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🎥 | Kim Lo "Bakemono no Ko" tonight!Pay attention to the gorgeous voice actor cast

From the photo movie "The Boy and the Beast" – (C) 2015 THE BOY AND THE BEAST FILM PARTNERS

Kim Lo "Bakemono no Ko" tonight!Pay attention to the gorgeous voice actor cast

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Koji Yakusho plays the role of Kumatetsu, the strongest monster competing for XNUMX in "Shibu Ten-gai".

The animated movie "The Boy and the Beast" (2015) will be released tonight (from 9:21 on the XNUMXth) on the NTV "Friday Road Show ..." → Continue reading

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Koji Yakusho

Koji Yakusho(Yakusho Koji,1956 May 1 -) isJapan OfAn actor..Real name: Koji Hashimoto[1].

NagasakiIsahayaI'm from.Belongs to YK office.Height 178cm..ActorTatsuya NakadaiPresidedAnonymous schoolI'm from


From civil servant to actor

Born in Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture.Omura OfNagasaki Prefectural Omura Technical High SchoolAfter graduation[3], Go to TokyoChiyoda Ward OfficeWorked in the Civil Engineering Division.A stage performance starring Tatsuya Nakadai, who was taken by a friend to watch the playBottomI was impressed and aspired to become an actor. An actor training center run by Nakadai, which is 200 times more difficultAnonymous schoolPassed the test.The stage name is the previous jobGovernment officeIn addition to being a worker, Nakadai named it in the hope that "the role will become wider".[4].

Success after debut

Initially appeared in the stage performance of the unknown school to which he belongs.1980 OfNHKContinuous tv novel"Nacchan's photo studio』Make a TV debut.mainlyHistorical dramaWas evaluated by.1983 NHKTaiga drama"Tokugawa Ieyasu"ofOda NobunagaAttracted attention in the role,1984 OfNHK new large historical drama"Musashi Miyamoto』Main characterMusashiHe was selected to star in the role for the first time.In the commercial TV historical drama, "Three slash!] Series is a masterpiece.

In 1985, the TV drama "Isahaya, where he was born, was set.RelativesStarring in.After that, he expanded his activities beyond historical drama.

In the movieItami XIIIDirected work ""Dandelion, Etc.1988 JapanスイスCollaboration movie "Another Way-D Organization Information-』(Kyotaro NishimuraThe novel "D Institution information] Movie adaptation of.Yamashita cultivationThe movie's first starring role as Lieutenant Colonel Sekiya, the main character of the director's work). For the first time in "Under the Aurora"Japan Academy AwardWon the Outstanding Leading Actor Award.1995 , Received the Mainichi Film Awards for Best Actor for "KAMIKAZE TAXI" (directed by Masato Harada).

From the blockbuster of the work to the establishment of the position

1996 The public starring movie "Shall we dance?] Becomes a big hit.further,"Shabu Gokudo』(Tatsuoki HosonoDirector's work), "Sleeping man』(Koguri KoheiThe acting of the director's work) has been praised, and the leading actor award of the year is summarized.1997 of"Paradise] Is also a big hit.Shohei ImamuraDirector's movie "eel"But1997 ToCannes International Film FestivalWinner of the Palme d'Or in the last two years, he has won more than 2 film awards. (Imamura's isaku "Lukewarm water under the red bridge』Co-starring) After thatKiyoshi Kurosawa,Shinji AoyamaAppeared in a movie directed by them.Tokyo International Film FestivalWinner of the Best Actor Award at1996 For 7 consecutive yearsJapan Academy AwardHe became one of Japan's leading film actors, both in name and reality, so that he could not be named at the annual film festival, such as receiving the Outstanding Leading Actor Award.

Global expansion

2005 ToAsiaActor representingHollywoodThe gathering of the staff who lead theSAYURI』Participate in.Also,79th Academy AwardsNominated in 7 categories including the work award at "Babel]Brad PittCo-starred with.2007 In the Japanese-American-Italian movie "silk]Nakatani Miki, Also co-starred with Keira Knightley.Chicago International Film Festival Leading Actor Award, Valencienne International Film Festival Honor Award, Asia Pacific Film Festival Leading Actor Award, Gotham Award Ensemble Acting Award, Tokyo International Film Festival Leading Actor Award, Palm Spring International Film Festival Ensemble Acting Award, San Diego Film Critics Awards have been given overseas for their high acting ability, such as the Association Ensemble Performance Award and the American Actors Association Award Nomination.


  • As the activity in the movie became more prominent, the appearance of TV dramas decreased,NTV seriesBroadcasting on "Tokyo weather』In charge of the facilitator.TV Tokyo seriesBroadcasting on "Nikkei Special Gaia Dawn] In2009 Served as the first facilitator.
  • 1980 eraThere is a difference from the date of birth of some materials announced in the first half, but it seems to be a misprint (Note)reference).
  • Aoki'sCMHas appeared in.
  • FinnairAs an image character "Mr. Europe" in advertisements for Japan, etc.2010 Was appointed from.2013 May 1Limited to departure from Japan, "Given by Koji Yakusho,AuroraSpecial "Journey"TravelingThe tour was planned and sold[5].
  • In recognition of his many years of acting activities, he received the 24 Spring Medal.Purple ribbon Japanese govermentDecided to be given more[1].
  • The poem "Batsu no Kusatori" that I wrote when I was in the sixth grade of elementary schoolAsahi ShimbunHas been published in the Nagasaki version[6].



TV drama

* [[Shimizu no Jirocho Monogatari] #TV Drama] (1995, Fuji TV series)-Katsugoro Ogawa


Theater animation



Foreign drama

Overseas animation

Documentary program

  • Good is the best(Fuji Television Network, Inc) --Cast, narration
  • Nessia Traveler (TV Tokyo) --Narration
  • Nikkei Special Gaia Dawn(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.) - Guide. I got off the board in the end of 2009Yousuke EguchiReplaced by.
  • Tokyo weather(Nippon TV) - Narration
  • Ichi style (Ichiro special feature, TV Asahi)
  • Extracurricular class Welcome senior(NHK General)-Narrative
  • Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.45th Anniversary Program "Sealed Sanzo HoshiMystery ~Silk roadThe man who challenged 3 kilometers ~ "(TV Tokyo) --Traveler
  • Discover in the beautiful cities of the world! Hidden treasure mystery tour (TBS) - Guide
  • Photo document To the heavens The world of Kotaro Sawaki, a traveler(NHK education)-Read aloud
  • Earth Walker (BS Fuji)
    • Two nights in a row New Year special project "Earth Walker (Chapter 2012) First night The world's largest tree giant sequoia" (January 1, 2,BS Fuji) --Earth guide (Navigator, voice appearance)
    • Two nights in a row New Year special project "Earth Walker (Chapter 2012) Second night The most beautiful coral sea in the world Lady Eott Island" (January 1, 3, BS Fuji) --The guide of the earth
    • "Earth Walker (Chapter 2013) First Night Dive into the Longest Volcanic Cave in the World ~ Fire Island Hawaii Earth Creation Story ~" (December 12, 30, BS Fuji) --Earth Guide
    • "Earth Walker (Chapter 2013) Second Night The Top of the Ecosystem Meet the Phantom Wolf-Yellowstone Earth Regeneration Story-" (December 12, 31, BS Fuji) --Earth Guide
  • The world's longest taiga Nile challenged by Eita (BS Japan) --Nile's voice (narrative)
    • Vol. 13,000 A 2012km trip in search of the source of the illusion (August 8, 11, BS Japan)
    • Vol. 2013 In search of the source of the Blue Nile illusion in the Ethiopian Highlands (January 1, 12, BS Japan)
    • Vol. 2013 In search of the origin of the Nile in the land where humankind originated in Kenya (March 3, 9, BS Japan)
  • Earth Ichiban 4th Series (October 2014, 10-March 9, 2015, NHK General TV)-Navigator



  • YAKUSHO (LP album)


  • Shanghai Drama Awards Best Actor Award ("Jakuiro Toki")

Sekigahara ”)



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