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📺 | Fuji Month 9 Drama "Night Doctor" 3rd 11.7% Up 1.1 points from the previous week

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Fuji Month 9 Drama "Night Doctor" 3rd 11.7% Up 1.1 points from the previous week

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In addition, Kei Tanaka, King & Prince, Yuta Kishi, Takumi Kitamura, Sae Okazaki and others will appear.

The average household audience rating of Fuji TV's monthly drama "Night Doctor" (after 5), which was broadcast on the 3th, is 9 ... → Continue reading

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Takumi Kitamura

Sae Okazaki

Sae Okazaki(Even Okazaki1995〈Heisei7 years>May 11 -) is[1],Japan OfFemaleFashion Model,actress[2].

AichiNagoya cityBackground[3][4].. Affiliation with T-TRIBE ENTERTAINMENT[1].. PreviouslyCentral JapanBelonged to[5].. 『Ray"Exclusive model.



The magazine "Seventeen』(Shueisha)'S exclusive model audition "Miss Seventeen 2012" from 6,515 applicantsHirose Tin・ Takai Urara ・Sachi FujiiSelected with and became the magazine's exclusive model[6].

Graduated from exclusive model with April 2015 issue[7].

2016,Ray』(SHUFUNOTOMO) Became an exclusive model for the magazine from the May issue[8].."9rd" held in September of the same year Tokyo Girls Collection2016 AUTUMN / WINTER ”for the first time at TGC[9].. `` Held in May 2018Girls Award First appearance in Garuawa at "2018 SPRING / SUMMER"[10].

On the other hand, in July 2017, in a bikini,Weekly Young Magazine』Decorate the end gravure and advance to the magazine gravure[11][12].. In January 2019, the magazine's fourth appearance will be the first cover and top gravure.[13][14].


From 2015actressEven though, the activity started in earnest, and the movie released in July "Brain burst girl』Appeared in the role of Mokuha Shirono and made his screen debut[15].. OctoberFuji Television Network, Incsystem"Silane Detective x girlfriend x perfect villainFirst appeared in a serial drama[16].

In 2016I'm honored"[17], In 2017, for the third consecutive term,Courage to be hated''People look 100%''We did, In 2018Black pair』And appear one after another in topical works, show their presence and attract attention[18][19].

In 2019,Due by March 9th"The debut"Trace-The Man of Censorship-"[20],Perfect worldIn the limelight as one of the "Next Break Candidates"[21][22],Susumu Inomata and 8 mourning women ~ Please get me for the first time ~』, Serving as a heroine and challenging comedy for the first time[23].. The movie released in July 2020mellow』Play the role of the heroine[24][25].







TV drama



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