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🤖 | Tenipuri's new movie version "Ryoma!" Rap battle main video has arrived!All characters will be released at once

Photo "Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis The Prince of Tennis Poster Visual (C) Takeshi Konomi / Shueisha (C) The Prince of Tennis Production Committee

The new movie version of Tenipuri "Ryoma!" Rap battle main story video has arrived!All characters will be released at once

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What was released this time is the "RAP FESTIVAL" video in which Ryoma engages in a rap battle with the new character "Tennis Gang".

"Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis New Theatrical Version The Prince of Tennis ”(September 2021, 9… → Continue reading

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MC battle

MC battle(MC Battle) isMCTo be done with each otherhip hopThe origin of cultureWrapbattle.


There are various theories,1970 In the late teensAmerica OfEast coastIt is said that it originated from the hip-hop scene of, and was performed and spread along with DJ battles and dance battles.In the United States1980 The generation battle rap became popular as one of the expressions of rap, and then became established.[1].

MC battleGameIf it is a target element,beatTheBarThe mainstream is to turn each turn alternately, but sometimes they simply attack each other with a lap, which is also defined as an MC battle. MC in the American hip-hop scene in the early 1980s fought with battle rap on other MC's live stages and gained fame through it.In addition, the stage on the spotStreet cornerWhat is done in such as is called MC battle, and each MCsound source OflyricsUnfolds inSlanderingThe battle isbeefIt has been.

MC battle in Japan

JapanInク ラ ブIncorporated into one of the event planning, MC battle main event was held全国It is done in various places.The venue is also a clublive houseIt depends on the scale of the event.

At the Japanese MC battle tournamentDJShedbeatIn addition, MCs are in each barImprovisationWith the lyrics ofFree styleWrap each otherskillCompete.Winning or losing is improvisation,Message,This,韻,FlowEtc.JudgmentWill be done.For what the other person saidAnswer[Avoid ambiguity]It is also important in the battle that you can return it properly.Generally, 8 bars are alternated for 2 to 3 turns, but sometimes 16 bars are used. Advance the battle in addition to DJ and MCget onThere is also a role.The judgment of victory or defeat after the battle is on-siteaudienceIt is decided by the loudness of the cheers ofMajority voteDepending on the event, it may be decided byStandardIs different.

If it is not a tournament, it is necessary to consider the surroundings even if there is no DJ or progress, but the track instrumentationSmartphone,CD radio cassette player,componentEtc. in the sink indoorsOn the road,parkIt is also possible to do it with.Also, even if there is no soundA cappellaIf you try, you can do it, so you can feel free to do it.インターネットAfter it became popularSkypeSome people show off their freestyle rap through such things.In addition, as a practice method for improving skillsCypher(Multiple people form a circle and show off freestyle rap in order).

The reason why MC battles spread nationwideB-BOY PARKIncorporated MC battle2000 It is said to be around, and in the MC battle of B BOY PARK from 1999 to 2001KICK THE CAN CREWMember ofKREVAHas won the championship for the third consecutive year.2002 Was also a hit in JapanAmericaThe public movie "8 MileMC battlemotifIt has been made known, and it will be a chance to be known.Since thenULTIMATE MC BATTLE,Battle pole MC BATTLEMC battle events such as were derived.Depending on the event, a DVD containing the battle pattern has also been produced and visualized.

The participating MC isMajor labelThere are various types of rappers, from professional rappers who release CDs and perform live activities, to rappers who do not produce sound sources.There are various purposes for participation, such as the reason for wanting to test one's ability as a rapper and the purpose of gaining fame.For activities in MC and battle that left a name in the battle tournamentSpecializedMCBattle MCCalled.in recent yearsComedianAn MC battle event was also held by Sengoku MC BATTLE, and at the "Sengoku MC BATTLE feat Entertainer Rap Championship Finals" hosted by Sengoku MC BATTLE.Toro salmonKubota KazuyaRazor Ramon RG,Kota NakayamaEtc. are participating in the MC battle[2].

2010 In his teensBAZOOKA!!! High School Student RAP Championship,Freestyle dungeonIncorporated MC battle, etc.TV programIs also produced.

Major MC battle events

    • Libra RecordsSponsored.Qualifying will be held in 47 prefectures nationwide + 1 revenge slot, and the finals will be held mainly in Tokyo.
    • 9sari GroupSponsored.Qualifying will be held in eastern and western Japan, and the winners of numerous MC battles will gather and the finals will be held in Tokyo.
  • Battle pole MC BATTLE
    • MC full-time employeeSponsored.Qualifying is held all over the country, and the finals are mainly held in Tokyo.The originator of the selection system tournament. Scheduled to be held at Nippon Budokan on October 2021, 10.
  • [4]
    • Sponsored by GO.Qualifying will be held mainly in the Kanto region, and the finals will be held in Tokyo.It features a rule with body touch.
    • InfumiaikumiSponsored. A qualifying tournament called ENTER is held every three months, and both the qualifying tournament and the final tournament are held in Osaka.
  • Triumphal MC Battle
    • Sponsored by Grief JAP.A tournament held in spring, summer, autumn and winter. It was held at the arena for the first time as an MC battle on February 2021, 2.
    • Sponsored by Sound Luck.A tournament to be held in Tokyo.A farewell tournament will be held for the teams selected by Heisei and Showa.
    • The old tournament name is characterized by the beat by the ADRENALINE MC BATTLE live band (Da-De-MIX).Compared to other competitionsCHEHONReggae Deejay, etc.Rude-α[6]There are many appearances such as rappers who are active mainly in music, not in battles like.
    • Red bullSponsored.SpanishThis is the Japanese version of "Red Bull Batalla" held in the area, and it is a time-based battle that is rare in Japanese MC battles. The first competition will be held in 2021[7][8].

Major MC Battle Contestants

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Works dealing with MC battles


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