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📺 | Sunday Theater "DCU" Hiroshi Abe challenges "divers with handcuffs" to "underwater incident"!

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Sunday Theater "DCU" Hiroshi Abe challenges "diver with handcuffs" stage to "underwater incident"!

If you write the contents roughly
At that time, I was convinced that this hero man was only Hiroshi Abe.

TBS will broadcast "DCU" in the Sunday theater frame (XNUMX o'clock on Sunday) from January next year.This drama specializes in underwater investigations ... → Continue reading


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Hiroshi Abe

Hiroshi Abe(Hiroshi Abe,1964<Showa 39>May 6[1] -) isJapan OfAn actor.Shigeta officeBelongs.


Model age

Kanagawa横 浜 市Kanagawa kuBirth. Born as the youngest of three siblings.Yokohama Mitsuzawa Elementary School,Yokohama City Matsumoto Junior High School,Kanagawa Prefectural Hakusan High SchoolAfter IchinamiChuo UniversityFaculty of Science and EngineeringGraduated from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (currently Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering).

In 1985, when he was in college, he applied for the "Shueisha 3rd Nonno Boyfriend Award" and won the championship prize, which was recommended by his sister.from,magazine"Nonno''Men's Nonno"ofcharismaActive as a model[1].

Unfavorable times

In 1987movies"Yes kara passes] Debuted as an actor[2](The reason is that he was a popular idol at the time and Abe himself was a big fan.Yoko MinaminoBecause I can co-star with.He also said he got a sign).Also,IdolAs in 1988albumReleased.

Since the same year, he has been active mainly as an actor, but because of his title and appearance as a fashion model, he said that he was a "fashion model".FerrariIt ’s like riding in. ”)Second pieceWas given only the role of.更に、背が高すぎるために女性とのIn addition, because she is too tall, sheTwo shotThe problem that it is difficult to take a picture emerged.Gradually, the work of the drama decreased, and I was driven by a great sense of frustration.

I haven't been blessed with work for three yearspachinkoMade a living in[3]..この頃にAround this timeAncient martial artsAnd lead to later work.These days,investmentBuy an apartment for[1].Bubble burstDue to the decline in real estate value and the decline in popularity of oneself, he has a large debt.[Annotation 1].

Search for "the celebrity who once dominated the world" as if to hunt downEntertainment shows"That person is now !?』I was searched for in the interview, and it happened all at once.本人の著作によれば、1992年にAccording to his book, in XNUMXNHKDrama"Tyrolean song]Ken TakakuraWhen I heard that he was starring, he wanted to appear in spite of the unnamed bit part, and he tried to get a hint from something small.[Annotation 2].

Turning point

1993 years,CatchStage of production, production "Atami Murder Case In Monte Carlo IllusionBisexual OfChief detectiveStarring in the role.

In 1994, "Shinoidare" (Tatsuoki Hosono(Director's work), I was longing for itKoji YakushoPlayed with, "Bad gun Ruger P08] And two togetherJapanese Film Professional Award・Won a special award.

1995 yearsNHKTaiga drama"Yatsushiro Shogun Yoshimune』And competentOld ageMatsudaira NorisatoStarting with playing the roleHistorical dramaAppearances in the Taiga drama have increased, and after that, "Genroku Ryoran(1999),Musashi MUSASHI(2003),Yoshitsune(2005),Tenchijin』(2009) and appeared in quick succession as an important role.


In 2000, when he secured a certain position as a supporting characterYukie NakamaThe drama "TRICK』, Played the third role thoroughly, such as using a lot of photographs of his own model era as self-deprecation material in the play.In addition, the movie "Summer of catching birds』In the wakeKyogoku NatsuhikoThe work of "Hundred vessel bag-rainIn charge of the postscript.I am writing my impressions of appearing in a movie.

TV drama"A man who cannot marry』Acting in" the first half of 2006Good luck grand prizeWon the FNS Good Work Grand Prize. A home comedy drama opposite to "The Man Who Can't Get Married"At home dad』But play the hero.

The movie released in 2007, which was popular at the time of the bubble,GO TO BUBBLE!! Time machine is drum type].

Anime movie released on March 2006, 3 "The Legend of the True Savior Hokuto no Ken ~ Raoh Den Martyrdom Chapter ~"ofKenshiroI was in charge of the voice actor of the role.

Subsequent activity

In 2012, the movie "Thermae Romae, Played "Ancient Roman Bath Design Engineer" and won the 34th Yokohama Film Festival Leading Actor Award, the 55th Blue Ribbon Award Leading Actor Award, and the 36th Japan Academy Award for Best Leading Actor.

February 2018, 2, for an electrical product launch eventTaiwanWhen I was staying inHualienMagnitude 6.0 with epicenter offshoreEarthquakeIn response to the disaster, the collapse of buildings such as hotels, and the death toll (2018 Hualien Earthquake), Announced through the event moderator that 1000 million yen will be donated[4], On March 3st in Minato-ku, TokyoTaipei Economic and Cultural Representative OfficeDonated 1000 million yen by hand[5].

Private life

Still over 40 years oldSingleThen, the acting in the leading drama "Kekkon Dekinai Otoko" became popular in the place where there was no conspicuous love report, and while such an image was further established, on November 2007, 11, at the time of 20 years younger than 15 years old He announced his marriage to a woman at a press conference.

At the press conference, in connection with "a man who can't get married","'The man who can't get married' is going to get married."And invited laughter at the venue. I met at a friend's dinner about 5 years ago, and Abe sent me an e-mail a year ago, so I developed a relationship. Regarding the reason for my marriage, "I'm a cute person. I have the same values ​​and I don't feel any age difference." And that.

Enrolled in February 2008. The first child (eldest daughter) was born on June 2, 2011[6].. The second child (second daughter) was born on November 2012, 11[7].


HobbyTennis,Ancient martial arts[8]..His real name is Hiroshi Abe[8].. 1964年6月22日に生まれたBorn June XNUMX, XNUMX[8].. Blood type is A[8].. where are you fromKanagawa横 浜 市[8]. Chuo UniversityFaculty of Science and Engineering Department of Electrical Engineeringgraduate[8].

ActressYukie NakamaIs the drama "trick』[9]..尊敬する俳優はThe actor I admireShuji OtakiAnd he said, "I'm really glad to meet you."[10]..What is that Otaki?Last lawyer』Co-starring.

Neither father nor siblings are tall, and only Hiroshi Abe is tall in the family.[1].

Baked potatoHe says that he likes to eat 1-3 bottles a day when he has a lot of food.SupermarketEvery time I go to the store, I buy up a lot, so when Abe comes to the store, the clerk hides the baked sweet potatoes.[11].

In the "Ranking of Actors from Favorite Models", which was held in August 2020 and was voted by 8 people, it surpassed Yutaka Takenouchi and Kentaro Ito and won first place.[12].


  • OwnWEB SITE"Hiroshi Abe's homepage" is known for being simple, lightweight, and one of the fastest overall displays in the world, and every page is displayed almost instantly.[13]..Therefore, Internet users with unstable communication linesbenchmarkMay use this site as[14][15][16].
  • Originally it was a fan site, but as it was officially approved by the person himself and his officeOfficial WebsiteBecame[17].
  • In 2019, it became news just by updating the displayed personal image[18].
  • In 2020,IPv6Has become fully compatible with[19].
  • By the way, starring himselfTV drama"A man who can't get married yetOn the site, only the profile of the main character, Shinsuke Kuwano, is a complete homage to "Hiroshi Abe's homepage."[20][21].


  • 2003
    • 42th The Television Drama Academy Award Best Supporting Actor("Runaway])
  • 2005
    • 46th The Television Drama Academy Award Best Actor Award"Dragon cherry"
  • 2009
    • 61th The Television Drama Academy Award Best Actor Award("White spring])
  • 2021
    • 108th The Television Drama Academy Award Best Actor Award('Dragon cherry"


■TaiziIs the leading work.

TV drama




  • Somewhere one day (1992)
  • Atami Murder Case~ Monte Carlo Illusion ~ (1993-1996, 1998, 2002)
  • New Hell Change (2000)
  • Lifter (2001)
  • new·Chikamatsu Shinchu Story~ It's love (2004, 2005)
  • Dogen's Adventure (2008)
  • Coast of Utopia-To the Utopia Shore (2009)
  • Abe Ichiza "In the Night Sky After Abe" (2009)
  • Cymbeline(2012)
  • Julius Caesar (2014)


  • TV60 Related Feature Challenge to Space (August 2013, 8,NHK BS Premium)-Navigator
  • The Premium Paranormal Phenomenon (NHK BS Premium)[51] --Navigator
    • Vol. 1 Whereabouts of the Wandering Soul ~ Psychological Phenomenon ~ (January 2014, 1)
    • Vol. 2 Hidden unknown power-supernatural power- (January 2014, 1)
  • Roman Road Story ~ 15 km long trip ~ (May 2014 --October 5, BS Fuji) --Narration



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注 釈

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  3. ^ Initially scheduled to be broadcast in the summer of 2020,New coronavirusPostponed due to the influence of[27], Broadcasted from April 2021[28].


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