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🎥 | Draw by the original author! Illustrations that convey the high degree of reproducibility of "Tokyo Revengers" are released

Photo Illustration by Ken Wakui – (C) Ken Wakui / Kodansha (C) 2020 "Tokyo Revengers" Production Committee

Draw by the original author! Illustrations that convey the high degree of reproducibility of "Tokyo Revengers" are released

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This time, the movie "Tokyo Revengers" style illustration drawn by Wakui, which will be published in the latest issue of "Weekly Shonen Magazine" to be released on July 7, is released.

From the movie "Tokyo Revengers" that will be released on July 7, including the starring Takumi Kitamura, the main character, Hanagaki Martial Arts ... → Continue reading

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Weekly Shonen Magazine

"Weekly Shonen Magazine(Shukan Shoen Magazine,British: WEEKLY SHONEN MAGAZINE) IsKodanshaIssued byJapan OfWeekly publicationjuvenileCartoon magazine.1959May 3First issue. WeeklyWednesdayReleased. Abbreviations are "magazine" and "weekly magazine".


Gekiga line

W3 caseAt the time ofOsamu TezukaPulled up the manuscript from "Weekly Shonen Magazine", so to clarify the axis of conflict1970 eraToDramasKnown for taking the route.Non-fiction, rare in recent boys' magazinesdocumentaryIn addition to the manga being posted, there was also a serialization project by an entertainer for a while.

Gravure planning

Audition planning that has produced a large number of female entertainersMiss MagazineStartedGravure idolAnd popularityactressWe are also actively doing color gravure such as. In addition, there are occasional plans to post all the gravure idols that are not well known, such as "Magazine push! Young idols ○ barrage".Otoha,Yuko OguraA female talent who became well-known after that also appeared. However, female talent who has already been active on television since the late 2000s (Suzanne,Akina MinamiEtc.) often appear. In rare cases, a male entertainer may appear, and in the 2000th issue of 8, a male bandL'Arc ~ en ~ CielHowever, in the 2015nd issue of 42, a band of four men and womenSEKAI NO OWARIAppeared. By the way, the first female entertainer to decorate the cover of this magazine was the 1970rd issue of 43.Keiko Fuji[1], The first swimsuit idol on the cover was No. 1972, 33Izumi Yamaguchi[1] .

Handling of questionnaires

The reader questionnaire is treated as a reference for the editorial policy. "Weekly Shonen Jump』Unlike, although it is not a questionnaire suprematism, works that were not popular in the questionnaireCensoredOften becomes.

The order of publication is not determined by the "top order of the questionnaire", but by various factors. For example, "Consider the sales of books and the compatibility between works, especially the works that you want to appeal to readers" "At the end of the bookGag cartoon[Note 1] To place "etc.[2].. Therefore, there are cases where it cannot be discontinued even if it is always posted at the bottom.[Note 2] Can also be seen (so-calledPalaceCartoon).

Moving out and moving in of works

Even if it is discontinued in this magazine due to sluggish popularity or circumstances of the author / editorial department, it will not be completely discontinued, but it is a brother magazine "Magazine SPECIALAnd 'Monthly afternoonThere are cases where the stage is moved to and serialized. As an example"Dreams"Or"Get a GetawayTo the former, "Vinland SagaHas been transferred to the latter. On the contrary, "Magazine SPECIAL" and "Separate Shonen MagazineThere are cases where the stage is moved from "" to this magazine.Shota's Sushi"Or"Student council officersFrom the former, "As God says"Or"Real account, Etc. have been transferred from the latter. In some cases, the title will continue to be the same even after the transfer, and the title will be changed when the transfer is made ("As the Gods Will" → "As the Gods Will".TwoIn some cases, it starts as a separate series. Also,"50 ways to kiss herIn some cases, such as "Magazine SPECIAL" after a short-term serialization in this magazine, the serialization will start in "Magazine SPECIAL".Dr. DuoThere are cases where this serialization is started in this magazine after performing a side story in "Magazine SPECIAL".

As a peculiar exampleCuisineThe adventure manga "Chinese first!After transferring from this magazine to "Magazine SPECIAL", the title was changed to "Shin Chuka Ichiban!" And returned to this magazine. On the contrary, "Violet 17 years old !!" started serializing in "Magazine SPECIAL", and "Violet 16 years old!After changing the title and transferring to this magazine, he returned to "Magazine SPECIAL" again. Also"KAGETORAIn some cases, the serialization in "Magazine SPECIAL" is temporarily suspended, and a short-term intensive serialization of stories by the same name is performed in this magazine. In addition, serialized works of "Magazine SPECIAL" and "Bessatsu Shonen Magazine" may be published in this magazine as a PR.

Features of serialized cartoonists

Old timesOsamu Tezuka,Fujio Akatsuka,TsudojirouCommonly known as "Tokiwaso』\ GumiYoshinori KobayashiMany manga artists who have traveled to multiple manga magazines were appointed.1990By that time, that tendency will decline once,1999From around that time, the company's other magazine's main manga artists and other companies' debut manga artists have been actively appointed. About the formerCLAMP("Nakayoshi』) AndFukumoto Nobuyuki("Weekly Young Magazine]) Applicable, and the latterIto Ogure("Ultra jump』) AndMuduo Kangzhao("Weekly Shonen Jump"),Kumeda Koji("Weekly Shonen Sunday"),Hiroyuki[Note 3]("Monthly Shonen Gangan]),Suzuki Nakaba("Weekly Shonen Jump", "Weekly Shonen Sunday", "Weekly Shonen Champion]),Atsushi Okubo("Monthly Shonen Gangan"),Rai Makoto("Weekly Shonen Sunday"),Shinobu Otaka("Young Gangan, "Weekly Shonen Sunday"), etc. OtherJunichi Nojo,Keisuke ItagakiOther major manga artists may temporarily serialize in "Weekly Shonen Magazine".

Many female manga artists have been appointed from early on, but their pen names are often masculine. As an example, Masato Fence (currentlyNatsuko Fence),Shimazaki,Tsukasa Oshima,Fumiya Sato,Kei Hiroshi,YamamotoIn other magazines, the pen name that was feminine was purposely changed to masculine.Kubo BeeswaxThere is also a case of. recentlyKaori Saki,Miki Yoshikawa,Yuriko NishiyamaThere are also female manga artists who do not change to a male style. By the way, the first serialized female manga artistMiyuki Takahashi(No. 1982, 46).

Since the emphasis is on short gag, many professional cartoonists have been appointed, and in the past,Fujio Saito,Akira Mitsumori,CurrentlyNishimoto Hideo,Tozen UjiieCorresponds to that. AlsoEijiro ShimadaI usually serialize in other magazines like this, but sometimes I draw a one-shot of a short gag manga as a fill-in-the-blank when the serialized manga of this magazine is suspended.

Collaboration, media mix, etc.

In this magazineMedia mixAs a masterpiece of "Magical Teacher Negima!], And is active in a wide range of genres such as video games and cards, in addition to animation and drama.AvexIn the media mix withAsobotte Senki XNUMX] Is serialized.Nishio RestorationIn the media mix with the projectIto Ogureby"BakemonogatariIs serialized in a comicalized version.Let's become a novelistDepends onShangri-La FrontierA comicalized version of is serialized. In addition, a number of collaboration projects with "Weekly Shonen Sunday" were held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the publication.TV AsahiDocument program "GET SPORTS]Tie-upShort works byFemale idol group"AKB48"Official manga work"AKB49 ~ Love Prohibition Ordinance ~] Is being serialized. further,Puzzle & DragonsA collaboration event with is being held,Weekly Shonen JumpAs a collaboration with "", a dedicated application "" is distributed. As the 60th anniversary of the first issueHiro MashimaWork of"Rave","FAIRY TAIL","EDENS ZEROCrossover manga with ""HERO'SIs serialized by the author himself.

Use of punctuation

In the dialogue expression in the workPunctuation marksIs not used in principle, but expresses silenceleaderAlso has the feature of using a two-point reader (...) instead of a three-point reader (...). This feature isMagazine SPECIAL,Monthly Shonen Magazine,Weekly Young MagazineIt can also be seen in affiliated magazines such as (On the other hand, published by the same Kodansha)MorningAnd its affiliated magazines consistently use a three-point reader).

Also,"School rumble"When"New Testament "Giant Star" Flower Shape”Three-point leader and“Sayonara Zetsubou SenseiThere are exceptions such as punctuation marks in the dialogue of Chiri Kitsu.


First published in 1959.Initially released on Tuesday, the list price was 40 yen, but the price was reduced to 5 yen in issue 30 of the same year.The catch phrase was "Yume to Hope no Shonen Magazine" from the 14th issue of the same year to the 1960th issue of 26.Most of the initial main works were serial novels.There were only five manga, and more than 5% of the total pages were occupied by novels and reading materials such as news, sports, and science, creating an educational atmosphere.[3]..Also, at that time, he was not blessed with hit works, and his rival, "Weekly Shonen SundayThe situation where the water was opened continued. But in 1965 "Harris no KazeThe magazine's breakthrough began with ""Giant star""Tomorrow's JoeThe two major spokon mangas made the position as a boys' magazine immovable at once.
In addition,Gegege no Kitaro""Genius Bakabon”And so on, and finally exceeded 1967 million copies in January 1. AlsoShoji OtomoThe gravure article by the composition of was also greatly contributed to the popularity.Tsuburaya ProMonster TV show "Ultra QThe monster was adopted on the cover, and it became a pioneer of the media mix.
Ero guro nansens came to be used after the serialization of "Kikkai-kun", and the target age of readers increased accordingly. Furthermore, in 1970, many problematic works such as "Ashura", "Wal", and "Metta Metagaki Road Course" appeared. furtherYokoo TadanoriAs a cover designer, the magazine said, "ガ ロIt became a magazine for young people close to ”, and the image of the magazine up to now is almost established. Among college students, "on the right(Asahi) JournalI was once told "Magazine on the left"[4][5].. This effect was great, and the Kanagawa Prefectural Child Welfare Council issued No. 1970 in 32.Harmful booksSpecified.
After that, the momentum of the magazine gradually declined due to the end of "Star of the Giants" in 1971 and "Ashita no Joe" in 1973. As a new main work that will replace "Ashita no Joe" etc.Karate stupid generation""Love and truth""I am an iron soldier""Fishing kitchi sanpei, Etc. have started, and newMt. Sasayama KishinIntroduced an idol gravure article by, but the circulation was sluggish, and in 1973, "Weekly Shonen Jump" lost the top spot in the circulation. For this reason, the magazine name logo, which has been popular since its first issue in 1975, was renewed for the first time, and it was renewed, but it was not possible to get out of the slump as expected.
By the way, 1971-In 1973, the brother magazine ""Weekly Bokura MagazineIn the form of inheriting "Kamen RiderAlthough some special effects and anime hero works such as "Ultraman" are posted,Fancy special effects seriesIt doesn't decorate the cover like it did in those days, and those genres were first published at that time.TV magazine』And because it was becoming a target field of the academic year magazine, publication of such works was refrained from then on. However, some of them are "Tiger mask""DevilmanThere are also works that are handed down to posterity.
In 2, when the logo was changed for the second time, the first issue reached 1978. However, at that time, "Magazine" was in a state of worshiping not only "Jump" but also "Sunday" and "Champion".Couple who flewBy the hitRomantic comedyManga has taken root. "Tomorrow weather""1 Sanshiro""Kotaro Makari Toru!With the appearance of new main works such as "" and the new system, the momentum was gradually regained and the number of copies was restored.
In 1982, the first magazine audition project "Miss Magazine" was started, and from the 26th issue of the same year, the image characterMole"Pimo Pimo" appears[1].. In 1983, the regular special edition "Magazine SPECIAL, Which has been a big hit since the beginning of "Magazine" as a motorcycle manga.Bali legendStarted serialization. Furthermore, in 25, the year of the 1984th anniversary of the publication, the magazine name logo was changed to the current version. In the latter half of the 1980s, the number of copies of Shonen Magazine overtook "Sunday" again to take second place, but the back of the leader "Jump" was still far away, and the difference was only widening.
In the first half of the 1990s, which was the beginning of the Heisei era, it became a big hit "Kindaichi Shonen Case FilesHas started, and the longest serialization period in the history of "Magazine"[Note 4]"The first step""shoot!""Offside""Sylphid of the windSports manga such as "Shonan Junai Group!""カ メ レ オ ン""Gale Legend The Taku of Special AttackSuch asYankee cartoonSuccessive hits in the field of. It laid the foundation for the second golden age of the 1990s.
However, perhaps because "Jump" exceeded the circulation of 1990 million in the early 600s, the magazine's good performance at that time tended to be underestimated at that time, and the emphasis was placed on sports and bad ones. Some of the contents of the magazine at that time ridiculed that "If you squeeze it, you will sweat." "" Started at the same timeBOYS BE..."Or"Shota's Sushi"Indoor works have also become long-term serialized works.
In 1994, it was serialized in "Magazine" for many years from the early days.Chiba TetsuyaBut,"Boy, hold a racketWith the end of the serialization, I am away from "Magazine".
"Magazine", which has signboard comics such as "Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo", "Hajime no Ippo", and "Shoot!" ], And regained the top spot in circulation for the first time in a while. During this period, "The Kindaichi Case Files" "GTO""Psychomettler EIJIThe media mix, such as the signboards and the drama and animation of the main works, attracted many readers.
In addition, "Love HinaIs a hit, and related goods sell like crazy, which will have a great impact on the line of the later "Magazine". In addition, "Magazine", which was rare until then,Rave""SAMURAI DEEPER KYO""GetBackers-Recapture Shop-Such asFantasy cartoon・ Action manga hits in quick succession. It showed the fulfillment of the magazine, which can be said to be the second golden age.
Serialized works as of the 2st issue of 2000, which is the transitional period of the 1nd Golden Age
Title of workAuthorOriginal authorRemarks
The first stepGeorge MorikawaTV animation
カ メ レ オ ンAtsushi KaseOVA animation
shoot!Tsukasa OshimaLive-action movie, TV animation
BOYS BE...Hiroyuki TamakoshiTV drama
Kindaichi Shonen Case FilesFumiya SatoAmagi SeimaruTV drama, live-action movie, TV animation
Shota's SushiDaisuke TerasawaLive-action drama, TV animation
Harlem BeatYuriko Nishiyama
New Kotaro Makari Toru! Judo EditionTatsuya Hiruta"Kotaro Makaritoru!" Made into a live-action movie in the era
Henachoko Daisakusen ZNishimoto Hideo
Brain miso purun!Kengo Kawaguchi
Psychomettler EIJIMasaki morning base馬 童 夕 馬TV drama
DreamsRiver third addressNanasantaro
GTOToru FujisawaTV drama, live-action movie, TV animation
Tetsuya-A man called JakuseiYasushi HoshinoSaifuumeiTV animation
Love HinaKen AkamatsuTV animation
GetBackers-Recapture Shop-AyamineYuya AokiTV animation
SAMURAI DEEPER KYOUejo AkihoTV animation
RaveHiro MashimaTV animation
CryingMuduo Kangzhao
Let's go fishing !!
Termi x Termi x TermiToro Saki
Snow dolphinTakeshi Arimori
In the 2000s, the suspension and end of the main works that supported the second golden age of the latter half of the 1990s became conspicuous, and the number of copies gradually decreased. And in 2May 5, The deputy editor is arrested for possessing cannabis.The number of copies of "Magazine", which has become a weak point, has plummeted in the past year.8Will be deprived of the top spot by "Jump" again. By the way, the former deputy editor who was arrested later about the arrest caseautobiographyIs published.
In 2003CLAMPTheShonen magazine"Magazine" pulled out to this magazine, "Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-Show a surprise to serialize. Also in this yearMagical Teacher Negima!The serialization of "" was started, and the media mix of the same work was actively performed. Comments on the author's table of contents will start from the 2004th issue of 40[1]. "Love HinaBecause of the influence of the hit, "School rumble"MoeSystemLove cartoonMany such things have come to be seen in the magazine.
In addition to these and the conventional serialization team, transferred from "Sunday"Kumeda KojiBut"Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Or as a manga at the end of the bookI won't do it anymore.”Is established, etc.Gag cartoonA unique hit work has also appeared in the field of.
Sports cartoonA large number of new serializations will begin. "Giant starRemake manga, "New Testament "Giant Star" Flower ShapeWhen the new serialization was decided, it was featured in various media such as television and newspapers. Moe and fantasy, which have been gaining momentum over the past few years, have recently become somewhat calm. On the other hand,"FAIRY TAIL"Or"Diamond AAlthough there were hits such as ", the decrease in the number of copies has not stopped, and the circulation will fall below 2007 million in 200. In 2008, he carried out various projects to commemorate the 50th anniversary, and showed an unusual collaboration in cooperation with rival magazine "Sunday".
March 2009, 3 "Shonen Sunday Shonen Magazine 17th Anniversary Large Alumni Association" was held in Tokyo. On the other hand, "The sequel to the GTO and the outbreak of TV drama"GTO SHONAN 14 DAYSWill be serialized. The serialization ended in 2001, and the regular serialization of "Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo", which had been a short-term intensive serialization since then, will be resumed in 2012, and will be serialized as the sequel "Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo R". In addition, he has been serializing in "Jump", "Sunday", and "Champion" so far.Suzuki NakabaBut"The seven deadly sinsWill be serialized in all four weekly shōnen manga magazines currently published.[Note 5].. Around this time, the new serialization of sports manga settled down, and the genres became diverse.
In the first issue of 2013, "Hajime no Ippo" achieved 1 serializations for the first time in Weekly Shonen Magazine, and in the same year, the sequel to "Magical Teacher Negima!"UQ HOLDER!Started serialization, and in 2014, the sequel to "Ryofu", "Wind summerWill start serializing,Publication depressionOr "Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-""Magical Teacher Negima!""air Gear""Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei""Cage of Eden""Your townDue to the end and discontinuation of the serialization of popular works such as ", and the short-term discontinuation of the new serialization, the circulation continued to decline, falling below 2014 million in 120. Has been serialized in "Magazine" since 2002Yoshinobu YamadaBut,"CHARONWith the discontinuation of "", we will leave "Magazine".
August 2015, 1,ElectronicAlthough the version will be distributed[6], Jyoji Morikawa's work and the opening gravure that decorates the cover with a paper version are not posted, so the center of the cover is a manga work that decorates the opening color[Note 6][Note 7].. On August 8, the same year, the web comic site "Magazine pocket"(Less than:Magapoke) Is opened. 2016 is "Shape of voiceWas made into a movie, but the circulation continued to decline and fell below 100 million. In 2017, the serialization of popular works such as "The Knight in the Area," "FAIRY TAIL," "Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo," and "Baby Steps" was completed, and the number of copies fell below 90. In 2018Koji SeoThe work "Fuka" will be serialized, but "Fuka" by the same authorHitman"Twitter"The story of an older sister who wants to support high school boys"Hiro MashimaNew work byEDENS ZEROWill be serialized.
In 2019, the magazine celebrated its 60th anniversary, and the paper version of the 4th and 5th merger issue of the same year marked the 30th anniversary of the serialization of "Hajime no Ippo".
Serialization by cartoonists who were active in other magazines is becoming more and more popular, and in 2015,Weekly Young MagazineWas serialized inKen WakuiWill be the first boy magazine manga "Desert eagle, Was serialized in "Monthly Shonen Gangan"Atsushi OkuboBut"Flame flame no fire brigade, Was serialized in "Jump"Shinobu KaitaniIs the first weekly boy magazine manga in 22 yearsInvincible personIn 2016, it was serialized in "Sunday" and "Bessatsu Shonen Magazine".Rai MakotoBut"VECTOR BALLIn 2018,Young GanganWas serialized in "Sunday"Shinobu OtakaBut"OrientHas begun to be serialized.
"Magazine Pocket" and "Boy jump +"Janmaga Gakuen", a joint project with "Weekly Shonen Magazine" and "Weekly Shonen Jump", will be available for free for a limited time from April 2019th to June 4th, 8. A readable website was launched, and the joint project between the two magazines was realized for the first time in history.
From late May to early July 2020New coronavirusDue to the influence of, in the paper version, instead of the opening gravure that was the center of the cover until then, the manga work that decorates the opening color tends to be the center of the cover.

Media mix of works


Television Animationabout1960 eraから1970 eraIn the first half, "Tomorrow's JoeAnd 'Giant star, But since the latter half of the 1970s1980 eraOver timeAnimatedThere were few works to be done. This is because, as described above, it was not possible to produce a work that was in the background of the times due to the magazine style of "muddy smell and sociality".

1990 eraLaterRomantic comedy,MoeDue to the diversification of magazine styles such as routesAnimatedMany works have been done,2000 eraTo become andYoungerDue to the influence of, the broadcast in the whole day frame was reduced,Midnight frameThere are many broadcasts on.

From the latter half of the 2000s, it became a limited edition of books ahead of other companies.OVAWe also sell it in the same way.

In the latter half of the 2010s, the number of works to be animated began to decrease significantly, and there is a phenomenon that it is unknown whether one will be broadcast per course regardless of midnight or all day.Therefore, it may not be broadcast at all depending on the time.

Works currently on air

* As of July 2021.

worksBroadcast start dateAnimation productionRemarks
Tokyo Revengers2021/4/11Leiden film
Kanojo also she2021/7/3Tezuka Productions

Works to be broadcast

worksBroadcast yearAnimation productionRemarks
Tesla notebook2021Gambit
She will borrow2022unpublishedIssue 2
Still, the steps come2022SILVER LINK.
Cuckoo's bride2022Shinei Video
Blue lock2022Eight bit
To Your Eternity2022unpublishedIssue 2

Works animated in the past

In chronological order, including works serialized in other magazines (However, those that were transferred to other magazines in the middle of the serialization, or those that were transferred in reverse, are those that were published in this magazine at the time of animation. limit).

Television Animation
worksBroadcast yearAnimation productionRemarks
XNUM X man1963 - 1964 TCJ Video Center
Harris no Kaze1966 - 1967 P Productions
Gegege no Kitaro1968-1969 (1st work)Toei video
1971-1972 (2st work)
1985-1988 (3st work)
1996-1998 (4st work)
2007-2009 (5st work)Toei animation
2008 (Hakaba Kitaro)
2018-2020 (6st work)
Giant star1968-1971 (1st work)Tokyo movie
1977-1978 (2st work)
1979 (3st work)
2002 (Special edition, Mitsuru Hanagata)
2007 (Special Edition, Father Ittetsu)
Cyborg 0091968 (1st work)Toei videoThere is a movie
1979-1980 (2st work)Japan Sunrise
2001-2002 (THE CYBORG SOLDIER)Japan Vistec
Tomorrow's Joe1970-1971 (Phase 1)Mushi Production
1980-1981 (Phase 2)Tokyo movie new company
Wonderful Mucha Bei1971Tokyo movie
Genius Bakabon1971-1972 (1st work)Tokyo movie
1975-1977 (2st work)
1990 (3st work)Studio Piero
1999-2000 (4st work)
2018 (5st work)studio Piero+
Devilman1972 - 1973 Toei videoWith OVA
Karate stupid generation1973 - 1974 A productionThere is a movie
I am an iron soldier1977 - 1978 Shinei Video
Baseball mad poetry1977Japanese animationThere is a movie
Fishing kitchi sanpei1980 - 1982 Japanese animationWith OVA
The · Pumpkin Wine1982 - 1984 Toei videoThere is a movie
Love warrior rainbow man1982 - 1983 Tsuchida Production
Ai Kikaku Center
Tomorrow weather1984 - 1985 Tsuchida Production
The third one goes1985 (24-hour TV version)Toei video
1990-1991 (TV Tokyo version)Tezuka Productions
Mr taste1987 - 1989 Sunrise
Prestigious! Third Baseball Club1988 - 1989 NAS
Devil1989 - 1990 Toei videoThere is a movie
Marude no husband1991 - 1992 Studio Piero
shoot!1993 - 1994 Toei video
Kindaichi Shonen Case Files1997-2000 (1st work)Toei Animation → Toei AnimationMovie, with OVA
2007 (1st SP)
2014 (2nd work, 1st period)Toei animation
2015-2016 (2nd work, 2nd term)
Chinese first!1997-1998 (1st work)Studio Piero
2019 (2nd work, 1st period)NAS
2021 (2nd work, 2st period)
LET'S Nupunupu1998Group tack
GTO1999 - 2000 Studio PieroThere is a omnibus
Shota's Sushi1999Studio comet
BOYS BE...2000Hull film maker
Love Hina2000XEBECWith OVA
The first step2000-2002 (Phase 1)Mad houseWith OVA
2003 (TVSP)
2009 (2st term)
2013-2014 (Phase 3)Mad house
Tetsuya-A man called Jakusei2000 - 2001 Toei animation
Offside2001 - 2002 Reed productionWith OVA
Rave2001 - 2002 Studio Dean
Asobotte Senki XNUMX2002 - 2003 Egg
GetBackers-Recapture Shop-2002 - 2003 Studio Dean
Detective school Q2003 - 2004 Piero
Kaiki!! Cromartie High School2003 - 2004 Production IG
School rumble2004-2005 (Phase 1)Studio cometWith OVA
2006 (2st term)
Magical Teacher Negima!2005XEBECWith OVA
Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-2005 (1st term)Be TrainMovie, with OVA
2006 (2st term)
Cool breeze2005Studio comet
air Gear2006Toei animationWith OVA
Over Drive2007XEBEC
Healthy naked swimming department Umisha2007Art land
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei2007 (1st term)シ ャ フ トWith OVA
2008 (2st term)
2009 (3st term)
FAIRY TAIL2009-2013 (Phase 1)A-1 Pictures
2014-2016 (Phase 2)A-1 Pictures
2018-2019 (Phase 3)A-1 Pictures
Student council officers2010 (1st term)GoHandsOVA, with movie
2014 (2st term)
Double class2011
Area knight2012Shinei Video
Mr. Muromi on the beach2013Tatsunoko ProWith OAD
Your town2013GonzoWith OVA
Diamond A2013-2015 (Phase 1)MADHOUSE
Production IG
2015-2016 (Phase 2)
2019-2020 (Phase 3)MADHOUSE
Baby step2014 (1st term)Piero
2015 (2st term)
The seven deadly sins2014-2015 (Phase 1)A-1 PicturesThere is a movie
2016 (TVSP)
2018 (2st term)
2019-2020 (Phase 3)Studio Dean
2021 (4st term)
Yamada and seven witches2015Leiden film
Wind summer2017Diomedia
Child Children2017Studio XNUMX groups
Boarding School Juliet2018Leiden film
Five equal brides2019 (1st term)Tezuka Productions
2021 (2st term)Bibury Animation Studio
Domestic girlfriend2019Diomedia
Senryu girl2019CONNECT
Flame flame no fire brigade2019 (1st term)david production
2020 (2st term)
Duck sky2019 - 2020 Diomedia
Laugh on the runway2020Ezo'la
She will borrow2020 (1st term)Thoms Entertainment
To Your Eternity2021 (1st term)Brains base
worksYearsAnimation productionRemarks
Bali legend1986Studio Piero
Hyakutaro behind1991Piero Project
カ メ レ オ ン1992 - 1996
Shonan Junai Group!1994 - 1997 Life work(1)
Queen Emeraldas1998 - 1999 OLM TEAM WASAKI(Episode 1 and 2)
Multi Access Company (Episode 3 and 4)


on the other hand,TV drama・ In the live-action movie, in the 1960s,Useless nosuke, In the 70'sLove and truth], [Baseball mad poetry], [Couple who flewIn the 80s,Detective Chest Kyun(TV dramas only), in the 90'sshoot!(Movie only), "Kindaichi Shonen Case Files], [GTO] Etc. were aired.In particular, "Kindaichi" and "GTO" were made into movies and even animated because they had good ratings.

Heisei period works that were made into TV dramas in the past
Title of workKey stationBroadcast timeRemarks
Kindaichi Shonen Case Files
(Drama version)
NTV seriesMay 1995-June 7, 15
May 1996-June 7, 13
May 2001-June 7, 14
May 2014-June 7, 19
In addition to the serial drama, the special version has been broadcast in the past 6 single shots.
The title of the 2014 edition is "Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo N (neo)".
Made into a movie in 1997 (see drama version item).
Animated in 1997 and 2014 (Anime version)[Note 8].
MMR Magazine Mystery Report Group
(Drama version)
Fuji TV seriesMay 1996-June 4, 18The title is "MMR Unidentified Flying Object".
Thursday ghost storyInOmnibusBroadcast in format.
Shota's SushiMay 1996-June 4, 19January 1999Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Single-shot animation.
Psychomettler EIJINTV seriesMay 1997-June 1, 11
May 1999-June 10, 16
Broadcast a special edition in 2000.
(Anti-town version… 1998)
(AKIRA version… 2012, 2014)
Kansai TV・ Fuji TV seriesMay 1998-June 7, 7
May 2012-June 7, 3
May 2014-June 7, 8
Broadcast the special version once in the Sorimachi version and three times in the AKIRA version.
Made into a movie in 1999 (see the article in the anti-town version).
Animated in 1999 (see original article)[Note 9].
BOYS BE...NTV seriesMay 1998-June 10, 4The title is "BOYS BE ... Jr.".
Johnny's Jr.Broadcast in omnibus format by.
In 2000WOWOWAnimated with.
MAYA Midnight GirlBS Nippon Television2003/3/8Nippon TelegenicBroadcast as a 2002 graduation production drama.
Drama after the serialization.
KunimitsunomatsuriKansai TV / Fuji TV seriesMay 2003-June 7, 1
Detective school QNTV seriesMay 2007-June 7, 3In 2003TBSAnimated with.
Magical Teacher Negima!
(Drama version)
TV Tokyo seriesMarch 2007, 10-March 3, 2008The title is "MAGISTER NEGI MAGI!".
Animated in 2005 (Anime version).
Others have been converted to OVA.
Violet 16 years old!BS FujiMay 2008-June 4, 13Drama after transfer to "Magazine SPECIAL".
ShibataFuji TV seriesMay 2008-June 7, 8Broadcast special editions in 2009 and 2010.
BLOODY MONDAYTBS seriesMay 2008-June 10, 11
May 2010-June 1, 23
Godhand TeruMay 2009-June 4, 11
Yankee and GlassesMay 2010-June 4, 23
Hammer session!May 2010-June 7, 10
Yamada and seven witchesFuji TV seriesMay 2013-June 8, 10In 2015TOKYO MXAnimated with.
Again!!MBS・ TBS seriesMay 2014-June 7, 21
Gambling Emperor Den Zero
(Drama version)
NTV seriesMay 2018-June 7, 15The title is "Zero Ichigo Senkin Game".


On December 1967, 7,King recordSerialized works from that time "Star of the Giants" "Genius Bakabon" "Kitarou in the graveyard"[Note 10]"Patman X" "Big guy" "Harris no Kaze''Marude no husband''Genma TaisenThe LP record "Shonen Magazine Manga Dai March" (standard product number: SKK (H) -354) containing the image songs of "Silent World" and the reader page "Pampaka Gakuen" has been released.In October of the same year, four songs recorded on the same LP were released.Giant star/Genius Bakabon"(Standard product number: BS-722) and"Kitaro in the graveyard[Note 11]/ Harris no Kaze ”(standard product number: BS-723) is single-cut.

Serialized work

The following works are currently being serialized on July 2021, 9 (No. 15, 2021).Including irregular serialized works that are suspended.

Title of workAuthor (Drawing)Original work etc.Start issueRemarks
TokihoThe first stepMorikawa ShiyoshiGeorge Morikawa-1989 Issue 43
Seitokai YakuinStudent council officersUshiie TosenTozen Ujiie-2008 Issue 34"Magazine SPECIAL] From
Taiya no EsuakutotsuuAce of Diamond act2Yuushi TerashimaYuji Terashima-2015 Issue 38The sequel to the "Ace of Diamond" series
BandageFlame flame no fire brigadeOkuho AtsushiAtsushi Okubo-2015 Issue 43
To youTo Your EternityGood timeYoshitoki Oima-2016 Issue 50
Tokyo Manshiri Henshiya TomorrowTokyo Swastika RevengersWakui KenKen Wakui-2017 Issue 13
I'm sorryShe will borrowReishi MiyashimaRei Miyajima-2017 Issue 32
HakemonoBakemonogatariOreitoIto Ogure(Comics)NishioshinNishio Restoration(Original)2018 Issue 15Comicalization of the same work
The story of a sister who doesn't want to do itThe story of an older sister who wants to support high school boysHikiHideki-2018 Issue 19
EnseroEDENS ZEROHiro MashimaHiro Mashima-2018 Issue 30
Prowl aroundBlue lockYusuke NomuraYusuke Nomura(Comics)Kaneshiro MuneyukiMuneyuki Kaneshiro(Original)2018 Issue 35
Even so, Yumu will comeStill, the steps comeSoichiro YamamotoSoichiro Yamamoto-2019 Issue 14
Katsuko no IsukeCuckoo's brideMiki YoshikawaMiki Yoshikawa-2020 Issue 9
Noshi noshi noshiyoKanojo also sheHiroyukiHiroyuki-2020 Issue 14
Shiyan Kurira Furonte Akusokee Hanta Akami Keeni ItomantosuShangri-La Frontier
~ Kusoge hunter, trying to challenge God game ~
Fushiri Yosuke(Comics)Hard(Original)2020 Issue 33Comicalization of the novel work
Knight of MokushirokuFour Horsemen of the ApocalypseSusuki NakahaSuzuki Nakaba-2021 Issue 9The sequel to "The Seven Deadly Sins"
Mekami no KaerasuGoddess Cafe TerraceSeo KoshiKoji Seo-2021 Issue 12
I've become a healthy personThe wise man has become a companion!tomorrow-2021 Issue 17
Amakami-san Chino EnmusuhiAmagami-san Chi no MarriageIt's good withoutMarcey Naito-2021 Issue 21
Eisen no RafuroLovelock of the British WarShihira TatsuyaTatsuya Shihira-2021 Issue 24
I'm so cuteKuroiwa Medaka doesn't understand my cutenessKuseran-2021 Issue 26
Iconi contactTsukiyama KayaMt. Gassan Kaya(Comics)Squid HiroakiDaiaki Iga(Original)2021 Issue 39


Title of workAuthor (Drawing)Original work etc.Start issueRemarks
Duck skyDuck skyTakeshi HinataTakeshi Hinata-2004 2/3 merger issue
SentaiSentai disqualificationHaruhanekiHaruba Negi-2021 Issue 10

About the cover

Reader corner

In the latter half of the 1960s, "Panpaka Gakuen", which mainly consisted of puns and nonsense gag, was popular, but in the 1970s, there were "strange schools" and "Moletsu Life Counseling by Toru Hoshi." After that, it changed to "My Magazine" and "My Maga 7", and although it boasted the highest level of posting sense in the reader's corner of Shonen Magazine (the editor-in-chief had a three-tiered belly every week), gradually"Jump broadcasting stationWas overtaken by "", and in the 2000s, "Sunday Youth AcademyDue to the influence of "Pimo Pimo Square", it is now abolished at the end.

In addition, he was active as a mascot character in Pimo Pimo Square,Astro boyThe name "Kokubo" existed properly in the character who wore glasses with a hairstyle like this, and it was an unknown longevity character who continued to appear from "My Maga 7" (however, the illustrator has changed). .. As for the flow, only Harubo competes with the editor-in-chief etc. → Kokubo participates in the middle and plays an active part in the combination of Harubo and Kokubo → Harubo fades out and only Kokubo becomes.

In the Lupo manga "Excavation! Magazine bastard !!" serialized in 2008, it was found that both of them were real people, and Kokubo's model was Mr. Kokubo. However, Harubo and the actual model are not similar even if they are similar.

Past Editor

  1. Takero Makino(1959-1964)
  2. Hideji Ioka (1964-1965)
  3. Uchida Masaru(1965-1971)
  4. Teruo Miyahara(1971-1978)
  5. Miki's creation (1978-1986)
  6. Takao Igarashi(1986-1997)
  7. Masahiro Nouchi (1997-2004)
  8. Tamotsu Kutomi(2004-2005)
  9. Hiroaki Morita(2005-2013)
  10. Kiichiro Sugawara (2013-2017)
  11. Hirotoshi Kurita (2017-while in office)


  • 1959 20 copies (first issue)[1]
  • 1968 New Year increase issue 120 million copies[14]
  • 1970 Issue 3 150 copies[15]
  • June 1991 Approximately 6 million copies[16]
  • 1996 New Year issue 436 million copies[17]
  • June 1997 Approximately 7 million copies[18]
  • August 1997 8 million copies (estimated actual sales 440 million copies)[19]
    • It exceeds "Weekly Shonen Jump" by the estimated number of copies sold.
  • 1997 issue 49 (issued on November 1997, 11) 5 million copies[20][21]
    • It exceeds "Weekly Shonen Jump" in circulation.
  • 1998 New Year issue 445 million copies[22][23]
  • 1998 425 copies
  • 2000 405 copies
  • 2001 380 copies
  • 2002 364 copies
  • 2003 319 copies
  • 2004 272 copies
  • 2005 236 copies
  • 2006 215 copies
  • 2007 187 copies
  • 2008 178 copies

As of the 2008th issue of 16, the cumulative circulation of this magazine is about 45 billion.[1].

Number of circulation (since April 2008)[4]
1 to 3 months4 to 6 months7 to 9 months10 to 12 months
20081,755,000 copies1,720,000 copies1,691,667 copies
20091,664,167 copies1,633,334 copies1,614,616 copies1,593,637 copies
20101,571,231 copies1,565,000 copies1,556,250 copies1,551,819 copies
20111,529,693 copies1,491,500 copies1,489,584 copies1,472,084 copies
20121,447,500 copies1,436,017 copies1,412,584 copies1,404,834 copies
20131,376,792 copies1,357,000 copies1,324,209 copies1,308,117 copies
20141,277,500 copies1,245,417 copies1,211,750 copies1,192,267 copies
20151,156,059 copies1,127,042 copies1,107,840 copies1,085,110 copies
20161,038,450 copies1,015,659 copies995,017 copies986,017 copies
2017964,158 copies932,713 copies883,804 copies840,667 copies
2018815,458 copies791,833 copies760,917 copies744,583 copies
2019715,417 copies692,083 copies664,625 copies649,167 copies
2020627,533 copies593,917 copies575,000 copies559,545 copies
2021545,000 copies518,333 copies

Price transition

Prices as of the 20th issue except for the first issue.consumption taxPrice including tax after the introduction.

  • First issue 40 yen
  • 1960 30 yen
  • 1961-1963 40 yen
  • 1964-1966 50 yen
  • 1967-1969 60 yen
  • 1970 70 yen
  • 1971 80 yen
  • 1972 90 yen
  • 1973 100 yen
  • 1974-1975 130 yen
  • 1976 150 yen
  • 1977-1980 170 yen
  • 1981-1988 180 yen
  • 1989-1990 190 yen
  • 1991-1994 200 yen
  • 1995-1997 210 yen
  • 1998 220 yen
  • 1999-2004 230 yen
  • 2005-2006 240 yen
  • 2007-2008 250 yen
  • 2009-2015 260 yen
  • 2016-2017 270 yen
  • 2018-300 yen

Kodansha Comics Magazine

The bookKodansha ComicsPublished on the label. Known asShonen Magazine Comics.. The code numbers are assigned from KCM406, because the numbers from 1 to 405 are used by KC, the predecessor of KCM.

  • The design features of the first generation used the notation "Kodansya Comics Magazine" at the top of the cover, and the back cover used a magazine, black letters and a yellow back between K and C.
  • In the second generation of 1984, Pimo Pimo, which is still used as the logo mark of magazines today (2), was used, and it was written as "SHONEN MAGAZINE COMICS", and the diagonal flag-like design was used until around 2011. ..In the works currently being serialized, I continue to use only "First Step".
  • From around 1996, the design was redesigned and adopted a design that combines the KC logo and the magazine's flag "MAGAZINE". The color of the KC part can be freely specified by the artist. It is still in use today.
  • As of 2008, a cumulative total of about 10 billion copies have been issued.[1].
  • The volume with the largest circulation as of 2008 is "Kindaichi Shonen Case Files』Volume 1 about 275 million copies[1].
  • The serial numbers of the milestones are as follows.
Serial numberworksroll
No. 1 (KC1)Harris no KazeVolume 1
No. 406 (KCM406)Separate volume Tensai BakabonVolume 2
No. 500 (KCM500)Bannai Tarao A man with seven facesVolume 1
No. 1000 (KCM1000)Tomorrow weatherVolume 19
No. 1500 (KCM1500)Tomorrow weatherVolume 47
No. 2000 (KCM2000)Missing number[1]
No. 2500 (KCM2500)Missing number[1]
No. 3000 (KCM3000)Missing number[1]
No. 3500 (KCM3500)Missing number[1]

Special issue

Derivative magazines and web comic magazines

The same editorial department as this magazine

Editorial department different from this magazine

Manga magazine app

  • Manga box(The same Kodansha comic label as this magazine. The editor-in-chief is the former editor of this magazine.Shin Hayashi. )
  • Magazine pocket (detailsfollowingSee. )

Magazine pocket

2015May 8ThanKodanshaDeliverWeb comic distribution siteAnd the cartoon app of the same name. Abbreviation is "Magapoke"

As well as serializing Magapoke's original works, magazines andAnother magazineThe works being serialized in Kodansha magazines are serialized in parallel, and the popular works in the past are reprinted. Most of the reprinted works are magazine works, but some reprinted works from youth magazines are also included.

Most of the works are updated weekly, but some are updated once a month or every other week.

As a general rule, browsing is charged (point system) for each story, and points required for browsing are consumed only for the first time from the points purchased after registering as a member in advance (in the same story). If there is, the second and subsequent browsing is free).However, in each work, the first episode (2nd and 1rd episodes depending on the work) can be viewed for free, and 2-3 episodes before the latest episode are free for a certain period of time, and depending on the work, for a limited time. Sometimes everything except the latest story can be viewed for free.

As for the label of the book, Magapoke's original work is published in Magazine Pocket KC, and the transfer work continues on the same label as the transfer source.

"Magazine" paper version 2018 issue 32Heisei 30 year 7 month heavy rainDue to the influence of this, it has not been shipped in some areas, so it was released free of charge from July 7th to 20st of the same year.[24].

List of serialized works in Magazine Pocket

Original works, reprinted works, in alphabetical order by day of the week








Magazine pocket serialized work

List of visualization works in Magazine Pocket


Television Animation
worksBroadcast yearAnimation productionRemarks
Don't make a mistake, Mr. Nagatoro2021Telecom animation film
Shikimori who is not only cuteUndecidedVideo studio
FAIRY TAIL 100 YEARS QUESTUndecidedUndecided


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