringement.In response to this, in 2021 in China(Chinese version)Promised to strengthen the crackdown[11], Some viewers complained about this decision[12][13]..Also, one of Taiwan's popularityYouTuberWas in 2018(Chinese version)Was charged with copyright infringement, but later with YouTuber and the four movie companies that own the copyright.settlementThe prosecution withdrew the complaint because[14][15][16].


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