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📺 | Nao Ota and Anka Sumita will appear in the drama "Drifter" "Enjoy the throbbing and harassing development"


Nao Ota and Anka Sumita will appear in the drama "Drifter" "Enjoy the throbbing and harassing development"

If you write the contents roughly
Performers such as Eiichiro Funakoshi, Lily Franky, Katsuhisa Namase, Junki Tozuka, Toru Nomaguchi, and Jun Hashimoto will stir the story mysteriously!

Actresses Nao Ota and Anka Sumita (theatrical company 4 cents) will start the TV Asahi Friday night drama "... → Continue reading


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Jun Hashimoto

Jun Hashimoto(Jun Hashimoto,1964 May 2 -) isJapan OfAn actor,Voice actor.. Real name/oldstage name,Jun Hashimoto(Read the same).HyogoKobe CityHigashinada WardI'm from enchante,Theater company☆ShinkansenBelongs.Blood TypeIs B type.


Osaka University of ArtsFaculty of ArtsGraduated from the Performing Arts Department. In college1985 From the stage "Galaxy Whirlwind SUSANOH"Theater company☆ShinkansenJoin in[1].. Since then, he has been active as a leading actor in the theater company, and has also appeared in numerous external performances.1992 ,NHKContinuous tv novel"Hirari』And enthusiasticHanshin TigersPlaying the fan doctor Masato Kobayashi, the name recognition in the tea room rises.1993 In the Battle of HanshinOpening ceremonyAlso stood up.

The theater company is closed after 10 years of participation.1996 ,The United Kingdom Younger, Bournemouth, DorsetMuscular dystrophyLiving in a patient's facilityCase workerWork as[2].

After returning home1997 , Plays the leading role, Tsurugi Goten. The powerful action fist action scene and the stage filled with silly laughter have become popular, and the series is repeated to form a trilogy. There are many fans in the theater world,Kankuro MiyatoIs a theater unit "Woman Live" that he creates and directs2004 , "The Dragon Rock! Womens, Love me and be beautiful ~" was performed with Ken Todoroki as the protagonist. Perform in an unusual way of character rental beyond the troupe[3].

When you play action dramas such as the Dragon Rock series, you have to squeeze through stoic training and dietary restrictions to create a role.[4].2010 Will star in the theater's 30th anniversary performance stage "",Lumbar spinal canal stenosisBecause of the onset, he was forced to cancel the stage after October 10. The substitute isHiroki MiyakeServed from October 10[5].

2013 Public movie "Library war],2015 In the TV drama "Library Wars Book of Memories" that was aired and released, and in the second movie "Library Wars -THE LAST MISSION-",Rysuke GendaTo play. Original authorArikawa HiroshiIs ownTwitterIn the account, "(Genda says, "In the second movie, "I was forced into a situation that was not in the original, an experience I had never written in the original."[6]Jun-san integrated with Genda so that he could play Genda that I didn't write.”[7]Said.

In 2015, he performed Kengoten for the first time in 35 years at the stage “” of the 11th anniversary of theatrical company, and completed a long run of 80 stages. Also, October 10 of the same yearFuji Television Network, Incof"Happy lion』In the appearance of Ken Todoroki.

I'm from Kobe, but I've been passionate since my first victory in 1975Hiroshima Toyo Carpフ ァ ン[8].. AroundHanshinWearing a red hat among all the fansKoshien StadiumWent to[8].. "The stance of life walking with Carp will not change," he said.[8].. At the 2015 stage “”, he wore the towel of official Carp goods during the play.

Since 2017, he has been a full-time professor at his alma mater, Osaka University of Arts Faculty of Arts, Department of Performing Arts.

Hobby is Okiiso fishing.



Theater company☆Shinkansen

(Since 2000)

  • The eyes of Asura castle<Replay> (2000) --The role of Kaioh Abe
  • Beastman's Visit-BEST IS RED-(2001)-Sarugami
  • Oedo rocket(2001)-Ten irons of the matchlock
  • Direct Hit! Dragon Rock 3 ~ Todoroki vs. Alien (2001)-Sword Todoroki Tsurugi Goten
  • Tenpo XNUMXth year Shakespeare(2002)-Monk of the drooling cow / part of a farmer
  • Atelui(2002)-Sado Horse Kuronawa
  • Seven-pointed star (2002)-The role of Zenji / Takegen
  • The eyes of Asura castle<Replay> (2003) --The role of Kaede Swordsman
  • Let's Go! Ninja Book (2003)-Fuma Godzilla
  • The seven people in Skull Castle~ Red Skull (2004)-The role of Hyogo
  • SHIROH(2004)-Yagyu Jubei
  • Kojin ~Arajin~ (2005)-Don Boller
  • Yoshiwara diploma (2005)-Sofu Yagyu
  • Metal Macbeth (2006)-Explorer/Bang Quor Hashimoto
  • This is the case of the Inukahiga family's plot-Shinichi Kaneda Kosuke Nosuke. Note (2007)-Sukesuke Sukemon / Shinto Inutaki
  • Goemon Lock (2008)-General Boneau
  • 蜉蝣賠 (2009)-a fine boss
  • Barbarian ghost (2009)-role of rare road
  • Rose and Samurai-Goemon Rock OverDrive (2010)-Barba Negro
  • Steel Bancho (2010)-part of Kabuto Gotetsu
  • Minatomachi Junjo Othello (2011)-The role of Imuta Othello
  • Shiren and Ragi (2012)-Dynan
  • ZIPANG PUNK ~ Goemon Lock III (2012)-Keijiro Maeda
  • Ao no Ran (2014)-as Kuromaki
  • Goemon vs. Todoroki (2015)-Ken Todoroki
  • Ranyu (2016)-The role of Sunokichi in the nomenawa
  • SHINKANSEN ☆ R "Vamp Bamboo burn" (August-October 2016, Tokyo, Osaka)-President of production [9]
  • Skull Castle's Seven Season Season (September-November 2017, IHI Stage Around Tokyo)-Fake Tetsusai[10]

External performance

  • Bicycle Kincleto STORE, as an example, (1997)
  • Shin Sonezaki Shinchu (1998)
  • 3rd OMS Produce, Summer Vacation (1998)
  • Chameleon Conference, Tama Head (1998)
  • Lilliput Army Hatenki (1999)-Jackie/Police Officer
  • Produced by ParcoVamp Show(2001)-as Kazumi Tange
  • KOKAMI @ network-The ghost is here(2003)-Part of Yoshikazu Hakoyama
  • NODA/MAP 9th Performance-Oil (2003)-Yamiichi
  • Village Produce vol.3, Midday Bitch (2004)-Junji Sakurada
  • Woman rib vol.8 ・Todoroki vs. Kaworu Minato (2004)-Ken Todoroki
  • Adult plan-Beautiful-Woman who met with God-(2005)-Soybean Maru
  • Team ARAGOTO vol.1 · Shrimp Daio (2005)-Director of the Moon
  • Asagaya Spiders・Sakura splash (2006)
  • The Rumored Man (2006)-as Moshan
  • Shido-ryu Ishimatsu no Mori (2006)-Playwright Matsuda (Miho no Matsugoro)
  • NODA/MAP 12th performance-rope (2006)-as chameleon
  • Musical "Take Flight" (2007-2008)-Orville Wright / Reporter / Reporter
  • Fulin Volcano~ Harunobu Moyu (2008)-played by Masatake Komai
  • Private life (2008, Theater Creation, directed by:John Caird)-Victor
  • Winter sky (2008-2009)-Oishi Kousuke / Inu Otoko
  • Musical "Peter Pan"(2009-2011, 2013)-Captain Hook / Mr. Darling
  • musical"Funny Girl(2010)-choreographer Eddie
  • Antony and Cleopatra(2011, direction:Yukio Ninagawa)-The role of Innova Bus
  • Sith Company “Hogita” (January-February 2012-New National Theater)-Yasuo
  • Yukinojo Ichiza-Joining performance Rock Opera "Psychedelic Payne" (2012,Sunshine theater / Morinomiya Piloti Hall)-Dr. Kagami
  • Two city stories(2013-Theater Orb)-as Kukochihiko
  • Komatsuza/Music Theater "Then Bun and Hun(2013, direction:Tamiya Kuriyama)-Kusaki Sansuke Police Chief/Citizen
  • Musical "Let's sing a song of love" (2014, directed by:Amon Miyamoto)-Heaven Director
  • Adult's new feeling, Last Flowers (2014)-Noriaki Katsuba / Shin Jong Hun
  • (November 2014-December 11, 28, New National Theater, Director:Isao Yukisada)-Takemura / Marconi
  • Musical "HEADS UP!" (November 2015th-December 11th, 13, Kanagawa / Hyogo / Sapporo / Kurashiki)-Kyu-san (Choichiro Kume)
  • Far from Shibuya (December 2016,BunkamuraTheater cocoon)-As a goat[11]
  • musical"Les Miserables(May-July 2017, Imperial Theater)-as Tinaldier
  • Musical "HEADS UP!" (December 2017, 12-March 14, 2018, Kanagawa / Toyama / Nagano / Osaka / Nagoya / Tokyo)-Mr. Kyu (Choichiro Kume)


TV drama

Delivery drama


Television Animation

TV program 

  • NHK Documentary “Oedo Miracle Lost City 265 Year Story” (January 2019, 1, NHK BS Premium)





  • TV face, Jun Hashimoto (January 2012, 1,Asahi Shimbun25 pages in the morning, interview)


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  2. ^ The main narration isSatoshi Hashimoto.


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外部 リンク

Katsuhisa Namase

Katsuhisa Namase(Katsuhisa Namase,1960 May 10 -) isJapan OfAn actor,talent,chairperson.. Real name, same[3].. Old stage name,Katsuhisa Namase(Sansuke spree)[3].

HyogoNishinomiyaBackground[2][4].Hyogo Prefectural Takarazuka High School[4],Doshisha University Faculty of LettersDepartment of Sociology(CurrentFaculty of SociologyDepartment of Sociology) Graduated[2].RecomotionAffiliation.Height 178 cm.Weight 70 kg.


school days

In high schoolTakarazuka Family LandI had a part-time job selling juice at[4]..After graduating from high school, I was a ronin to enter university, and at that timeOkonomiyakiI was working part-time at a shop[4].

1980 , Enter university[2].Doshisha UniversityBelonged to the theater company "Third Theater"1982 ToKyoto UniversityTheatrical company "Theater company SotobakomachiWas the second chairmanTakumi TatsumiScouted by[1],1983 Joined "Sotobakomachi" and took the first stage with "Sarutobi Sasuke" in the same year.[2].. When I was a studentKatsuhisa NamaseTakuro Tatsumi in "Comedy Study Group", "Third Theater" and "Sotobakomachi" under the name of (Yarimakuri Sansuke)Downstream oceanActivities with[5], At the "Third Theater"Makino NozomiThere was an exchange with. At that time, he was a professor of seminarsMitsuo Ishida(Later, Dean of the Faculty of Sociology, Doshisha University) said, "You are not suitable for an actor," but Ishida later reflected on the lack of "foresight."1986 , Graduated from college[2].

To be an actor in earnest

Even though I got a job offer from a company when I graduated from university, I declined it and proceeded to the theater world[4][6].1988 Became the 4th chairman of "Sotobakomachi", and also serves as a playwright and director.[2].

1988 Broadcasted for a year from讀賣TV broadcastingMidnight Tale Program "Weekly TV Kojien],manga artist OfMichio HisauchiRegular appearance with others.From that timecomedianHe showed his talent as a singer and became popular.Detective! Night Scoop], He was one of the early members of the detective as Katsuhisa Namase. After that1989 of"Basic physical strength of modern terms],1990 of"Muimidas], [Unidentified flight], Etc. of Yomiuri TVMidnight programAppeared in succession to "Theater company☆Shinkansen"ofShinta Furuta,Akino Hano,Selling name"ofKeisuke Tachihara,寇毅,Emi MakinoTogether with them, it will be a part of causing the Kansai student theater boom.2008 May 3-15 daysThe production staff and cast from 2 years ago reunited for two weeks.Modern term Muimidas Buttoi KojienWas aired on Yomiuri Telecasting.

1988 OfNHKContinuous tv novel"Jun-chan's support songWith the regular appearance inKatsuhisa NamaseRename to[3].. Details will be described later.

1990 eraFrom the middle of the national wardTV dramaFull-scale entry into[6], To expand the place of activity as an actor from Kansai to the whole country2001 Leaving the theater company "Sotobakomachi"[2].. As one of the supporting characters, he is sought after in many works such as TV dramas, movies, and theatrical performances. Become[7][8][9].. On the other hand, "trick』(TV Asahi)ofSpin-off worksBecome2010 OctoberSerial drama of the period "Kenzo Yabe”[10],2012 Published “Soup』Also played the first single starring in the movie[11].

2013 , 32thBest Father Yellow Ribbon AwardWon[12].

Trigger for renaming the stage name

1988 Second half of the year (1988 October - 1989 October) It was decided to appear on NHK for the first time in the NHK serial drama "Jun-chan's Cheer Song", but the stage name of Sansuke Yarimakuri is not suitable for NHK broadcasting, so the stage name is the real name. There is a history of changing to[13]..After that, he was active under the name of Katsuhisa Namase, but he was conscious of full-scale TV activities and nationwide expansion.1990 OctoberIt was unified under the real name of Katsuhisa Namase.

Art style

With a unique performancemovies,tv set,radio,stageWidely active in. There are many supporting characters. Also, make use of the unique characterEntertainment showsAlso expand the range of activities.

"trick], [Gokusen], [Achievement is Tsuji], [Ghost Mama Investigation Line-Mysterious 100 Days Between Me and Mama-"Such,Yukie NakamaThere are many co-stars with (both are starring friends, and Ikuse plays a regular character related to it).



TPOAccording tocommon languageとKansai dialectIs used flexibly.varietyIn the program, the common language and Kansai dialect are used properly depending on the co-star and the content of the program.The Kansai dialect is used when appearing in drama works set in Kansai or when playing a person from Kansai.


My wife is 12 years youngerモデル,yoga OfinstructorYoko Horimoto[14][15]..I have one son[14][16].

Hobbies & Skills

Hobby planning

Golf is "What is that?(Broadcast on July 2021, 7), I challenged the project "Ikuse section chief 7 days entertainment 100 yards road" brought in by Ikuse.[18]..The flight distance of Ikuse at the beginning of the project is 207Yard(189.28m).target is2021 OctoberDone inDriving contestParticipate in the tournament and fly 300 yards (274.32m). I trained for golf for 100 days (200 shots every day, muscle training) and worked on it before and after the program was recorded.On the 10st day of entertainment (close contact) 91 days before the Dracon tournament, after recording this program, "I haven't told anyone, but (right side) I hurt my ribs so much from my flank."swingIkuse revealed that he was injured due to overdoing.On the 98th day of entertainmentYamanashi OfNarusawa Golf ClubMake final adjustments for the tournament and succeed in flying 299 yards (personal best unofficial).

January,IbarakiIn the official game (5 balls per person, time limit 1 minutes 6 seconds) by the Japan Prodracon Association held at Golf 2 Country Kasama Forest, he entered the "Amateur Men's Senior Division 30 years and over" and recorded 45 yards. Became[19]..The project itself has ended, but according to Ikuse, training continues after that.[19].

a place of memories

Mukogawa[4], Takarazuka Family Land[4]


  • Masato Nishino-A friend from high school, Co., Ltd.OlympicCEO[20]
  • Tomoko Nakagawa --Former Takarazuka Mayor.Namaze is from Nishinomiya City, but has lived near Takarazuka City, and because he was from a high school in Takarazuka City, an interview article with Nakagawa, who was the mayor (Public Relations Takarazuka January 2017 issue) was published. Have[4]..According to Nakagawa, he is also a friend of Ikuse's mother.[4].


TaiziIs the star.

TV drama



original video

Variety, information program


Television Animation

  • Yatterman(Broadcast on November 2008, 11) --Him / Herself (tie-up with live-action version Yatterman)

Theater animation



Radio personality

Radio Drama

  • BANANA FISH --Max Lobo (1st generation)
  • God crap (February 1999, 2, NHK FM Theater)


  • Yasagure Panda "White board" "Black board" (2007) --Panda's voice
  • Yasagure Panda "Gold", "Silver", "Copper" (2008) --Panda's voice





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  4. ^ He continued to appear in Music Paradise, which started in the frame where ABC Radio Paradise was being broadcast. In addition, ABC Radio Paradise itself has moved the frame and survived.


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