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🎥 | "Higashi Ribe" Mikey (Ryo Yoshizawa), black hair & dragon tattoo on neck, evil sex appeal and charisma


"Higashi Ribe" Mikey (Ryo Yoshizawa), black hair & dragon tattoo on neck, evil sex appeal and charisma

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Yuki Yamada, Yosuke Sugino, Nobuyuki Suzuki, Atsushi Maeda, Hiroya Shimizu, Hayato Isomura, Shotaro Mamiya, Ryo Yoshizawa and other seasonal actors.

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Yuto Isomura

Isomura Yuuto(Haya Isomura,1992May 9[2] -) isJapan OfAn actor.ShizuokaNumazu CityBackground[2].BLUE LABELAffiliation[2].


Aiming to be an actor because of a movie that he independently produced when he was in junior high school[3].

Shizuoka Prefectural Numazu West High SchoolWhile attending school, he joined a local theater company to study the play and took the stage.Around that time, I tried to join a production or theater company, but my parents strongly opposed me, and eventually I settled down by going to a university where I could play.Oberlin UniversityI went to[4]After all, dropped out in two and a half years[5]. While working part-time, he moved to a theater group around the stage of a small theater and entered the entertainment world from the edge of appearing on the stage of a director who belongs to the current office.[6].

Active in dramas and movies, in 2015Kamen Rider GhostAlan / Kamen Rider Nechrome as a regular appearance[2]. First starring in the spin-off original video "Kamen Rider Ghost Alan Heroes" of the same work[2].

2017,Continuous tv novel"ChickIn 』, he played the role of Hidetoshi Maeda (Hide), who became a marriage partner after thinking about the heroine Minako, but he played without being informed from the beginning that he would be the partner to marry Minako.[7].

Numazu CityAppointed as the oldness and tax payment support captain[8].

movies"Masking system noiseI tried the drums for the first time, and after about 3 months of practice, I tried to shoot.[9].

2018October termNippon TVSeries TV drama "From today I am!!』In the 14thConfidence Award Drama AwardReceived the New Face Award[10].


"Battle without righteousness"It's something that can't be drawn in this era, and the persuasive power of the actors is amazing. The way the soul enters the role is different. Now, if I was asked if I could express that. I don't have the confidence to do it. "[11].

Star wars series OfDarth VaderI also love it and use it as a reference for making roles in "Kamen Rider Ghost"[2].

LargezombieA movie lover and a zombie movie guruGeorge A. RomeroI respect the director[12][13].

My hobby is studying urban legends[14],sauna[15].

Allergic to dogs, cats and raw eggs[16][17].

"Kamen Rider GhostAs for Alan, who was playing in the film, he was not informed of the detailed settings at the beginning of shooting, including changing into a Kamen Rider, and he often found the settings by looking at the script.[2].TakoyakiIt is a favorite food, and it is always in the freezer,[2]During the development that Alan did not eat Takoyaki in the play, he himself did not eat his favorite Takoyaki.[2].

"Chick』In the field together for a long timeArimura KajunAbout "I am a really great person. Not only the play but also the personality is nice, I do not show tired face no matter how tired I am, there is no weak sound. I received it"[18]. I was playing Shimatani who was also my love enemyRyoma TakeuchiHe is also from Kamen Rider, but he said, "I have no relation to rivals or anything like that, and I was looking forward to the excitement of young actors, so I feel like they are friends who have fought together." Revealed[18].

He likes cooking and has a part-time job experience in the kitchen. 『Chick』Instructed by a professional chef before the crank-in to play the role of an apprentice cook, the entire cooking scene was performed without dubbing.[19].2017Broadcast on January 11Who is the No. 1 rare event!? Pyramid Derby], and won the title[20].

2017January 9 broadcastNHK"Asaichi] When I made a guest appearance on Premium Talk, many of the viewers commented that they had a wide shoulder.Yoshihiko InoharaWas found to be 47 cm[21]. After that, the person explained on Twitter that it was actually 47.5 cm[Detailed information for identifying documents].



TV drama

Delivery drama



  • Superendroller LIVE “scene04” “hammer & hummingbird” (February 2018, 2-March 28, 3)- Starring Nakamura Swim[68]
  • PARCO Produced Playhouse (August 2019, 8-September 25, September 9)- Starring, Seiya Ichinose[69]
  • Mud Mermaid (December 2021-12, 6, Bunkamura, Tokyo) Theater cocoon) --The role of Firefly Urakami


Information program

  • Domo, NHK(NHK)(2018年4月29日、5月27日、7月1日、(7月29日は台風により休止)9月9日、10月7日、11月18日、12月2日、2019年1月20日、2月17日、3月17日、4月21日、5月12日、6月23日、9月8日、(10月13日は台風により休止)11月24日、2020年1月26日、3月1日)月替わりMC
  • Mirai☆Monster(November 2019, 4 -,Fuji Television Network, Inc) Semi-regular


Music video

  • TAOTAK "Anniversary" (2018)

original video




  • Kamen Rider Ghost DX Omenima icon (December 2016, 12,toy)-The role of Alan
  • Keikyu Express BusImage character for recruiting drivers (March 2018, 3-May 1, 5)[74].
  • Kirarina Keio Kichijoji5th anniversary anniversary model (April 2019)[75].
  • ``Vidal Sassoon'' campaign model (November 2019)[76].
  • HuluImage character (February 2020)[77].



  • "Yuto Isomura 2018 Calendar" (September 2017, 9)
  • "Yuto Isomura Calendar 2020.04-2021.03" (scheduled to be released on February 2020, 2)[78]


  • in No hurry to shout; ``Close to me'' (November 2017, 11, SRCL-15-9562 / SRCL-9563)-Movie ``Masking system noiseThe drums of the band[79].



  • "Yuto Isomura First Personal Book Existence Pattern" (December 2016, 12,Shufutoseikatsusha

Photo album

  • Yuto Isomura First Photobook "I see you--" (with DVD) (November 2018, 11,KADOKAWA[80]

Magazine serialization

  • Weekly The Television"Actor Road ~ Road to Hollywood!?" (September 2017, 9 issue-December 20, 2018 issue,KADOKAWA) Serialization [81]
  • CHEER "Isomura Hayato's Delusion Date Coordination" ("CLUSTER" vol.14 (August 2020, 8) (changed the magazine name to "CHEER" from the issue released on September 3, 2020)-,Treasure Island) Irregular serialization

Newspaper serialization


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