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📺 | The cover of "Weekly The Television" is Fuma Kikuchi, who starred in the drama "In Love with Itaike"!


The cover of "Weekly The Television" is Fuma Kikuchi, who starred in the drama "In Love with Itaike"!

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In addition, Tomoya Nakamura x Yuki Yamada, Ryuji Sato, Yoriga Terasaka, and Rihito Itagaki's gravure and interviews are posted.

The latest issue of "Weekly The Television" is the drama "In Love with Itaike" currently being broadcast, with Daichi Watanabe and Ike Nwala ... → Continue reading


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Lee Mitsuto Itagaki

Itagaki Rihito(Kirihito Itagaki,2002 (14)May 1 -) isJapan OfAn actor.Stardust promotionBelongs.


  • 2 years oldモデルWas doing the activity[2]However, he belongs to the current office because he passed the 5st Stardust Promotion Entertainment Department 1 Model Audition when he was in the 1th grade of elementary school.[3][4]..Started acting as an actor.
  • Hobby写真,MusicTo listen toAnimeTo watch,Game.. Special skill isæ°´ æ³³,イ ラ ス トTo draw[5]..The illustration I drew is my Instagram[6]It may be uploaded to, and my dream is to publish an illustration book.[7].
  • The name "Li Mitsuto" comes from Licht, which means "light" in German.[8].
  • He professes to be an otaku himself.As a favorite workIdol Master SideM[9]Among them, I recommend Yusuke Aoi of W[10].
  • In the musical "Aoharu-AOHARU-Railway" series in which he also appeared, he was recommended by the Seibu Sayama Line, and he went to the theater multiple times "The musical" Aoharu-AOHARU-Railway "all roads lead to Tokorozawa".[11].
  • Favorite artistsRingo Shiina..In the interview, he also mentioned Ringo Sheena about "the person I want to meet most now".[12].
  • Healthy personI am on good terms with him and often play with him.Sometimes we call each other "brother" and "younger brother" on SNS[13][14]..In addition, Kento is not a real brother, but an only child.[15].




TV drama

Web drama

original video


  • Panasonic"LUMIX GM" short film (November 2013)




  • Yuru Ninja Corps Ninsman (October 2020, 10-)[38]
  • Exciting TV Sukatto Japan"A miracle that happened to a bad girl and a nerdy boy" (February 2015, 2, Fuji TV) --Tetsuya Sugiyama

WEB radio

  • "All Night Nippon i Talking" Yutaro x Rihito Itagaki's Talking ~ # Pajama Men's Association ~ (July 2019, 7-)


  • Purple sports"CREW & HOODIE Sweat Collection" (October 2013)
  • Purple sports"Lucky bag coordination" (November 2013)
  • "JENNI" store catalog, newspaper advertisement, magazine advertisement, promotional material (March 2014)
  • Nico☆PetitMen's model (2015-2017)


Photo album


Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSong
NovemberKamen Rider Zio Theme Song & Insert Song Best Song Collectionwool(Lee Mitsuto Itagaki),aura(Konno Ayaka), Schwartz (Kentaro Kanezaki)"Revolutionize"


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