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🤖 | "The Irregular at Magic High School", 10th Anniversary!Completely new animation PV released


"The Irregular at Magic High School", 10th Anniversary!Completely new animation PV released

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In commemoration of the writer life of Tsutomu Sato and the 10th anniversary of the "The Irregular at Magic High School" series, Kana Ishida, who is in charge of the illustration at Dengeki Bunko "The Irregular at Magic High School", has drawn a commemorative illustration. , A commemorative logo has also been produced.

Dengeki Bunko's "The Irregular at Magic High School" series (written by Tsutomu Sato, illustrated by Kana Ishida) has reached its 10th anniversary ... → Continue reading

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Commemorative illustration

Tsutomu Sato

Tsutomu Sato(Sato Tsutomu)Japan OfLight novel writer.


2008 から2011 In betweenemployeeAside from life,Tsutomu SatoIn the name of (Sato Tsutomu)Online novelTheNovel posting site"Let's become a novelistPost with.Since I was a kid, I've loved building fictional worlds in my head, but the motivation for writing novels started when I started reading web fiction.[1].. 16stDengeki Novel Award(2009 ) UnpublishedSFAnother workPen nameHave experience posting in[2]..In addition, in December 2011, the posting siteAccountIs deleted[3], Currently not available for viewing.

In October 2011Irregular at Magic High School"Dengeki BunkoPublished from and made a commercial debut.I'm still an office workerPart-time writer[4].

"Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE』Vol.28 (November 2012 issue) to Vol.11 (September 33 issue) will be serialized for the first time in the magazine (added to the 2013th volume of" The Irregular at Magic High School ").


JuvenileIn an interview by science fiction researcher Mii Mimura, classic science fiction andSonorama CollectionIt is said that the influence from SF Juvenile is strong.In the writerDream Pillow Tapir,Kikuchi Hideyuki, My favorite novel mentions Kikuchi's "Invader Summer"[5].

In the postscript of Volume 7 of "The Irregular at Magic High School", from the standpoint of "obsolete entertainment novel writing"ShowaIt's a level that is neither unusual nor radical in the era, but it was probably an adventure for a light novel. "Juvenile writer who has been lateHe admits that he draws in an old style, such as calling it.

As a writing style, the type that finishes the text after first thinking about the composition, synopsis, scene you want to write, etc.[6]..If you are aware of the character limit, you can keep it within the range, but if you do not need to be aware of it, you tend to squeeze in the contents.[7]..Since I was an amateur, I was quick to write, and while working in my main business, I was writing at a pace close to four paperback books per year.After debut, we also provide original comicalized works in parallel.[8].


My childhood dream wasSpacerocketDeveloper orSpace developmentOf the projectInvestorWas to become[1]..According to the author profile of the paperback edition "The Irregular at Magic High School", he was born in a rural area of ​​Japan, and when he was a boy, he was domestically produced and overseas.Space operaIn his youth (until employment)FantasyとMysterious novelIt is said that he was devoted to.

Although detailed profiles such as birthplace and date of birth have not been released, ""Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE Vol.31 May 2013 issue Writing team Instead of a postscript ... A word when changing seats "in high schoolBoys' schoolIt was revealed that he was attending.

"It's a very neat person, and his personality is reflected in his style." "It seems that there is a family word in science fiction," said the editor in charge.Kazuma MikiIs talking[9].

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