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🎭 | Hanamaru Hakata, starring stage at Hakataza Today's first day "We will" double "admission fee"


Hanamaru Hakata starring at Hakataza Theater Today's first day "Admission fee will be doubled

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At Genepro (pre-production training) from 15:6 pm on the XNUMXth, all the performers had to remove their masks for the first time to practice, and Hanamaru said, "Everything was unusual, but that's why the audience from the stage. I want to give energy to everyone. "

Hakata Hanamaru, the leader of the Nishinippon Sports Hawks Cheerleader, will perform at Hakataza Theater (Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City) on the 15th. → Continue reading

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West Japan Sports (West Sports) is the first sports newspaper published in Kyushu in 1955.
Lots of detailed information about Fukuoka Softbank Hawks that can only be read in "West Sports"!
In addition to professional baseball and high school baseball, J-League information of Kyushu teams such as Sagan Tosu, V. Farren Nagasaki, Avispa Fukuoka and news of basketball, rugby, HKT48, bicycle races, boat information etc. will be distributed as needed.

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