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🤖 | UNIQLO UT "Jujutsu Kaisen" What is the key to wearing Gojo Satoru T coolly?XNUMX Recommended Outfits


UNIQLO UT "Jujutsu Kaisen" What is the key to wearing Gojo Satoru T coolly?XNUMX Recommended Outfits

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So, I had experience working in a fashion magazine on how to dress fashionably, and I asked Yui Hoshikawa, who also likes 2D, to teach me how to dress!

UT with the motif of the anime "Jujutsu Kaisen", which has also decided the release date of "Theatrical Version Jujutsu Kaisen 0", which is the day before the anime ... → Continue reading


Another dimension space magazine "numan" for Kodawari girls.
Information for Kodawari girls who love manga, anime, games, 2D novels, and 2.5D stages and dramas will be posted at any time!

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fashion magazine

fashion magazine(Fashion style)FashionTreat as the main thememagazine.

Fashion began to be regularly reported in the early 19th centuryFranceIn. The journal Journal de Dam e et Maud was its pioneering magazine, but in 1829Duchess of BerryWith the help of, "La Maud" was launched, and with the participation of intellectuals such as Balzac in the writing team, it became a representative of French fashion magazines. At the end of the 19th century, "Journal de la Vis literaire" became the centerpiece of French fashion magazines.[1].

The foundation of the fashion magazine that continues today was founded in 1867 in the United States.Harpers BazaarAnd also published in the United States in 1893,Vogue]. Both magazines are still the most influential fashion magazines in the world and are published in many countries.

Fashion magazines in Japan

Fashion is of great interest to Japanese women, and many fashion magazines are published due to fashion trends, ages, living and income levels and the resulting fashion trends by reader. In recent years, it has been said that it is a well-established women's fashion magazineOlive''(Magazine house) Or ``mc sister(The Women's Pictorial Company at the time, nowHurst Women's Pictorial) Published one after another. "Ef"(SHUFUNOTOMO) Has moved to digital media in some cases.

Also, fashion magazines in JapanOutfitIt started with imitation and tie-up of Western fashion magazines, which is the birthplace ofEuropeanismとWesternizationStrongly influenced byモデルToBlondeBlue eyes OfWhiteThere are many things that I position as a typical beauty,WesternOf expressioncultureSome magazines have a strong tendency to praise. The history of Japanese fashion magazines began with "Costume culture" (first published in 1934) and "Le Charmant" (first published in 1935).SonoIt was said that it was established in "Anne" (first published in 1936).[2]In the 1980s, fashion magazines for women began to rise, and depending on the reader's target and fashion preferences, mode,Red alphabet,Blue alphabet, A wide variety of genres such as black letters, and many magazines centered on Japanese models such as red letters[3].


The main isMonthly magazineからQuarterly magazineIt is an introduction of how to dress according to the trend at the pace of.Full-body clothing, individual items (which can be called a catalog), hairstyles and makeup are represented by photographs of various people such as models, entertainers, and readers, with captions that explain the products.Also, if the main concept is a collection plate in the mode system, or street fashionStreet snapIs used.

Although it is classified as a fashion magazine for a while, in the case of women's magazines, reviews of romance, fortune telling, music, etc.,dietSuch as beauty, interior, career, childcare, money management, cookingRecipes, Travel and small itemsappendixIt contains information and entertainment elements that are useful in real life. However, on the other hand, it is not uncommon to post radical, unsubstantiated, false information, or sloppy texts so much as to motivate consumers to motivate consumers, and to receive criticism from the public.[4]

Creation of fashion

Not only clothes and ornaments,LifestyleThere are also many fashion magazines that cover all aspects. 『AnnonAnd established a domestic tour for women who were not the traditional see-and-see type.an ・ an"non-no, Etc. had a great influence on women's youth culture. Women's fashion magazines are increasingly demanding practicability specialized in fashion information due to the end of the bubble, the prolonged recession, and diversification of information sources, but men's fashion magazines tend to emphasize articles and cultural articles. stand out. Younger than fashion articles and gravureOffice workerBusiness know-how articles that tie up advertising tie-ups forGQ JAPAN], on the contrary,Car magazineHowever, many pages are also devoted to fashion articles.SHIPSThere is also a magazine like (discontinued). "A little bad guy"Middle-aged men's fashion magazine known for style proposals such asLEON] (Shufu and Seikatsusha) are trying to create fashion trends that go beyond simple fashion to style and lifestyle.

2000 eraIt is said that while the diversification of fashion has progressed, the print media in general have been in poor condition.[By whom?]2006Current,Punk fashion,Street fashion,Mode systemAlthough some magazines that give out individuality and sharp sense have strong support, as a whole, there is an increasing tendency to emphasize fashion that accepts pragmatic heterosexuality (referred to as ``'') in both male and female magazines. ing. It has overwhelming strength in the category of fashion magazines for women in their late teens and twentiesCanCam] Is its representative, and in recent years it was its exclusive modelOshikiri Moe,Yuri EbiharaThe clothes worn by the magazine had the influence of being sold out immediately.[5].

The magazine specializes in limited clothes such as kimono, lolita, and outdoor, and magazines on beauty, fitness, hairstyle, makeup, and nails.

Some monthly women's magazines weigh more than 1 kg, but in recent years, a "small version" that is easy to hold has also been released at the same time.[6].

Yearly record

  • 1867 The United States of Americaso"Harper's BAZAAR] First issue.
  • 1893 In the United StatesVogue] First issue.
  • 1905 "Lady pictorial] First issue.Doppo KunikidaWas published as the first editor-in-chief and is the oldest women's general magazine in Japan.
  • 1936 Chiyo UnoLaunches Japan's first fashion magazine "Style" from Jiji Shinposha (later Style)[7].. Cover pictureTsuguharu Fujita, The title isSeiji Togo.. Fixed price 20 sen. Of all 32 pages, 16 were for Western clothing, 4 for men, 8 for kimono, and 4 for makeup.[8]. same year,"Sono] Is the first issue. Back thenDressmakingHis personality as a professional magazine was strong.
  • 1949 "Dress making] First issue. same year,JapanThe first men's fashion magazine "Dress』Is published by Yosousha.
  • 1950 The men's fashion magazine "" was launched by Style Publishing.
  • 1955 Men's fashion magazineMEN'S CLUB] First issue.
  • 1958 "Household pictorial] First issue.
  • 1960 "High fashion] First issue.
  • 1969 Published since 1966Hidee MoriPR magazine "Mori Hidee Fashion News"Communication] Is launched as a fashion magazine.
  • 1971 "non-no] First issue. "Special feature on travel"motherWith (Anne)AnnonCause a phenomenon.
  • 1971 "POPEYE] First issue. It was a catalog-like practical content that set it apart from conventional men's magazines.
  • 1975 "JJ] First issue.NeutraIs a national trend.
  • 1980 era A series of fashion magazines (including Japanese versions of famous overseas fashion magazines) that emphasize visuals (editorial design such as fashion photography), which are expected to generate advertising revenue due to the expansion of consumption during the bubble period, will be launched one after another.
  • 1994 Along with the recession, the number of fashion information magazines focusing on detailed information on clothing has increased, and the art fashion magazine "Jap" was launched as an antithesis, but it was closed due to the bankruptcy of the publisher.[9].

List of major fashion magazines

Each publisher publishes popular fashion-specific magazines by style (commonly called taste, ○○ series), age and lifestyle, and the impressions that are currently generally recognized are as follows.macroHowever, since it is based on the metaphysical/abstract concept, its recognition is different, and no distinct features have been established. For example, they tend to be generally contradictorycasualとConservatorIn the event of the fashion or the intention of the magazine,casualEven a specialized magazineConservatorThere is also the introduction of fashion that corresponds to the gray zone.

For Women

The following is a list of women's fashion magazines that have been distributed in bookstores and have gained some recognition. Fashion magazine type mail order catalogs that are not distributed to retail stores are excluded.

ageGenreNamePublisherPlace of publicationFirst year of publicationYears of suspension/discontinuationRemarks
Children's wearmariaAnge PublishingOsaka2003.07Under publication
Children's wearNico☆PetitShinchosha Co., Ltd.Tokyo2006.09Under publication
11 - 15TeenPichi LemonGakken plusTokyo1986.042015.10
TeennicolaShinchosha Co., Ltd.Tokyo1997.12Under publication
TeenLove berryTokuma bookstoreTokyo2001.122017.12.20The publication was suspended in March 2012, but reissued in January 3.
16 -High teenELLE girlHurst Women's PictorialTokyo2006 Spring SummerUnder publication
High teenSEVENTEEN (Seventeen)ShueishaTokyo1968Under publication
ス ト リ ー ト-Urahara systemCUTiETreasure IslandTokyo19892015.8.11
ス ト リ ー ト-Urahara systemJILLEFutabashaTokyo2001.102014.3
ス ト リ ー ト-Urahara systemminiTreasure IslandTokyoFall/Winter 1999Under publication
ス ト リ ー ト-Urahara systemSEDAHinode PublishingTokyo1991Under publication
ス ト リ ー ト-Urahara systemZipperShodenshaTokyo19932017.12
ス ト リ ー ト(English edition)Street editing roomTokyo1997.07(2017.12)Transition to irregular publication
ス ト リ ー トSTREETStreet editing roomTokyo1985Under publication
Punk and othersKERAJack mediaTokyo1998Under publication
casualan・anMagazine houseTokyo1970.03Under publication
casualarShufutoseikatsushaTokyo1995.07Under publication
Ilios; Kotsu TimesOsaka; Tokyo2003.02Under publication
WN Corporation; Yamano PublishingNagoya; Tokyo2000 winterUnder publication(Regional only) Tokai, Kansai, and Kyushu are available. Tokai version is renewed as "NAGOYA GIRL"
Children's wearAsahi Shimbun PublishingTokyo1975Under publicationFirst issue: Ladies' Life Company (1975-2003.01)
Wedding25ans Wedding (Vinsan Kang -)Hurst Women's PictorialTokyo1986Under publicationPrevious Magazine: The Wedding, FG MOOK
WeddingZexyRecruitmentTokyo1993Under publicationVersion varies by region
WeddingZexy PremierRecruitmentTokyoUnknownUnder publicationIt was "Zexy Anero" until 2013.
KimonoWorld CultureTokyo1980Under publicationFamily Pictorial Special
KimonoBeautiful kimonoHurst Women's PictorialTokyo1953Under publicationFG MOOK
KimonoNanaoPresidentTokyo2004.9Under publication
lingerieK's Factory: Nissan IPSTokyo; Tokyo1994.04Under publication
Early 20s-casualTreasure IslandTokyo2003.03Under publication
casualminaSHUFUNOTOMOTokyo2001.03Under publication
casualnon-noShueishaTokyo1971.05Under publication
casualIndex CommunicationsTokyo2001Under publication
casualSPRiNG (spring)Treasure IslandTokyo1996Under publication
casualsweetTreasure IslandTokyo1999.03Under publication
surferFineHinode PublishingTokyo1978Under publication
GaleggOcean booksTokyo19952014.5
GalPopteenKadokawa Haruki OfficeTokyo1980.01Under publication
GalS Cawaii!SHUFUNOTOMOTokyo2000.10Under publication
GalBLENDAKadokawa Haruki OfficeTokyo2003.09Under publication
GalRanzukiBunkashaTokyo2000.09Under publicationPrevious magazine: I love rankings
GalJELLYBunkashaTokyo2006Under publication
GalHappie nutsCat publishingTokyo2004.11Under publicationFirst issueIn forestから
GalSmall devil agehaTransmediaTokyo2005.10Under publicationIt was published by Inforest, but after being suspended, it is transferred to the current publisher.
GalI LOVE mamaIn forestTokyo2008.92014.3
Older sister / Red wordJJKobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.Tokyo1975Under publication
Older sister / Red wordCanCamShogakukanTokyo1981Under publication
Older sister / Red wordViViKodanshaTokyo1983.05Under publication
Older sister / Red wordRaySHUFUNOTOMOTokyo1988Under publication
Older sister / Red wordPINKYShueishaTokyo2004.102010.02
20 feeOLMOREShueishaTokyo1977Under publication
OLwithKodanshaTokyo1981.08Under publication
OLSteady.Treasure IslandTokyo2006.11Under publication
Luxury/Mode25ansHurst Women's PictorialTokyo1980.04Under publication
modeSonoCulture Publishing BureauTokyo1936Under publication
modeHigh FashionCulture Publishing BureauTokyo1960 summer2010.04
modeGINZAMagazine houseTokyo1997.03Under publication
modeSPURShueishaTokyo1989.11Under publication
modeFUDGESanei ShoboTokyo2002Under publicationMany white models are used
modeCLUELTHE BOOKS PublishingTokyo2014Under publicationMany white models are used
Mode / Overseas magazineNuméro TOKYOFusoshaTokyo2007.02Under publication(Japan version)
Mode / Overseas magazineNumberGroupe Alain AyacheFrance1998Under publication
Mode / Overseas magazineELLE japonHurst Women's PictorialTokyo1989.07Under publication(Japan version)
Mode / Overseas magazineELLEHachette Filipacchi MédiasFrance1945Under publication
Mode / Overseas magazineVOGUE NIPPON / VOGUE JAPANCondenast JapanTokyo1999.07Under publication(Japan version)
Mode / Overseas magazineVOGUECondé Nast PublicationsAmerica1892Under publication
Mode / Overseas magazineNYLON JAPANTransmediaTokyo2004Under publication(Japan version)
Mode / Overseas magazineNYLONNylon Holding Inc.America1998Under publication
Mode / Overseas magazinemarie claireHachette Women's PictorialTokyo1982.072009.09(Japanese version, general release)
Mode / Overseas magazinemarie claire styleCentral public opinion new companyTokyo2013.07Under publicationNewsletter (Yomiuri ShimbunSubscriber benefits)
Mode / Overseas magazineMarie ClaireGroupe Marie ClaireFrance1937Under publication
Mode / Overseas magazineHarper's BAZAARHB JapanTokyo20002010.12(Japan version)
Mode / Overseas magazineHarper's BAZAARHurst Women's PictorialTokyo2013.09Under publicationrepublication
Mode / Overseas magazineHarper's BAZAARHearst CorporationAmerica1867Under publication
Mode/CollectionGap JapanTokyo1994.11Under publicationThere are multiple types
Mode/CollectionINFAS PublicationsTokyo1989Under publication
Mode/Collection[10]Maude mode company[11]Tokyo1946Under publication
Late 20s-Mode / Celebrity SnapTransmediaTokyo2004Under publication
Late 20s-Mode / Celebrity SnapGISELeSHUFUNOTOMOTokyo2005.10Under publication
Late 20s-OLBeautiful flowerKadokawa Haruki OfficeTokyo2005.10Under publication
Late 20s-OLGLAMOROUSKodanshaTokyo20052013.07
Late 20s-OLAneCanShogakukanTokyo2007.032016.11
Late 20s-OLOggiShogakukanTokyo1991Under publication
Late 20s-OLGINGERGentoshaTokyo2009.05Under publication
Late 20s-OLBAILAShueishaTokyo2001.06Under publication
Late 20s-LadyWind OLMISS Home Painting Report / MISS / MISS plus+World CultureTokyo19882013.12
Late 20s-LadyWind OLCLASSY.Kobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.Tokyo1984Under publication
30 feeHousewifeVERYKobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.Tokyo1995.06Under publication
HousewifeLEEShueishaTokyo1982Under publication
DomaniShogakukanTokyo1997.01Under publication
40 feePreciousShogakukanTokyo2004.03Under publication
MarisolShueishaTokyo2007.03Under publication
STORYKobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.Tokyo2002.12Under publication
MrsCulture Publishing BureauTokyo1961Under publication
50 feeHousehold pictorialWorld CultureTokyo1958.03Under publication
Lady pictorialHurst Women's PictorialTokyo1905Under publication
eclatShueishaTokyo2007.09Under publication
Kobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.Tokyo2008.04Under publication
WakaShogakukanTokyo2001Under publication
COSMOPOLITANHearst CorporationAmerica1886Under publication
COSMOPOLITANShueishaTokyo1983.062006.02(Japan version)
11 15CANDyHakusenshaTokyo2001.062006.03
Petit SevenShogakukanTokyo1978.012002.03
Hana*chu → (Hanachu)SHUFUNOTOMOTokyo2003.052011.05
10 feemc SisterHachette Women's PictorialTokyo1976.062002.02
OliveMagazine houseTokyo19822003.08
bisKobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.Tokyo2001.082006.08Effectively integrated into "JJ"
Hachette Women's PictorialTokyo19952005
Tokyo street news!GakkenTokyo19942000.09Following magazine: Stonew
VingtaineHachette Women's PictorialTokyo1989.102007.12
Dress makingKamakura ShoboTokyo19491993.05
etc.Kamakura ShoboTokyo1976.061994.12Other names: Junior style, Junie
FusoshaTokyo1995.042005.07Previous Magazine: Dressmaking Junior Style (Kamakura Shobo)
CommunicationINFAS PublicationsTokyo19662008.01As of 2014, published at the end of the quarterly magazine "WWD MAGAZINE" with the title "Fashion News"
Shinko MusicTokyo20022010.03
16 -ス ト リ ー ト-Urahara systemPS Pretty StyleShogakukanTokyo2002.042011.12
10s-ElteenModern movie companyTokyo19812005
ChouChouKadokawa ShotenTokyo19932009.11
Ritto musicTokyo1999 Spring Summer2009.05
Style companyTokyo19361959Intermediate Magazine: Women's Life 1941-1946
WeddingWorld CultureTokyoFall/Winter 1992Fall/Winter 2009Continuation magazine: Miss Wedding
UnknownCulture Publishing BureauTokyo1982.51996.1Previous magazine: Miman
MimanCulture Publishing BureauTokyo1996.32003.5Previous magazine: High Mrs.
MadamKamakura ShoboTokyo1967.061994.11

For men

The following are at bookstoresdistributionThis is a list of men's fashion magazines that have gained some recognition.retail storeFashion magazine-type mail-order catalogs that are not distributed in Japan are excluded.Like women's magazines, besides fashionセ ッ ク スSpecial feature, popular special feature, business,Idol,Automobile,Consumer electronics, Music, and other special features that interest readers are often posted.In addition, it seems that magazines that emphasize "things" such as watches, stationery, and digital home appliances rather than clothing are selected.

ageGenreNamePublisherPlace of publicationFirst year of publicationYears of suspension/discontinuationRemarks
Teenager/studentFINEBOYSHinode PublishingTokyo1986.05Under publication
Teenager/studentPretty systemMagazine magazineTokyo1998.12Under publication
Teenager/studentSalon systemCHOKi CHOKiDomestic and foreign publishersTokyo2006.062015.07
Teenager/studentSalon systemIlios; Kotsu TimesOsaka; Tokyo1994.07Under publication
Teenager/studentOlder brother-Gal manMen's eggOcean booksTokyo1999.062013.11
Teenager/studentOlder brother-Gal manMEN'S KNUCKLEMillion Publishing; Ocean BooksTokyo2004.06Under publication
Teenager/studentYankee-Motorcycle gangChamp RoadKasakura publishing companyTokyo1987.09Under publication
Teenager/studentYankee-Motorcycle gangMillion PublishingTokyo1989.051998.10
Teenager/studentス ト リ ー トTrans world japanTokyo1996Under publication
Teenager/studentス ト リ ー トSmartTreasure IslandTokyo1995Under publication
Teenager/studentス ト リ ー トstreet JackBestsellersTokyo1997Under publication
Teenager/studentス ト リ ー トCrocodile booksTokyo1995.112013.08
Teenager/studentス ト リ ー トSamurai magazineIn forestTokyo1999Under publication
Teenager/studentス ト リ ー トGET ON!GakkenTokyo19962007.12
Teenager/studentス ト リ ー トSanei ShoboTokyo1995Under publication
Teenager/studenthip hopWOOFIN'Shinko Music EntertainmentTokyo1997.06Under publication
Teenager/studenthip hopMen's StreetTake ShoboTokyo2005.012008.09First issue: Jissou Nippon (1982), followed by Jissen Performing Arts Nippon, Entertaining Nippon
Teenager/studenthip hop411 (For Dove One)Sanei ShoboTokyo2004.06Under publicationThe first issue is from Eichi Publishing
20 feeDesigners
MEN'S NON-NOShueishaTokyo1986.06Under publication
20 feeDesigners
POPEYEMagazine houseTokyo1976 summerUnder publication
20 feeDesigners
HUgEKodanshaTokyo2002.11Under publication
20 feePretty/casualMen's JOKERBestsellersTokyo2004Under publication
20 feeOlder brother (pretty)MaruiTokyo1990 eraUnder publication
20 feebusiness attiresmart MAXTreasure IslandTokyo2001 Spring Summer2007.06Continuation magazine: STYLE max 2007 July-December issue (suspended)
20 feebusiness attireGQ JAPANCondenast JapanTokyo1993.03Under publication(Japan Version) From 2003.06. First issue: Chuokoron International, Shimanaka Shoten (~2002.01)
20 feebusiness attireBeginWorld CultureTokyo1988.11Under publicationIt is mainly goods information, but you can also see articles related to fashion.
30 feeGainerKobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.Tokyo19902016
30s ~MEN'S CLUBHurst Women's PictorialTokyo1954Under publicationFirst issue: man's clothing reader, man's clothing
30s ~LEONShufutoseikatsushaTokyo2001Under publication
30s ~Kobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.Tokyo1995.052009.08
30s ~MEN'S EXWorld CultureTokyo1994.05Under publication
30s ~MANShueishaTokyo2005.04Under publication
30s ~SafariHinode PublishingTokyo2003.11Under publication
30s ~SENSEsenseTokyo2000Under publication
30s ~PenHankyu CommunicationsTokyo1998Under publicationPrevious magazine: Gilly (TBS Britannica, 1997-)
Mode systemGap JapanTokyo2002Under publicationReleased at the time of each collection show in Milan, Paris, London, New York, Tokyo
Mode systemInfas PublicationsTokyo2004.09Under publicationReleased at the time of each collection show in Milan, Paris, London, New York, Tokyo
Mode systemSanei ShoboTokyo2006.05Under publication
Mode systemInfas PublicationsTokyoUnknownUnknown
lightningエ イ 出版社Tokyo1994Under publication
Street editing roomTokyo2004.05Under publication
Culture Publishing BureauTokyo19811989After magazine: Mr
Culture Publishing BureauTokyo1989.032003.06Previous Magazine: Mr. High Fashion
WN Corporation; Yamano PublishingNagoya; Tokyo1996Under publication(Regional only)
High-STYLE Tokai versionWN Corporation; Yamano PublishingNagoya; Tokyo2005.06Under publication(Regional only)
DressWestern-style companyTokyo19492000.12
, DansenStyle companyTokyo19501993.02Retitle: Dansen 1986.06-2013BunkashaMore reissue
Free & EasyEast CommunicationsTokyo1998.12Under publicationFirst issue: East Lights (Company)

Online only

As of 2010, the Internet as media is still in transition. Unlike regular magazines that are manufactured and distributed, you can update them at any time, so you don't have to position your website as a "serial" journal. It can be considered to be categorized simply as a fashion information site. However, in that, they will call themselves magazines, and will tentatively post sites that send out information rather than mail-order or advertising of specific brands.

  • Vinham Rhino, September 2004-Since 9, published the magazine Vinham Unplugged.
  • Honeycomb Honeycomb, December 2005-
  • New Age, March 2007-


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