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🧑‍🎨 | Interior designer Masamichi Katayama “I chose not to design” UNIQLO Global flagship store…


Interior designer Masamichi Katayama "I chose not to design" UNIQLO Global flagship store ...

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", And when I showed a photo of a Swedish event in which an unsold raincoat was hung on a building and looked like an object, Mr. Yanai said," This is wonderful.

Actor Munetaka Aoki serves as a personality on the TOKYO FM program "Nescafe Flavor Roasting presents ..." → Continue reading


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Raincoat(British: raincoat) Is mainly made of water-resistant or waterproof material.rainSometimes wearcoat.raincoat(Kappa),raincoatAlso called (Amagappa).

Short onesRain jacket(British: rain jacket),TopsとBottomsSet ofRain wearCalled.


1823 ToEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIs a chemistCharles McIntosh rubberInvented a waterproof cloth using. A raincoat using this clothUKBecame popular.

1879 ToThomas Burberry GabardineDeveloped.


Japanese Industrial Standard(JIS) with water pressure resistance of 2,000 mm or moreWaterproof fabricHowever, this is often insufficient when used on clothing. For example, when sitting on wet and uneven ground, the water droplets on the convex portion may be pressed against the clothes by further pressure. Therefore, in the case of waterproof fabric used for clothes, a water pressure resistance of 8,000 mm or more is a standard.[1].. Also, even if the fabric is waterproof, if the seams are not blocked, it will be flooded from there.[1].

As a classic material used for raincoats,(English edition),PVCand so on. A raincoat made of these materials is impermeable to water and at the same time leaves the bodywater vaporAlso does not pass. Therefore, if you wear it for a long time, the water vapor that has lost its place inside the raincoat will be cooled and return to water,InnerwearWill get wet.

For other classic materialsGabardineHowever, this is not strictly a waterproof fabric, so it will be flooded if a certain amount of water pressure is applied.

in recent years"Gore-TexA waterproof and breathable material such as[2].. Waterproof and moisture permeable means that water does not pass but water vapor passes, and the materials are roughly classified into non-porous and porous. The porous structure does not allow water (about 100 µm) to pass through, but has a structure with very small holes through which water vapor (about 0.0004 µm) can pass. Non-porousHydrophilicPolymers that have the property of moving are moved by utilizing the action of binding and separating with water vapor. Each works independently, but there is also a combination of both.

Hard shell jacket and soft shell jacket

For waterproof clothingHard shell jacket(British: hard shell jacket). It is similar to a rain jacket, but in outdoor sports such as mountain climbing, those that are detached due to changes in weather such as sudden rain tend to be distinguished as rain jackets, and those that are always worn regardless of the weather tend to be classified as hard shell jackets. ..

The existing waterproof fabric has many restrictions such as difficulty in giving elasticity, and it is not easy to use as a material for clothes because it cannot be expected to have too high flexibility or moisture permeability. So, what is made of materials that are more suitable for clothes than those that are waterproof and not water resistantソ フ ト シ ェ ル ジ ャ ケ ッ ト(British: soft shell jacket).WindbreakerAre classified as soft shell jackets.

Works as subjects

Brightly colored and glossy raincoats are often used as props (costumes) in Western paintings for the purpose of visually leaving a strong impression on the audience.[3].. There are cases in which the character or character of the protagonist is characterized and used with the expectation that it will have an impact on the viewer.Detective colomboCan be said to be a successful example.[4].. In children's books, it may be featured in educational and intellectual picture books, such as "Chiisai Momo-chan" and "Alligator-kun's Raincoat" series. Mystery describes works that are key items for important people[5].

  • Marlene Jobert "Rain visitor"[6] -The heroine comes in a three-piece set of white enamel raincoat, rain hat, and boots. Wearing a lot even in sunny scenes. White rain gear implies the "neatness" of the heroine[7].
  • Sophia Loren "Arabesque (movie) "[8] -The heroine wears a red enamel raincoat. Many still photographs are still existing.
  • Catherine Deneuve "Daytime"[9] -The heroine playing Donouve wears a black enamel raincoat with a Russian fur cap. Other works by Donube include "Cherbourg Umbrella".
  • Sophie Marceau "La Boom 2(La Boum 2)[10] -Marceau appeared in a yellow raincoat in the drama "Sing in the Rain". The original raincoat, Sing in the Rain, is often used on the stage.
  • Daryl Hannah (Replicant)ブ レ ー ド ラ ン ナ ー]-A female replicant wearing a transparent vinyl raincoat appears in a scene of continuous rain.
  • Ashina(Midori Yuki) "ST red and white investigation file]-I wear a clear vinyl raincoat on clothes that are often exposed during rainy weather investigations. The novel version symbolizes the psychology of female characters.
  • Wave Ru(As Mika Higa) "BORDER Metropolitan Police Department 4st Division Murder Criminal Investigation Section XNUMX]-Instead of a lab coat, wear surgical clothes like white raincoats and white boots.
  • Kazuo Shimada "Red Shadow Woman" Shunyo Bunko 1962-A murder case in the fashion industry involving the beauty of a red vinyl raincoat.
  • Yokomizo Masashi "Woman in Blue Coat" ("Sunday Mainichi" July 1937)-The blue raincoat is an important key to the mystery of the story. In Masafumi Yokomizo, the red raincoat of a woman who was witnessed as "a woman in the mud" is an important clue for the investigators.[11].


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