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🎥 | WOWOW "Movie Studio" broadcast 500 times!What are the recommended movies of Takumi Saitoh & Yuka Itaya?

Photo "Movie Studio" MC Yuka Itaya, Takumi Saitoh

WOWOW "Movie Studio" broadcast 500 times!What are the recommended movies of Takumi Saitoh & Yuka Itaya?

If you write the contents roughly
It's wonderful that she positively expresses the difficult time for women, that is, the end of her twenties, "(Itaya)," Korean movies that are not usually so easy to meet.

WOWOW's movie information program "Movie Studio" will be broadcast and distributed on July 7th (Friday, 30 pm-) to commemorate 9 ... → Continue reading

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Korean movie

Korean movie(Kankoku Eiga) South KoreaA movie produced by a person of nationality or a Korean corporation, most of which is composed of Korean film crew and actors, and refers to a movie released mainly in Korean movie theaters.


Japanese ruleAbout the movieJapanese movie # Koreachecking ...

TV is still in Korea in the late 1970s白 黒Monaural broadcastingで[1]As other popular entertainment became more abundant, as in Japan, the number of movies produced was decreasing, but the movie was still the male of popular entertainment.[1].. Until 1977, there were 14 movie production companies, and in 1978, 6 companies increased to a total of 20 companies.[1]..There was no independent production company[1]..There is a request from the government to adjust the number of productions according to the screening situation, and one company usually produces about 1 pieces a year, but in 6 there was a request for 1979 pieces per company, and a total of 1 pieces are planned to be produced annually. Was done[1]..There were about 1979 theaters throughout Korea in 500.[1]..Exports were part of Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States and were never exported to Japan[1]..The market was still small, and even when the works were completed, they were not released immediately, and there were many unreleased works.At that time, major Japanese movie companies continued to be sluggish and reduced their own production, so movie staff were at the studio.TV movieHowever, there were no TV movies in Korea at that time.TV dramaWas all filmed by the TV station staff in the station studio, etc.[1]..Around this time, popular movies in South Korea were youth movies such as "I love you only" starring idol singer Heuni, and women's movies such as "I'm a woman" and "Story of O". Many literary works were produced and were a hit[1]..No Japanese movies were imported, in December 1Shigeru OkadaJapan Filmmakers FederationThe chairmen came to Korea and gathered Korean movie-related people to hold a Japanese movie viewing party.Happiness yellow handkerchief"When"Conspiracy of the Yagyu clan, Meet government officials, and made a proposal to open a Japanese movie trade fair to stimulate film exchange between the two countries.[1].

New Wave

There were three important events in Korean film history. In 3, Samsung invested in "결혼 이야기(Marriage story)Was produced as the first non-government-funded movie. In 1999, "ShuriWas released, and it was a great success with more than 50% of the box office revenue in South Korea. The third event was the 3 "Bizarre girlfriendWas the most popular in Korean film history and was successful overseas.

Film festival

AsiaBut it is one of the largestBusan International Film FestivalHas a great influence on the promotion of domestic movies.In addition, Jeonju International Film Festival,Bucheon International Fantastic Film FestivalSmall and medium-sized film festivals are held in various parts of Korea.

The world's three largest film festivalsThe main awards in Japan are as follows.

Movie awards

The following 4 awards are representativeMovie awardsThe award ceremony is said to be broadcast live on a television station sponsored or sponsored. (The month in parentheses is the month when the award ceremony is held)

Relationship between government and movies

Public funding for filmmaking is also provided.It is a national artist training facilityKorea National University of ArtsVideo Institute and public institutionsKorean Film Promotion CommitteeIt is an attached movie schoolKorean Film AcademyThe filmmakers who make their debut after such events also support the film industry.Mandatory domestic movie theaters to screen Korean movies for more than a certain number of days a yearScreen quota systemIs being implemented.censorshipWas abolished, but will be done by the Video Grade CommitteeRatingIs stricter than Japan, and movies that are judged to be watchable by elementary school studentsFamily filmLimited to some works.

Screen quota system

Many Korean movie companies are small and medium-sized, and their economic base is fragile.Hollywood moviesMovie officials and actors have a sense of crisis that Korean movies will disappear when large-capital movie works such as these are introduced into Korea. The screen quota system has been introduced and maintained under the cause of "movies are culture".

In 2006, the Korean government loosened the protection of 40% of the annual screening days as Korean movies, and halved it because the United States frequently requested abolition and liberalization, and the Korean government aimed to promote the conclusion of the Korea-US FTA. Decided to reduce.In response to this decisionLee Byung Hun,Jang Dong GunKorean actors, including the filmmakers, called for the protection of Korean films.Solo demo”, Sit-in, etc.[5][6].

Korean movie box office performance ranking

South Korea

(Both the distribution company and the year of publication are those at the time of publication in Korea. The title of the work is Japanese.) Edited with reference to the following

  • Audience number of works released until 2001: (Sports Kyogo) 2009-01-09 22:11:29

(http://sports.khan.co.kr/news/sk_index.html?cat=view&art_id=200901092211293&sec_id=540401&pt=nv )

  * The works released until 2001 are estimates and estimates because there are no statistics on the number of mobilizations nationwide.


RankingworksDistribution companyPublication yearAudience mobilization
1Battle Ocean Maritime BattleCJ Entertainment2014 17,613,682
2Extreme jobCJ Entertainment2019 16,264,944
3With God Chapter XNUMX: Sin and Punishment2017 14,410,754
4Meet in the international marketCJ Entertainment2014 14,257,115
5veteranCJ Entertainment2015 13,414,009
6Guemuru-Monster of the Han River-Showbox2006 13,019,740
710 thievesShowbox2012 12,983,330
8Miracle in Cell No. 7Next Entertainment World2013 12,811,206
9assassinationShowbox2015 12,705,770
10The man who became kingCJ Entertainment2012 12,319,542
11King and the clownCJ Entertainment2006 12,302,831
12With God Chapter XNUMX: Causes and RelationshipsLotte Entertainment2018 12,274,996
13Taxi driver promises to cross the seaShowbox2017 12,186,684
14BrotherhoodShowbox2004 11,746,135
15New infection Final ExpressNext Entertainment World2016 11,565,479
16TSUNAMICJ Entertainment2009 11,453,338
17CounselNext Entertainment World2013 11,375,944
18Sirmid2003 11,081,000
19Parasite Semi-underground familyCJ Entertainment2019 10,313,086
20A splendid revengeShowbox2016 9,707,581
21EXIT exitCJ Entertainment2019 9,426,051
22Snow piercerCJ Entertainment2013 9,349,991
23Kansoshi-Kansoshi-Showbox2013 9,134,586
24PiratesLotte Entertainment2014 8,666,046
25Suspicious girlfriendCJ Entertainment2014 8,656,397
26National representative!?Showbox2009 8,487,894
27D-WARS D-WARSShowbox2007 8,426,973
28Large eruption of Mt. ShiratoCJ Entertainment2019 8,252,669
29Scandal MakersLotte Entertainment2008 8,245,523
30Ching to a friend2001 8,181,377
31Welcome to DongmakgolShowbox2005 8,008,622
32Confidential / Mutual assistanceCJ Entertainment2016 7,817,459
33Himalayan ~ 8,000 meters above the ground ~CJ Entertainment2015 7,759,431
34SpyWarner Brothers Korea2016 7,500,420
35KAMIYUMI-Lotte Entertainment2011 7,470,633
36Sunny Eternal FriendsCJ Entertainment2011 7,362,467
37Gwangju 5/18CJ Entertainment2007 7,307,993
381987, the truth of a fightCJ Entertainment2017 7,231,638
39Berlin fileCJ Entertainment2013 7,166,199
40MASTERCJ Entertainment2016 7,147,879
41Tunnel A man chained in the darkShowbox2016 7,120,508
42Insiders / Inside MenShowbox2016 7,072,015
43Operation ChromiteCJ Entertainment2016 7,049,643
44LUCK-KEYShowbox2016 6,975,290
45Secret missionShowbox2013 6,959,083
46Wailing / Coxson20th Century Fox Korea2016 6,879,908
47Crime city2017 6,879,841
48Master Tacha IkasamaCJ Entertainment2006 6,847,777
49Good Bad WeirdCJ Entertainment2008 6,686,912
50My wolf boyCJ Entertainment2012 6,654,837
51Kanna is a huge success!Showbox2006 6,619,498
52GunkanjimaCJ Entertainment2017 6,592,151
53AjoshiCJ Entertainment2010 6,282,774
54The fate of the king-eight days that changed history-Showbox2015 6,246,849
55Shuri(Provided)1999 6,209,893
56Jung Uchi Space-time MichishiCJ Entertainment2009 6,136,928
57My Boss My Hero 2 ReturnsCJ Entertainment2006 6,105,431
58Next Entertainment World2015 6,043,784
59JSACJ Entertainment2000 5,830,228
60Midnight RunnerLotte Entertainment2017 5,653,270
61Family crisisShowbox2005 5,635,266
62Next Entertainment World2013 5,604,104
63Last Princess Last Princess of the Korean EmpireLotte Entertainment2016 5,599,229
64Terror, liveLotte Entertainment2013 5,583,596
65WatchersNext Entertainment World2013 5,508,017
66Brother-in-law SECRET REUNIONShowbox2010 5,507,106
67Priest The one who burys the devilCJ Entertainment2015 5,442,553
68Next Entertainment World2018 5,440,186
69Next Entertainment World2016 5,316,015
70WandugiCJ Entertainment2011 5,310,510
71Intimate StrangerLotte Entertainment2018 5,293,435
72Korea Pictures2001 5,260,451
73Recollection of murderCJ Entertainment2003 5,255,376
74The Tower Skyscraper Fire2012 5,181,014
75marathonShowbox2005 5,148,022
76Hard marriageCinema service2002 5,089,966
77ChaserShowbox2008 5,071,619
78BelieverNext Entertainment World2018 5,063,620
79A man called The Spy Gone NorthCJ Entertainment2018 4,974,512
80Home teacher of the same ageCJ Entertainment2003 4,937,573
81Next Entertainment World2012 4,909,937
82Bizarre girlfriendCinema service2001 4,882,495
83You, don't cross the river2014 4,801,527
84Showbox2019 4,787,538
85Showbox2011 4,786,259
86The robbersShowbox2014 4,774,895
87Directors of KCIA NanzanShowbox2020 4,750,104
88Bad guysShowbox2012 4,719,872
89New worldNext Entertainment World2013 4,682,492
90Togani Young pupil's accusationCJ Entertainment2011 4,662,822
91Next Entertainment World2012 4,598,583
92Next Entertainment World2016 4,583,648
93CJ Entertainment2019 4,573,902
94Yongashi Variant PropagationCJ Entertainment2012 4,515,833
95Cinema service2001
96Steel rainNext Entertainment World2017 4,452,740
97CJ Entertainment2020 4,357,803
98Kang Chuljun Public Enemy 1-1Cinema service2008 4,300,670
99Young ladyCJ Entertainment2016 4,299,951
100CJ Entertainment2002 4,193,826
101The Suspect Sorrowful SuspectShowbox2013 4,131,248
102Introduction to architectureLotte Entertainment2012 4,110,645
103TyphoonCJ Entertainment2005 4,094,395
1047th grade civil servantLotte Entertainment2009 4,088,799
105Showbox2002 4,082,797
106Dancing QueenCJ Entertainment2012 4,057,546
107The best moment of our life2008 4,044,582
108The SwindlersShowbox2017 4,018,341
109CJ Entertainment2014 4,015,361


worksDistribution companyPublication yearperformance incomeAudience mobilization
Parasite Semi-underground family2020 47.400 million yen
Eraser in my headGAGA USEN2005 3000 million yen
April snowUIP2005 27.500 million yen270 million people
Introducing my girlfriendWarner2004 2000 million yen137 million people
ShuriAmuse2000 1800 million yen130 million people
BrotherhoodUIP2004 1500 million yen
JSAAmuse2001 11.600 million yen
voiceWalt Disney Studios2003 1000 million yen
Everyone has a secretToshiba Entertainment2004 900 million yen
scandalCine canon,Shochiku2004 900 million yen
Sweet lifeKadokawa movie2005 6.500 million yen
SirmidToei2004 600 million yen50 million people



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