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🎥 | "Rurouni Kenshin" En (Mackenyu Nitta) and Tomoe (Kasumi Arimura), what connects siblings ...


What connects "Rurouni Kenshin" En (Mackenyu Nitta), Tomoe (Kasumi Arimura), and siblings ...

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It is said that fans who watched Mackenyu Nitta's Instagram, Rurouni Kenshin's official Twitter account, and Instagram have been impressed.

The movie "Rurouni Kenshin Final Chapter The Final / The Beginni ..." starring actor Takeru Sato → Continue reading

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Kenshin Official Twitter

Nitta Shinken

Mackenyu Nitta(Mackenyu Arata,Mackenyu, 1996<8>May 11[5][6] -) isAmericaとJapan OfAn actor.. Real name:Maeda Mackenyu(Before Mackenyu)[1].

My fatherShinichi Chiba, My brotherAtsushi Maeda, Half-sisterJuri Mase, My uncleJaburo Yabuki.


The United States of AmericaCaliforniaSanta MonicaBorn as the eldest son of Sonny Chiba[7][8]..Since childhoodkarate(Kokushin Kaikan)・Mechanical gymnastics-水 泳-ピ ア ノWas open to the practice of[9]..As for karate, he has the ability to win the LA karate tournament.[2][7].2005 OfTV drama"Astro team』, Chiba starred and directed2007Moviefather]A childHowever, until he graduated from high school with priority on his studiesHollywoodLive in[4].

2012From the movies "SPACE MAN" "Take a Chance-American inner disciple-" in the United States[10][11][12]] OrShort filmCrank up the appearance works of "TADAIMA" and "CALIFORNIA LIFE"[9]..As of 2014, these are being released sequentially only in the United States.

2014 OfMay 2With ChibaUmemiya Tatsuo"Big Care TV" (Big Care TV)EX) Then he was beckoned to Chiba and jumped in to participate in the recording.May 5At the special preview of the movie "Kabukicho Haisukuru" in which Chiba appeared nationwide, although he did not appear, he took the stage with Chiba and gathered a lot of attention.[13][14].Yahoo!Because it ranked high every day even in the search rising word ofMay 4からFuji Television Network, Inc Of情报Entertainment shows"Viking]Jumping high kickSugi boardTrial split,HakamaIn appearanceSwordAnd appeared for 25 consecutive days until the 4th[14][15][16].. same year,Asai PlanningBelonging to and started performing arts activities in Japan[Annotation 1]..The reason why he started working in Japan instead of the United States where he was born is that "Hollywood has many tasty adults, and even if they are over 60 years old, they can play the leading role. Japan and the United States are the opposite, so I can leave a work in this year. I thought it was Japan. "[18].

In 2017, the movie ``Chihayafuru -Upper phrase- / -Lower phrase-"so,Newcomer Actor Award at the 40th Japan Academy AwardsWon[19].. July 5 of the same yearTop coatTransferred the affiliated office to.Arata Wataya, who played in the movie, became an opportunity to aspire to play, so the original authorYuki SuetsuguGet one letter from the role name with the permission of[20], Stage nameMackenyu NittaRenamed to (Arata Mackenyu)[21].

2020May 12, To prioritize the shooting of overseas movies20214Is the agencyTop coatIt was reported that he would leave the company and suspend his acting activities in Japan.[22][23]..The fan club will continue to operate separately from the top court.[23].


Mackenyu's name is his fatherShinichi ChibaWas named with the idea that "I want you to take the true sword and go out to the right of others."[8].. Special skill is 水 泳-horse riding-Sword-karate-wrestling-gymnastics-water polo-Ski-ピ ア ノ-Flute alto saxophone[2].

My childhood dream was "American besides actorsPolice officer,LawyerI wanted to be, "he said in his photo book.

To keep your teeth whiteteaI try to refrain from colored drinks such as soft drinks and soft drinks.Now loosen this rule,tapiocaI'm also addicted to it.

YouTuber group "AvantisIn a private friendship, he appeared only in the voice in the AVNTIS video in November 2019, and collaborated in the video on March 11, 2021.

Before shooting the movie "Chihayafuru", I lived in Fukui prefecture for a short time under the direction of the director.While living, I also experienced a part-time job at a yakiniku restaurant.By the way, he cried when cranking up, but he seems to have never cried when cranking up.


■TaiziIs the star.


Short film

  • TADAIMA- starring
  • CALIFORNIA LIFE- starring

TV drama

WEB drama

Theater animation


  • Boys Over Flowers(January 2016-1, 5, Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel & Hall-January 24, 2016, Aichi Prefectural Art Theater Large Hall-February 1-28, 2016, Sankei Hall Breeze-February 2, 6 Sun-7th,Theater CLIE Others)-Soujirou Nishikado
  • Earth gorgeousPerformance vol.15 ZEROTOPIA (April 2018, 4)- Atlas role
  • Earth Gorgeous 2020th Anniversary Festival Performance "Tears Falling on the Land of the Stars THE MUSICAL" (March 3, 10-April 4, 13,Maihama Amphitheater / 5th-3th September,Festival Hall)- Orca[51]


Travel/travel program




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注 釈

  1. ^ father·Shinichi ChibaWith the movie "noiseWill appear indirected by OfTsutomu SekineAsai Kikaku, to which Sekine belongsManaging directorVisited Chiba to greet him, and at that time, Chiba consulted with Mackenyu about his entertainment activities in Japan, and the managing directorAsai PlanningAsked to belong to, decided[17].


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