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🎥 | "Words Bubbling Up Like a Cider" The second super emo PV, the song in the play written by Taeko Ohnuki is spelled out in the main video


"Words bubbling up like a cider" The second emo PV, the song in the play written by Taeko Ohnuki is spelled out in the main video

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In the play, it can be seen as a so-called character song-like standing position that appears as a song of "Fujitsu Sakura".

From the theatrical original animation "Words Bubbling Up Like a Cider", the song "..." written by Taeko Ohnuki. → Continue reading

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Character song

Character songIt is,An actor,Voice actoretc,TV drama-movies-Anime-GameA song that was sung as a character played in. When released as a record or CD, it is often released under the name of a character. It is common to refer to songs released in the name of a character, but sometimes the songs that the production side officially sang about a character are also character songs. For shortCarathonAlso called.



The origin of the character song goes back to the 1960s, when anime broadcasting started in Japan.1963of"Wolf Boy KenThe song "Poppo and Chitti no Uta" is played by PoppoYoko MizugakiIs probably the first example of a voice actor song[1].. However, the singer's name remained Mizugaki, not the character name. Meanwhile in the United States1950ToBugs BunnyWas the voice actor ofMel BlankHad already released the insert song "I'm Grad That I'm Bugs Bunny". The blank is not only thatTweety"I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat"Duffy Duck"Daffy's Rhapsody" were released respectively.1969Broadcast start "Sazae] Next,1970ToPuffer rice fieldUsefulKato Midori,Skipjack IsonoUsefulKazue Takahashi"Let's Go Sazae-san/Katsuo-kun (Looking up at the stars)"Toshiba Music IndustryReleased more. The content of the song was in the form of "Sazae Katsuko singing about himself," but the singer's name was Kato Takahashi.

Or later,1977of"Yatterman』In the ending theme "Genius Dronbo"Noriko Ohara-Yanami child-Kazuya TatebeBut,1979of"Doraemon』In the insertion song "I'm still a giant!Kazuya Tatebe, who plays the role of Gian,Kinnikuman』In the ending theme "Kinniku Mambo" the role of KinnikumanAkira Kamiya”Singing”, the “character song-like” method that cast members sing[1].. In addition to the above, a theme song was created for each character in both animes, and the so-called "character song album" was released.

1982'sSuper Dimension Fortress MacrossIs an anime work with a theme of song, and the idol in the play "Lynn Minmei”Mari IijimaSang a lot of songs, but it became a hit on the chart in reality,Virtual idolBecame the pioneer of[1].. However, at this point, the name of the singer still remains Iijima.


Probably the first example that clearly states that the character is singing, not the performer,1986of"Every time』Insert song"Premonition". This song was sung by the heroineKyoko OtonashiUsefulShimamoto SumiHowever, in credit, it is the name of Otonashi Kyoko rather than Shimamoto. Further recorded this songEP recordKyoko standing in front of the microphone with the headphones in his ear was drawn on his jacket, strongly expressing the image that the character is singing.[2].

1989of"Ranma 1 / 2Has developed various ideas regarding character songs, and in the third page of the evening edition of the Yomiuri Shimbun on April 1991, 4, "Ranma Saotome Amane Akane Do you know singer? The CD is being hit, and a special page is being formed using one page. Since 3, the character song planning board has been released one after another as "Ranma-like planning sound board". Furthermore, due to the heroine in the workVoice actor unit"DoCoIt has had a great influence on later anime works in terms of song release.[2].

1996of"Sakura wars』The heroines are not only warriors but also stage actresses,Imperial opera companyAsThe Emperor KagakudanReleased a number of character songs. Beyond that, a musical where voice actors actually stand on the stage and play characters.Kayo ShowAnd opened the way to live development of character songs[2].


From the end of the 1990s to the 2000s, the number of songs and work voice actor units in the name of characters also increased. Especially in 2005Magical Teacher Negima!] Started CD development before the start of the animation, and made a record that many songs released including the opening and ending theme hit all across the board[2].. Next year's 2006The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya』In the ending theme "Singing and dancing with characters"Hare Hare ReyukaiHas caused a big boom, and other character song singles have been selling well[2].

In this way, a trend was established in which the character song was used as the theme song for the anime, and then the character song was provided in the form of a single or album.[2].


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