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🎥 | The story of a “legendary” junior high school teacher facing students with “difficult circumstances” in Nishinari, Osaka is in the movie

Photo Gama-sensei, Kato-sensei, and the students. (Image courtesy of Kawamoto)

The story of a "legendary" junior high school teacher facing students who have "difficult circumstances" in Nishinari, Osaka is in the movie

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Previews for the media have already been held many times, and the previous reputation is said to be good.

A junior high school in Nishinari-ku, Osaka. In 1985, at a school adjacent to an area that seems to have condensed the contradictions of the world ... → Continue reading

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Preview meeting

Preview meetingWhat is (Shishakai)?movies theaterThe screening will be held a few weeks earlier by inviting those who wish to see it for free before it is released at. ManyTV station,InfomationSuch asMediaRelationship andsponsorDistribution company Tie-upIt is done in the form of being.

The main purpose of the preview isPropagandaSo-called "" by those who participated in the previewReviewsI hope that the promotion effect will be achieved by the media taking up the preview event. In addition, it may be reflected in the advertising strategy by analyzing the tendency of the applicant's age group, gender, occupation, etc.

In the past, applications for previews were mostly mailed only. However, due to the rapid development of the Internet societyOnlineApplications have become popular, and there are many sites specializing in previews. When accepting mail and online applications for one preview, many organizers have separate mail and online winning slots. This means that online applicants do not have to pay the mailing cost, and if the application is from a specialized site where self-information is registered,cookieThis is because applications are often made with a relatively easy feeling, such as saving the trouble of entering necessary items, and there are many cases where even if a winner is elected, he / she does not participate in the preview.

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