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🎥 | "How to repel pigeons" Tatsuya Fujiwara x Shunsuke Kazama, confessing a mysterious exchange over the phone "What was that?"


"How to repel pigeons" Tatsuya Fujiwara x Shunsuke Kazama, confessing a mysterious exchange over the phone "What was that?"

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Shinichi Tsuda (Tatsuya Fujiwara), a genius writer who once won the Naoki Prize.

An event to announce the completion of the movie "Repulsion of Pigeons" was held at Marunouchi Piccadilly in Tokyo on the 12th, with Tatsuya Fujiwara, Tao Tsuchiya, and the wind ... → Continue reading

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XNUMX Naoki Prize

XNUMX Naoki Prize(Naoki Sanjugosho) is popular[1]Hold downNovelsGiven to a work or collection of short storiesLiterature AwardIs.Known asNaoki Prize.


Long time agoAkutagawa PrizeIt is said that it was an award for unknown and new writers as well, but from around the 1970s it shifted to center-field writers, and in recent years it has often been awarded to large veterans of the elder class.[Annotation 1].. (However, it is hard to say that the Naoki Prize was for newcomers even at the beginning of the setting.Matsutaro KawaguchiAnd the 3rd awardKaionji ShiogoroTherefore, it was already impossible to say that he was a newcomer, and he won the 21st award, which is the first time after the war.Tsuneo TomitaIsSanshiroIt was an award after the announcement, and was already a popular writer with a high ranking of literary masters.In addition, there are many candidates and winners who are not newcomers.[Annotation 2])


BungeishunjushaPresident'sHiroshi KikuchiIs a friendXNUMX NaokiTo commemorate1935ToRyunosuke Akutagawa PrizeFounded with (Akutagawa Prize), it will be announced twice a year thereafter.

The work to be awarded will be decided by the consensus of the selection committee.From the 6th foundationSociety for the Promotion of Japanese LiteratureIt is operated by.Second World WarIn1945Suspended from, but1949Resurrected to.

The selection committee as of 2019 isJiro Asada,Ijuin Shizuka,Mitsuyo Tsunoda,Kenzo Kitagata,N. Kirino,Kaoru Takamura,Mariko Hayashi,Miura Shinon,Miyuki Miyabe9 people (from the first half of 2020).The selection meeting is at a restaurantNew pleasureIt will be held on the 2nd floor of Akutagawa Prize (Akutagawa Prize selection is on the 1st floor).Both the Akutagawa Prize and Naoki Prize winners' press conference and the award ceremony the following monthTokyo TateIt was done in, but now with the rebuilding of the buildingImperial HotelIs being done in.

Winners will be presented with a pocket watch as a positive prize and 100 million yen as a supplementary prize.All thingsWill be published in.Even if there are multiple award winners, a prize and a prize of 100 million yen will be presented to each, and the award will not be divided.


The target at the time of inaugurationBy newcomerPopular novelTherefore, it is closely and inseparably related to the Akutagawa Prize.In addition, the office of the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Literature, which is the operator, is located in the company.文藝 春秋There is a tendency to receive many awards for novels published by the company or published in the company's magazine, and it is virtually inseparable from Bungei Shunju.

At the time of its founding, the selection target was "popular literary arts of unknown or up-and-coming writers" (Naoki Prize rule), but it became more difficult for young newcomers to receive the award compared to the Akutagawa Prize after the war.This is partly because the selection committee emphasized whether or not they have the writing ability to stand alone as a writer after receiving the award due to the nature of the award for popular literature, as is often the case in each review. It is presumed that there was an idea that "popular novels need to make a living as a writer by selling their works."In addition, the Naoki Prize, which was the only newcomer prize in the field of popular literature, which was still an up-and-coming genre at the time of its founding, was being created by many publishers after the war, and the field of popular literature was being established. It may be related to the fact that it has been positioned as an important award that reveals the direction of popular literature, which has the longest history and authority in the world.

Now that this situation has continued for a long time, a new item called mid-career writers has been added to the selection criteria, and in effect it has been set as an award for popular talented writers who already have a certain career, and the Naoki Prize was initially set. The function of "finding promising newcomers in the literary world" that had been possessed was naturally given to other newcomer awards.As a result, there are many cases in which so-called "too late nominations" and "too late awards" are given to people who have already made a name for themselves as mid-career and veteran writers, and there are also those who have already become popular writers. In some cases, the selection (candidate) is declined.[Annotation 3][2]In this respect, it is a fact that many discussions have occurred inside and outside the literary world and various media.

As for the problems related to the "popular novels" to be selected,Detective NovelThere is a long-standing tendency that it is difficult for writers whose main activity field is to receive awards.The award was givenK. Takigawa"Fall" (40th),Jiro Ikushima"Catch up" (57th),Masamura NakamuraAbout "Rebellion of the former leader" (84th)Sasawa Saho,Yuichi Maho,Tokuro Nukii,Minato KanaeXNUMX timesKenzo Kitagata,Tatsuo Shimizu,Toshiyuki NishimuraWas a candidate three times but did not win the awardJiro Akagawa,Kenji Kosugi,Ichi Orihara,Shoji Shimada,Harutoshi FukuiThe writer who succeeded as a detective writer did not reach,Toru Miyoshi,Chen Sun-sin,Shoji Yuki,Mikihiko Renjo,Hiroko MinagawaAlso received awards for works in the non-mystery field[3].. HoweverTsuyoshi OsakaBut"Cadiz's red star』Awarded (96th), and since then it has been recognized,Akira Sasakura(101th),Ryo Hara(102th),Kaoru Takamura(109th),Osawa Osama(110th),Koike Mariko,Iori Fujiwara(114th),Nonami Asa(115th),Miyuki Miyabe(120th) and constant winners1989から1999Is also called "the rise of mystery"[4]..Northern, Takamura, MiyabeN. Kirino(121th),Keigo HigashinoHe will serve as a selection committee member together with (134th), and as of the 150th time, 9 out of 5 selection committee members are from mystery fields.[5](Keigo Higashino retired from the selection committee at the end of 161 times[6], To succeedMitsuyo TsunodaWas appointed[7]).

Similarly, even in popular novels, the history after the development period is relatively short.SF,FantasyAlthough such items have been raised several times at the selection stage, the actual award cases areTamio Kageyama"COO from the distant sea』(99th) is the only (Ryo HanmuraHas won the award for humanity novels after being nominated twice for science fiction novels).It broke out in the late Showa periodLight novelSome of the works published by the label of Bungei Shunju have elements that can be said to be popular literature for young people in a broad sense, but they are closely related to the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Literature. Maybe because he doesn't have the know-how for this genre, it's almost unfocused (as a light novel award-winning author).Kazuki SakurabaHowever, the award-winning work was a work published in a general literary magazine).It is also a feature of the Naoki Prize selection that the evaluation of genres such as science fiction and fantasy, which are still extremely fantasy, is generally low.Since ancient times, most of the seats of the selection committee have been occupied by past award winners, and the evaluations that are held every time are highly evaluated.Mysterious novel-Historical novel-Historical novel・ For works that belong to traditional popular literature, such as humanity novels, to which many award winners belong, and for newly cultivated latecomer genres and genres that the selection committee members do not have specialized knowledge or are not interested in There is a strong tendency to make poor understanding of the genre itself, in other words, to make defensive selections.For writers who missed the award due to this trendSakyo Komatsu-Shinichi Hoshi-Yasutaka Tsutsui-Tadashi Hirose-Manjo eye studiesTsutsui later said, "I saw the grief of losing the election three times, specializing in SF, which is considered to be disadvantageous.Bungei Bungei], A novel that critically satirized the Naoki Prize selection, saying that all the selection committee members of the "Naoki Prize" who played the Naoki Prize will be killed.Great run-upHas been announced.

In recent years, it was created as an extension of popular literature.[8]It may also be awarded.Currently, only novels that exceed the amount of Akutagawa Prize works are eligible for the award.For this reason, the Akutagawa Prize has also won short stories that are not subject to selection.

Youngest and oldest award record

Youngest award record
RankingWinner nameAward timeAge at the time of award
1Chiyo Tsutsumi1940First half (11th)
22 years 10 month
2Ryo Asai2012Second half (148th)
2307 months
3Yurie Hiraiwa1959First half (41th)
2704 months
4Emi Yamada1987First half (97th)
2805 months
5Miura Shinon2006First half (135th)
2909 months
Oldest award record
RankingWinner nameAward yearAge at the time of award
1Seiji Hoshikawa1989Second half (102th)0
6802 months
2Bunpei Aoyama2015Second half (154th)0
6701 months
3Kaoru Furukawa1990Second half (104th)0
6507 months
4Kurokawa Hiroyuki2014First half (151th)0
6504 months
5Tokuji Sato1963First half (49th)0
6405 months

List of winners

The award ceremony will be held in August of the same year in the first half and in February of the following year in the second half.

















161st -

tv set

"Reportage NipponThe day when the Naoki Prize is decided (NHK 1980May 1)


"Naoki Award Story" by Norihiro Kawaguchi, Basilico, 2014

"Akutagawa Prize / Naoki Prize 150 times all records" Bungei Shunju Special Editing, Bungei Shunju, 2014


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注 釈

  1. ^ 第157回の佐藤正午はデビュー34年目、第97回の白石一郎は32年目、第142回の佐々木譲は30年目、第122回のなかにし礼は(小説でのデビュー後)29年目、第89回の胡桃沢耕史は28年目、第148回の安部龍太郎、第163回の馳星周はともに25年目の受賞である。
  2. ^ To give a few examples, the award was decided at the 17th timeShugoro YamamotoHas been writing for 17 years and has written, "I think that this kind of award has the meaning of introducing newcomers and new styles, so of course it was the same as before, but such things will continue to be in the future. I would like to be selected, "he refused to receive the award, and received the 26th award.Kuran ToranWas a candidate of the same timeHasegawa Konobu,Shigekazu SettsuIs a person who has already established a solid position in commercial literary magazines.36th awardNow TokoIt appeared on the literary stage more than 35 years ago.In addition to now, the 6th awardMasuji IbuseAnd the 24rd awardKazuo DanIn some cases, people who were already well-known in pure literature (junbungaku) ​​were awarded the prize.In addition, it has been done many times from the beginning to select based on past achievements rather than works.Rather, it is closer to the reality that although it returned to the original intention of targeting newcomers during the postwar period, it did not last long.
  3. ^ In the second half of 2002 (128th), "Half-fallAlthough he was nominated for the third time, he was rejected due to criticism from the selection committee that "there is a basic misunderstanding of facts".Hideo YokoyamaIn the second half of 2008 (140th), he said, "I want to concentrate on my writing activities.Golden slumberDeclined to be a candidateKotaro IsakaIs mentioned.


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外部 リンク

Tatsuya Fujiwara

Tatsuya Fujiwara(Fujiwara Tatsuya,1982<Showa 57>May 5 -) isJapan OfAn actor.HoriproBelongs.

SaitamaChichibu CityI'm fromChichibu City Chichibu Daini Junior High Schoolgraduate.Horikoshi High SchoolDropout[2].


1997,Yukio NinagawaStage of production "Venom] Acquire the grand prix in the leading role audition, debut as an actor.Barbican Center(UK) Was highly acclaimed as "a genius rookie appears at the age of 15 with a presence that does not seem like the first stage"[3], The triumphal performance of the following year was also held.

2000,movies"Battle RoyaleWas selected for the lead role.

2001,New Star Gold CoinFirst starring in a serial drama[Note 1].

2003At the age of 21, the youngest in Japanese theater historyTitle rollThe stage that playedHamlet], the main theater awards were summed up.

2004,Shinsengumi!In the role of Souji OkitaNHK taiga dramaFirst appearance.

2005,Lincoln Center(ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク) At the stage "Modern Noh collection~Weakoshi~'NY TimesWas also evaluated[4].

2007Work was temporarily suspended from February to June,UKWent to study abroad. After returning to Japan,Royal Shakespeare CompanyThe stage directed by Gregory DolanVenice merchant].

2008,John F. Kennedy CenterInVenom"Washington DCAt the performance, he played the role of Syokumaru for the first time in 2002 years since the final performance in 6,Washington PostWas highly evaluated by local newspapers such as[5].

2009,Inoue HisashiProduct,Yukio NinagawaStage by production "Musashi"soMusashi MiyamotoRole.

2010In the stage "ANJIN English Samurai", 7% of the lines are English missionaries. Replayed the stage "Musashi" at the Barbican Center (London) and Lincoln Center (New York). The first drama in 9 yearsGrandpa is 25 years old] Acting as the lead.

2011,Drama"There is a grudge Meiji XNUMXth final revenge"soUshiro RokuroThe 37thBroadcast Cultural Fund AwardReceived an acting award.

2014, Nippon Television Drama "ST red and white investigation file] For the first time in 13 years, acting as a serial drama in the Golden Prime band.

2015, Again in 2003 years on the stage "Hamlet", which won a number of theater awards in which he played the title roleHamletPlay a role.

In my personal life,2013Reported marriage to a general woman within the year in May[6].2016In June, we announced the birth of our first child on our website.[7].


  • The name of Tatsuya was named after his grandfather's desire to grow up quickly like a dragon rising to heaven. FatherSingle assignmentThere were a lot of people, and I was almost homeless. My mother runs a restaurant in Chichibu. The face looks like a mother. The second son of the three older brothers (the youngest), and has an older brother and sister. A niece was born at the age of 3 and became an uncle at a young age. He told the episode "Tatsuya Fujiwara no Ichimichi" that his father was covered with flour when he returned home as a child.
  • height178 cm,chest82 cm,Waist75 cm,(I.e.: 86cm, shoes 27.0cm (from official website).
  • In 2013, he announced that he would marry a general woman. The first place to date my wife is京都 OfKamogawawas.
  • computerIt is a so-called mechanical noise that can not use media equipment such as etc. well, and even keyboard input of a personal computer does not remain. Also,SmartphoneEven today, with many popularized, until 2014, conventional mobile phones (so-calledGarake) Was used.
  • Yukio NinagawaHe says, "I'm focused, serious, hard-working, stoic, and I can only think of roles."[8].



  • I was visiting in March 1997IkebukuroOn the street corner ofHoripro"Kodama-san," a female employee in the third year after joining the companyVenom』I was handed a flyer of the leading audition. At that time, I was asked only my name and no contact information, so if I had not applied for the audition, the current Tatsuya Fujiwara would not have been born. Actually, it was dropped at the stage of selection of the first document in the audition, but the female employee who handed the leaflet repeatedly made it slip into the acceptance document and left the selection.[12][13].
  • A few minutes before the day Fujiwara was scouted in Ikebukuro, another employee of the same Horipro later worked as a gravure idol.YukaHave been scouted.
  • At the final examinationYukio NinagawaAfter receiving the interview and performance test, 9 votes of the selection committee gathered for the good reaction of the failure and the performance that was not dyed in any color, and the grand prix was selected from a total of 5537 applications. During the training after hiring, he said that he had cried many times due to the rigor of Ninagawa's guidance, and he sometimes thought that he wanted to quit.
  • I dropped out of a high school where I went to school in 4 days. The reason is that when I visited the rehearsal school on my way home from school, I heard a conversation between Yukio Ninagawa and Jiro Kara and said, ``The noble language that I read a novel is not a high school, but a rehearsal. It's a place"[2].
  • 1997'sVenom"UKPerformanceChiakiOf the chronic disease on the day beforeLow back painBecame worseSubstituteIt was held upright. Fujiwara, who had planned to perform as a substitute for the night performance as well, asked Ninagawa that he wanted to stand on the stage, and Ninagawa broke down, and Fujiwara stood on stage with the substitute acting as a stage sleeve. It was Ninagawa later said that Fujiwara, who couldn't even move, showed a screaming performance that surpassed the performances up to that point, "that Chiakigaku will be unforgettable for the rest of my life".
  • 2004'sRomeo and Juliet] Back pain worsened again during the Tokyo performance. Especially right after the performance on December 12, I couldn't go up at all. But prominentchiropractorBy doing so, I managed to recover the next day, and I was able to complete the performance of about 2005 months until February 2, 25 without making a hole.
  • Kinji FukasakuThe talent was recognized by the director,Battle Royale] Of the directorRemainsBecameBattle Royale II [Requiem]Are working together.9 · 11There were plans to make several other films, such as "Fascism of Love and Illusions," which was canceled due to the influence of, but it never happened. He later said, "I was the one who taught me the fun of the movie. I wanted to work more together and learn various things. But I think that was my destiny."
  • "Hamlet"At the time of the performance, there was a lot of noise around me, such as "I will never succeed" or "I am reckless", and I felt a lot of pressure. Therefore, some time after the end of all performances,Alopecia areataWas bothered by.
  • In "Shinsengumi!"Okita SojiBut he happened to find himYukio Ninagawa Ryoma goesPlays the role of Okita.
  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayKozaburo Furuhata FinalAppeared as a criminal.Born in the 1980s, he is the only criminal in history.
  • The stage that appeared in 2006Orestes], I grew a beard for the first time since my debut to make a role.
  • movies"Kaiji Life Reversal Game』In, I lose 10kg to make a role, and to enjoy the world viewPachinko parlorsI went to
  • On the stage "ANJIN English Samurai", he studied languages ​​in London and England for two months for a role. An active actor was a lecturer, and was taught "aggressive teaching"[14].
  • 2009To enka singerCrown Jiro, RakugoHayashiya Taihei,THE ALFEE OfKen SakuraiWith ChichibuTourist ambassadorHas been appointed to[15].
  • In the past when I was drunkEiichiro FunakoshiI called him and called him "Ei-chan".Takeshi UjijiGot angry on the phone and apologized later[16].
  • In 2010, Hisashi Inoue's new stage "Army on the tree] (Fujiwara,Kitamura has a rise,Kotaro YoshidaWas scheduled to be performed, but due to the worsening of Inoue's medical condition, the performance was changed to "Mute Aya Opera". A few weeks later, Inoue died. Inoue, who was alive, said, “If you want to grow up Fujiwara-san, I want you to play Gorozo.” Inoue's deceased took over in 2013Ryota HouraiPerformed in a script.
  • 2014, XNUMXthOkinawa International Film FestivalThe movie "Sanbun NoichiI missed the stage greeting. I was absent because I got lost at a Korean airport and couldn't make it to the stage greeting. In contrast, the directorHiroshi ShinagawaSaid, "That man is natural." "It's Gate 100, but I'm in the 40s gate. It's stupid." I feel like I'm reflecting on it."[17].
  • movies"Kaiji Life Reversal GameAnd 'Straw shield, Etc., he plays a role like a human waste, so when he asked, "Is there a lot of roles like a human waste, but there was something else?" Is saying[18].
  • movies"Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Fire"When"Rurouni Kenshin: The End of the Legend"soShishio truthPlayed a role. At the time of filming, I wear a suit to reproduce Shishio's appearance in the original that he has a bandage on his whole body.
  • Regarding the suit, he said, "Shishio's suit makes me feel unwell (laughs). I can't hear, I can't eat rice, and I can't go to the bathroom. (laughs)."[19].
  • Drama"ST red and white investigation file』AshinaとYuki Shibamoto"Tatsuya-san says that even if the script goes up the day before (shooting), he puts it perfectly (in his head). There is no such thing as "let's do our best", but there is a good sense of tension. I am impressed that "Tatsuya-san's concentration was great. We were able to keep up with "let's do our best"" (Shibamoto).[20].
  • We performed in 2014Julius Caesar”, “I continued to think that it was a drama with endless challenges for me, no matter how much I pursued, even after the opening of the first day and during the travel performance.” The director, Ninagawa, said, "It was all you can say at the rehearsal hall." In addition, ordinary practice is not enough, Yoshida and co-starYokota EijiIt was a work that Fujiwara had a lot of suffering, but had a lot of experience, as he asked him to stay with him and ask him to practice.[21].
  • Ninagawa presides overSaitama Next TheaterPerformedHamlet"I wanted to enter the world of "Hamlet" again" when I saw "," and directly appealed to Ninagawa. Then, in 2015, he played Hamlet again since 2003 with "Hamlet" directed by Shin Ninagawa. Just before the performance on the first day, he said, "I think it was the culmination with Mr. Ninagawa. It may be the time to settle everything."


* Listed in order of appearance work (time) (role name). The role name isTaiziThe one is starring.



TV drama



  • A boy called "Shinjukumaru" -A 15-year-old genius actor born from a performance in London (June 1998, 6, Fuji TV)
  • Wolrun stay in the world (Every day broadcasting)
    • 35 degrees below freezing, Canadian hunter ... Tatsuya Fujiwara met (February 1999, 2)
    • Six sisters in downtown Nepal ... Tatsuya Fujiwara met (March 6, 2000)
    • The last hunter in Canada ... Tatsuya Fujiwara meets again (September 2001, 9)
  • Men who want to be naked now ~ Tatsuya Fujiwara, 18 years old What are you doing, I (February 2001, 2,NHK-BShi)
  • Passion continent (October 2002, 10, broadcast daily)
  • Yukio Ninagawa x Tatsuya Fujiwara ~ Trajectory to Hamlet (April 2004, 4,WOWOW)
  • Tatsuya Fujiwara-London Journey (May 2004, 5,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.)
  • The children took the pen~Therezin Concentration Camp (December 2004, 8,NHK) - Narration
  • Premiere ~ All-out special feature Tatsuya Fujiwara in NY 23-year-old challenge (August 2005, 8, WOWOW)
  • Yukio Ninagawa 2005-Sprinting 70 years old (December 2005, 12,WOWOW) - Narration
  • All records of love, life and tears "Bride with a life expectancy of 1 monthThe last message of the 24-year-old who fought against breast cancer (July 2007, 7, TBS) --Narration
  • Global Crisis 2008 To those who live casually (January 2008, 1, TV Asahi) - reporter
  • Document sports continent"To fight in the world~Urawa Reds Fighting king~ ”(January 2008, 1, NHK) --Narration
  • Sports continent (April 2008-March 4, NHK)- Navigator
  • A message of love and lifeBride with a life expectancy of 1 monthWhat Chie left behind (May 2008, 5, TBS) --Narration
  • HV Premium 8 "Great Mystery Writers (1) Edgar Allan Poe's 200th Year Suspicion-Investigation Report of Detective Kogoro Akechi-" (March 2009, 3, NHK-BShi)
  • 18 timesFNS Documentary Award``Sin and punishment-a mother who lost her daughter, a brother who lost her brother, a father who killed her son-'' (April 2009, 4,Tokai TV) - Narration
  • Telementary``To the stars that are handed down to you-The truth of 18-year-old Yusei Kikuchi'' (January 2010, 1,Iwate Asahi TV) - Narration
  • Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi 30th Anniversary BOX ~ PREMIUM of the DOCUMENT (June 2010, 6,ユ ニ バ ー サ ル) - Narration
  • Solomon style (June 2010, 6, TV Tokyo)
  • Tatsuya Fujiwara-Theatrical Gene (September 2010, 9, TV Asahi)
  • That day's mobile email ~ 3/11 Athletes' conflicts and decisions ~ (June 2011, 6, NTV) --Narration
  • NHK Special "Human Why I Became a Human (4 times in total)" (January 2012, 1, February 22, 29, 2, NHK) --Presenter
  • WOWOW Non-Fiction W movie "Record of creation by Kazuo Kasahara, the man who wrote the battle without righteousness" (January 2014, 1, WOWOW)-Narration
  • THE World Heritage (April 2014, 4 --September 6, 2017, TBS) --Narration
  • There is a mystery in its life ~ 100 years of Kennedy's birth, approaching the real face that is not known to be the truth of assassination (November 2017, 11, BS-TBS)-Narration
  • NHK Special"The Limits of Nurses-Adhesion New Corona Intensive Care Unit-" (April 2021, 4, NHK) --Narration[49]
  • Now is the time for Shakespeare (May 2021, 5)NHK BSP)[50]


  • Tatsuya Fujiwara and Satoshi Tsumabuki's Challenge Nights (May 1999-March 5,Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.)
  • Tatsuya Fujiwara's All Night Nippon SUPER (July 2000, 7, Nippon Broadcasting System)
  • Tatsuya Fujiwara in Battle Royale II (June 2003, 6, Nippon Broadcasting System)
  • SUNTORY THEATER ZERO-HOUR (April 2004-4, 19,J-WAVE)The guests,"Beautiful star (novel)』Reading
  • Japan Old Story-Seven Eleven Fairy Stories (June 2005, 6,TOKYO FM) "Takarakurabe" reading
  • Oguri Shun's All Night Nippon (February 2009, 2, October 18, February 10, 7, Nippon Broadcasting) Guest
  • Tatsuya Fujiwara's All Night Nippon "Incite Mill" Special (October 2010, 10, Nippon Broadcasting System)
  • Sky presents Tatsuya Fujiwara Radio (Jan 2019, 1-Asahi Broadcasting Radio)

Voice actor

Western dubbing

Overseas dubbing

  • IRIS (2010, TBS) --Kim Hyun Joong

Theater animation

Television Animation


Web anime


puppet show

CM/Tourism Ambassador

  • The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time(August 1998,Nintendo)
  • Pointy cone(1999-2000,House food)
  • Tea flower(2000,Japan Coca-Cola)
  • イ ノ セ ン スDVD (2004,Kodansha)
  • Takumi TAKUMI (2004-2005,Toyo Suisan)
  • Dia Palace (2005-2008,Dia construction)
  • First Goodwill Ambassador of New Caledonia (2006)
  • Chichibu City Tourism Ambassador (2009)
  • Kirin Zero <Life> (2010,Kirin Beer)
  • Glico Wagon (2011,Glico)
  • 金鳥の渦巻(2010年「夏の封を切る篇」、2011年「夏はくるくる篇」、2012年「75cmの秘密篇」、2013年「大切な話篇」、2014年「未来の話篇」、2015年「さされる・かまれる篇」、2016年「高いのはなぜでしょう篇」、2017年「だーれだ?篇」、2018年「ひやむぎ篇」、2019年「見えないところ篇」、2020年「一人将棋篇」、2021年「愛の渦巻篇」)(KINCHO)
  • 27 JRA-VAN image talent (2015-2018 "Horse racing can be seen in data "Race tendency"") (JRA-VAN)
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