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📺 | That "Tokyo Love Story" is back!The stage is "Tokyo in 2020"


That "Tokyo Love Story" is back!The stage is "Tokyo in 2020"

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The cast is full of gorgeous and fresh faces such as Kentaro Ito and Shizuka Ishibashi.

The romance drama "Tokyo Love Story" is back in a modern version with a new cast for the first time in 29 years. "Tokyo Love Story ... → Continue reading

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Ishibashi Shizukawa

Ishibashi Shizukawa(Ishibashi Shizuka,1994May 7[1][2] -) isJapan Ofactress[1],dancer.

TokyoBackground[1][2].Beach(Plage) Affiliation.My fatherAn actor OfRyo Ishibashi, The mother is an actressMieko Harada, My sisterSinger-songwriterof.There is also an older brother on top of the older sister.


Actor'sRyo IshibashiMieko HaradaBorn as the second daughter during[3].. 4 years oldClassical balletStarted at the age of fifteenDuffel Bag,CalgaryReturned to Japan in 2013 after studying at a ballet school in[4],Contemporary dancerAct as[2].

From these experiences, I was aspiring to ballet, and I never dreamed of an actress unless it was an easy world to see the work of my parents.[5], I was shocked by the fun of theater while studying ballet in the United States and Canada[6].. While working as a contemporary dancer, when I was thinking "I want to meet more people and various interesting things", the office asked me "Try a play", and from the beginning of 2015actressStarted activities as[2][7]Debuted in ROGO's “Galaxy Railway Night 9” in September of the same year[1][8].. Next year in 2016Hideki NodaAppear on the stage "Reverse"[2].

Published in 2017The movie night sky is always the highest density blue』(67thBerlin International Film FestivalSelected in the forum category,The 91st Kinema Junpo Best TenNo. 1 in Japanese movies)Sosuke IkematsuAnd W starred in the first starring and received many new face awards. EspeciallyBlue ribbon awardThe rookie award was won in 1976 by her mother, Mieko Harada, and was the first-ever parent and child award.[9].

January 2018NHK GeneralOf (Kyushu Okinawa Block)NHK Fukuoka Broadcasting StationProductionLocal dramaOn "You May Dream"TV dramaMade their first appearance inSheena & The Rokkets OfSinaPlay a roleFukuyama ShotaDouble starring with[10][11].. Of the first half of the same yearNHKContinuous tv novel"Half, blue.』And appeared in the morning drama for the first time[12],Ken SatoThe heroine's childhood friend, Ryo Hagio's wife[13][14].


Special skill is English conversation and dance, hobby is guitar[1].. movies"A beautiful person mackerel?』Presents contemporary dance in the play[13].

My sister YukawaSinger-songwriterIn 2017UNIQLOCo-starred in CM[15].



  • ROGO "Galaxy Railway Night 2015" (September 2015, directed by Yasuhiro Furukawa)[8]
  • NODA・MAP 20th performance "Inverse Scale" (January-April 2016, directed by:Hideki Noda
  • Bed & Makings 6th Performance "The Dawn of Scraping" (March 2019, 3-April 15, 4)[16]
  • KAAT"I saw Bibi!" (July 2019-7, 4, direction:Shu Matsui)-The role of Bibi[17]
  • Produced by Commraidchild of God』Director: Masaaki Akahori (December 2019-January 12)


TV drama

Delivery drama






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