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🎥 | Stop motion animation "Inugashima" delivered 7.16 on Disney Plus

Photo (C) 2021 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Stop motion animation "Inugashima" delivered 7.16 on Disney Plus

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This film is set in Japan by Anderson, who won the Academy Award in four categories at the "Grand Budapest Hotel" and also won the Silver Bear for Best Director (Director's Award) at the 4th Berlin International Film Festival. A stop-motion animation film depicting the bond between a boy looking for his dog who has been exiled to the Isle of Dogs for fear of spreading dog disease and the dogs living on the island.

The stop-motion anime movie "Isle of Dogs" directed by Wes Anderson set in Japan in the near future will be released on July 7st ... → Continue reading

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stop-motion(English: stop motion)

  • To make the image still.It is one of the video production techniques, mainlymoviesIt is used at the ending of the movie or at the moment when the shutter of the still camera is pressed in the play.




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