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🎥 | Disney "Tower of Terror" movie!To Scarlett Johans production & starring

Photo "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror" (left) and Scarlett Johansson (right) at Disneyland Resort, California – Gregg DeGuire / WireImage / Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Disney "Tower of Terror" movie!To Scarlett Johans production & starring

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"Tower of Terror" is a freefall-type attraction where the elevator on which the guest rides repeatedly soars and descends at a tremendous speed, set in a hotel where a mysterious incident has occurred.

When the popular Disney attraction "Tower of Terror" is made into a live-action movie, Collider will exclusively report ... → Continue reading

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Free fall

Free fall(Freefall) isスイス OfGiovanolaDeveloped byamusement parkIs installed inAttractionA type of, also SwissInterminSold worldwide by.It is characterized by falling vertically in a so-called screaming machine.There are first and second generations, which can be identified by the angled stanchions at the base of the lift tower.In the second generation, the structure of the tower was more streamlined. In the 1990sDrop towerUntil the development of the main amusement park,Theme parkIt was almost installed in, but after that, it was replaced with a drop tower, etc., and it has disappeared.Passengers under 42 inches (107 cm) in height cannot use it.


In the first generation Freefall, the ride (ride section) is a four-seater, and the ride is once carried to the boarding position, and once the passengers are on board, it moves backward and then to the top of the lift tower. ..From there, the ride slides forward and is set on the falling track.The ride will be released in a few seconds.The ride falls vertically, turns around in a circular orbit at the bottom of the tower and enters a horizontal orbit (brake run).At this time, the passenger falls asleep (facing the sky), slows down while advancing the brake run, and stops near the end.The ride then rises up to 4 degrees, moves backwards, slides under the brake run, descends to the boarding position and stops.At the moment of falling, there is no gravity, and acceleration of about 45G is generated in the circular orbit part, so宇宙 飛行 士There is a story that it was used for training.

In the second generation freefall, rides are set up around the tower to the top of the tower.WinchWill be pulled up by.The lock is unlocked a few seconds after the ride reaches the top.The released ride falls vertically along the orbit andEddy current brakeIs decelerated and stops at the boarding position.Those that appeared at the same time were launched to the top at once immediately after the countdown, and repeatedly climbed and dropped.Space shot", And" ", which can be mechanically forcibly dropped from the top and enjoy minus G, have also appeared.


1984,Illinois, Gurney theme parkSix Flags Great AmericaAn accident occurred in a freefall called "edge".The anti-rollback mechanism was unable to stop the ride from plunging from the tower when the support cable broke.However, he did not fall on another ride, so there were no fatalities and the four teenage passengers only had to be treated at a local hospital.To prevent the recurrence of similar accidents, Intamin doubled the number of anti-rollback mechanisms and changed the programming to prevent the next ride from entering the elevator shaft until the previous ride completed the descent from the tower. did.Due to this change, the boarding efficiency will be slightly reduced.
"Edge" was reopened after being renovated, but the number of passengers was sluggish due to the stigma of the accident, and it was closed the following year.Rhode Island OfRocky Point Amusement ParkWas relocated to.afterwards,Ohio OfGeauga Lake Amusement ParkMoved to2006Was dismantled.Parts are from OhioCedar pointIt was sent to (Theme Park) and used to maintain a freefall called "Demon Drop" there.
1995,KentuckyLouisville OfKentucky KingdomThe first freefall of the second generation of Intamin called "Hellevator" was installed in.2007To theSuperman: Tower of PowerHowever, an accident occurred in which the girl's leg was amputated due to a broken cable.2008Was dismantled[1][2].

Declining popularity

Six Flags St. Louis"Superman: Tower of Power" is not a relocation of what caused the accident in Kentucky.HoustonIt was relocated after the closure of Six Flags AstroWorld.

1996, Paramount Great AmericaBut"Drop Zone Scream TowerWas installed.It was about twice as large as the first-generation freefall that was removed after the end of the 1995 season. In 2, Great America renamed the Drop Zone to Drop Tower.

In the late 90's, the early Freefall was replaced by a larger, more seated successor.Successors include Intamin's "Giant Drop" (XNUMXnd generation), "Gyro Drop" (XNUMXrd generation), andS & S PowerIncludes towers that use compressed air.

The existing first generation free fallDorney Park & ​​Wildwater Kingdom,BrazilBe to Carrero World,イタリアMovie Studios Park, JapanRusutsu Resort,Nagashima Spa Land,Himeji Central ParkOnly the ones. In December 2006,Six Flags Great AdventureとSix Flags Over GeorgiaDismantled the first generation of freefall, respectively. In September 2007, Six Flags Over TexasAnnounced that it will dismantle the first generation free fall. In February 2008Six Flags Magic MountainIt has been witnessed that the first generation free fall has been dismantled.

2004,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu OfLoudon CastleIntamin's freefall was planned to be set up at the theme park, but it took too long to get permission, so the freefall equipment was sold to open a new attraction for the 2005 season.Ironically, the new introduction in 2007 was S & S Power's Double Shot Tower Drop.

2009At the end of the season, Cedar Point removed the first-generation freefall "Demon Drop."

2019On May 5, Tokyo Summerland closed its first-generation freefall business.

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