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🎥 | Takumi Kitamura and Shotaro Mamiya who appeared in the movie "Tokyo Revengers" and in charge of the new ending theme song for the TV anime ...

Photo © Ken Wakui / Kodansha / Animation "Tokyo Revengers" Production Committee

Takumi Kitamura and Shotaro Mamiya, who appeared in the movie "Tokyo Revengers", and the new ending theme song for the TV anime ...

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This work, which has been serialized in "Weekly Shonen Magazine" since 2017 and has exceeded 2000 million copies in total, is the latest giant edition presented by Ken Wakui, the creator of "Shinjuku Swan".

"Blood Halloween Edition" started in July, and the popular TV anime "Tokyo Revengers". Released on July 7th, movie ... → Continue reading


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Cumulative total of 2000 copies

Ken Wakui

Ken Wakui(Wakui Ken) isJapan Ofmanga artist.

2005ToSeparate Young Magazine』(Kodansha) Debuted in the "Shinjuku Host" posted, and in the same year, "Weekly Young Magazine"(Same as above)Shinjuku Swan』Serialized debut.Since then, he has published his work in the same magazine,2015ToWeekly Shonen Magazine』(Same as above) transferred.In the same magazine, "Tokyo Swastika RevengersIs being serialized (as of August 2021).


  • 2004 --"Shinjuku Host" won the honorable mention at the "Young Magazine Newcomer Manga Award" (293th = September 2004)[1]..The same work is "Separate Young Magazine"2005Debuted in issue 8[1].
  • 2005-『Weekly Young MagazineFrom issue 17 of the same yearShinjuku Swan』Started serialization[1],2013Completed at No. 45.
  • 2010-"Abaddon" was serialized from the 15th issue of "Weekly Young Magazine" in the same year, and completed in the 2012th issue of 12.[2],
  • 2013-"Weekly Young Magazine"2014Started serializing "Budgerigar" from issues 4 and 5, and completed in issue 2015 of 16.[3].
  • 2015-『Weekly Shonen Magazine』First from the 36/37 merger issue of the same yearBoy cartoonBecomes "Desert eagle』Started serialization, completed in the 2016th issue of 25.
  • 2016-"Weekly Young Magazine" No. 1 released on January 18th, entitled "Desert Eagle" on-site version, is the president (president) of the illegal security company (Illegal Security Company) "Lion". Posted the episode "Extra Edition JUSTICE" before Kuromitsu picked up the main character, Washio Ichigo (Washio Strawberry).

List of works

Feature film

  • Shinjuku Swan("Weekly Young Magazine" No. 2005, 17[1] -2013 issue 45, 38 volumes in total)
  • Abaddon ("Weekly Young Magazine" No. 2010 15-No. 2012 12[2], All 2 volume)
  • Budgerigar ("Weekly Young Magazine" Nos. 2014 and 4, 5--No. 2015, 16, 5 volumes)
  • Desert Eagle ("Weekly Shonen Magazine』2015 36/37 merger issue-2016 issue 25, all 5 volumes)
  • Tokyo Swastika Revengers(Weekly Shonen Magazine, No. 2017, 13-Serialized, 23 volumes already published)

Short film


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