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📺 | ASTRO's "All Good-JP Ver.-" is in the TOKYO MX drama "Life Various" ...


ASTRO's "All Good-JP Ver.-" appears in the TOKYO MX drama "Life Various" ...

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And Yuma Teranishi, who starred, was it difficult to shoot the drama?

In TOKYO MX (Tokyo area: terrestrial XNUMXch), a new serial drama starring Yuma Teranishi will be broadcast from July XNUMXth (Friday) ... → Continue reading


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Yuma Teranishi

Yuma Teranishi(Yuma Teranishi,1994May 1 -) isJapan Ofsinger,An actor.Nippon ColumbiaBelongs.

16 timesMonaco International Film FestivalWon the Best Actor Award ("TOKYO 24").

The serial TV drama starring on August 2020, 8Why he fell in love with meMade a major debut from Nippon Columbia with the theme song "REASON".


  • Height 183 cm.My hobbies are soccer and surfing.
  • InstituteJapanese Singers AssociationRegular member.
  • Favorite Japanese artistJUJUAnd I personally go to concerts.


At the audition for the Tokyo Boys Collection held in 2017, he was selected as the 18,564rd place out of the total number of 3 applicants.

Composer and music producerKota OkochiWill make his artist debut at Nippon Budokan on February 2018, 2 with "Muscari" written for Yuma Teranishi.[1]..This song was used as the theme song for the movie "17-year-old Cinderella", and in February of the same year, a stage greeting was held at Aeon Cinema Itabashi.[2], May of the same year,RecochokuRecorded 3rd place on the overall ranking chart[3]. "Muscari"Is the name of the flower, and there is a flower word that says" unrequited love, "and Okouchi said," The voice of Yuma has indescribable melancholy, and he will become an Asian artist who can sing a new genre of ballads. " I composed it.

From April to September 2018, ``Tokuhiro Komada's Music Bull PenThe regular corner program "Yuma Teranishi's Muscari" is available on 15 stations nationwide (IBC Iwate Broadcasting,Akita Broadcasting,Tohoku Broadcasting,Yamagata Broadcasting Corporation,Radio Fukushima,Tochigi Broadcasting,Yamanashi broadcasting,Shinetsu Broadcasting,Broadcasting System of Niigata,Fukui Broadcasting,Shizuoka broadcasting,Sanyo Broadcasting,Sanin Broadcasting,Yamaguchi broadcasting,Kumamoto Broadcasting) Broadcast.

In December 2018, the leading movie "TOKYO 12" was selected as an officially invited work in the competition section of the 24th Monaco International Film Festival, and won the Best Actor Award.

In January 2019, it was announced that Yusuke Yamamoto and Gyuri of KARA will star in the spin-off movie "Revive by TOKYO1" of "TOKYO24".

In February 2019, the second single "Kasayoya ~ ATARAYO ~" was digitally distributed in advance.

"Revive by TOKYO 2020" was selected as an officially invited film in the competition section of the 2th Monaco International Film Festival held in February 17, and won the Best Screenplay Award.

On August 2020, 8, the major debut single "REASON" was released from Nippon Columbia.First appearance in domestic download Recorded 5nd overall ranking.Recorded 2th overall in the weekly ranking.

August 2020, 8,TOKYO MXStarred in the serial TV drama "The Reason Why He Fell In Love".


TV drama

  • The reason why he fell in love with me (August 2020, 8-August 9, TOKYO MX)-StarringToru Hikawa Role[4] * Also in charge of the theme song
  • The reason why he fell in love with me Year-end special (December 2020, 12, TOKYO MX) --StarringToru Hikawa Role
  • Why He Fell In Love SEASON 2 (April 2021, 4 --June 9, TOKYO MX) --StarringToru Hikawa Role
  • Kazuhiro Teranishi Drama ~ Various Life ~ (July 2021, 7 ---, TOKYO MX) --StarringRyutaro Kishida Role

Other TV programs

  • Karaoke Grand Prize (April 2019, 4,Chiba TV)-Guest appearance



  • 23rd Red and White Song Battle-Guest Appearance Sponsored by Japanese Singers Association
  • The 45th Kayo Festival sponsored by the Japanese Singers Association-Guest appearance (2018 New Face Award)



releasetitleRemarksspecificationProduction numberc / w
1stMay 2MuscariCDTBC101Because you were
Muscari (Karaoke)
Because you were (Karaoke)
2ndMay 3Kaoruya ~ ATARAYO ~Limited distribution
May 8REASONLimited distributionCOKM-42915
May 4OrangeLimited distributionCOKM-43184
May 5Your voiceLimited distributionCOKM-43185
May 7Lies and the mapLimited distributionCOKM-43186

Tie-up list

Song titleTie-upCollection work
Muscari◆ Theme song for the movie "17-year-old Cinderella"Single "Muscari"
REASON◆ Theme song for the drama "The Reason Why He Fell In Love"
◆Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.August 2020 Plus Tune
◆Asahi Broadcasting"Shared dining roomAugust / September 2020 ending theme
Orange◆ Theme song for the drama "The Reason Why He Fell Me" SEASON 2
◆Kansai TV"Messed up MondayJanuary 2021 ending theme
Your voice◆ Theme song for the drama "Various Life"
Lies and the map◆ Nippon Cultural Broadcasting July 2021 Plus Tune


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