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🧑‍🎨 | Smartphone case mischievous by your cat The “finish” is talked about as “a very good design”


A smartphone case mischievous by a cat The "finish" is talked about as "a very good design"

If you write the contents roughly
Speaking of cat mischief, double-art, Mabe's beloved cat also received a great response.

June 6th (Thursday), Kinmedai and Ueda Dau updated Twitter.I reported "mischief" by my cat ... → Continue reading

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Double art

Double artIt is,Yoshimoto Creative AgencyJapan belonging to Osaka Headquarters (Osaka Yoshimoto)Comedy combination.20074Formed.Osaka NSC 30th generation.Yoshimoto Manzai TheaterActive mainly in.


Tag(Tagu, (1985-01-22) 1985May 1(36 years old)-, real name and old stage nameMakoto Taguchi(Makoto Taguchi))

In charge of bokeh, the standing position is on the left.
HyogoKobe CityI'm from
blood type:Type B.
Height: 173 cm, weight: 62 kg.
RegentHairstyle was characteristic, but nowShort hair.
2016Than,stage nameTheReal nameTo "tag"Rename[1].
MikiA character called foxeye was born in Miki, the crowning program of BUZZ.

True(Shinbe, (1984-01-18) 1984May 1(37 years old)-, real name and old stage nameShinichi Ikeda(Shin Ikeda))

In charge of Tsukkomi, the standing position is on the right.
HyogoKobe CityI'm from
blood type:A type.
Height: 177.5 cm, weight: 123 kg (during weight loss).
My hobby is futsal.
Kyosuke Himuro OfImpersonationI have been doing this since I was a junior high school student.
From 2016, the stage name was changed from the real name to "Shinbe"[2].
From 2017 monthOsakaI run an izakaya "Kotchi Kotchi" inside.


  • The name of the duo is derived from the hardcore band "WART", which was based in Tonotsudani, Suma-ku, Kobe, where the two of them once belonged.Tag was in charge of vocals under the name "TAG", and Mabe was in charge of bass under the name "SHIN-CHANG".By the way, Mabe started to gain weight from the band days.
  • "WART" was disbanded in 2008, and the two formed a combination. I took the NSC together, but only the tag failed.And only Mabe was attending NSC, but when I checked with my teacher, I actually passed the exam and did not receive a pass notification due to a postal accident, so I decided to enroll Tag on the way.[3].
  • Both of them are in the 2th grade of NSC Osaka school.Reiwa Kita Minami(Old: Husband Prima),Iron head,Amami God Inter,Bambino,Two tribeEtc. are synchronized.For 3 groups of Iron Head, Bambino, and Two TribeMikiA laughing unit called "Platinum 5" has been formed and is active in 5 groups including[4].


tv set


  • Double art Saturday Music Show (laughs) (laughs)FM OH!, June 2019) Every Saturday


JAPAN-Crazy-SPECIAL "Namenna Ondo"


Haven't you seen the can ball?
Makoto confirms that the greetings to the seniors of the tag are well done.The bow of the tag is too deep, and the face comes in front of the true can ball.At that time, Mabe asks, "Don't you see the can ball?", But Tag honestly answers, "I'm watching."
Don't grind your eyes!
Tag becomes a teacher and preaches the role of a high school student who smokes.At first, the tag is gentle and careful, but when he doesn't listen to what he says, he presses his eyes with a cigarette.At that time, the face of Mabe who shouts "Cha! Don't grind your eyes!"

Award race results

  • M-1 Grand Prix 2010 quarter-final advance (49th place in qualifying)
  • M-1 Grand Prix 2015 3rd round advance
  • M-1 Grand Prix 2016 3rd round advance
  • 1 timesKamimansai Association Grand Prize Total Coordination Award
  • 6 times MBS Radio Performing Arts Young Snake Cup second place
  • M-1 Grand Prix 2017 3rd round advance
  • Song story king deciding match 2018 semi-final advance (only tag as Taguchi ensemble)
  • M-1 Grand Prix 2018 2rd round advance
  • M-1 Grand Prix 2019 3rd round advance[5]
  • M-1 Grand Prix 2020 2rd round advance

Live alone

  • "Anti-bone tips" (August 2010) * First solo live
  • "30 minutes of double art" (December 2013, 12, February 21, 2014 / 2up Yoshimoto)
  • "Anti-bone tips-punishment 3600 seconds-" (March 2014, 3 / 25up Yoshimoto)
  • 30-minute solo live "Gather good friends! Everyone loves it!" (June 2014, 6 / 13up Yoshimoto)
  • "30 minutes of double art" (July 2014, 7 / 25up Yoshimoto)
  • "30 minutes of double art" (July 2014, 11 / 10up Yoshimoto)
  • "Anti-bone tips Vol.3 ~ Everyone here ~! Double art 3600 seconds is not normal! ~" (April 2015, 4 / Dotonbori ZAZA POCKET'S)
  • "Double art is a duo" (July 2017, 7 / Yoshimoto Manzai Theater)
  • "Theatrical version naked head-naked-comte event with double art tag-" (April 2018, 4 / Yoshimoto Manzai Theater)
  • "Double art is double art for both of us" (July 2, 2018 / Yoshimoto Manzai Theater)
  • "Amazing Double Art" (January 2019, 1 / Yoshimoto Manzai Theater)
  • "Double Art Smile Fuyashi" (March 2019, 3 / Yoshimoto Manzai Theater)
  • "To be clear, double art" (May 2019, 5 / Yoshimoto Manzai Theater)
  • "Double art devils and angels will laugh!" (July 2019, 7 / Yoshimoto Manzai Theater)


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