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🤖 | "The Dungeon of Black Company" Neat Ninomiya Kinji moves to another world and works physically at a black company ...

Photo "The Dungeon of Black Company" Episode 1 Pre-cut (C) 2021 Youhei Yasumura / Mag Garden / Reisach Mining Detmold Branch

"The Dungeon of Black Company" Neat Ninomiya Kinji moves to another world and works physically at a black company ...

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The first episode of "The Dungeon of Black Company", "Welcome to the World of Corporate Livestock," will begin broadcasting on July 1th (Friday) on Te TOKYO MX, ABC TV, BS Nippon Television and others.

From the TV anime "The Dungeon of Black Company", the first episode "Welcome to the World of Corporate Livestock" broadcast from July 7th (Friday) ... → Continue reading

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BS Nippon Television and others

Labyrinth Black Company

"Labyrinth Black Company(Meiku Black Company) by Youhei YasumuraJapan OfComic.Mag GardenWeb comic distribution site "MAGCOMI』Started serialization from December 2016, 12. From April 5, 2018, it will be serialized in the May issue of the same year in the company's monthly magazine "Monthly Comic Garden".[1].

It is a work that depicts the hero who decided to work for a black company after moving to a different world, conspiring to get a stable neat life, and from the content, "LivestockDungeon fantasy "[2]..TV animation scheduled to be broadcast in 2021 as a media mix[3].


I made an effort to earn income easily with a single heart that I do not want to workNeo NeatWas trying to enjoy life asKinji NinomiyaSuddenly moved to another world, Amria, where Ajin live.In order to live in Amria, which is being modernized by excavating resources, he is forced to work as a worker of the large company "Reisach Mining".Kinji, who hates the black scene where the end humans are detained for a long time at low wages and engage in harsh labor, is the genie of the labyrinth in order to get a neo-neat life again.rimAnd work in the same groupCrocodile, The "Labyrinth Black Company" is organized behind the scenes by adding human resources such as many monsters hidden in the underground labyrinth to the members.While ostensibly engaged in the Reisach mining industry, he also aims to rise by exploring the underground labyrinth.


The voice section is for the TV anime versionVoice actor.

Kinji Ninomiya (Kinji Ninomiya)
Voice- Katsuyuki Konishi[3]
The main character of this work.A crappy personality who hates labor and looks down on hard-working workers.Although he is critical of Reisach's mining black company and his boss's devilishness, he is essentially close to the fact that he will be forced to do similar black labor when he turns to the side of using people (however, humanity is). It remains and is not as bad as Belza).In the real world, with the desire to lead a stable neat life, he increased his assets through swing trading and overseas real estate investment with his pocket money, and built a condominium in Tokyo to create a system where he could live on real estate income alone.
Physical labor to excavate magic stones at the Detmold mining site managed by Reisach Mining, transferred to Amria at the point of trying to lead a lazy life until death, being pickled in debt while being tossed by differences in language and sociality Will be engaged in.As soon as he felt the limit to being forced to live like a company slave in a black scene, he decided to earn money and regain his neat life when he discovered a hidden passage to the labyrinth.Furthermore, after succeeding in destroying a large number of labyrinth ants, he plans to take over the Reisach mining industry, which is similar to a black company, and organizes a "labyrinth black company" with monsters to devise a plan.Summoned to the future of Amria, he knows the path this world will take and the situation on the human side of the future, but is disappointed by Zazel, who is compelling relief with others who just want to be saved without doing anything himself. ..When Kinji heard from Zazel that meeting the Demon King would lead to the road to Japan, he reunited with the future Labyrinth Ali A who was in the Demon King's army and changed the "General Ant Farm" he was entrusted with to the "Labyrinth Black Company. I took it in as "The Future" and attached it to the Demon King side in order to meet the Demon King efficiently.
Voice- Shirogi Nao
An ego gun that Kinji brought back from the future Amria.
Voice- Misaki Kuno[3]
A genie who lived in the Detmold demon ruins.It looks like a huge monster, but it can be transformed into a human-sized girl.
They try to eat Kinji and Wanibe who have descended to the ruins through a secret passage, but instead of offering delicious food on the ground, they are interested in Kinji who offered their liberation and escort as a deal, and can not feed. Move under Kinji on the condition that you eat Kinji.At the time of escort, he unfortunately exerts his power as a genie with the intimidation of leaking out, but since the amount of food he eats at one time is unusual, it is also a factor that puts pressure on Kinji's finances.
Voice- Hiro Shimono[3]
A reptile subhuman who worked in the same group as Kinji.When Kinji dives into the labyrinth for the first time, he is not worried about increasing the number of acquaintances who will flock to profits more than necessary because he does not get sick and has few friends, and he is drawn into his friends as a cooperator of magic stone excavation.After that, he will act with Kinji, and as a result, he will cooperate with his upbringing.Since he is from the countryside, he has a deep knowledge of plants, and as the business of The Dungeon of Black Company expands, he begins to develop products using medicinal herbs.
Kinou Shea
Voice- Megumi Toda[4]
A female employee who is a brave man in the Reisach mining industry.At the original ruins, he was called "the return of the brave" because he controlled the deepest part of the labyrinth in exchange for 185 injured people, and he was called the "ultimate company slave" because he was happy to work for the company. Will be done.His father is an adventurer who has been called the "worst adventurer" after conquering labyrinths around the world and has been persecuted with his mother by those who have lost his job.Therefore, he feels a great deal of gratitude to the Reisach mining industry, which has helped out of the poor conditions, and his motto is to work until his death.
After moving to the Detmold branch, he will form a party with Kinji and others assigned to the same department.Even though he is regarded as a monster by putting a sting on the company's system and even obeying the monster, he is taken a picture of being with the monster while being defeated by Lim and detained, and is forcibly drawn into the Labyrinth Black Company.
Voice- M ・ A ・ O[4]
A witch boy whom Kinji met when he was blown away by the future Amria.Raised as a shrine maiden to serve a brave manMan's daughterTherefore, he deliberately takes actions that make people misunderstand him as a woman.
He likes Kinji summoned as a hero and begins to act together.I hate the gloomy Marcia air.
Voice- Atsushi Tamaru
A male adventurer belonging to the Reisach Mining Exploration Division 3.
Voice- Kanako Sakuragi
Kurz party member.
Voice- Chiharu Sawashiro
Kurz party member.
Voice- Takuya Nakajima
Kurz party member.
 Belza Schubach
Voice- Satomi Satomi[5]
A female executive who serves as the labyrinth director of the Detmold branch of the Reisach mining industry.A person who embodies the black side of the Reisach mining industry, a devil who forces the end people to work poorly and hard for the benefit of the company.The strength of self-revealing desire is not average, such as building one's own statue in the garden of a brainwashing educational institution, or building one's own giant statue like the Statue of Liberty in the future.Field workers mining in the labyrinth are disposable, brainwashing-educated employees buy their own statues, and brave men are willing to say that they are sacrifices to the genie. Don't do anything crazy. He is known in the future as the person who caused the world to fall into the danger of extinction 300 years later.It's unclear how long it will be, but it seems that her leadership in Reisach was the beginning of the end of the world, and she was classing up from the worst boss to the worst manager.
Fau Barhara
Voice- Mariya Ise
A young woman working in Kubera Finance.He lends money to Kinji Ninomiya, who has just arrived in another world, Amria, and is urging him to repay it.
Goblin boss
Voice- Takagi Wataru
Mining team leader.
Pig instructor
Voice- Takumi Yamazaki
Employee training instructor.
Labyrinth Ali A / General Ant
Voice- Matsuoka Teijo
A monster that lives in the Detmold mine ruins.One of a herd of labyrinth ants.He was first involved in Kinji's storytelling, and then coup d'etat to improve the working environment with a number of similarly involved labor ants. In the future 1 years later, he will grow up as a monster, be promoted to Deputy General Ant, Deputy Chief of the Demon King Army, and work at "General Ant Farm" as a member of the Demon King Army.He spoke fluently in human languages ​​that he couldn't do before, and introduced the working style of a white company that Kinji taught him a long time ago, but due to lack of competition, Sabori was rampant and the workplace was not working well.We welcome Kinji who appeared in the future and ask him to consult with us.Then, "General Ant Farm" was renamed to "The Dungeon of Black Company the Future" and the structural reform of the workplace was carried out (slightly black), and Kinji became the Deputy Chief of the Demon King Army Division and the Deputy Chief of the New Business Development Office. Inaugurate.Kinji said that it is better to be on the Demon King side than to be on the human side who is compelling relief, and that it is more efficient to be on the Demon King side to meet the Demon King. It became a factor to give up.
Labyrinth ant queen
Voice- Kikuko Inoue
The queen who controls the labyrinth ants, a monster that lives in a large herd at the Detmold mine ruins.Taking advantage of the fact that the genie Rim disappeared and the labyrinth became thin, he was aiming to advance to the ground by overworking his subordinate ants, but Kinji entangled most of his subordinates.After that, he tried to crush Kinji with his own hands and try to reverse the situation, but he was afraid of the rim that appeared there, and he admired Kinji who was tame the rim, and all of them fell under his umbrella.As a result, Kinji suddenly gained power and decided to take over the Reisach industry by organizing the Dungeon of Black Company.
Voice- Fukumatsu Shinsa
The head of the city of Marcia.He pointed a gun at Kinji, who was summoned to the future as a savior, and forced the world to be rescued.
Voice- Volcano Ota
General Ant Farm employee.
Low Gain
Voice- Masanori Machida
Clearing business director.
Power ash
Voice- Sayaka Ohara
Director of special suppression business.
Zex Haller
Voice- Shinichiro Miki
Director of financial and government assistance business.
Voice- Miyu Tomita
Voice- Izawa Shiori
Business woman
Voice- Sanae Fuku
A mage who is said to have been a companion to the hero of the dragon slayer.

the term

A different world that is the stage of this work.Not only humans but also subhumans and monsters inhabit.Magic stoneModernization has progressed through the use of energy derived from ore called, and a civilization comparable to the modern society before the transition of Kinji has been constructed during the period of work.
Makou Ruins
A popular name for a magic stone mining mine that was once called a dungeon.In the olden days, it was a place where adventurers seeking wealth and fame challenged monsters in search of treasure, but when magic stones began to be used as an energy source, they will be managed by the state and its licensed companies.
A creature that lives inside the labyrinth.It sustains life with demons and basically does not require eating or drinking, with the exception of rims.There are also intelligent monsters, and Kinji uses them to establish and develop the Labyrinth Black Company through exchanges and intimidation.
A monster called the Lord of the Labyrinth.It is the core of the labyrinth, and maintains the labyrinth by ingesting demons from the surroundings.
Reisach Mining (Reisach Kogyo)
A huge company where Kinji works.A corporation whose pillars are the distribution and sale of magic stones, their research and development, and mining and exploration in the labyrinth.Although it is the largest in the industry, it has one aspect of a black company, such as providing brainwashing education so that end workers work long hours without rest and excellent employees are also served as company slaves.
Search Department (Tansakubu)
A department that earns more than 7% of Reisach's profits.As the name suggests, there are departments with various roles, from the department that mainly works in the labyrinth, to the department that destroys monsters and develops the labyrinth like a former adventurer, to the department that performs various miscellaneous tasks.
Hero (Yusha)
Ace employees who bring profits to the company with high fighting ability.It has a high amount of magical power without exception, but it is recognized by the company as a sacrifice dedicated to the genie to maintain the labyrinth.
The Dungeon of Black Company (Meiku Black Company)
Kinji, who was completely desperate for Reisach's black constitution, started up with the goal of taking over the company.The members include monsters such as labyrinth ants.

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Television Animation

From 2021 monthTOKYO MXBroadcasting elsewhere[4][13].

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song

HOWL BE QUIETOpening theme by.Written and composed by Kota Takenawa, arranged by Kota TakenawaTakuya Watanabe& HOWL BE QUIET.
"World is Mine"[14]
HambledersThe ending theme by. Lyrics areMutsumuro Akira, Composed by Humbreaders, arranged by Humbreaders.

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorTotal drawing directorFirst broadcast date
Episode 1Welcome to the world of company slavesAkao DekoGoichi IwahataMinato Mirai
  • Rie Furuya
  • Yumeryu
  • Mitsuaki Hori
Yuki Sawairi2021
May 7
Episode 2Impossible BattleMizuka Saito
  • Saori Nakashiki
  • Tomoyuki Kameda
  • Saki Hisamatsu
  • Mayumi Funakoshi
  • Rie Furuya
May 7
Episode 3Fun training for our employeesMaika ShizuharaYuji IbeYuji Ibe
  • Saori Nakashiki
  • Tomoyuki Kameda
  • Ando Kawara
  • Mayumi Funakoshi
  • Yumeryu
May 7
Episode 4Crazy death marchFujio InahoHiroshi Yoneda
  • Ando Kawara
  • Rie Furuya
  • Mayumi Funakoshi
  • Wataru Haraguchi
  • Moe Matsuda
  • Kyohei Yamamoto
  • Shoko Naoki
  • Yuki Sawairi
May 7
Episode 5TransferAkao DekoHiromitsu KanazawaMitsusaki Nishimoto
  • Ando Kawara
  • Tomoyuki Kameda
  • Mitsusaki Nishimoto
May 8
Episode 6There is strong shadow where there is much light.Watanabe ShinichiMasamune Hirata
  • Yuki Sawairi
  • Kiyotaka Takezawa
  • Rie Furuya
  • Kyohei Yamamoto
  • Mizue Ogawa
  • Shoko Naoki
  • Tomoya Ohira
  • Bright light
  • Huang Feng
  • Yang Guofu
  • Yu Hui Hai
  • Pile new 华
  • Chen Feng
  • 陈 洁琼
May 8
Episode 7Return to WorkGoichi Iwahata
  • Takahiro Nakatsugawa
  • Ryuta Imaizumi
  • Yuki Sawairi
  • Rie Furuya
  • Ando Kawara
  • Mizue Ogawa
  • Takahiro Nakatsugawa
  • Ryuta Imaizumi
  • Kazutaka Kawamoto
  • Seika Shibasaki
  • Tomomi Takanashi
  • Shigenori Taniguchi
May 8
Episode 8Crazy weaponMaika ShizuharaYuji Ibe
  • Ando Kawara
  • Shoko Naoki
  • Takahiro Nakatsugawa
  • Mayumi Funakoshi
  • Yumeryu
  • Kyohei Yamamoto
  • Wang Min
  • Zhou Jian
  • Zhao Ogawa
  • Ginger wisdom
May 8
Episode 9Quiet FortAkao DekoShin Matsuo
  • Yuji Ibe
  • Yamato Ouchi
  • Mayumi Funakoshi
  • Rie Furuya
  • Hiroya Kamakura
  • Takahiro Nakatsugawa
  • Wang Min
  • Zhou Jian
  • Zhao Ogawa
  • Ginger wisdom
  • Liu winter winter
  • Lee Wei Feng
  • studio gram
May 9
Episode 10New dungeon paradiseMaika ShizuharaShibakubo
  • Yamato Ouchi
  • Minato Mirai
  • Yuki Sawairi
  • Rie Furuya
  • Minami Otsuki
  • Hyugaji Ikuaki
  • Shoko Naoki
  • Shinpei Aoki
  • Atsushi Watanabe
  • Minoru Nakagawa
  • Kazutaka Kawamoto
  • Ryuta Imaizumi
  • tofu
  • Shimizu Ryota
  • Wang Min
  • Zhou Jian
  • Zhao Ogawa
  • Ginger wisdom
  • Liu winter winter
  • Lee Wei Feng
May 9


Japanese TV / Broadcast period and time[13]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [15] Remarks
October 2021, 7- Friday 22:30-23:00 TOKYO MX Tokyo
October 2021, 7- Saturday 3:05-3:35 (Friday midnight) TV Aichi Aichi
October 2021, 7- Sunday 2:30-3:00 (Saturday midnight) Asahi Broadcasting TV Kinki wide area "ANiMAZiNG2 !!!"frame
Sunday 22:00-22:30 AT-X All over Japan CS broadcasting / Subtitled broadcasting[16] / With repeat broadcast
October 2021, 7- Wednesday 0:00-0:30 (Tuesday midnight) BS Nippon Television All over Japan Production participation / BS/BS 4K broadcast /Anime nimuchu"frame
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and time[13]
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site
2021/7/9Updated Friday 22:00 d anime store
After May 2021, 7 Undecided


rollRelease date[17]Recording storyStandard product number
1Scheduled for December 2021, 9Episode 1-Episode 4KAXA-8211KABA-11091
2Scheduled for December 2021, 10Episode 5-Episode 8KAXA-8212KABA-11092
3Scheduled for December 2021, 11Episode 9-Episode 12KAXA-8213KABA-11093


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