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🎥 | [Movie Ranking] "Tokyo Revengers" first appeared in 1st place!Approximately 3 million box office revenue in 7 days

Photo No. 7 in the national movie mobilization ranking from July 10th to July 7th: "Tokyo Revengers" (C) Ken Wakui / Kodansha (C) 11 Movie "Tokyo Revengers" Production Committee

[Movie Ranking] "Tokyo Revengers" won the first appearance first place!Approximately 1 million box office revenue in 3 days

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"Black Widow", which first appeared in 3rd place, ranked in with 14 people mobilized on Saturdays and Sundays in the first week and a box office of 1000 million yen.

The national movie mobilization ranking from July 7th to 10th was announced by the entertainment news agency, and the popular comic by Ken Wakui was released by Takumi Kitamura ... → Continue reading

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First week Saturday and Sunday mobilization 14


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