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📺 | Furious at the serial drama starring Shibatar Sexy Zone and Fuma Kikuchi "Eh, lie, that's it?"

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Furious at the serial drama starring Shibatar Sexy Zone Kikuchi Fuma "Eh, lie, that's it?"

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In terms of acting, it was higher than Ike Nwala, Daichi Watanabe, and Fuma Kikuchi (who are appearing), "Shibatar said.

Popular YouTuber Shibatar (XNUMX) is Fuma Kikuchi (XNUMX ...) from Johnny's idol group "Sexy Zone". → Continue reading

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Daichi Watanabe

Daichi Watanabe(Watanabe Daichi,1990 May 8 -) isJapan Ofミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ン,An actor,Film director[1].rock band-Black cat chelsea Ofvocal.

HyogoKobe CityI'm fromTokyo Zokei UniversityGraduated from the Department of Design, Film Major[2][3].Sony Music ArtistsBelongs. My cousinThe 50 RevolutionsDanny[4].


Music activity

2007 , A rock band while in high schoolBlack cat chelseaFormed and served as vocal,2010 Made a major debut with the released mini album "Cat Pack".2018 I stopped activity in October[5].

Actor activity

2009 September, movie "Color instantlyWas selected as the leading role from 2000 people while having no acting experience, and made his debut as an actor in the same film released in August of the same year.[6].. In this acting33th Japan Academy AwardReceived the New Actor Award. I saw this workJun MiuraとLily FrankyAccording to him, "I can't tell you because I'm a virgin" and "I can't do it by acting."[7].

2011 January,NHK OfContinuous tv novel"Carnation"soSerial dramaFirst appeared in.

2015 July, stage "Men's Let's Lagon] Starred in the first stage.

Produced as a university graduation work in November 2015PFF AwardReceived the jury special award in 2014Motors] Also debuted as a movie director[8].

July 2021, TV drama "In love with Itaike』First starring in a terrestrial serial drama[9].



TV drama

Delivery drama





  • Continuous web drama "That fire will come. ]-ENEOS (January 2020)[56]


  • NHK Mirai Television 60 "Weather Information" (2013)[57]



  • Motors(Published November 2015, 11)-Director, scriptwriter, editor[8]



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