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🎭 | JUMP Daiki Arioka Ryosuke Yamada "I want you to challenge and hold your head"

Photo Guts pose enthusiasm (from left) Udai Iwasaki, Daiki Arioka, Ryogo Matsumaru = The Globe Tokyo 

JUMP Daiki Arioka Ryosuke Yamada "I want you to challenge and hold your head"

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On the other hand, Ryosuke Yamada (28) was mentioned as a member who seems to be not good at solving mysteries.

Hey! Say! Daiki Arioka (30) of JUMP performed the first solo starring stage "Nazo ..." at The Globe Tokyo on the 12th. → Continue reading

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Ryosuke Yamada

Ryosuke Yamada(Ryosuke Yamada[1],1993May 5[1] -) isJapan Ofsinger,An actor,talent.Male idol group-Hey! Say! JUMPMembers of[1].

TokyoBackground[1].Johnny's OfficeBelongs.


Since elementary schoolサ ッ カ ーAiming to become a professional soccer player, starting with professional soccer (J League) Is a teamShonan BellmareBelonging to the junior youth of[4]..At that time, he was enthusiastic about soccer and had no interest in idols.However, because my mother and sister sent a resume to Johnny's office.[5], May 2004, 8Entertainment shows"Ya-Ya-yahPublished inauditionI passed the exam and decided to belong to Johnny's office.[6].

From 2006, Johnny's Jr. unitKitty Jr.Act as a member of[7]..On June 7, the same year, the drama "Detective school QThe first appearance in a TV drama[8].

2007, 5-member unit for a limited timeHey! Say! 7Was formed and the single "Hey! Say!"soCDdebut. September 9th of the same year, 24-member idol groupHey! Say! JUMPFormation[9].. As a member, on November 11, the single "Ultra Music PowerMajor debut[9].

2009 year 6 month,Yuri Chinen,Yuma Nakayama w/BI ShadowA 7-member unit for a limited timeNYC boysFormed[10].

January-March 2010, serial drama "Left eye detective EYE』First single starring in a serial drama[11].. April 4, the same year, a three-person unitNYCAs a single "Courage 100%CD debut with[12].. Hey! Say! JUMP and hang on.

February 2012, 2, Hey! Say! JUMP's Yuri Chinen,Yusho Nakajimaと と も にHorikoshi High SchoolGraduate from[13].

August 2013, 1, single "mystery VirginDebuted as a solo[14].OriconWon first appearance in the weekly single ranking[15].

March 2015, 3, movie ``Assassination Classroom』\ First starring in the movie as Nagisa Shiota[16].. Acting is evaluated39th Japan Academy AwardWon the New Actor Award[17].

October 2016-December 10, 17, "Cain and AbelIn the role of Yu TakadaFuji Television Network, IncFirst starring in a serial drama9 dramas a monthFirst starring[18].

2021 year 4 month,Ninomiya KazuyaYouTube channel "Ja ni channelIs selected as a member of[Annotation 1]..On September 9th of the same year, he opened his own YouTube game channel "LEO's Playground".[19].



The appearance in the groupKitty Jr.-Hey! Say! 7-Hey! Say! JUMP-NYC boys-NYC See

*The starring works areTaiziNotation

TV drama



  • Smurfs(Released nationwide on July 2011, 7, released in Japan on September 29, 2011) The role of the main character, Clamsey[40]

Entertainment shows





Magazine serialization


The highest rank isOriconRecord in.


  1. mystery Virgin(January 2013, 1) -9st place
  2. Oh! My darling(December 2019, 5,Hey! Say! JUMPBoth sides A) -1st place

Solo song

CD recorded songs
  • Do it again(Lyrics: Raccoon, Composition: Raccoon, Andrew Choi) --JASRAC Work code: 1M1-9896-7. "SENSE or LOVE<First Press Limited Edition> ”included.
CD not included


  • crimson(Composer: Fredrik Hult, Arrangement: h-wonder) -JASRAC Work code: 1B3-3025-6 (Hey! Say! JUMP name song). album"JUMP NO.1] Recording.
  • Flower Egao(Composer / Arranger: Katsuhiko Sugiyama / Shinko Ogura) -JASRAC Work code: 186-1059-5 (Hey! Say! JUMP name song). album"JUMP WORLD] Recording.
  • With a wish in the world of silver(Composer: Takugoro Moriyama, Arranger: Taro Makido) -JASRAC Work code: 190-3910-7. Solo single "mystery Virgin] Recording.
  • Candle(Composer: Takuya Harada, JUNKOO, Fredrik Samsson) --JASRAC Work code: 5A1-0135-1 (Hey! Say! JUMP name song). album"smart] Recording.
  • March 3-clock(Composer: Takuya Harada, Susumu Kawaguchi, Arrangement: Susumu Kawaguchi) --JASRAC Work code: 211-1413-7. album"JUMPing CAR] Recording.



注 釈

  1. ^ aside from thatYuichi Nakamaru(KAT-TUN),Fuma Kikuchi(Sexy Zone) Is participating.
  2. ^ It was scheduled to be released on May 2020, 5,New coronavirusPostponed due to[37].


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