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🎥 | "Movie Theater Success Zhuang" will be released on 12.31 Yoshihiko Aramaki, Mario Kuroba and other 3 cast members from all three terms

Photo movie "Movie Theater Success Zhuang" (from top left) Masanari Wada, Kensuke Takahashi, Akira Takano, Shun Takagi, (from left middle) Mario Kuroba, spi, Toshiki Tateishi, Shotaro Arisawa, Yoshihiko Aramaki, (From the bottom left) Fuma Sadamoto, Yuki Tamaki, Takeshi Terayama, Eito Konishi, Mitsuru Karahashi * In order of room number in the play (C) "Movie Theater Success Zhuang" Production Committee 2021

"Movie Theater Success Zhuang" to be released on 12.31 Yoshihiko Aramaki, Mario Kuroba and other 3 cast members from all three terms

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Yoshihiko Aramaki, who played the role of Sir, said, "At the same time, I was excited and scared.

The movie version of the new sensation drama "TV Drama Success Zhuang" by actors who are active on the 2.5-dimensional stage, "Movie Drama Saku ..." → Continue reading

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Yoshihiko Aramaki

Yoshihiko Aramaki(Aramaki Yoshihiko,1990May 2 -) isJapan OfAn actor.TokyoI'm from.Height 176 cm.Weight 60 kg.


Performance groupHIROZAs a third-year student, he made his major debut on October 7, 7 as HIROZ2011 +, which gathered seven elite people. Withdraw in April 10.

2012 musical "Prince of Tennis] 2nd Season Debuted in earnest as Higa Naka and Kai Yujiro.Since then, he has been active mainly on the stage.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month to X NUM X DayMaincast productionAfter working as a freelancer, he belonged to Toki Entertainment on October 10th of the same year.

2017, stage "First love monster』Playing the stage solo first starring[1]..First voice actor challenge in the game "Sengoku Night Blood"[2]..In May of the same year, the 5st photo book "LMN" was released.[3].

In October 2017, the first overseas event will be held.

On December 2018, 12, announced that he will leave Toki Entertainment on March 31, 2019 and will be active as a freelancer.[4].

In January 2019, "Touken Ranbu", his first 1-dimensional movie work, was released and appeared as Yamanbagiri Kunihiro as in the stage version.

On April 2021, 4, he announced on his official Twitter that he would be active in the form of belonging to the private office Pasture.[5].


He belonged to the basketball club in junior high school and the tennis club in high school.His special skills are sword dance, stick art, tennis, piano, and impersonation of historical figures.My hobby is watching anime.I also like games (FPS) and driving.I love sleeping as much as I can if I have a chance.The nicknames are Aramaki and Maki.



TV drama


  • DANCE! DANCE DANCE !! (2014) --Takumi Ikegami[67]
  • Youth Discovery Film-Always Youth Edition- "Pure Love Stalker-kun" (2015)
  • Article XNUMX(2016)[68][69][70]
  • MOONBOW --The role of Itsuki
  • Oedo no Kandy 2 (2017)-The role of Takeshi Tonatsu[71]
  • Unusual Occupation (2017) -Shinya
  • Shukatsu 3 (2018) Episode 2 "Heritage" Starring[72]
  • Movie Touken Ranbu -Inheritance-(2019) -Yamanbagiri Kunihiro[73][74]
  • AI Detective (2019) -Kimihiko Kagiyama[75]
  • Aristocratic Advent -PRINCE OF LEGEND- (2020) --Sukiya
  • Movie Theater Success Zhuang (2021) --Sir
  • MANKAI MOVIE "A3!" ~ AUTUMN & WINTER ~ (2022) --Tsumugi Tsukioka

original video

  • I'll take it(2015)
  • Hitch x Hock (June 2021, 6, smash.)-Masato Sato

WEB drama

  • Can your car detective become an angel in your car !? (December 2015, 12 --February 9, 2016, Youtube) --As Miyake
  • The Secret of the Small World Family (June 2020, 6-August 9, Twitter)-The role of Yoshihiko Small World
  • Love, laundry. (August 2020, 8-September 1, 9,Hulu) --Katsu Koita
  • Multi-drama Success Zhuang 3 Episode 6 (March 2021, 3)au smart pass premium) --Sir role
  • Improvisational drama Murder Mystery-Detectives make all the lies- (September 2021, 9)SKY PerfecTV! On Demand/BS SKY PerfecTV!) --The role of homes

TV program

  • 2.5D navigation! (Nippon Television Plus)
    • 2th (August 2017, 5)
    • 14th (August 2018, 5)
  • Stage "Touken Ranbu" close contact special (May 2017, June 5, 28, Nittele Plus)
  • MAG! C ☆ PRINCE's serious ☆ disciple SEASON2 3rd (October 2017, 10, TV TOKYO)
  • 2.5D Men's Push TV Season 2 1st (November 2017, 11,WOWOW Live)
  • Aramaki-kun and Takasaki-kun-Around the Seto Inland Sea, Drive Two Trips- (May 2018, 5, June 13, 6,TBS channel 2)
  • The stage "Touken Ranbu" tragedy The unfortunate return of the eyes of the ties Documentary (July 2018-7, 6, TV TOKYO)
  • Shota-sama and Butler Nishiyama's Otawamure-Break (August 2018, 8,Fuji TV TWO)
  • "Movie Touken Ranbu" Backside Special ~ Silver Screen Touken Ranbu ~ (December 2018, 12, Nittele Plus)
  • Nep League(Fuji Television Network, Inc)
    • Stage "Sazae-san" team (September 2019, 9)
    • Upstart Men's Team (March 2020, 3)
    • 2.5D Actor Team (November 2020, 11)
    • 2.5D Actor Team (November 2020, 12)
    • Neptune League (May 2021, 5)
  • Adhesion, Yoshihiko Aramaki ~ Master piece What creates "he" ~ (September 2019, 9, Nittele Plus)
  • Yoshihiko Aramaki presents ARAMAKINGDOM ~ Aramaki Prince's Help Senki (TBS Channel 2)
    • Chapters 1 and 2 (September 2019, 9, October 23, 10)
    • Chapters 3 and 4 (September 2020, 9, October 22, 10)
  • MUSIC FAIR(Fuji TV, August 2019, 9)
  • Hiroshi Itsuki's strange bar (October 2019, 10, November 12, 11,Kayo pop channel)
  • Now is the time for Osamu Hayashi!(December 2020, 1,TV Asahi)
  • Disney 365 Plus(December 2020, 8,Disney channel)
  • Ariyoshi seminar(November 2020, 8, NTV)
  • 2020 FNS Kayo Festival Summer(Fuji TV, August 2020, 8)
  • Odaiba !! Super Dimensional Music Festival
    • 2020 One heart even for non-audience !! (October 2020, 10, Fuji TV / October 7, Fuji TV TWO * Complete version)
    • Gen Z Star Grand Assembly SP (August 2021, 8, Fuji TV / August 15, Fuji TV TWO * Complete version)
  • Crash Park (December 2020, 12, NTV)
  • Stage "Touken Ranbu" x New Dimension Theater-Challenge to New Entertainment (January 2021, 1, TBS)
  • Ancient Egypt Exhibition Myth of Heaven and Earth Creation x Yoshihiko Aramaki (February 2021, 2, Nittele Plus)
  • Infiltrate!Real scope(Fuji TV, August 2021, 5)

WEB program

  • Yoshihiko Aramaki's "Aramaki Ranch" (October 2015, 10-March 30, 2019,Nico Nico Live Broadcast)
  • My AI Prince Season 1 Episodes 1 and 2 (May 2018th and 5th, 10,GYAO! )
  • Yoruyomi # 14 Yoshihiko Aramaki "Love without people"(Ranpo Edogawa) (January 2019, 1, dTV channel)
  • Yoshihiko Aramaki's "Yurumakiba" (May 2019, 5-, Nico Nico Live Broadcasting)
  • Chano Map (August 2019, 8-,YouTube)
  • Touken Ranbu Great Performance ~ Waiting Room ~ (August 2020, 8,DMM.com)
  • Hideyuki Nakayama's cafe! ?? (August 2020, 8-September 11, Nestle Amuse)
  • a-nation online 2020 Purple Stege (August 2020, 8, YouTube)
  • Bar Yoshiaki Arahiko (September 2020st-9th, 1,Nico Nico Douga)
  • Yoshihiko Aramaki ANOTHER WORLD (October 2020, 10-December 7, dTV channel)

WEB radio

  • Ikevan Live Radio Temptation Blood Party (July 2017, 7-March 26, 2019, Nico Nico Live Broadcast)
  • All Night Nippon i "With Yoshihiko AramakiRyo MatsudaTalking ”(August 2017, 8-April 7, 2019,Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.)[76]
  • Yoshihiko Aramaki's 1 Listen and 10 Know Radio (August 2018, 8-September 2, 9,Manga Park)
  • MANKAI STAGE "A3!" Radio (January 2019, 1-, Nippon Broadcasting System) * Irregular appearance
  • Touken Ranbu 2.5 Radio (April 2019, 4-, Nippon Broadcasting System) * Irregular appearance

Television Animation


  • Handsome Vampire ◆ Temptation of love with great men (2017) --Vincent van Gogh[79]
  • Sengoku Night Blood (2017) --Kagekatsu Uesugi
  • Granblue Fantasy(2019) --Fail role[80]
  • REALIVE! ~ Teito Kagura Dance Corps ~ (2020) --Sakitsuki Miyotani
  • Art Code Summoner (2020)-Harunobu Suzuki
  • ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos (2020)-The role of Aoba Iwaza[81]
  • FAKEMOTION King of DOBON (2021) --Sanosuke Oda
  • Wind Boys! (Undecided) --The role of Hidetsugu[82]

Drama CD

  • Sengoku Vamp (2017)-As Nobunaga Oda[83]
  • "Ikemen Vampire ◆ The Temptation of Love with Great People" Situation CD ~ Vincent van Gogh Edition ~ (2018) --The role of Vincent van Gogh
  • Son-in-law without morality-Courtship of a villainous yakuza who wants to rule me- (2020) --Kira


  • Shota Takasaki Exclusive Adhesion!Complete version-A trip around your hometown of Niigata! with Shou Tomita ~ (November 2018, 11, TBS Channel 23) --Narrator
  • Ancient Egypt Exhibition -Myth of Creation- (November 2020, 11-April 21, 2021)Edo Tokyo Museum Others) --Exhibition character "Anubis" Voice / motion actor, voice guide narrator


  • Ajinomoto "Hondashi" "Salt Modest Hondashi", "Daily Calcium Hondashi" (2013)
  • Ensemble Stars!Chiemi Blouson starring TV commercial Rintsuki / Arashi and co-star (2017) --Rintsuki Sakuma
  • Wagakki Band 2nd Single "Yukikage-Boushi" (2018) --Narration
  • Mitsubishi Electric Mitsubishi Refrigerator "Masked Reito Shun" (2018) --Shun Late / Masked Reito Shun[84]
  • Handsome Vampire ◆ Temptation of love with great men TVCM ~ Yoshihiko Aramaki ~ (2018) --Vincent van Gogh
  • Kao Flare Fragrance "I want to be that person" campaign "I want to be Aramaki-kun's muffler / Muffler's eyes Vlog" (2020)[85]

Events / concerts

  • 2nd Season of Prince of Musical Tennis --Yujiro Kai
  • Sponsored by Main Cast Corporation "Kawarada TakuyaAnd Yoshihiko Aramaki W Fan Club Tour ”(June 2013, 6, Ikaho Green Bokujo, Gunma Prefecture)
  • "2013 Closing !! Yoshihiko Aramaki Talk Show !!" sponsored by Main Cast Corporation (December 2013, 12, Amlux Hall)
  • "Yoshihiko Aramaki Birthday Event" sponsored by Main Cast Corporation (February 2014, 2, Hatsumei Kaikan Hall / February 15, Teijin Hall)
  • Movie "Dance! DanceDance !!" Completion Screening Event (April 2014, 4, Hatsumei Kaikan Hall / April 19, Teijin Hall)
  • Yoshihiko Aramaki Special Event "End of Summer Beginning of Autumn ~Kazumi DoiWith ~ ”(August 2014, 8, Rikkoukai Hall / August 23, Teijin Hall)
  • Yoshihiko Aramaki Birthday Event 2015 ~ Birthday Festival in Puroland ~ inSanrio Puroland(December 2015, 2,Sanrio Puroland)
  • stage"Mirage of Blaze Showa Edition"Talk event (July 2015, 7, Roppongi BeeHive)
  • Musical "Hakuouki" HAKU-MYU LIVE 2 (August 2016-8, 12, Kyoto Theater / August 13-8, Tokyo Zepp Divercity)-Soji Okita[87]
  • Yoshihiko Aramaki Event "Makiba-kai"
  • Stage "Touken Ranbu" series
    • Kyoden Burning Honnoji BluRay & DVD Release Commemorative Event (December 2016, 12,Kanagawa Prefectural Hall large hall)
    • Kyoden Burning Honnoji ~ Replay ~ Blu-ray & DVD Release Commemorative Event (May 2017, 5,Tamashin RISURU Hall/ May 5th,NHK Osaka Hall)
    • Yoshiden Akatsuki's Monocular Dragon Taiwan Screening Talk Show (October 2017, 10, Taipei: Seihin Performance Hall)
    • Yoshiden Akatsuki's Monocular Dragon Blu-ray & DVD Release Commemorative Event (November 2017, 11,Kyoto International Conference CenterNovember 11, Itabashi Ward Cultural Center Large Hall)
    • Joden Three Star Swordsman Blu-ray & DVD Release Commemorative Event (May 2018, 5, NHK Osaka Hall / May 7, 5,Toyosu PIT)
    • An event to commemorate the release of Blu-ray & DVD (February 2019, 2)Takatsuki Contemporary Theater large hall)
    • Jiden Hinode no Hayo Scattering Blu-ray & DVD Release Commemorative Event (December 2019, 12,Edogawa Ward Cultural Center large hall)
  • Yoshihiko Aramaki's FAN FAN FANTOUR 2017 IN SUMMER
    • First half (July 2017-7, 29, towards Gunma)
    • Second half (August 2017-8, 5, towards Tochigi)
  • Yoshihiko Aramaki In Taiwan (November 2017, 11, Taipei City Youth Development Office)
  • Anste Festival (September 2018-9, 22, Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium / September 24-9, Kobe World Memorial Hall)-Rintsuki Sakuma[88]
  • Yoshihiko Aramaki Event "Makimatsuri"
    • vol.1 (October 2019, 10, Tokyo Venue: Tama Nagayama Information Education Center Multipurpose Hall / November 20, Osaka Venue:Osaka Business Park Circular hall)
    • vol.2 (February 2020, 2, Osaka venue: Matsushita IMP Hall / March 24, Tokyo venue: Yamano Hall
    • Cheers, Big ears! 2.12-2.13 (February 2020-2, 12, Kanagawa Kenmin Hall Large Hall)
    • QUEEN RECORDS SUPER LIVE (February 2022, 2,Pacifico Yokohama National Hall)
  • Disney Voice Stars Dream Live 2020 (August 2020, 8, Nico Nico Live Broadcast)[89]
  • MANKAI STAGE "A3!" Series-As Tsumugi Tsukioka
    • ~ Four Seasons LIVE 2020 ~ (September 2020-9, 17,Tokyo Garden Theater)[90]
    • Troupe LIVE ~ WINTER 2022 ~ (February 2022, TACHIKAWA STAGE GARDEN)
  • Meijiza Premium Club presents Improvisation!Reading Rakugo (May 2021, 5)Yurakucho Asahi Hall)
  • ACTORS ☆ LEAGUE 2021 (July 2021, 7)Tokyo Dome) --Guest commentary
  • Masanari Wada 30th Birthday Event (September 2021, 9Sasakawa Memorial Hall) --The 3nd guest
  • "Hypnosismic -Division Rap Battle-" Rule the Stage -Battle of Pride- (August 2021-8, Osaka / August 14-15, Yokohama, 8)


  • eSports team "AGP (Actors Gaming Project)" --SHIRYU[91]


Photo album

  • Yoshihiko Aramaki 1st Photobook "LMN" (May 2017, 5,Pony canyon)
  • Editor-in-Chief Yoshihiko Aramaki "Challenge" (April 2018, 4,Kodansha)
  • Yoshihiko Aramaki Photobook "if ..." (September 2019, 9, Kodansha)
  • Yoshihiko Aramaki Interview Collection "cross roads" (September 2019, 9, Kodansha)
  • Yoshihiko Aramaki Photobook "Seasons-Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter-" (October 2020, 10, Independent Works)


  • HIROZ SEVEN + 1st Album "Samurai Road" (October 2011, 10)
  • Musical "Prince of Tennis" "WE ARE ALWAYS TOGETHER" TYPE A / TYPE B (April 2013, 4) --Yujiro Kai
  • Musical "Nintama Rantaro" series-as Senzo Tachibana
    • 5th ~ New enemy! ~ (June 2014, 6)
    • 5th replay-a new enemy! ~ (January 2015, 1)
    • 6th ~ A vicious illusion! ~ (June 2015, 6)
  • "Ensemble Stars!On Stage ”stage original song CD (September 2018, 9) --Rintsuki Sakuma
  • "Sengoku Night Blood" Best Album Bullet Absolute (September 2018, 9) --Kagekatsu Uesugi
  • MANKAI STAGE "A3!" MUSIC Collection Series-As Tsumugi Tsukioka
    • ~ AUTUMN & WINTER 2019 ~ (April 2019, 4)
    • ~ SPRING 2019 ~ (July 2019, 7)
    • MANKAI Selection Vol.1 (August 2020, 8)
    • ~ WINTER 2020 ~ (September 2020, 9)
  • Disney Voice Stars Dream Selection II (September 2019, 9)
  • REAL ⇔ FAKE Series-As Nagisa Makino
    • Cheers, Big ears! (November 2019, 11)
    • RUMOR (June 2021, 6)
    • Huddle Up (September 2021, 9)
  • GHOST SONG 10. (January 2020, 1)-Sherlock Holmes
  • FAKE MOTION -Only one wish- (February 2021, 2)-Sanosuke Oda


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